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  1. Just want to say, that we don't know for sure that they are originally associated with Roshar, they are apparently on other worlds as well. Although, this does contribute to the idea that they are pre-shattering.
  2. Narrator SD decided to visit an old ashmount and start a cult of DoomRats
  3. She whispered something, he burned from one of his metalminds embedded in his chest "...that I will lead it as well as I am able, that its members can trust in me, and that I will uphold its values insomuch as I am given the chance to do so. Thus is my truth. So help me Adonalsium.” “I’m against you,” she said calmly, and started reaching behind her. . . . In a flash, he pulled a dagger from a sheath at his belt and rammed it into her stomach. He stared into her eyes as they widened in shock and fear. "Then so it shall be," he whispered hoarsely. He ran from the meeting room, past confused people in the halls, back to the elevator he had come down in. He ran out of the reception area, he ran out of the city. He ran until he found an entrance to the Alleys, and he ran until he was lost in their dark embrace once again, tears running down his face.
  4. "Answer me, Deteca!" He took a step towards her. "With me?" He said, pointing at himself. "Or, against me?" He made a wide sweeping gesture.
  5. Deveraux snapped his head up to look at her. "No, I suppose you are not ready for this," he said intensely. "But ready or not, the time is here, and it begins quite simply. it's time for this city to burn." He held his glare, looking at her with a wild animosity. "You can either be with me, or against me. And when it's done, History can begin again. It will start anew, with TUBA." Edit: @AonEne
  6. He stood quiet for a moment. "I can see where you're coming from. Truly, I see it..." Deveraux folded his arms, staring blankly at the wall. "But history... can be rewritten. All things must die. Perhaps it's time to let it all burn."
  7. Deveraux sighed. "It isn't enough," he whispered. "It can never be enough..." He suddenly turned angrily, sweeping a vase off of a desk. "The DA has reigned for too long!" He shouted, a crazed look in his eye. "I tried to tell you all before!!! And yet we STILL walk in their shadow!" He breathed a heavy breath. "Do you understand what I'm saying?? Deteca?? Everything We've worked for! It's as if nothing has changed. I've watched from the Alleys, barely ever emerging to see what was truly happening. For though I thought my work had payed out well. But deep down, I think I knew it had been all wasted."
  8. Deveraux began to pace the side of the meeting room, running his fingers across the long table set against the wall. She sounded careful. She had been a wonderful choice to lead in his stead, her tact was unmatched. "I see, yes," he said, almost thoughtfully. She seemed hesitant... perhaps she was not the one to blame. "But even with that said," he turned to face her. "I've seen the true evils that they delve in. In just months among them.. I do not look too fondly on those days. The lengths they are willing to go for hemalurgic experiments.. There are better ways. Don't get me wrong, I could never condone putting spikes where they don't belong," he mumbles something about cookies. "But as a tool, as a magic, it is valuable. Of course, I saw that even before. Its a shame the stone soldiers were put out of commission so quickly..." He stares off pointedly. "But that's straying away from the topic at hand. I don't know if I could say that the DA is the lesser evil... I just don't know."
  9. I should think not. as long as we keep the longest thread going too tho
  10. love that this is still going
  11. Internally, Deveraux frowned. She seemed so careless... yet surely she saw what he was talking about. "I barely remember anymore," he said, perhaps a bit intensely. "But nothing like that, no." He walked to the side of the room. "I've just become... concerned. Concerned that TUBA has strayed from the principles it was founded upon."
  12. "I'd prefer you called me Deveraux, actually," he replied, taking her proffered hand. She had taken to leadership well, he could see. She stood with a firm posture, and her face barely betrayed the surprise she surely felt at his return. Oh, but what had she been doing.. "I'm here because I've heard.. interesting rumors about the goings on of TUBA."
  13. Deveraux Dufor casually stabbed backwards with his sword, a nice steel long-sword, to kill an eldritch abomination. He had heard it coming towards him for the past ten minutes at least, stalking closer and closer, sniffing him out with, with what he now saw as he turned towards it, an unnatural 37 nostrilled nose. Seriously, it was like an over-sized trunk or shaft of flesh, with 37 holes in it. But enough of that. Deveraux, or Storm, as more people knew him, continued to stride purposely through the shifting Alleyways. He'd spent a lot of time here in the past twenty-odd years, and he was quite used to it's rules by now. Though, that didn't diminish the danger. Even now, his compounded tin hearing let him know that there were a multitude of other creatures all around him. Now, he was sure he'd come far enough, any moment now... abruptly his surroundings changed, and he was standing somewhere outside the walls of Alleycity. Yes, he was where he wanted to be. Rusts he thought, looking up at the walls, This place has changed so much. He’d sworn he wouldn’t come back here. Sworn to never return to this place of Memories. Somewhere in those walls, was where he’d had himself stripped away. Swing had thought he was ready, but.. Harmony, Swing. He fell to his knees. Not Here, damnation it. He was shaking, by Preservation’s wings, he was shaking. This is why I swore to never come back here. But he’d had too. Once he’d heard of the state of TUBA. The memories passed, and he picked himself up. He sheathed his sword, and walked along the walls for a time, until he was approaching the gates. He pulled his cloak tighter around him, and pulled on his hood. As he made his way into Alleycity proper, he looked around at the buildings. Many of them seemed.. alien. He’d seen the beginnings pf skyscrapers in Elendel, sure. But the buildings here were sleeker, and reflective; like towers of glass. So much had changed. Despite the changes, the streets themselves were still familiar enough, even after all this time. Deveraux made his way to the TUBA headquarters, which, while still in the same location, was several stories taller. Offhandedly, he wondered if the old Terminals were still in use. He opened the door, walking up to the reception desk to find an aging man sitting leafing through a magazine. He thought he recognized the man, hadn’t he been involved with the creatin of the Terminals, actually? What was his name though, Gared maybe? Yes, his nametag confirmed. Gared looked up from his reading. “Can I help you?” He asked evenly, in a somewhat gravelly tone. “Yes,” Deveraux replied. “I need to speak with Deteca, immediately.” Gared looked surprised. “Oh, well.. er.. you’ll have to fill out some paperwork before you can--” he cut off. He seemed to finally be taking in the man standing in front of him. Deveraux lowered his hood. “St-Storm!?” Gared stammered. “I’d prefer if you called me Deveraux, but yes. It’s me.” He replied flatly. “I, uh—right. Of course. I’ll get a message to Deteca right away!” Gared pulled a small mobile from his pocket, and tapped the screen in a manner that made Deveraux dizzy. He’d of course heard of and seen mobiles before. They were like complex and advanced spanreeds. They had existed for a good number of years now, but had not been prevalent in Alleycity until the “towers” that powered them had been erected. Regardless, He would probably need to take advantage of them. His plans.. well, he’d get to that when he came to it. Shortly, an assistant came and lead him to an elevator, which shot downwards. They disembarked, and made their way through several winding hallways, to a smaller meeting room. Now he would just have to wait until Deteca arrived.
  14. Narrator SD decided to visit an old ashmount and start a cult of DoomRats