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  1. I disliked how people forgave Szeth This guy murdered tons of nation leaders and let nations went to war and chaos. He should be dead by now
  2. I guess human destroyed their past world and came to Roshar begging
  3. 23 =)
  4. I like him as he is now, a no-radiant. I don't think he fits on Edgedancers
  5. Yes, that's why the gravity is smaller. He stated he did it in order to create big animals to Roshar fauna
  6. I don't like the idea of let other author finish your work
  7. This man work full of his time writing so many books at the same time, but he still in his middle age. When he becomes older I'm not quite sure he's going to write as much as he can now. He plans to release: - 2 Elantris sequels - A Warbreaker sequel - 2 new Mistborn trilogies (the last Mistborn trilogy is going to be the last Cosmere work) - More 7 Stormlight Archive Books - Dragonsteel (Hoid origin story) Even if he's a writing machine it will took at least twenty-five years to write all these books (I'm guessing he spend 2 years for each Stormlight book). By that time he would be about 70 years old. Plus, we have only 10 know shards, which means we'll need more series to be written to present these shards So, I'm not sure if he can write about all the series he's planning, specially when he wants to write 10 Stormlight Books and have a big break between five 5 and 6 What do you think?
  8. Jasnah and Shallan. I may say I truly like their personality, struggles and powerness. Shallan has a tremendous good path, and thrilling good plots and arcs, but I can say the same of other characters in this franchise, such as Dalinar. So, why I choose Jasnah and Shallan? Well, they portrait a kind of character not common in high fantasy, they are woman, scholars, and Shallan is an artist, it's open windows for a new experience while reading their roles in story and these woman has a damnation chemistry, a perfect couple, an real meaningful picture of master and student relationship, and how they learning with each other. Since the first book I found myself truly immerse in their arc and how good they work together. Shallan chapters were the ones that I not only enjoy while reading, but also after reading I used to finding myself reflecting about scholarship and religious beliefs. Their dialogues are clearly an attempt to Sanderson himself express his desires to broke old fantasy stereotypes and how woman should be depicted in fiction even when the fiction itself is somewhere close to real life society. Such a deep writing
  9. Thanks for following me fam, Renarin is great

    1. IcaroRibeiro


      I was just browsing your profile. I'm interested in Renarin and Truthwatchers too

    2. Eris


      Same man. It was technically the reason I signed up because I wanted to voice all my crazy theories

  10. Neither Me. But I really love TFA, as much as I find the movie basic I also understand it was necessary to come back from hiatus in a huge fashion But I hope this movie to succeed, with a good hype and a new younger fanbase they can left Rian (or other director) do a new trilogy disconnected from the main story. Star Wars fandom is heavily made up by middle aged white man with good income, Disney need to make movies able to gather a new fandom and this franchise need to evolve in order to survive, otherwise it's going to flop hard in upcoming generations. Even if the fandom become anger better let them go and focus on younger and open minded audiences.
  11. Am I the only one who was hoping for the Listenerd to win the war against humans ? No. I've always hated him
  12. All humans in Scadrial has access to Investiture, just only in different levels. So, yes, you born a misting
  13. I must confess I have mixed feelings because I loved The Last Jedi and I dont know if JJ comeback will be a good thing. I think he will just play safe instead try something new because he's not a true director with artistic vision, he's a movie producer who helps studios to make family-friend blockbuster movies. Do you want a movie without any vision but if a good entertainment potential? Call JJ And why do I feel he will just do some new version of an old story ? Well, because everytime someone try to create something new to this franchise old school fans start to rage against the director. People just want more easy screenplay and nostalgia, that's why everybody loves The Force Awakens (which is good) but hate The Last Jedi (which is great), and Disney is aware to that and will make JJ do the job he's good at: Creat a movie only to appeal the fandom.
  14. Shallan and Adolin
  15. If you're talking about the final arc I don't have any specific favorite tbh, all of them has awesome final acts in all senses But the first two books ended with mind blowing cliffhanger, plot twists and revelations so I'll go for both Way of Kings and Words of Radiance because they made me thirsty for the following book