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    Reading - Obviously. Mostly love fantasy, especially YA. My other favourite authors are Sarah J. Maas and Cassandra Clare, I also really love the DoSaB series by Laini Taylor. Currently reading The Wrath and the Dawn by Renée Ahdieh and Warbreaker (I really hope I don't have to tell you who that's by)

    TV - Recently watched the first 5 seasons of Game of Thrones (I haven't read the books yet though) and loved them. Favourite characters are Turion and Sansa.

    Music - I don't play anything but I love listening to Black Veil Brides and Falling in Reverse.

    Drawing - I also love drawing but I'm not great at it, about to start art GCSE.

    Other than that I just hang about lurking on 17th Shard for hours on end.

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  1. @Lightwalker Some people try to offer newcomers hemulurgically spiked cookies, they tend to have some interesting effects.
  2. mistborn

    Welcome to the shard @dadams04, I literally just finished Bands of Mourning a few hours ago and I really enjoyed it. It's my favourite era 2 book so far though I prefer era 1. The ending, including the epilogue was so good! My favourite mistborn character is Sazed, but I also really love Melaan and Marasi. (And all the other characters obviously but those are my favourites.) I haven't read Secret History yet but I really want to. I would recommend starting the Stormlight Archives which starts with The Way of Kings. They're my favourite Sanderson books so far but they are quite long and slower than Mistborn. If your looking for something shorter but still amazing I would recommend Elantris.
  3. @Lightwalker Only coz I'm nice
  4. Welcome! Hope you enjoy it here and I would recommend Elantris if you haven't read/listened to it yet. Do you have a favourite Sanderson character yet? Try to avoid the cookies but have an upvote. XD
  5. Hey, I hope you have a great time here. What's your favourite Sanderson book/character? Here's an upvote and a cookie! XD
  6. I'd love to see an interaction between Cersei and Sadeas, and Wit actually.
  7. @LeoK Yeah, I think Sazed's probably one of my favorite characters too. I strongly recommend reading Way of Kings if you're interested in reading more Sanderson, though it's quite long and is a bit slower than mistborn as it has a lot of world-building and stuff, especially in the first half. It's still amazing but if that's not really what you're into I would recommend Elantris. Have you read Era 2 mistborn or just era 1? Both are great!
  8. I'm with @Penumbra on Ramsey Snow (the Bolton guy) from game of thrones, he was just terrible. I also hate Joffrey. Also, if anyone's read the acotar series, Tamlin, Amarantha and Ianthe. Also Arobynn from the ToG series.
  9. Just listening to everything Black Veil Brides and Falling in Reverse.
  10. I don't know if this I still going on but if it is please could you add me to Morecambe, England. Thank you.
  11. I've just started reading The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh. A lot of you seem to be talking about large fantasy series so I'm just going to warn you this isn't anything like that, it's a YA retelling of 1001 Arabian nights and is quite good so far. However, it annoys me how quickly the main character starts to fall in love with the Caliph. I knew she was going to eventually but I just don't understand her falling in love so quickly with this guy who killed tons of people,including her best friend,(though there's probably some "understandable" reason why he's doing this to be revealed later she doesn't know it yet.)and who she planned to kill.
  12. Ok, yeah I'll probably have to let you win with Jamie, tbh i don't know why i like him. Also i agree Robert was a jerk, it's just when compared with the other people on your list he just kind of eh. He's not a nice person by any means but he's nowhere near the worst person on the show. Also, I guess I don't hate him as much because he wasn't really horrible to any characters that i actually really liked, where as I love Sansa and she was treated terribly by both Ramsey and Joffrey and Tyrion (my favorite character) was treated badly by Tywin and also Joffrey. This means that I hate those 3 but given that I don't like Cersei I don't hate Robert that much. That said, I don't disagree with what you're saying. Sorry if none of that made sense, it's almost 2am where I live and I should probably go to sleep.
  13. Welcome, fellow Uk Sanderfan, I'm also fairly new but i hope you enjoy 17th shard, it's great. Here's an upvote. Do you have a favourite cosmere book or character? Also, make sure not to eat any cookies!!
  14. I totally agree with @winter devotion, especially with Ramsey and Joffrey, I hate them with a burning passion. Although, I don't really care about Robert Baratheon. Also I'm not sure how to feel about Jamie. I want to like him but then I start thinking about it and remember him pushing a kid of a tower and decide i probably shouldn't. Anyone want to convince me one way or another? (bearing in mind I've only watched the first five seasons of the show and read none of the books - though I'd don't mind being spoiled for anything only book-related as long as it's not something really major.) I really liked the scene in season 5 where...
  15. Couldn't resist joining this thread to talk about my favourite characters though I've only watched the first 5 seasons and haven't read any of the books(though I intend to). Anyway, my favourite characters are 1. Tyrion 2. Sansa 3.Samwell -Also, if you asked me in season 1 and 2 my favourite characters would have been Dany and Arya but I agree with what a lot of you were saying about Dany being impulsive and merciless etc. I don't dislike Arya but I find her a bit brutal (though I can't really blame her given what she's been through) and she's definitely not one of my faves.