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  1. Hey, get on chat

  2. That's fine. As long as I'm beating Lyssie
  3. E, my post has six upvotes so far, yours has eleven. I've done you a favor in putting you in a position to post something even more upvote-worthy than the original quote. See? I'm a genius.
  4. Ellen wins. Everything. Forever.
  5. Shiv is never wrong.
  6. I am inclined to believe Dalinar's conclusion that it is a young Nohadon, before the title, before the kingdom and before the book. It makes the most sense with the available evidence. I feel like both Derethil and the Sunmaker were more recent than Nohadon. I don't have anything to cite about Derethil's timeframe. But, if I am remembering correctly and the Sunmaker was the guy who reformed the Vorin church, then he was alive a very long time after the last Desolation. Although I do agree, Zenous, that Derethil is probably important.
  7. http://www.behindthename.com/ Names have meaning. You might not consider that meaning when naming a child, but it's still there. My real name, for instance, means "crooked nose." Well, the original form. My mom changed the spelling to make it more girly. And I've met people who didn't fit their names. Specifically, just about every Sean (or variation thereof) that I've ever met.
  8. I am really glad that you did this, dude. See, everyone thinks I named myself after the Jimmy Eat World song. But, not so. Actually, I named myself for the main character in Ian MacDonald's Ares Express, whose full name is Sweetness Octave Glorious Honey-bun Asiim Engineer 12th. Tell me that's not the best name ever.
  9. Congratulations, you have the second best name on this board. After me, of course ^_^

    1. Axies


      2 years late... I get my password back and read your comment.

      Thank you (if you are already there). ^_^

  10. I can't buy, I'm still broke. Just because I got the job doesn't mean I've started yet
  11. I would like to announce that I am once again gainfully employed! And also, I actually managed to finish TES in one sitting at Barnes & Noble yesterday. Do I get bonus points for that?
  12. Zen, Aimians are people. Like Axies. And James, I have said before and I say again now: THE CRABWASPS SHALL NEVER BE SILENCED!