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  1. I really appreciate when Argent host the podcast. It's nice to hear the other people talk without being interrupted or talked over. Great podcast! Can't wait to hear more
  2. I'm pretty sure adolins lawyer was alive pre recreance
  3. Agreed, everything he does screams Bondsmith.
  4. Yes, i agree with this. Amaram was looking for any reason, and Kalak isn't capabale of making decisions.
  5. Rock is my vote~!
  6. My favorite theory is Zu is the stonewarden agent. There is also a character named Zu in Emperor's soul
  7. Although it fits Kaladin really well, I would believe his agent is going to come from Harmony's planet. Protecting and killing is also a theme in mistborn.
  8. I see you point with Kaladin and not denying it I just want to point out Raboniel was letting him get to the stones, so she could delay the inevitable and keep doing her research. For example she knew were the last node was for a while, but she wanted to keep experimenting on anti storm light. I'm pretty sure she even says this.
  9. Also love being right about the spren choosing
  10. I like this a lot! Can't wait to see your post
  11. I am 100% sold, Zu is a world hopper. The ars arcanum proves it imo
  12. The interesting thing with cultivation is what is she doing with the night watcher? She's training her to be more human without her bonding. What plan does cultivation have for the next bondsmith? This is the big part of her plan imo. She has been training the night watcher for a very very long time
  13. I think EL has to do with the 10th name of honor Jasnah mentions in twok. I can never spell it, it's elethenal or something like that.
  14. Is El the tenth name of honor elethenal? I can't find the proper spelling for it.
  15. rhythm of war

    This WOB can be misleading. A mercy killing is helping someone. Not to mention, Honor could of been in on Cultivations plan.It is very honorable to sacrifice your self for the eventual good of everyone.