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  1. Hey, happy birthday Duckzilla I mean, Storm! Also, we share birthdays, yay!

  2. When you’re riding a roller coaster, and imagining what lashings it would take to move the way you’re moving.
  3. Probably not, I’d guess
  4. Heheheheh that was great
  5. But no one noticed the tiny girl with a tiny shardblade, who had been watching everything since the very beginning of this whole (Mis)adventure.
  6. The only reason TLT wasn't deleted by the mods as a spam thing is because it carries some small bit of storyline, no matter how tiny
  7. Doom rats.. you know The things I incessantly spawn on the Longest Thread
  8. probably involves mimes to repair the 4th wall. (Or Doom Rats.)
  9. maybe if I type small like a whisper, no one will notice me and I can win
  10. Off in the distance, an irrelevant ant crawled over a stick, but not Stick, just a stick. In fact, this one wanted to be fire.
  11. Because the ghanderflaffle empire was rising.
  12. Meanwhile, narrator SD could now access the Shard on his phone. He had the power to summon Doom Rats to the thread from anywhere at any time. (And he was quite obsessed with Doom Rats)
  13. Waluigi is indeed a potentially worthwhile champion to sponsor
  14. The Mimes went on strike, demanding that they be paid more dirt (throwback to the beginning of this thread)
  15. not much, will probably disappear for weeks again soon