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  1. He's great, but my third least favorite POV radiant so far behind Szeth which I truly hate and Venli which I don't have a real opinion yet Dalinar, Shallan and Jasnah are my favorites, followed by Lift and Renarin
  2. Awesome quiz 79% Lightweaver 59% Elsecaller 42% Truthwatcher 24% Bondsmith 24% Edgedancer 17% Skybreaker 11% Windrunner 11% Dustbringer 9% Stoneward
  3. I only played five entries, Ocarina of Time, A Link to the Past, A Link Between Worlds, Brewth of the Wild and a borrowed Skyward sword that I never finished I really wanted to play Wind Waker and I'm rooting for a Skyword Sword for Switch so I'll can finally finish it
  4. He's so accessible and caring with his fans that I actually believe he may indeed answer lol
  5. I find the multiplayer just awesome and really addictive. Too bad my internet connection is lame, but overall it's was very pleasant and it's literally nothing alike other shooter games. I'm suffering from been a noob, but despit my lack of weaponry and skills I'm surviving (level 9 already). Works for sure better docked. The only downside it's as I said, internet connection, so I will need to play mostly at home. Fortunately the story mode is good too. It's a different concept of shooter game as well, slightly more inclined to a more action based gameplay. It 100% works as a handheld game, which is great because Switch is a hybrid console so games needs to satisfy both experiences. The downside is the story mode looks pretty small, only 5 maps for what I see, and I'm already in half of the second one
  6. @The Awakened Salad just bought it. Hoping to play it during carnival break starting this friday
  7. Not sure If I understand the question I'm not into traditional shooter games like Counter Strike because I don't like... shooting people neither like blowing things up? However Splatoon comes with a more cartoonish design and a different game dynamics, more focused on territory control. I like it. Seems like a game I can play with my younger cousins without any troubles I'm also curious to see discover how enjoyable is the multiplayer mode for me
  8. I'm considering to buy it
  9. Author Brandon Sanderson explains: Buy Rhythm of War from:
  10. She's clearly Timbre
  11. I like him without surgebinding. Don't want him to be a radiant at all
  12. Is this man living ? Like eating, sleeping, bathing, having sex or something?
  13. Thaylenah or Iri
  14. Shallan, Lift, Dalinar and Jasnah I really like Adolin and Renarin too
  15. One week ago I used to think it was the weakest trilogy Now I'm not sure anymore