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  1. All of you are correct!
  2. Hey guys, This year by a twist of fate and a deeply held anticipation for the next few Cosmere books, I decided to don a costume that nobody who does not frequent this site regularly will probably understand on Halloween night. This is a big deal because I haven't gone full Halloween for a few years now (the "I'm-too-cool-for-Halloween" phase) and I've only really gotten motivated to get back into the swing of things because I'm hyped for the finale to this character's particular arc! Go ahead and see if I've done a good enough job depicting this character to at least the people who've also read the books by guessing below! And if any of you fellow Sanderfans have the same idea as me this year, by all means add your costumes to the mix! My Costume;
  3. stormlight archive

    One piece to rule them all, one piece to find them. One piece to bring them all and in the stormlight bind them. Hundreds of years in Roshar's future, some scrawny river-dwelling primitive race will find something that looks like an innocent shiny thing, and bring it back to their home. Maybe, these primitives have a handful of other gems, and they've mastered basic usage of uncut gems as a light source... So they leave the shiny piece out in a highstorm. AND ONE SHARD IN THE SHADOW OF RALL ELORIM, TO RULE THEM ALL! Seriously though, that would be storming cool. XD
  4. Wish I lived in the States...
  5. Q: What are the most important words a man can say? A: It depends. Today, it is probably "I was wrong."
  6. I have a hunch Oathbringer will be my favourite instalment. The omens are proving favourable.
  7. I'm gonna give it my best shot!
  8. Well what if it's as simple as him making a point not to be associated with any strong hues? He does wear black all the time, as Wit, and so maybe the fact that he's wearing black means his aura of colour is less noticeable? In Hallandren, people of the higher Heightenings wanted to flaunt it, wearing the most colourful clothes they could get their hands on. But on the Shattered Plains, clad in black? It might be a little silly, or too simple an answer, but it seems worth consideration. EDIT: Should have read the full thread. (facepalm)
  9. If they're shipping them out to coincide with the release date, it'll be a while before I'm able to do this, but if you're interested, I'll post a pic of what the signature looks like in this thread!
  10. So I spent all morning deliberating on whether I should get it, and finally just let impulse guide me. I'm eighty bucks poorer, but I almost missed out on the chance to get the book altogether, with my order being 1026 of 1100. I guess mostly I'd like to ask fellow forum dwellers, what should I expect? Are there worries about shipping I should be concerned with (being shipped to me way over here in Denmark)? I paid the extra money for a custom inscription, and I asked Brandon to answer the question: "What are the most important words a man can say?" Obviously, I'd like to know more about Gavilar's last moments, and about what Dalinar was really meant to figure out. Admittedly my memory of the books is a bit rusty, and I've only just begun rereading WoK. But was Gavilar referring the the writings of Nohadon in The Way of Kings in-world? Or was he alluding to the Oaths of the Knight Radiant? Or did I actually ask a good question? I could've done the intelligent thing and checked what contemporary questions the 17th Shard has for Brandon, but like I said, I was being impulsive. I wouldn't be surprised if I'm not remembering some key part of WoK or WoR, but as far as I remember, Dalinar's arc concerning Gavilar was far from over at the end of the last book.
  11. These signed and numbered copies, are they for order? Or do you have to go to this signing to pick them up?
  12. Has anybody compiled a list of the sphere values, from least to most valuable? Do we know which gemstones can be used in spheres? It'd be handy to have all this information in one place, if somebody can point me in its direction, that'd be cool. If nobody can, it seems like something worth getting down, no?
  13. Alright well I've storming pledged what I can. I might beef it up a bit later if it's looking increasingly as though both halves of the album will get made, just so I can get that sweet sweet hard copy, and if it needs just a little extra. Time to go tell everybody to back it. YAY!