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  1. Just watched John Wick 3 yesterday and can't stop thinking about Keanu Reeves as Dalinar. Thoughts?
  2. Yeah noone understands how they came up with that. My guess is either powders or shrooms. I hope there was someone there who wrote all the Wobs down, because I completly forgot to note even the answers to my own questions.
  3. Today was Brandons signing in stuttgart. I went, so i thought i post everything that I still remember. He read a draft of the first chapter of Rythms of War, Stormlight 4. He mentioned, that he has already read one version before, so this probably isnt the hottest news. The chapter is from Lirins point of view a year after the end of Oathbringer. The singers seem to have conquered all of Alethkar and Herdaz. Naturally they also control Hearthstone and a lot of refugee from Herdaz come to town. Lirin is checking them for wounds and diseases. He has a longer talk with the leading singer lady in which they discuss, if Lirin actually feels for his patients. He says, that he cant allow himself to feel to much and she acusses him of having a stone for a heart. Later on he mentions that there is a new kind of plaque in the east, similiar to the ones that old manuscripts talk about. Something that hasnt been seen in modern times. He also dicusses with Laral, what do to with the Herdazian general, from the interlude in Oathbringer, as he is one of the refugees. Apparently he lost the war against the singers and got most of his men killed in a hopeless battle. Laral mentions, that some people would call that heroism, Lirin says he would rather have the men back. Brandon also mentioned, that the first scene of the Threndoy novel is people coming ashore after being shipwrecked at the coast of the homeland. I got to ask two questions, but unfortunately I have to paraphrase the answers. 1. If you have a way to manipulate Identity, like feruchemical aluminium, and a way of healing, like feruchemical gold, would you be able to not just shapeshift, but actually evolve your body like growing wings. A: He said, that you would need something more then just blanking your Identity and healing to actually evolve your body, but he said that it is enough for shapeshifting and quite similiar to what the singers do. For evolving you would need to be able to seriously manipulate your spiritweb. He also said, that hemalurgy would make this far easier, but also evil. 2. At the end of Oathbringer Kaladin says, that the oaths are about perception. So what would happen, when a crazy person bonds a crazy spren? Is there a hard limit to what the oaths allow or could they just go on a John Wick style rampage. A: He said, that eventually there would be hard limits, but that perception will get you a very long way, like Nightblood proves. So this was my first signing and it was awesome. Although I didnt get to ask one of the German translators how they got from Well of Ascension to Warriors of Fire. That still confuses me. He answered a great deal more questions, but I dont remember most of them well enough, so if you went please post them. Thanks.
  4. Marsh on Roshar would be really cool. Just to see his unique view on being stuck in a second apocalypse or him as a dustbringer. Someone with such a destructive origin and power, must basically be ashspren viagra.
  5. The deepest ones on Threnody, dustbringer sprens, all things metallic arts, Marsh and Kelsier, more of Nalthis.
  6. I think abilities refers to things like mental fortitude, physical strength or perhaps even cooking, because we already have Nicrosil, which steals investiture and Atium, which steals any power. So having Lerasium steal literally everything makes no sense. What I propose is that Nicrosil steals Investiture (= Magic), Lerasium steals abilities (certain skills, bodily features like strength or mental fortitude) and Atium can steal all powers (= all magics + all abilities (given that physical strength and so on could also be considered a power, in the case of strength quite literally)). I disagree with this quite strongly. Yes Atium turns you into a ridiculous killing machine, but Lerasium gives you 16 differnt powers +X. And Atium is only powerfull combined with other powers, when fighting someone with other powers. We see this when Yomen fights against Vin (?). Lerasium and Atium are the strongest metals in there respective magic systems.
  7. Do hemalurgic spikes interfere with southern-scadrian medallions? And if they do, would they count to the three spike threshold for being controlled? I can really see this going both ways, given that my theory on why medallions interfer is, that you are grafting to many different parts onto your spiritweb. Thanks
  8. Can Brandon actually break Nicrosil compounding? He kind of already proved, that it works with the Bands of Mourning. The only thing I can imagine is that the powers would interfere with eachother like Alik says the medallions do.
  9. Any idiot worldhopper taking a detour to Threnody, lighting a fire.
  10. Spark could also be just insane and take the first ideal literally. Life before death, you were alive before i killed you. The ideals are based of the interpretation of the spren and the radiant involved, right? They aren't mentioned to have hard border. Like step over this line and you break the bond, wasn't build in buy H&C. So if two psychopaths find eachother they could start a lot of trouble.
  11. If you can manipulate identity and have a way of healing like feruchemicla gold, you should be able do permanetly shape shift.
  12. We have seen a Hemalurgist worldhopper? Who and where?
  13. Zinc, both allomantic and feruchemical. Rioting and mental speed, imagine the possibilties.
  14. You could make an argument for it being even more op then being an actual fullborn, because fullborns dont get resonances and you could by manipulating the amount of metals and minds you are actively drawing power from. Second thought, that argument is kinda weak, but still interesting idea.