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  1. They make a nice pair together, but it's probably not going to work. Jasnah is mostly assexual, she can engage in romance but isn't nearly as committed to intimacy as Hoid, so it's never going to be a complete couple. She's so far unable to experience pleasure in sex in the same way a non assexual person would, so as much as I enjoy to see them together I can't root for them
  2. I understand Adolin is a Golden retriever and is a nicer, loving, accepting and more forgiving person compared to others main characters, but Adolin lacks the scars in their soul the others do. Adolin's life so far has been fairly easier and laid back than every one else. Of course he still an highprince heir with military duties, but he trained with the finest swordmasters in Roshar, inherited a Shardplate, is socially appreciated and valued, handsome, wealth and probably never had to work for living. Her mother was lovely with him and even when his father was a heartless tyrant he always displayed to love and care for little Adolin, making sure he was important, wanted and appreciated since he was a son, a feeling he never showed to Renarin however. The war at shattered plains was against another specie, not human, a group of singers Alethi barley recognized them as sapient animals, capable of emotions and Adolin displayed at first a hatred towards them because of what their ploy did to Dalinar, of course this also have context, but the point is he never needed to felt guilty ou emotionally concerned when finding Parshendi, just like most man don't grown concerned or traumatized after hunting animals There is... just very few things going bad on Adolin's life. He don't even have to worry so much with the duties from his social position, he never seemed to be very excited about them anyway. I think deep down he is relieved they now have radiants and people look for them instead of Brightlords, it gives Adolin more freedom and less concern Considering how media and fiction usually portrays heros and knights, it's noteworthy Sanderson purposefully choose his more beautiful, shiny and flawless character, the embodiment of social perfection, to not be a Radiant
  3. theory

    It was said Fused use surgebinding. Venli even questions Raboniel why, if Odium is their God, they practice with Honors and Cultivation Surges However they fuel their Surges with Odium investiture (Voidlight) I think the Unmade are the ones that actually use Voidbinding
  4. I want to argue but I realized I haven't understand anything you said
  5. More about the Iriali. They are the most interesting ethnic group in Roshar imo, as they don't come from Ashyn More about Reshi Islands More about the Pure Lake the Selay people, they seem to be fairly neutral in the conflict so far More Rysn More Renarin and Rlain ship! More details about how the Fused organization and powers works. We still not seen the Fused who can use the surges Division and Tension Voidbinding. It has been a while it was teased and never showed Old Magic, we still don't know HTF this works Axies the collector to appear again and getting a more important role The Mink to become a Dustbringer asap! A view of other Nahel Spren cities such as Inkspren and Highspren Aesudan to become a major villain Official illustrations of Kaladin, Jasnah and Shallan shardblades and shardplates Dalinar to get some squares. I would love to see Bondsmith squares lol
  6. Loved to read your reactions, thank you so much for sharing it
  7. I find any of those theories of current Radiants becoming Heralds or something akin to them to be terrible terrible ideas, it can totally happen but it would be such an bitter end for arc 1 The whole design of how Heralds were used to trap the Fused was flawed from the very beginning. Sacrifice few individuals to a never-ending circle of pain until they break and another war consume Roshar again almost destroying the human civilizations in the process. No, just... not again please. I hope they find another solution, even if it's just temporay until arc 2, but I cannot bear to read all of my beloved characters suffering a decade of torture to comeback and fight in a war again X_X
  8. Can't relate The problem lies in the fact a Radiant journey is about struggles and growth. If you have those characters going for another 5 books of struggles this will be such a drag... I just can't imagine it working in the back 5 They can still be POV characters, but other characters needs to surpass their own struggles and grown to keep in the center stage. I'm truly excited to read about MORE important characters coming for part 2, characters we might not even seen yet
  9. I'm rereading again and damn, the "kernel" of this book (Navani's studies) is the only interesting thing happening in Part 3. The part 1 is fantastic and my favorite part 1 in the series. The part 2 is awesome too, Shalan and Adolin journey at first, and then Singer invasion to Urithiru. Up to this point this is the strongest book in the series And then part 3 starts. This part is such a bore, I could erase it almost completely. Move Dalinar and Jasnah POVs to part 4 and then cut almost all Kaladin and Venli POVs The flashbacks contents are ok (although quite uneventful, it was nice to see some characters of Gavilar entourage, hope to see more from Axindewth), but painfully poorly placed. One of the best things about SA flashbacks is how much they flash out the main characters in a sense you start to understand how and why they act like that and in this sense the flashbacks help you to get INTO the povs. This time the flashbacks feels totally out of place and all felt like circuit breaking. Venli is such a indolent observer and that prevents me for liking her, worth nothing her flashbacks are making me feel no additional sympathy to her From my memory I really liked part 4 and 5, I expect to keep liking it. It's sad part 3 legs so behind everything else
  10. Re-reading ROW now Venli is not a core 7, more inclined to 3 or 4. I'm more inclined to type 4, because type 3 are usually better at faking. A unhealthy type 3 is more likely to show hyper narcissistic and psychopathic tendencies, like Gavilar: Venli during her flashbacks though looks a lot like this: And after that she went to even more unhealthy levels:
  11. Great theory, I seem some truth in this. Rayse words is Dalinar would rather surrender to Odium if he knew what Koravellium is planning for Roshar. While I do think it might be an overstatement I'm tempted to believe humans from current Roshar won't be specially happy with whatever future Koravellium is designing for them
  12. POV characters: Kaladin is hard to type, because of his mental state. So far I see him as a 2w1, he lives to serve, protect and help to a point of neglecting himself Shallan is a type 7w6, with Veil being a 8w9 and Radiant a 1w9. It's curious because Shallan is such a stereotypical type 7 meme that her defense mechanism is to just shut every bad feelings she might have to a pont of developing other personalities LOL Adolin can be a type 2w3, but not sure Dalinar used to be an 8w7, but after losing his memories the void that left turned him into a 1w9 Renarin can be either 4w5 or 5w4, I need to see what is inside his mind first, we had only a few chapters from this POV Navani seems to be a 3w2. She even seems to suffer the hard time finding her own identity and assumes social personas instead when she needs to get the rust done. She seems to be quite good ignoring her emergent emotions and thinking rationally like type 3 usually does Jasnah is a text book 5w6, I don't even think there is much to discuss here Lift is a 7w6 Venli is an 7w8 Eshonai (RIP) was a 9w1, I loved her so much Szeth is a type 6 in the maximum unhealthy level "Hysterical, and seeking to escape punishment, they become self-destructive and suicidal. Alcoholism, drug overdoses, self-abasing behavior. Generally corresponds to the Passive-Aggressive and Paranoid personality disorders" I believe Taravangian was a type 2w1, but his persona is some "evil" form is kind of heartless 5w6 Teft is... never paid enough attention on him. Type 4 I guess? Moash is a type 8, I think wing 9 Lopen is another type 7w6 Rysn might be a type 3, not sure which wing though Lirin is one of the most annoying 1w2 characters I've read. Made me think if I'm like that, because I'm a 1w2 too Rain is a type 4w5 I also speculate Hoid is a 5w4 disguised as 7w8
  13. About Shallan 4th truth It was good and actually makes her history much more logical and believable, but the emotional impact behind it could have done better. I mean, this could be the whole excuse used by Spren (mostly Honorspren and Inkspren) all along blocking them from getting more support from Shadesmar i.e. Shallan feeling responsible for the humans losing the war more and more I don't quite get why nobody suggested this for Sanderson, they even used Testament in the trial to prove their point, if this was an open point all along then we could have a reason for Shallan fear of being abandoned and damned for what she have done
  14. This books suffers from being designed and written specifically as a set up to the fifth book. All 3 books so far spend an insane amount of chapters and mini plot only for the sake of character development and making lighthearted interactions to break tension. The first 200 pages dedicated to insert some sort of 1 year climax further deepened this, as in other books those chapters would be instead dedicated to right mini stories to reveal more details of the cast This one just need to have so much plot going that we have almost no space for the same feeling, and the most sacrificed character was for sure Venli It's still hard to emphatize with her, her interactions with her crew were small and punctual, this was fairly frustrating and she was supposed to share protagonism with Navani. I think Sanderson wasn't able to create a more interesting plotline for her and her crew without compromising the books structure after all this is still a massive 1200 pages book and he couldn't spare a single more chapter Personally, I would sacrifice most of Kaladin chapters if this meant to get more Venli. Indeed I could remove Kaladin from part 3 (and cut many POVs of part 4) altogether and the book would still be mostly the same. But seems like Sanderson liked too much the idea of creating an epic moment for Kaladin's 4th ideal to happen, so yeah, poor Venli