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  1. I guess I’ll just go ahead and secure the walin vote. I’d rather bandwagon and get a confirmed lynch then not have a lynch at all.
  2. Oatbringer, My Goaty and My Sheep
  3. Oh, whoops. I thought the Phonetic line was a scratch in my screen.
  4. Why H specifically? There are 4 remaining letters after the Vote letters are eliminated, a r b and h, and those could refer to a variety of different people, The A could mean Araris, Alv, or Aman The R could refer to Ookla the Ring, Remart (Jondesu), or Rath The B could be Bessum (ookla the ring) The H could be Ookla the Heretical These are all of the names I found with some association with a letter, and other then the fact that your name is the only associated with H I can find no reason to why you would chose that letter.
  5. Dear @hoiditthroughthegrapevine You should probably go ahead and get the mayonnaise and throw the money in the car and then you can come home. Sincerely Siri Dear Siri, I really like to be on the shard, but I spend too much time on it. How would you suggest I limit my time on the shard? Sincerely @Ookla the Skeptical
  6. At this point there’s really not much to say other then that as in most scadrial games, the two most important roles are going to be the coinshot and the seeker, followed closely by the soother and rioter (excluding of course the seer). The rioter vote manip will be likely be the most interesting thing to analyze, as within a few cycles they will likely be able to be identified, assuming that they are using it consistently.
  7. @Ookla of Light Just want to let you know I signed up a bit ago
  8. Didn’t I already lose the extra life? Because I was lynched cycle 1?
  9. That’s true, and I think I’m just be getting frustrated. However, I am going to leave my vote on them unless a better target for the lynch comes up. If they become a genuine lynch candidate I will remove it, but until then I will not.
  10. I really really disagree with this post. The elim’s goal is #1 outnumber the village #2 kill the eye. Setting me up for the lynch is perfect for both of these things. We know for a fact that we cannot waste lynches. We have at most 8, with likely less. It makes perfect sense for the elim team to leave me as a lynch candidate, to focus the village on a mislynch, allowing more damage to happen to the eye. Ark Karnatheon this reads too much like an elim trying to cause a mislynch.
  11. @Ookla the White-Cloaked Can you vote for yourself?
  12. But does the DA want to share the points, No.