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  1. What an amazing theory. I love it.
  2. I believe Sazed giving the chest to Wax, is an example of the Vessel using his THoughts and actions, but goes against the Shards nature.
  3. I was listening to the Well of Ascension, I believe I heard there is also a Kenton street in Luthedel, coincidence?. I could of heard wrong though,
  4. I believe it's similar to an atium battle. Renarin is a guy who can see the future but is also good. Since Renarin can see the future he can change it, this makes to many possible futures for Odium to see what Renarin can do.
  5. Not to mention. The Atium vs Atium battles are a bit of foreshadowing for Renarin vs Odium battles. Renarin can see the future and that is why Odium cant predict how Renarin effects his plan.
  6. Remember Azure was never afraid of throwing items with awakening before. Even after Zahel warns her against it.
  7. I think Dalinar heard Cultivations voice. He did ask Cultivation for forgiveness when he saw her.
  8. Has Dalinar ascended at this point? Dalinar connected the realms spiritual, congnitive, and physical together. I am sure he can see something as simple as the sentient spren.
  9. How does Kaladin jumping into the dueling arena with only a spear lose against any of these. "Does no one here have honor" "Honor is dead" *Jumps in arena* Totally paraphrased this
  10. Is the missing unmade in the stone Szeth is given after he murders Gavilar?
  11. Good point.Unless he was guided in someway it's unlikely it was Hemalurgy
  12. I believe it's a form of Hemalurgy. The gem makes it so the power doesn't leak, similar to blood.
  13. I haven't seen anyone mention this yet. Adolin hears a faint screaming when he summons his blade and enters the palace near the end of part 4. The screaming is drowned out by the sound of war.
  14. I think the first is Endowment. "Your skills are admirable, but you are merely a man. You had your chance to be more, and refused it. (Ch 38)" Refused sounds like he was gifted a shard, Endowment shows no sympathy because he turned down a gift.
  15. Did he say why he pulled it?