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  1. “It’s nearly calibrated now. 1. Or 2.” As Grey spoke, the image on the wall changed, fuzzing for a moment, then changed again. He took it in stride. Cleary the previous test had been unnecessary. ”1. Or 2.” @Ookla The Narrator
  2. Just want to say that a number of Lum’s posts last cycle had what seemed to me a weird tone. This is the one that stands out the most: Especially now that Striker has been shown to be an elim, and was pushing for a group claim (ironic that that ended up happening), this post seems even more weird/suspicious. It’s not enough to change my vote however.
  3. I think the your target language is just to simplify the sending of 14ish pms with specific targets. It could also be to obfuscate the redirects/incorrect scans. From a GM perspective though, I would think the former is more correct.
  4. It may just be backwards. Literally. We need more lynches to prove it, but that fact that Striker was scanned as village, then flipped elim, and many people got elim scans seems to say that there are more of whatever scans as elim than what scans as village.
  5. I think you two aught to coordinate then. Both scan the lynch target maybe? Then using that coordinate if Lum’s scan tells the truth. edit: It’s also possible the Striker could have had some ability to avoid scans? I don’t really know how that fits into the actual Tineye theme, maybe he burns his tin such that he can detect when he’s being scanned and therefore hide it?
  6. No wonder there are “types”. Types are just roles, and when the last Tineye dies, that’s the end of the game, so of course all roles will be revealed (assuming the elims are not Tineyes)
  7. More evidence: The Lord Mistborn began as a Tineye, makes sense his school would be such. Additionally, thugs are given a whole new meaning! It could mean allomantic thugs aren’t welcome, rather than just “thugs”
  8. Alright, so no (apparent) vote manipulation. Devotary doesn't look great right now. The last minute vote is just straight up suspicious, especially when it was to tie Striker with Lemon. Elkanah is looking pretty good in my books right now, seeing as they were the deciding vote for an elim Lynch. Pretty sure their village. Interesting to note that Striker was pushing hard for claims, makes sense now, for target acquisition reasons. Striker's final post leaves a few interesting tidbits: I would guess that there is at least one elim in the above, just to throw suspicion off their back.
  9. Oof, the poke vote without an actual tag. So anyway, here’s some baseless role spec: It’s early Era 2, so the likelihood of having metals like Cadmium and Bendalloy is unknown. The fact that there are multiple variants of every role means that there is at least 16 roles (original 8 x2), and it most 32? 48 (all 16 x3)seems like a lot for a QF, especially one where people can only have one of a role (unless we have a mistborn). These are of course the only possible options for the roles. If we assume the elims don’t have powers, and than there will be little overlap, and therefore little will be known about the roles.
  10. So question, are people not associated with the "big thing" still allowed to post to the rp thread?