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  1. Happy Birthday

  2. It's possible, but I think its more likely that's a mistake on Brandon's part since the books are in the first draft. He could have easily put Alethkar where the word Roshar should be, or said "on" instead of "in". But good catch nonetheless!
  3. Hey @Chaos the soundcloud thing under the video is for death rattles one instead of two
  4. So I just started a re-read of the Stormlight Archive, and in chapter 37 of the Way of Kings after Kaladin and Lirin go eat with Roshone, Kaladin states that he wants to use the spheres to study in Kholinar. Not Kharbranth. I'm wondering if this is intentional or is a typo or something. Any thoughts?
  5. Yes, I completely agree. Did you get your answer from a WOB? I never thought about that before
  6. Not much of a surprise that Hoid will probably win
  7. I chose Scadrial, as it seems to be the most in depth system with the most applications. We have had seven books(counting SH) in Mistborn and still don't know everything that's going on. Also with the compounding and the medallions it is just awesome. Even then it was a super difficult choice as I also love Sel, Taldain and Roshar. After all, all the systems are Sanderson. They're AMAZING!
  8. I know that the red cloud surrounding Scadrial in BoM is theorized to be either autonomy or odium. But after OB, we know that Odium sees himself as a shard of passion, or strong emotion. Then in SoS Paalm tries to "free" people from Harmony with strong emotion, or passion. To me that definitely points to Odium as the shard interfering on Scadrial Thoughts?
  9. Yes, thank you. So it is like you put you power in a safe and the key to open or close he safe is feruchemy. So then without the Feruchemical ability, you have lost the key, but the stuff inside the safe is still yours. You then burn it allomaticaly and access the power by melting off the back of the safe. Right?
  10. I don't know. It sure seems like they could still tap the metalmind if they made it, considering they can burn it for power. And the WOB doesn't mention him not being able to tap his other reserves. I see what your saying, but I don't feel it works that way.
  11. They would only need to burn nicrosil to initialy get F-nicrosil then they could just tap that to store anything else. They would only need to burn nicrosil after that to replenish their supply of an attribute by compounding. Which the nicrosil ferring would also have to do.
  12. By my understanding, when you compound, you create a new metal that when burned, gives you feruchemical powers. So my question is, does the amount of attribute stored in a burned metalmind change the amount of power you get out? Could it be similar to a allomantic metal that is a little impure and gives less power, so a not very full metalmind when burned gives less power, or is it just that if any amount of attribute is stored then burned the output remains the same.
  13. Or they could just get a medallion that gives them nicrosil feruchemy, tap it and put a small amount in another nicrosilmind, then burn that one while tapping more of the medallion to create another nicrosilmind to store the ability of nicrosil feruchemy. Rinse and repeat until you have unlimited nicrosil feruchemy. Then do the same for every other metal to become a fullborn
  14. stormlight archive

    I believe that they could use a shard of broken plate to fix it. If there were no pieces of pieces, then the plate would probably stay destroyed.
  15. I dont think the in world book has to be related to the character. In WOK, Kaladin has nothing to do with the book.