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  1. The mimes went into overdrive
  2. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention: remove the apostrophes.
  3. Strikethrough on mobile is [s*] to [/s*] ex: Strikethrough On computer the strikethrough button on the upper right next to the bold, underling and italics. ex: Strikethrough
  4. With the shard of glass in his pocket, Jack walked around the building, coming up to the others, just in time to hear the clown yell, "This guy was a CANNIBAL". That changed things. He let a shocked expression come to his face, but he had a very different thought process running through his head. A cannibal eh? That was good. Anything he stole from now on could be blamed on him. A scapegoat. He would need to befriend him, defend him, keep him alive while he benefited. And gaining trust had other benefits. It was far easier to convince someone to go out alone with you when they thought you were a friend. The scar in his back illustrated that example perfectly. "How you know? I don't know about you, but I haven't seen anyone eat anybody else, including this man here." @Gancho Libre
  5. The existence of the prequels is justified by The Clone Wars and r/prequelmemes
  6. Jack watched the man slash at the base of the tower. That idiot, colors above he didn't know what was going on, but that idiot was going to kill them all. As the tower began to crash, he broke into a sprint, away from the others, away from that giant. The farther he stayed away from him the better. As the tower crashed into the house and the ground, he found himself separated from the others in the group, on the other side of the wreckage. Next to him was a shattered window pane, and he picked up a large shard of glass for safekeeping.
  7. I don't think so. While Sja-anat won't get bonded, that doesn't effect their likelihood to post in a negative way. The bonding functions as carrot to increase activity, but that doesn't mean Sja-anat will be inactive.
  8. It had to be creamy. Some recommend using a fork to mix eggs in scrambled eggs, as to not destroy the proteins, but she personally preferred the texture that only a whisk could provide.
  9. I could write someone (likely Quietus). Because unlike some of the other people I haven’t rp’d in this subforum before and if you guys want me to help, I could write out some samples or something.
  10. There’s a Knight right next to it.
  11. Well obviously I’m not going to vote for myself, so time to go review all of your guys posts!
  12. Alright then, ela [/color] edit I just realized Steel didn’t die, so nevermind Elandera