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  1. It is a great series. Admittedly, it gets slow around book 7 or fish, but it picks back up again with the last 3. The Wheel of Time is a must read if you love fantasy, but, you must be ready for the time commitment. This a a loooooong series.
  2. As of the last race of my Junior year (as in this past fall) it was 18:11 for a 5k. i race tomorrow and hope to bring that time down below 18 finally. I was the 10th man (i believe) for our team.
  3. XC FTW!!!! Thanks for all the welcomes!
  4. A very interesting theory; I did not (and probably would not have) thought of this on my own when I read the book earlier this school year (So in September/October I believe). I will have to re-read TWoK when I complete the WoT series and The Hunger Games books.
  5. Hello people the forums! My name is Marshall, on many different gaming communities websites and forums as well as in-game gamer tags, I am known as Jasper. You all shall know be henceforth as so! Some things I enjoy doing are reading, writing, running (XC and track forever!!! woo-woo!!), watching movies, and spending time with my girlfriend and friends. I say again, HELLO!!!