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  1. I assumed the three were Odium, Honor, and Cultivation.
  2. The wiki has separate pages for Shadesmar and Cognitive Realm, based on several WoBs (cited there) that Shadesmar is a term specific to Roshar while the Cognitive Realm is the generic term. A while ago, I asked Peter Ahlstrom via Twitter why Khriss in AU refers to the Cognitive Realm as Shadesmar. Peter replied that Shadesmar is not a Roshar-specific term, and presumably can be used interchangeably with Cognitive Realm. I tried arguing the point based on the WoBs but Peter had a different way of understanding Brandon's words there. If this is correct, shouldn't the wiki pages be merged with a redirect? Or perhaps someone could shed more light on the difference? I can't post links, but our conversation can be found at