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  1. That’s why you should have let me win
  2. Butt and Stan’s empire provided something vital to the criminal underworld...
  3. But he was still a genius at running a criminal empire
  4. he was willing to use lethal force to do it
  5. Their plan to take over the underworld was to establish their own criminal empire, and defeat their rival, El Chapstick
  6. In Columbia. His cell mate was Grunkle Stan
  7. they were made from the body of Kaladin Chullblessed
  8. The optimal length for intermissions
  9. I was trying to build up a pewter store to control the lynch later in the game. Obviously I’m sad that I lost, but I’m also a little happy that I read enough as village for to them kill me. This was a blast to play, and thanks a ton to my teammates and Bard for Gming!
  10. A Cosmere Pound=20 Earth Pounds
  11. They have a bite strength of 2,000,000 pounds per square inch
  12. Presumably the pure lake fish, which are confirmed to have investiture
  13. They kick really hard
  14. Scissors beat the kangaroo as well