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  1. You can take advantage of the hide post button in this case. Just go to the hide button beneath the second post
  2. I might not have come across properly in what I said. They seem almost too village, and so while I could conceivably see them coming from a villager, I can’t help but feel that they are too perfect, and are instead an elim hiding. edit: I hit post before I finished. Something just feels off about those posts, though maybe I’m just going too deep
  3. I think swords tend to work better
  4. Alright, so something is kind of bothering me, and once I looked further, my suspicions were perked. So here's a bit of a theory regarding originally one post, and then as I was looking more, a second as well, that just kind of read as off to me. Now I know this sounds crazy, but I think I may be on to something. What follows is the two posts that bothered me, and the reasons why. To me, they present the potential for Fifth to be an elim hiding really, really well. 1. His first post in Day 2. Normally this would read as a village post, obviously. However, if one makes the assumption that Fifth is an elim, it reads a bit differently. By having an elim be the first to say that this is a WGG, the elims would essentially control the idea of it being such, by planting it into people's heads in a way that they chose. I personally have never been in a game with a WGG (at least not that I am aware of), and so my default reaction was that it was either a thug or a lurcher. Fura's post only served to solidify that. But then there's the above post. Fifth plants the idea that this is both a WGG and that it is something that Aman would do as an elim, though he doesn't actually use specific evidence of how this would be something Elim!Aman would do. 2. His first post N2 This reads as village in the first viewing, however as examined it a little more in-depth, it seemed more sinister then how it first appeared. The thing that stands out as the most suspicious to me is the way he blatantly takes responsibility for Fura's lynch. This makes perfect sense for an elim to do, as it's a very effective way of drawing suspicions off of them. Especially when one considers the addition at the end. He draws suspicions away from himself, and onto those who might not have been fully committed in their vote. By adding this on the end, he finishes the post by taking the readers mind off of him. The beginning of the post is an apology, but by the end, he has readers no longer thinking about his role in the lynch, instead focusing their attention on the non-committal posts by other players last cycle. So, thoughts? Am I seeing things that don't exist, or am I on to something?
  5. Wow this is close! I honestly have no idea who to vote for. Fura seems to have given up on surviving, which tends to read village, and I have no idea what the case on Devotary is.
  6. I’m in, A. Pear O’Scissors has arrived
  7. testing whether or not my post count increases.
  8. When is the comp?
  9. My thoughts? It’s hard to know. I’m relatively confident that there is at least one elim hiding in the active players (based on the breakdown of probabilities and rather then reads), and seeing as they have the most content, it does make sense to start the analyzing there anyway, seeing as they have the most content to be analyzed. Other then that, I’ve got no idea. It’s still C1 after all.
  10. I meant that they are biased in that Aman was the one handing them out (at least at the time), and so who he reads as village, or who he thought contributed to the village, is who gets the currency. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
  11. Nial walked up to the Happy Days soothing parlor, adjusting the brim of his aluminum lined hat as he approached. He opening the door carefully, trying not to alert the clerk at the desk in front of him. The women looked up at him, raising and eyebrow at his attempt to sneak in. “You’re going to need to take all that off if you want an appointment.” She said, gesturing to his trench coat and fedora. “I am a police detective, I need to look at your ledgers.” Nial responded, pulling out his badge and showing it to her. She rolled her eyes. “Ya’ll are supposed to schedule these kind of things in advance.” “This is ‘scheduling in advance’. In a all likelihood, most constables would have had a Hazekiller squad just break down your door” That shut her up. She handed the books over to him silently, though her glare betrayed how she felt. As he looked through the ledgers, Nial felt his lips begin to curl up in a smile. Henry King, Drew Harper, and Michael Cane were pseudonyms for the same man, Lance Cett, Elendel’s biggest narcotics supplier, and all had frequented this parlor on numerous occasions. He pulled out a notebook, scribbling as much as he could, dates, times, and names before what he assumed would be hired thugs arrived. He looked up at the sound of heavy footsteps on floor above, and shut the books. He slipped his notebook into his pocked and quickly walked out the door, breaking into a run as soon as he was out. He needed to reach the precinct before the parlor was cleared of evidence, and likely burned down. They had tried for so long to catch Cett, and now was their chance. Time after time they had been mislead or too late. Several minutes of hard running later, he reached the precinct. He ran up the steps to his division’s floor. “Sarge!” He yelled, looking for her, “Sarge, we got it!” There was no one on the floor. Where were they? Some kind of meeting? He went back downstairs, all be it slower then is ascent, and walked to the conference room. He opened the door, slipping in the back. Hopefully he could catch some of the meeting. “get her to tell us who they were, but we know there are at least a few more officers, that Lyrelle knew of at least, who have joined the force to undermine our operations or have become sympathetic to the rebels’ cause.“I need each and everyone of you to work together to root out these rebels as we continue our investigation. We cannot afford to risk losing the city because we were unable to trust every officer we have.” Lyrelle? His sergeant? A rebel? Suddenly things began to make much more sense. They’d been chasing Cett for nearly 2 years now, and he’s always been one step ahead. Rusts, he’d told her everything, about the Happy Days lead, the breakthrough on the 6th octant hideout. Those were worthless. He crumpled up the papers in his pocket, feeling a rage come over him. Cett could wait, he had rebels to find. Checking in! I’m enjoying Aman’s villager bucks, they seem like a cool idea, though a little biased, and more a way of quantifying reads then anything else. I’m going to wait a bit before posting some more concrete (as much as d1 analysis can be) analysis.
  12. Lum Sorry, but at this current time, the evidence against you seems stronger. If you are not an elim it seems obvious that Fura is.
  13. So I assumed it wasn't, so I actually have a few more questions: What did Fura claim in thread/in pms regarding their role? Have they proved their role? (this is related to the elim potential by the way)
  14. Quick question before I vote, is the elim kill an action or is it separate?