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  1. Yes I do.
  2. I should be able to bring a high-quality recorder to capture all those juicy WoBs.
  3. Looks like Brandon has a signing for Skyward at a Costco in Orem on the 16th. I’m probably going to be there; is anyone else?
  4. I'm making a "What Cosmere Character are You" online quiz for a small project, and I need questions to ask the quiz taker, and suggestions on what characters should be available. The quiz asks a question, then lets the user respond with "yes", "sometimes", "neutral", "not really", and "no". The questions should be worded so that the user can answer properly, without confusion. Examples are: "Do you like to draw?" or "Do you like being alone?". The more the better, I need a way to really know what character you are most like. For the characters I just need a list of all of the ones we have enough information about to include. I'm thinking of going out to the Coppermind for this, but for ones that you feel *need* to be included, or might go really well with a question are appreciated. Hopefully I can get enough questions and characters to give an accurate representation of the Cosmere. Eventually I would like to get a whole bunch from Brandon's non-Cosmere works and allow the user to pick a book series, all of Brandon's work, or just the Cosmere. I'll post it online when I get it done. Thanks for your help!
  5. Great stuff at the signing. I uploaded the audio I captured to Arcanum, so y'all can start transcribing it. It was great to see so many sharders there! Everything I asked should be on the audio, but I'll share some fun stuff right now. One of my questions: And we finally got the Bridge 4 salute on video! Thanks to @Firerust for letting me film him.
  6. Now that I know about it... I'll try to be there. Hopefully I can grab a recorder. EDIT: I am going; and I got a hold of some audio equipment.
  7. They mentioned my Nightblood question too! Lots of good WoB discussion.
  8. A couple of weeks ago I had a run-in with Brandon ans was able to ask him a question. I thought I would post it here so y'all can see it. Here is the paraphrased Arcanum style transcript: Here is what I got from this: There are (or could be) shardblades off of Roshar, but definitely not a large number of them. Most (if not all) of the "missing" shardblades are still on Roshar. Also we now have definite confirmation that it is hard to take a spen off world, but it is possible. I would love to hear what the rest of the shard thinks of this WoB.
  9. Really like the chapters this week, lots of good one-liners! I feel that not to much happened, but that we are getting set up for something big later. Hopefully we get 3 more next week so I can come up with some questions to ask Brandon about how the novella is going to affect Skyward. I also can't wait for Spenca to plug in the space ship. Anyone else think that Spenca is going to be really good at using the light-lance. (Thanks for the hyphen Brandon)
  10. I could see some romance happening, but I do think it will be mostly innocent flirting. Hopefully nothing to complain about. It does feel like a TV show, most of the breaks end off on a cliffhanger (of some sort), I keep on looking forward to the next set of chapters. I won't mind if they never release the book and just keep this going till the whole book is out! That being said I also can't wait to read the whole thing in one go. I am really liking the dynamics of Skyward Flight, the way the personalities are playing off of each other is great and we have already seen several reversals on everyone's views of their flight members. I really hope they all band together and find a way to all graduate; but I think that kicking someone out (maybe a girl so Spenca can get a bunk?) would be a really good plot point. Really can't wait for more chapters; that combat scene was great and I want more. So far I am liking this book more than Reckoners or Rithmatist, a good sign. The thinks I am most looking forward to are: The spaceship's AI, really want that "girl and her spaceship" part of the story Chapter 17 so we can figure out what novella Skyward shares a universe with Spenca talking to her family about flight school This one is a long way off - Spenca getting full acceptance into the flight school and proving to all the DDF leaders that she can do this PS - Thanks to @Sandra and @Govir for giving me the word counts.
  11. I loved the action scenes this week. I'm disappointed that we only got 2 new chapters, but they felt pretty good. It was refreshing to see (the main character) struggling to do something they thought they were great at. Seeing Spenca not being able to execute the maneuvers she studied for years and her feelings of both amazement and disappointment was awesome. I really want to know what the deal with the broken spaceship is. I think it is pretty cool that Spenca is spending the night there, and I think she might stay there in the future. Brandon pitched the story as "a girl and her dragon" and I really want to see the spaceship wake up and start talking. This story is Brandon at his best; the plot could go so many directions and already we are being set up for something big. MY prediction for the next chapter is that Spenca will be woken up by the ship somehow, and some more flight school stuff happening. Anyone have any idea how far through the books we are? I think Brandon said it was around 110,000 words; how many words are we at currently?
  12. I have been thinking the same thing for months. I think that Skyward is in the same world as DE. The Krell sensing large groups of people sounds a lot like Cyto; and with some other small bits... The only other option I can think of is Firstborn, Brandon's other novellas don't seen to fit. But while Firstborn (most likely) has FTL; it doesn't have AI and humans are in a much different place than in Skyward. Honestly I really want the connected novella to be DE because I love Cyto, and feel like way more should be done with it. It would be awesome to see Cytonic abilities in dogfights and just see more of it. But we only have 11 chapters so far, and I have no idea where the story is going. I can't wait for Chapter 17!
  13. I personally think it is Defending Elysium, both it and Skyward mention Earth (I don't believe Firstborn does) and both have alien races. The ending of Defending Elysium also could easily (I think) lead to a group of humans stranded on a remote planet, being constantly bombarded by alien spaceships. I could also see Cytonics explaining how the Krell can find large groups of humans and maybe the light-line. But that is just me guessing (and wishing for more Cytonics), it could easily be any of his other books, I just don't think we have enough information yet. Guess we will just have to wait for more sample chapters to come out.
  14. Thanks, I looked it up after I posted and that is the same answer I got. I also got confirmation with another WoB. "There is a connection between Autonomy and Patji". Guess thats what you get when you don't read the shard for a week.
  15. Just got done asking questions. The answer to the Hoid one was "he was talking about the mansion " I also asked "what is Patji's intent?" He said "it has been revealed". He further explained that I might have to make some connections to find the answer. Any ideas on what it is?