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  1. Grey pointed at the spikes buried in her in response. "So, now that you have access to all this new information, what would you like to do?"
  2. Grey laughed at Sierra's response, before soul casting more water into the glass. "Now, tell me, what do you think of when I say the word Hemalurgy?"
  3. As the words were uttered, Grey acted. He shoved the two spikes into their requisite bind points, pushing them deeply into the Sierra's flesh. Blood dripped from the twin wounds.
  4. Grey nodded at her response, then reached into his lab coat and pulled out two silvery spikes, one in each hand. "The spike in my left is a loyalty spike. It is a requirement for all members of the Dark Alley. It will prevent you from ever betraying us to some another organization. Be aware, this not some kind of precautionary protocol, this spike will fundamentally rewrite your personality such that your mind will not be able to even consider leaving the Dark Alley. The spike in my right hand contains the basics knowledge that all denizens are required to have. Basics in Alleytraveling, Hemalurgy, and general Dark Alley procedure will become part of you, and will feel like you've always had it." Grey paused, looking directly into Sierra's eyes with his own single orb. "This is the final step to becoming a denizen. After this point there will be know turning back. Do you want these spikes Sierra?" @Shard of Thought
  5. "Why, did we do this to you. To be honest, part of it was just... to see what happens. This is the Dark Alley, the most prestigious scientific organization in the world, and the most horrifying. Our science, primarily focused on Hemalurgy and related fields, is brutal in nature, and sometimes you just have to take a leap, and hope that you can build monstrous wings before you hit the ground. Your procedure was one of those leaps, and now we are finding out with you the results. As for specifics, well it's rather hard to explain. If it helps, our crime against you was one of opportunity rather than malice. You're spiritually cracked, and we could use that. We're monsters, Sierra, pushing forward advancement without reason or rhyme. The Dark Alley is a bloody Prometheus, bringing down fire to set the world alight. We can't help but do what we do. For most, it's our only solace. Dedicating oneself to the advancement of something beyond the self is a comfort. A focus. A way to forget. For such terrible creatures that we Denizens are, we are so very broken." @Shard of Thought
  6. Grey watched as Vivica rushed away, vanishing. He nodded, accepting the reality of the scenario. All work and no play made Viv a dull girl, he supposed. As the woman left, Grey returned to Sierra. "I'm sorry you feel this way. I think however it may be best that you accept this as your new reality and move forward. Now is the time I guess I ask, how can I help?" Grey mentally winced even as he said that. "Storms I've always been terrible at this. Talking, helping, supporting. Getting one's empathy ripped out piece by piece tends to hamper their ability to make communicate, but you think I would at least make an effort." He sat as he said this, and his whole body seemed to sag as he did so. "So," He tugged on his hat strings."What can I do?" @Shard of Thought
  7. "That's really interesting. Burnt you say. And what about when you look at me? Can you name some things that are blurry and some that aren't? We need to figure this out, it could be vital to something important in your future that neither me nor you know about, but considering what has happened in the last half hour, I expect you've definitely got some adventures upcoming." @Shard of Thought
  8. "Does this mirror, these shards, do they change based on what you are viewing?" @Shard of Thought
  9. “Hmm, off you say. I’m afraid you’ll need to be a little more specific Sierra. When you say off, do you mean dull? Do you feel uncomfortable? We need the deats!?” @Shard of Thought @ZincAboutIt
  10. "I think it might be best to wait a little further, let the girl recover before we shove her into yet another perilous, mind bending situations. It would be a shame to burn her out just after we destroyed her chance at any normal human contact and indoctrinated her into our spike cult." Grey paused, counting down from five and watching Viv and Sierra enjoy their Cinnamon Rolls. "Alright, been long enough." He added Sierra to the conversations, "Sierra, while you are in fact thoroughly enjoying your Cinnamon Roll, we will at some point have to identify what those knives in your eyes actually do. It's for our safety and yours. We wouldn't want a repeat of the Incident 5665, Clearance: Mint Browning Required. It simply wouldn't roll off the tongue quite the same way as that one. While I'm all for mass-alley destruction, the incident number wouldn't be a palindrome and that is simply unacceptable. So, how would you like to investigate your new paranormal ability?!" @Shard of Thought
  11. “Well, more room for Cinnamon Rolls, eh?” Grey said, Soulcasting a glass of water and handing it to her. He peeked around the Alley, looking until he found it. Ah, the oven. He walked over and, after grabbing a pair of oven mitts, pulled out a pan of hot Cinnamon Roles, and set them on a nearby table, taking one off to serve as a hot pad in the process. He turned searching for plates and utensils, and after he found them, set them in the table as well. “Dig in!”
  12. As Sierra grabbed his hand, Grey whispered to Viv to watch for anything particularly unique. This would be key part. There had been physical modifications, and therefore there would be metaphysical ones as well. “Alley 457 should have some Cinnamon Buns fresh out of the oven,” he said to Viv, then Alleytraveled there, taking Sierra along with him.
  13. “Indeed, Viv, it is fact time for some divine Cinnamon Rolls.” Grey pulled out a small ruler, then measured the longest of the shards that had replaced the girl’s eye. He measured a few more, then figured the average. “2 inches extending from the socket,” He said, pulling out a test tube and collecting some of the tears. He would send them down to the interns to analyze. He paused as Sierra stood suddenly and vomited. And all over his shoes. He sighed, then looked to her form on the ground, crumpled as it. “Well, Sierra best to get up now. You’ll get used to the pain soon. I know I did. One day it will become your greatest companion. But it is not this day. Today your greatest companion will be Cinnamon Rolls, and that is fact.” He out his hand to help Sierra up. @Shard of Thought @ZincAboutIt
  14. It was time. Silence echoed through the room. Grey read through words written on the pages of guide on his mind one final time. Viv pushed Sierra into position at the center of the circle. He sucked in some Stormlight and readied the lightweave. The words that emerged came from everywhere and no where. “Ryleh Thrlis Tetyqpo.” Reality began to split like an eggshell. Cracks spread throughout the space of the room, coming from the ceiling and spreading. With each of the hairthin fractures, the air fuzzed. “Wzxert Ylard Vtre.” Iridescent blades slid from the cracks, slick with the blood of reality that left puddles of pasts, presents, and futures as they dropped with the sound of centuries. “Sierra Kvclthe Crtiop.” The knives bent, or rather reality curved to their will as they elongated, converging on a central point. They seemed to bend from afar, but if Grey followed a single blade with his eyes, it followed a straight vector. Ghostly flames erupted from the ceiling, silently burning in the shape of the pentacle. “Tgjkil Frtyew Xbved” With the final words upon the air, the daggers met their confluence. Sierra’s eyes were filled with the blades, and she uttered a guttural scream from a closed mouth. Around the room, eyes began to open. From the depths of the darkness they fixed their gaze. On Sierra. White noise emanated. Grey felt his vision begin to fuzz, filled with black and white static. His mind flickered. Images, faded like those of an old television appeared in his minds eye. They were of his childhood, of his home in a land long ago forgotten and lost to even himself. Time, experience itself skipped like a scratchy record, and the when the showtune resumed, a single florescent light lit up the crumpled figure on the floor. Grey walked over to Sierra's form, and pushed her over with his foot. She gazed at him with eyes of iridecent knives. The same blood that had leaked when the experiment had begun now formed the tears leaking down Sierra's face. Grey felt the ghost of an impossible smile slip across his face. Success @Shard of Thought @ZincAboutIt
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