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  2. Can you sign a document for me? In the alleyverse?

  3. Doom rats had finally repopulated enough to surge through the streets, causing a cheese shortage
  4. does the timeline work out though. that's the question. If it does, then that's not a bad crackpot theory
  5. ..How does Kenton work with the Lord Ruler exactly?
  6. Time to pick up the pace then Somehow, The Lord Ruler was revived. and he created ashmounts
  7. Off-screen, Narrator SD wondered just how long it would take to truly make this the longest thread.
  8. Fortunately, several Doom Rats were in a fallout shelter. They ate some cake and talked about churros
  9. Narrator SD incessantly kept bringing up the Doom Rats. A small group of which ran around nearby but unnoticed
  10. One day after the SDW Storm awoke. somewhere. He bolted up into a sitting position. Where was he! War! fighting! War... He noticed the Steel walls, he was in the Canton of Combat. he vaguely remembered following.. that one girl. getting here, not much after that. He wasn't sure how long he had slept, it felt like an eternity, but he was exhausted anyway. But he was alive, Harmony but he was alive.. *** Three days later, in the TUBA base Everyone had gathered. TUBA members, refugees, a few Ghostbloods, even some of Drako's warriors. This was one of the only places left that had enough resources to support the many people from the Alleyverse, without alerting suspicion from the ordinary people, people who weren't Alleyverse aware, or even Cosmere aware. But they would rebuild. He stepped forward, all eyes turned towards him. damnation, it still surprised him that he of all people was in charge here. But, he had to put on a face. It was his duty now to be strong, because others looked to him. "Friends." Storm said. "We have all been through much in these past few days, and I will keep my words now brief. Seven days, we fought. Both together, and against each other. It was bloody, and exhausting. But a few of us had better vision..." He paused. "Rashan. he tried to unite us, he tried to make us see, and he is dead now, a great man lost. We also lost great warriors." Storm almost choked on his next words, "Ma-- Mace Klasten. one of my closest friends.. is missing in action, presumed dead." A subdued silence fell over the room, the other TUBA members especially. "From what we know, he was not defeated by any members of the Space Marines (Black Crusade? [I always get those confused, please tell me so I can edit it so its correct] ) or the DA. The most likely candidate is that of one of the many Hemalurgic abominations that overran the city. An enemy that United us, as Rashan wanted. May we honor Rashan's dying wishes, and work together to rebuild. Storm turned away from the crowd, Swing buzzed on his shoulder. "Hmmm. Truths and Lies" she said distantly. "What were the lies?" Storm asked, slightly confused. "Not lies in words, lies in feelings." Swing replied "You mean.. the act?" "Hmm. yes" Swing said It was true. all Storm really wanted to do was go curl up and be alone, hide, rest, grieve. That was his true self. But he would be strong for a little longer.. just a little longer...
  11. Having caught wind that the city was about to be nuked, Storm dismissed his plate and blade, And dug into his backpack. He pulled out a medallion, pressed it to his arm, and tapped the F-Steel reserve within it, running to the Ghostblood camp, which was being taken down (is that God modding? I just assume that they are leaving. I'll edit if I need to) hoping to find someone who could tell him more about what was happening.
  12. A leftover Doom-Squirrel peeked out from behind a building
  13. It rained Tacos
  14. Storm looked down at the piece of paper before him. Swing buzzed on his shoulder. How could he make peace with the traitor? By signing this document you agree to make peace amongst the Black Crusade and TUBA for the betterment of the Alleyverse, to protect civilians, and to quell the outbreak of Hemalurgic monstrosities. For the betterment of the Alleyverse.. _ _ _ Storm left the document where Devaan had said. But it was not signed. instead it had a note attached to it, reading: Devaan, I am sorry. I cannot sign this. I do not have the strength.. But I will agree to end the conflict among us temporarily, in order to save the Alleyverse. I will work with them for now. I will Honor Rashan's final wish. By Harmony, I will.. ~Storm _ _ _ Storm walked towards the fighting. Remembering his Oaths, his truths. Life before death, strength before weakness, journey before destination. I am a coward, I save myself at the peril of others... I do not know who I am, I wear one thousand faces... He wouldn't be a coward this time.. He would help, somehow... He would find himself. He would wear his true face. He would take a step towards that. He saw Kane and Mace fighting up ahead, in an Amberite suit, hammer striking down abominations. He ran towards them, speaking as he ran; "I have hidden behind a fake name, but truly, I, Am, Deveraux." For a moment, he was in another time, another world. _ _ _ "Devvy, com here!" Anna shouted gleefully, "Look at what I got you!" Deveraux smiled at his younger sister, following her up to her room. She rummaged in a drawer, pulled something out and hid it behind her back, grinning. "What is it Anna?" He asked her, crouching down so he was eye level with her. She waved it out with a flourish, "Tada!" she exclaimed showing a ring with The words "To Devvy from Anna" carved into it crudely. "And its made of tin, so you can use it for your magic!" she said, grinning even more broadly. "I love it Anna, thank you storm said, taking the ring from her and giving her a hug. _ _ _ Just a day after that, his house burned down, killing everyone but him. Storm looked down at a tinmind on his pinky finger, the same ring his little sister had given him, nine years ago. Tears fell from his face. Why did he think of that now? Swing buzzed from his shoulder again, "This is a powerful truth." Realizing what he had just done, Storm summoned his Shardplate. Armor fitting him exactly, locked together perfectly. He summoned Swing as a blade and leaped to assist Mace and Kane, bringing his blade down on one of the Hemalurgic monsters. "Want some help? Storm called to the two, in their dual person Amberite armor.
  15. this earned you an upvote. because I agree.