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  1. Guys, I think we're overlooking a major force that has joined with Odium, a force that has been around since before the recreance, and have been working behind the scenes to keep the radiants from returning. A group that supplied Heleran, Shallans brother, with plate and blade. What if the skybreakers have been collecting and hoarding them over the millennia, and in the future we will see a very strongly armored and ready to destroy force?
  2. What if all the unmade were at one time bondsmith level spren? If they hadnt been unmade, could there have been more bondsmiths? If they can somehow heal them, can there be more?
  3. El

    Quote I had my title and my rhythms stripped from me for daring [to] insist they should not be killed, but should instead be reconditioned. Repurposed. Sanderson, Brandon. Rhythm of War (The Stormlight Archive) . Tom Doherty Associates. Kindle Edition What is the they here is the Listeners? The singers and the fused already hated them because they ran away from odium and the war in the first place. We see the ones that took on storm form and brought the everstoem back were punished by being hosts for the fused, how much more would they hate the listeners that refused storm form and escaped into the chasms?
  4. What if the secret is in their name? The singers could and often would bond radiant spren in their gemhearts, and then Odium came around, and permenantly bonded them together, turning the singers into a new kind of spren, literally fusing them together. The name fused would make a lot more sense
  5. So, I recently came across this word of Brandon that got me thinking: So according to this word of Brandon, the spren that are shardblades right now, had a bit of their soul ripped off, which I believe is similar to what happened to the Parshmen. Do you think there is any actual connection between the two events, and if so, since Odium was able to fill in the cracks in the Parshmens' souls and have them regain sentience, do you think he could do the same thing to the dead eye spren, and in doing so corrupt them and bring them to his side? That would be kind of a crazy twist if all the shardblades in the world suddenly became living voidblades.
  6. Shu-Dereth and Shu-Korath both came from the same source, they were just taught with different focuses. Shu-Dereth on obedience, and Shu-Korath on love. It makes sense that they wouldn't seem evil to us, but as followers of different sects, they would have issues with each other. Plus I think that Shu-Dereth's mind set of eat up all the nations and expunge all other religions gives it an evil cast.
  7. So I was reading through the well of Ascension the other day, and I think that the religion of the Dadradah may have been influenced by Nalthian world hoppers. Here is the description of the religion when Sazed was pitching it to Clubs. This sounds a lot like the religion of the iridescent tones practiced on Nalthis. For example, when Lightsong would go over the offerings every day, he would look at art, which were said to hold prophetic visions of the future, which the Returned were said to be able to see because of their ability to distinguish hue and color so well. Not only that, but they would sometimes get poems written in the artisan script, which is a language made up of different dots and colors. I think someone from Nalthis may have gone to Scaladrial long before the Lord Ruler lived and influenced an entire region with the religion of the Returned, and it changed over time into the religion of the Dadradah. Other thoughts, or things that would either support or shoot down this theory?
  8. But whenever something picks up a shard, doesn't it leave the physical realm? Wouldn't it be really bad for everyone and everything living on the planet If it just disappeared into the conlgnitive/spiritual realm?
  9. I think Wax is the one that said it, but he said it was something Wayne has said. "Greet each day with a smile, so it doesn't know what you're planning on doing to it."
  10. So in the Ars Arcanum in Bands of morning, in the section where it is discussing the three metallic arts, it mentions that it is possible to create a whole new set of sixteen alloys to fuel allomancy when you mix a metal with one of the god metals, making a total of 50 different metals that can grant abilities. I have a couple of questions that stem from this point. First of all, are there allomancers that can only burn one of these alloys, or if you can burn pewter, and you also burn the other alloys based off of it, for example, a mix of pewter and atium? Second question I have is something relating to the other shards in the cosmere. Ruin was trapped in the liquid metal made up of Preservation, and we see one other metallic pool made in Elantris, the pool that would let the Elantrian's die. Does this mean that Dominon and the other shards have beads of metals that would grant allomantic abilities, and create more sets of allomantic alloys? The possibilities are endless!