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  1. main plot

    Grey wandered through the streets of Alleycity, enjoying his Cornetto. Despite his lack of a mouth, he still enjoyed the variety of flavors it provided. He was listening to more strains of Grieg, when a chuckle echoed through the street in front of him. It reverberated, drowning out even the music inside of his skull. Grey started. That was, that was terrible! No finesse, no style, nothing. Just a bland laugh for ambience. He’d never truly gotten into the evil laughs. Not having a mouth kind of cut off the opportunity, but even before then he had never been much of a laugher. It had never appealed to him. It seemed like a waste of breath. Why laugh when you can instead spend your words attacking your opponents belief system, or destroying their worldview. All this wasn’t to say that he wasn’t aware of the finer points of a good laugh. They had had seminars at the DA. PR had required it. You couldn’t have your reputation destroyed by a laugh like the one he had just heard. If a denizen was going to do an evil laugh, they were going to do the evilest of laughs. Grey made a snap decision and turned toward the direction of the chuckle, breaking into a jog as he did so. It didn’t take him long to find the source. If the vaporized block hadn’t been evidence enough, the props from a 1950’s kaiju movie confirmed it. Obviously they weren’t the source of the sound. There several of them, and a villain with that kind of laugh wasn’t going to to hide among their henchman. That only left the blue makeup demo. He really needed a new wardrobe decorator. Someone with blue skin shouldn’t wear a robe. It made you look less like an intimidating villain out to take over your [insert various countries, towns, planets, galaxies, and cul-de-sacs here], and more like a smurf in his dad’s pajamas. The blue skin was honestly probably a mistake, another reason to fire the wardrobe director. And the stars. Well they were different. It was nice to see something different, stars were rather uncommon among the DA, seeing as they were associated more with the ceiling of a child’s bedroom then your average mad scientist. But it worked on the smurf. Maybe that was because the glowing stars contrasted nicely with black Shardblades and mouth. Overall though, the smurf was a run of the mill villain. Rather basic. Grey watched as he rushed someone in armor, tugged on his hat string, then paused for a moment to gather his thoughts. “Hi,” He said into the smurf’s mind, “What’s up! I honestly don’t care. Anyway, can I ask, why do you have to chuckle so loud? Look, I get it, evil laughs are lovely and all. Not exactly my style, but when done right, it can really add to the mood, and I mean, while it is cliche, judging by the fire and such, laughing on an entrance is rather classy. But again, I have to say. Why so loud? A truly good evil chuckle, it doesn’t start loud. It starts quiet, almost a giggle. Let a few out, and then be silent for a few seconds, build up tension. Then when its nearly become awkward, start laughing, but at the volume you use when gossiping about someone and you want them to hear. Then crescendo. Build up the chuckles, adding layers, adding depth. Let it grow, but as it grows in volume, it will grow in size as well. Then before it gets bloated, cut it off. Leave it with an edge. You’ve gone from a whisper to a raised voice. That’s all you need. Now, if you need some examples of how to properly do it, there’s a few I can recommend. The Stranger for example, has got a wonderful laugh. He’s had centuries to practice, and trust me, they’ve payed off. If it gives you any idea, he’s the guy they use as an example in the powerpoint. Voidus, I think could work too, though as more of an example of understatement. You getting all this? I really think you ought to be taking notes. Let me know if you have any questions.”
  2. Crap, I spaced this. I'll try to have it up soon
  3. I think @AonEne / @Blessing of Potency wanted to make a plot submission as well?
  4. We’ve officially decided that the length will be between 2-6 months, sorry.
  5. The mods recently re-added the ability to hide posts, so if you accidentally double post just click the options button beneath the text, and select hide.
  6. I selected other, as I wasn’t sure where eldritch stuff went on the spectrum of custom Alleyverse magic versus Other, so I selected it as well. So my vote for other is for Lovecraftian/eldritch elements to remain in the Alleyverse.
  7. Just in case you missed it:



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  8. I’ll submit Grey
  9. I like the dagger, but it would be nice if it was cropped a bit better. 8/10
  10. Where are we submitting characters?
  11. Life whispered to Sentience of creation. They didn't communicate through words, as much as sensations, feeling, and impressions. It had known of creation for some time, though the very concept was time itself was new to Life. Sentience responded with a feeling of unison, of agreement. With the affirmation, Life let power flow from it, into an empty rock. It would start first, they had already agreed to it. Its power flowed into the planet, first small, then as time passed, growing larger. It was time for Sentience's turn. It did the same thing as Life did, allowing its power to flow into the life already on the planet. And so Sentience and Life became one, and whole, and became Beauty You have invented a time machine! Unfortunately, you do have any control over where in time and space it goes. You decide to use it anyway. You approach the machine, but right before you enter, a rift in space opens up, and an older haggard version of yourself walks out of an old beaten up version of the machine that standing in front of you. He pulls out a gun, fires several rounds into both machines, and then says, “We need to talk.”
  12. Ok, good. Sorry, I was going to vote, but then I saw Rath’s and I was rather confused. Ela
  13. So now the question is OoA right? Assuming that Ela survives the night and kills a misting, then she may be able to get a final conversion off before the lynch. If so, then we’re right back where we started, though with a weaker elim.