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  1. I don't think we've seen anything that suggests they did, and there was no mention of it way back in WoK. Although it could be argued that Nale probably does, now. Or could.
  2. I am utterly failing at copying in the WoB from Arcanum (Here), but he says that 3rd Ideal is usually when you get a sprenblade. At the end of WoR, Shallan was at 4 Oaths (or one, plus three truths), as WoB tells us she is one ahead of Kaladin. We have seen her tell two Truths, so at the beginning of the Series, she was at Two*, yet had summoned a Blade in her Youth and implied that she could summon one if needed, even before stating any Truths on-screen. There is an argument that could be made that she had repressed/weakened her Bond with Pattern, though Kaladin 'killed' Syl and regained his standing by swearing the Third Ideal of the Windrunners, he didn't have to 'redo' anything. * I think. I don't have the text handy, and now I worry.
  3. Shallan got pretty cagey in part 2 when Jasnah asked her where her armor was, if she was a full Radiant. I suspect that she already has/had it, but is repressing it because of some thus-far-unrevealed trauma from her childhood, much as she did with the Patternblade. This assumes that Lightweavers get their Plate earlier than other orders, as they seem to with Blades.
  4. As an alternative...
  5. I think you have a spelling error. You typed "moash," when I'm pretty sure you meant "virtually everyone BUT moash!" Flying ships are cool. Kind of shows that Roshar has a fighting chance of reaching technological parity with
  6. Oathbringer Spoiler (barely):
  7. Well played. This is what I get for speculating without references! Speculation retracted, and now I feel like my first reading was pure enjoyment, and I need to re-read/listen exclusively to actually understand it and be able to speculate intelligently.
  8. Moderate speculation: I thought it was telling that Jezrien's Honorblade was stolen to some unknown location... then a magic dagger that extra-killed him appeared. Could the Honorblade have been corrupted (gold) and modified to be the only weapon capable of killing the Herald?
  9. I like it, and wouldn't it be FANTASTIC if it were... Unity? Unity overlaps very nicely with the One of the Iriali, and Dalinar's commentary. Since there are some hints that the Sleeping Third is the Sibling, and seems to be slumbering as part of Urithiru - which is a place that brings together the Oathgates, monarchs, and various Orders of KR, that could work. I like this theory. Have an upvote. This is fuel for drivin' thoughts, and may spur some word and WoB searches.
  10. Personally, the way I read that (viewing spren as Splinters and the Heralds as Cognitive Shadows, per WOB) is that the knife blade killed him, then the gemstone trapped him the same way a spren is trapped in a gem as his essence started traveling to Braize. Assuming the gem is perfect, perhaps none of his Identity/Connection can leak out, preventing him from stopping the desolation and blocking his link to the others. Of course, chemically, Sapphire is Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3), though that is probably a coincidence since not all gems that can store Stormlight involve Aluminum.
  11. We saw Szeth use Surges after dismissing the Blade previously.
  12. I would expect that to be a healthy start on un-Splintering Honor, though the fact that we have all these spren could be an issue.
  13. I'm with @Gigalemesh. And while fabrial-based Soulcasting probably wouldn't work, we saw from Shallan's perspective in WoR that objects have Identity that they are aware of. Hence the Stick, and the ship. If so, a Radiant using Transformation could possibly coax the book to be itself again. Maybe. Using Regrowth could have some interesting effects, though. I would expect the pulp in the paper to re-grow into a sapling, for instance, although we also saw Lift be cautioned that the (long) dead cannot be healed.
  14. Wow, both to the chapters and the comments. So Teravangian seems to be assessing Dalinar, probably trying to lead him to be the conqueror and/or decide if he needs to act to remove him, as per the Diagram. Or perhaps on his "higher" days he is assessing if the Diagram's assumptions are still valid enough to act on - though that is unlikely. I feel like Dalinar, armed with this new ability, will be able to make appropriately peaceful overtures to at least some nations. Then Teravangian will be forced to act. In a more comical note, was I the only one that, following the last scene, imagined Teravangian having corrupted Dalinar, and set up a scenario where they were going to execute Adolin - ostensibly for the murder of Sadeas, but really because Adolin was the beacon of light that kept Dalinar striving to be a better person? Just as the final blow - perhaps from Teravangian, even - Dalinar shakes off the influence and throws Teravngian into that chamber with the gemstone power column? Jest aside, I like the idea that the Midnight Mother was feeding off the Stormlight that should have been conducted by the pillar - trying to use it as Radiants have been seen doing.
  15. You are implying the possible existance of "Cognitive drag," I suppose. Not having a copy handy, do we have a feel for whether Oathgates are instant, a fixed-duration or a variable-time? Though right now we only have 3 unlocked (and no Sigzil to drive evidence-based experimentation), and to my knowledge we haven't seen a character travel to different locations.