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  1. I finished Part Two last night. I haven't really be able to dive into Oathbringer because of school and AP homework, but now it's Thanksgiving break, and I can finally do some heavy reading! Wow. This part was EPIC. The only thing that I missed were Kaladin POVs (because Kal is my main man and I can never get enough of him), but the Bridge Four POVs really made up for the loss. I teared up during the Teft chapter. I found it heartbreaking, especially because Teft has always been one of my favorite bridgemen. The Sigzil chapter was great too. Never knew how much I liked that guy. And then the Rock chapter was really heartwarming. His conversation with Renarin was beautiful and gave some insight into Renarin's internal conflicts. I loved the Jasnah chapters and was left with so many questions. I think that we'll end up discovering some interesting things about her past. Ivory seemed really asethically cool, and his personality was so perfect for Jasnah. Also, WHAT DID WIT TELL JASNAH?!?!?!?!?!?! Uggggg, BS really teased me there. LIIIIIIIIIIFT. Someone above said something about her "hacking" the visions. This was a perfect way to describe her entrance into Oathbringer! Her comments about Dalinar were hilarious. Can't wait to read more interactions between those two. Though Shallan herself is kinda disturbing me so far, any chapter that she's operating under her Veil persona is great. I like this little "team" that she's assembling. I hope they get some action in Kholinar. The Dalinar flashbacks continue to impress me. BS is masterful in the way that he's simultaneously developing Dalinar of the past and present. Dalinar is my second favorite character (behind Kaladin), so while seeing the monster that he was in the past is troubling, it also highlights the extent of his transformation into what he is now. Last but certainly not least, ODIUM. Never saw this coming so soon, but man was it great. Odium is nothing like I expected; BS really blew me away with some of the dialogue in that last chapter. Odium seems like he's going to be a great villain. I really liked how he thinks of himself as the "Shard of Emotions". Odium also plays perfectly into Dalinar's conflicts and echos the flashbacks. Definitely going to be one of my favorite Cosmere villains. He may already be, just from that one chapter. Overall, awesome part. Even though Part One was a nice introduction, Part Two blew it out of the water. I'm hyped for the second half of this book, and I'm ready for some more Kaladin!
  2. Hi Irregular! Welcome to the Cosmere! I'm a huge fan, but I'm new to 17th Shard too. And yes, those totally count as animals (at least, that's how I think of them)
  3. Hello! Welcome to the shard!