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  3. Looks like it's between me and Ghander right. I know I'm village, so this seems like an easy call: Ghander.
  4. ^This We would have seen the Tenasi last cycle I'm guessing, if there was one left. It was arguable XoL and there was a pretty safe secondary target in SfS. Then again I could see them balking because of the probability of hitting a villager and ending the game.
  5. To be fair, I suspect that the Varvax leader has just been making guesses and finally got lucky. Looking through previous elim kills, there's no real discernable pattern, besides maybe targeting loud players, so there's not much to go off for them. WGG are generally really hard to pull off, and I can't see the elims wasting a kill when they're seemling so close to XoL (Exe or Lose ( I have no idea if that's the right acronym to use lol)). Even more so when you consider that they were losing one of their own. I agree with TJ. I'd bet they panicked and wanted to get a conversion off as soon as possible.
  6. Heh, thanks for the reminder. Joining this game may have been a mistake. I've been drafting a larger analysis post, which unfortunately is rather pointless now, so I think I'm just going to toss it and post some analysis on Dannex instead. So I'm just sort of going to highlight some of Dannex's posts I think are important, and why. A very classic final elim post. Final reads intended to confuse/mislead the village.. The primary thing to note of course is the switches of Liranil's read and SfS, the former which of I take as a bait to try to get the village to hit on this cycle, though I could be incorrect here. Reads me as elim, which makes sense. Switches SfS as well, which I kind of think may be a different kind of bait. SfS has been pretty widely suspcious (from what I can tell from previous posts) and so this makes me think that what Dannex was trying to do was to call them out as an elim, to protect them (because why would an elim name another elim as being such-> it must be a bait is the logical path I think Dannex wanted us to take). Definitely puts SfS as an Elim read for me, though that could change in the future. As I'm writing this, if I don't hit on anything more suspcious I'll toss a vote SfS's way. And again I want to note that these kind of posts are definitely an IKYK situation so I could be reading far too much into this, which I suspect was the point Just going to note here Dannex's lack of comment on the Straw claim. Seems like something they would have tried to use to push votes one way or another. I don't know how much information there actually is there, I just wanted mention it. I know this sounds like a cop-out, but reading through the rest of Dannex's posts, a lot of it is significantly NAI, at least to my eyes. A large portion are just comments on what other players are saying, effectively just filler, and are rather good at covering up their overall lack of general contribution. Their death was definitely random chance, though their defense of Somebody from Sel is more than enough to get a vote from me. This post especially: Reads blantantly (to me) as an elim trying to cover another elim's butt.
  7. Bleh, sorry for my inactivity. Been quite busy since Christmas, so I'm currently trying to get caught up. I've only skimmed through the thread, so this may be a gross generalization, but from what I can tell, the reason for the rather large vote train on Breaker is just because they've been strange all game, and generally bizarre voting patterns/suspicions. Is this correct?
  8. The points you make are very valid. It definitely makes sense to interpret what I was saying this way. I do feel, however, that you may be slightly misunderstanding my intent with that post, which is entirely my fault for not making it clear. My intent way to illustrate that I tend to view the D1 Village vote as being random, as a means to show why I'm opposed to an intentional tie. This is because in general D1 usually breaks down into some form of elim posturing, poke votes, and game speculation of some sort. Obviously there are exceptions to this, and I do think I did a poor job acknowledging them. It isn’t truly random, as I posited, but, at least in my opinion, the reasoning people use to vote on each other tends to be far flimsier than during the next cycles, resulting in it being effectively random. Most, if not all, non-poke D1 votes are based on gut feel, and the way a post reads, rather than harder evidence like actions or voting history (Of course there are votes during D1, however I will address that later). There isn’t anything inherently wrong with that, it just means that who gets voted out depends entirely upon the way their posts are viewed by others, without any other evidence for context. This situation leads me to view the D1 village vote as being something significantly based more around random chance (As in the random chance that someone views a post you made as suspicious) rather than using hard evidence. My repeated emphasis of the low probability of hitting an elim was primarily a support for the argument I was making about a tie, rather than trying to discourage voting in general. You are right that I didn’t acknowledge posts or votes as information sources. This was a mistake, I genuinely just forgot to include them, but I would still disclude them as a D1 information source. This is because I don’t think they can necessarily be used as information during D1. After however they definitely are. Using posts and votes as information and/or evidence is primarily about understanding the context during which they were placed. For example, you can only use a vote or post as distancing if you have the context of one of the players being an elim. Otherwise that post can be viewed as genuinely suspicious. There is definitely elim manipulation and all sort of general evildoing going on during D1, but I genuinely think that during D1 it is impossible to distinguish what is genuine and what is not. There just isn’t enough context. It was not my intent to cast doubt on the information we gained during this cycle. When I said “The information we get now won’t be as good as the information we could get later” what I was trying to explain was that if two people are killed by a tied vote this cycle, then we will have 1 cycle’s worth of posts from them. If however they were killed later, we have more cycles worth of posts and votes. Even if they are villagers, the more information we have to analyze with regard to their relationships with other players the better. Seeing as the tie is optional, I favor getting more information in the long run over a low chance of killing an elim in the short. Please feel free to tag me if part of this seems unclear.
  9. I disagree with this. While it is true that the village's voting is what gives it power, I don't think a double execution is necessarily a good idea this early in the game. The probability of discovering a legitimate Elim first cycle is practically 0. There's no evidence of actions, there hasn't been a vote-out yet meaning we don't know any roles/alignments, and there haven't been any pms yet. The village vote is effectively random chance C1. Gaining information is important, either via vote manip or on-death role reveals. However, it also means people are dying. Our chance of killing villagers this cycle is much higher than hitting elims with a kill, and every village kill is a step closer to Lylo. Having more random kills now rather than informed kills later doesn't really help us. The information we get now won't be as good as the information we could get later. I think double kills can be good, for all the reasons you listed. I just think random double kills aren't.
  10. That’s definitely fair. It’s not a case of play style like you think, rather I’m not sure how much has changed regarding play the beginning of games. I like how you called me out on this. It’s direct and to the point, unlike the ambivalence I was called out for Snip.exe has crashed (but yes this is correct formatting and the like. Though traditional poke votes tend to be before the player votes, consider me poked. If this was a legit vote, then carry on)
  11. Hello, one and all. I'm considering Rping, but I think at least at the moment I'd rather focus on writing in-game related things. We'll see how many posts I get up this cycle, and go from there I guess. Anyway, I'm not going to drop a poke vote yet, but depending on how many people show up by midday tomorrow I'll probably drop one then.
  12. Grey pointed at the spikes buried in her in response. "So, now that you have access to all this new information, what would you like to do?"
  13. Grey laughed at Sierra's response, before soul casting more water into the glass. "Now, tell me, what do you think of when I say the word Hemalurgy?"
  14. As the words were uttered, Grey acted. He shoved the two spikes into their requisite bind points, pushing them deeply into the Sierra's flesh. Blood dripped from the twin wounds.