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  1. 15% already dude is just not human, must be a Kandra or something
  2. Only seeing it now I'm storming hyped
  3. It's far more interesting than Stormafather though, he at least has some personality. Stormafather basically rages and and refuses to be useful at inopportune moments. It's asinine he's in touch with Dalinar for 3 books now and his dialogues with Dalinar on crucial moments are essentially him complaining "I'm a Storm, I can't obey you, I'll do whatever I want, go find another one to bother" I understand Godspren bond is not like another Truespren bond, but I'm sure Sanderson can find another way to use Stormafther that don't fall into the same issue over and over
  4. Awesome work Happy to see Navani getting the spotlight, I always liked her and getting a book from her perspective was truly satisfying. I'm really curious to aee what Szeth as main character will look like, I don't like him but find their chapters perspective and reasoning intriguing, plus he's such a grey character I never tell for sure what is behind his actions and what he truly feels I've come to realize Shallan, Dalinar and Kaladin as the 3 main characters of first five books while reading Words of Radiance and was thinking Eshonai to join the party in 3rd book, but it didn't quite happen plus Venli didn't enough POVs in Oathbringer to "promote" her to Big4 Even with Venli, Navani and Szeth getting more and more plot significance it's hard to regard them the same as the big 3, specially Szeth whose chapters are always present, but they are only few viewpoints and we still not seing him truly uncovered, I'd say they are alongside with Adolin the "Mid 4" of the series
  5. I thought Adolin would have a bigger word count, he always get many chapters in all books
  6. He plans to release more 7 Mistborn books (final Mistborn trilogy will be the last Cosmere work) 6 Stormlight Books 2 Elantris Books, 1 Warbreaker sequel And a Yolen series So it's around 20 books. If he release one every 2 years that might take 40 years. As his currently pace (and is likely going to stay the same for more 10 years) is closer to 2 books every 3 years I think he can release half of those 20 promised books until 2035 The problem is those books only account for 4 worlds and 1 pre shattering worlds. We still having 6 shards that we didn't see in any series, and I think he will end writing more series/trilogies/stand alone books and this can really hurt his promises. I can see him delivering 20 more Cosmere books, but 30... seems quite a high number
  7. His cousin is an Elsecaller, the only know elsecaller in the war
  8. Useless character. You could remove him from the narrative entirely and the story would be the same I'm happy he died, so we won't have to endure him and his stupid hunting journey again next book
  9. I found refreshing to finally learn about Jasnah sexuality, not in the sense to know if she is straight, lesbian or whatever, but to know how she has the same physical urges that affect more mortals like us and how she deal with it Looks like someone who just doesn't really care much about physical stimulation, and choose Hoid based only on his intellectual side. It was interesting however to learn that even if she doesn't care much, she isn't unaware about his physical appearance and seems to appreciate his handsomeness despite of her lack of interest I wanted to see what Hoid think about their interactions, he must be happy to finally found a partner to share some of his plans and secrets, someone he can be himself, a partner for intimacy. Something I always found lacking about his writing is how much he wears his Wit mask, hence I found his way to talk to her really endearing, it's unfortunate we can't see more of them together
  10. She's amazing MVP of this book along with Navani and the Subling
  11. I found their POVs ok, after reading part 1 I was expecting their chapters would be mostly about mental illness when in reality they were mostly about fighting and hiding. It doesn't add any substance to the narrative, as Navani was clearly the central character on Urithiru, with Venli showing other side of the same plot, but Kaladin at least bring in some action scenes that saved Urithiru parts 3 and 4 from lethargy I still think he should had far less POV though. The Pursuer was basically a setup for him to have some battles and Moash role in Urithiru was everything but satisfying, but I'm happy the finally swore this 4th ideal and could progress further
  12. Venli in Kholinar in the night of Gavilar death was incredible. This night still the best event Sanderson elaborated in Stormlight with each book unraveling more and more details and secrets, can't wait for book 5! Contrary to what most people I found those flashbacks more interesting than Kaladin's or Shallan's. It showed more about Listeners culture and organization, and also explained Venli's relationship with Ulim. It was way less meaningful however, as Venli's is not as important ad Kaladin or Shallan were for books 1 and 2 Kaladin's flashback in just worth character study, many people read books for this, but I'm not exactly interested in them. I always skip their flashback when re-reading because IMO it's very clear what his flashback means and don't add much in the general Stormlight plot Shallan's flashback was a bit more intriguing, as she contacted Hoid and her family was closed tied with many organizations, the Ghostbloods, the Skybreakers and her mother herself we still not knowing how she knew about Radiants. But I found her chapters mostly blurry and confusing, after 6 years we are still getting details of her past. Anyway, her flashback is at least worth revisiting after reading recent events
  13. I think this kind of criticism is very valid, what is not honest however is to pretend this light-hearted young novel feel wasn't present in the previous entries of Stormlight series as well
  14. In the past Odium himself provided the Fused new hosts, and Odium's summoning was the only way for them to comeback Now Fused are a bit more unboded, and can return during a Everstorm adopting a sacrificed Singer as new body