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  1. No worries, I was just briefly wondering for a moment if there's some part of the character you wanted to keep secret so you PM'd instead but then I saw this message Well within point limits and looks like an interesting character, approved and welcome to the Alleyverse!
  2. Whisper looked up towards Bell, staring at him with a momentary sadness before slowly shaking her head, she allowed the words form over her once more as she stared forlornly towards the ground in the wake of the question. 'Not anymore. I can only survive on human blood.' The message hung in the air for a few seconds before another small trail of Stormlight rose to continue on underneath it. 'That was a joke.' Her expression broke and she looked back up with a sly grin pulling at her lips.
  3. Whisper shrugged in response, balancing the tray in one hand as she began adding several packets of sugar to her own cup. The letters abover her head reformed slowly as she mused over her reply before settling on the simplest answer. 'I'm not sure.' She said. 'Just something I can do.' "Okay, am I crazy, or are you changing colors?" Acacia interrupted. Whisper nodded, adding a little extra to her previous sentence to explain. 'Siah Aimian I assume?' She asked Rathi, giving Acacia a sidelong look. She'd seemed to be very interested in the various Investitures that had been evident, and had looked at the coffee pot with some interest, but not the other technologies around the room. One of the Earths perhaps? Recently arrived in any case, not many were unfamiliar with Stormlight after living in the city for any length of time.
  4. Leaving the coffee to steep for a moment, Whisper poured some milk into a smaller jug and then set it on a tray along with a number of small sugar sachets. The busywork helped keep her body busy, which meant less of her attention needed to be focussed on controlling her reactions. Appearing to be polite and helpful was another benefit of doing suc work, though in the wrong setting that could lead to more suspicion rather than less. 'Secrets.' She replied to Acacia, the words blooming out of a looming darkness like a brief glimmer of blood seen at the end of an alley. Whisper gave herself a deprecating smile as she improvised the additional flourishes. There was a small clink of glass against ceramic as she set the pot of coffee against one of the mugs and began pouring, carefully measuring out and leaving room for cream if anyone wanted any. She poured silently as the words slowly faded back into darkness before replying to Rathi's question. 'Neither.' She said simply, holding the tray with three cups in front of her to each of the others. 'Little bit different, no spren, no other Surge.' Whisper left her explanation at that though there would doubtless be follow up questions.
  5. Whisper felt her brow twitch sceptically at Acacia's reply but kept the rest of her face impassive as she nodded in response and gave her a small smile. She considered briefly rearranging the illusion to explain further but decided against it. Best not to seem like she was trying to lecture anyone, that kind of behaviour could backfire and earn undue attention. Quietly helping everyone along was easiest for now, try not to stand out too much. 'Whisper, Reporter.' She replied simply. 'Coffee?' The words reformed as Whisper moved to the nearby pot and began to fill it with water, pulling a stack of mugs towards herself and preparing the brew.
  6. The illusion vanished into glowing smoke as Whisper dismissed it, absorbing some of the Stormlight back as the rest dissipated. Another brief flicker of Stormlight caused the shining words to begin forming once again. 'Stormlight. The Surge of Illumination it's called on Roshar.' She supplied helpfully. 'Mostly used by the Radiants.' The conversation was proceeding smoother than most of hers could, aided in part by her ability to actually use Illumination to communicate this time. Writing everything down on a board may conserve Stormlight but it was torturously slow for conversations to be able to flow naturally.
  7. "So..you're not a ghost, then?" Acacia asked. Whisper shooke her head, her short tangled mess of brown hair briefly getting tangled in her face as she did so. "In that case," Acacian continued "it's quite rude to pretend to be one in such an ambiguous manner. If you're going to appear out of thin air, you should at least wear a sheet and make the appropriate 'oooh'ing noises so that people know what they're dealing with." Whisper tilted her head to the side again, watching with a momentary furrowed brow. But a moment later she shrugged to herself and expelled another brief burst of Stormlight which quickly formed into the appearance of a white sheet, a second more concentrated burst mimicked the sound Acacia had just made. 'ooooh' Acacia's voice whispered back.
  8. Whisper gave a polite nod to each startled individual as they noticed her but she also raised a curious eyebrow. The reaction was a little more than she'd have expected, certainly in the Alleys nobody would have been anywhere near as surprised. She glanced downwards towards her attire, had she forgotten to remove the blood? Some people reacted poorly to that, but she couldn't see any on herself at the moment. She looked back up to the others, tilting her head to one side in an expression of confusion. They'd been surprised but apparently not too wary, one had suggested she might be ghost but she assumed that was intended as a joke. "Yeah... Um, hello?" One of them said, Bell from the sound of his voice. He seemed to look towards something around his neck for a moment, searching for some meaning in it. A Fabrial perhaps? She gave Bell a wave in reply before raising a hand to her throat and tilting her chin up to expose the thick ropy scar that crossed the top of her neck. She pointed at it exaggeratedly before making eye contact, hoping they'd be able to understand. But then again she'd already used Lightweaving here so she wasn't as hampered in communication as she sometimes needed to be. 'Whisper.' She wrote over her head in glowing scarlet letters, allong with an arrow pointing towards herself. After a moment for them to read the word scattered and reformed. 'Bell?' it asked as the arrow shifted towards him. 'Rathi?' the arrow shifted towards the one with what appeared to be subtly shifting pigmentation, Aimian? Or a very talented Returned. 'Acacia?' towards the woman. The voices were relatively easy to match up but it was always best to be sure.
  9. Whisper continued to sit tucked into one corner of the room, remaining covered by an illusory water cooler. She couldn't put faces to names yet without disturbing the illusion but she was furiously comitting the voices she heard to memory. A reporting job had seemed a nice easy way to be supported while continuing her work, she wouldn't need to change much other than create a publicly available version of her notes for the paper to print. But now it was critically important that she be aware of the others who would be working with her, any one of them could become a hazard to her if they found out too much. Best to seem upfront at least, don't give anyone any reason to go looking further. There was a part of her that relished the possible challenge of having to deal with something a little more exciting than the usual simpletons who took one look at an innocent child like face and then paid her no more mind. With so many inquisitive indivudals around she might have to actually work to maintain appearances this time. Her ears twitched as a brief silence took over the room, she let it extend for a moment before standing and dismissing the illusion that had covered her. As the Stormlight wavered and then collapsed back into her body it briefly illuminated the 14 year olds scrawny form. She'd chosen a cloth cap today and some of her more well made clothes but the shirt and trousers were still of obviously cheap fabric, a washed out blue dye suffusing the fibers. As she appeared her eyes rapidly darted to each individual in the room before scanning each corner with a deeply suspicious look, watching for anyone else who may have hidden as she had. After seeing no other ripples of disturbed Illumination, Whisper gave a brief nod of satisfaction to herself then matched her gaze with the others present and giving them another nod of her head in greeting.
  10. And Sorana posts about 20 seconds before I managed to
  11. Laurelai gave the headpiece another appreciative glance, a brief flash of envy striking her at the abilities of Soulcasters to so easily create from nothing at all. People often thought of Forgers in much the same vein but in truth the two practices were vastly different in spite of some of their superficial similarities. But still, now that she'd seen it and heard the story she might be able to create a stamp to produce something similar. Perhaps something to save for next year. She nodded politely back as Lita introduced herself, though Laurelai felt her brow twitch for a moment at the lack of a last name. She's just begun another sip of port to disguise her moment of surprise when Lita asked her next question. "So, how long did it take you to Forge your hair black?" Lita said, smile gleaming on her face as she watched Laurelai. Laurelai felt her arm twitch and almost sputtered half of her drink back into its glass in surprise, completely destroying the calm atmosphere she'd been presenting. Her gaze darted up to meet with the amused green eyes of Lita and Laurelai felt a sudden welling of admiration and irritation washing through her. As she set her glass back to the table her free hand reached up to coil itself around a lock of hair as though to reassure herself that it was still there. There's no way she could have seen the stamp is there? Not through a dress and when it's on my back. Not even the Lord Ruler's tin was that good surely. Dabbing at her mouth to clean up and more importantly give herself a moment to recover and regain her demeanour, Laurelai forced the panic from her mind. Panic was distracting, she needed to think this through appropriately, rationally. Had the woman simply read her? She certainly seemed sharp enough to read most people but picking up something that obvious about a Forger was no easy feet. If she'd been in the middle of her workday then perhaps noticing some loose flecks of Soulstone would have done the trick but as it was Laurelai had nothing on her to identify her as such. "An hour to finish the stamp, a moment to use it." She replied, forcing a smile. For a moment Laurelai had considered feigning ignorance but given her own reaction that wouldn't be too convincing. Could Lita have seen her before and know that her hair had changed since then? Some of the students her father had taught knew her from a distance, and though Lita didn't exactly seem the type Laurelai couldn't exactly judge her solely by appearances at this point. Her headdress was bronze she'd said, could she be a Ferring? Being able to stay awake was certainly something that led many down the path of researchers and study. But that didn't quite seem to match, perhaps something else. "You must have quite the keen eye." Laurelai said, still smiling. "There's not much of a point to it if people can easily tell." The Windlass was not as noisy as much of the city was, but still for Lita to have overheard the conversation that Laurelai had when she'd arrived she must have at the least been paying attention or had particularly good hearing. Many tineyes kept tabs on their surroundings like that out of habit, had she noticed something that those with less refined senses couldn't have picked up perhaps? Lost in thought once again Laurelai found that she'd once again pulled her mothers coin free, the simple iron was cool the touch as she rolled it between her fingers. The familiarity and comfort had become something of a habit when she was thinking deeply about something but that usually only happened while puzzling over a particularly difficult piece of history or forging. It wasn't often that she lapsed enough mid conversation to seek that comfort. "Sorry." She half-muttered, tucking the coin back away again. "Nervous habit." She used the motion to break eye contact as well, unsure if she may have been staring while she'd gotten lost in thought. It was thoroughly uncomfortable to be on the back foot this much in a conversation, best to try to right it if she could.
  12. Yeah given everything going on I think the Boarding House may still be a good idea as a jumping in point for new players and characters.
  13. "Thank you." Laurelai said, hesitating for a moment before shifting seats to join the woman. "Sareshe made it for me, one of the best Arelish seamstresses I've had the joy of finding. She has a little shop on Reo street, I had to track her down from an Elantrian I met at a party." She gave a polite smile and raised her glass to her lips, savouring the smooth taste as she surreptitiously eyed the redhead once more. She was wealthy enough to afford an outfit like that, plenty of people has ostentatious costumes tonight but few were so well made. Expensive without seeming garish, a line that even many nobles form the various worlds still hadn't quite managed to find. A Scadrian Noblelady then? Or one of the wealthier Skaa? "But if we're sharing trade secrets then I have to ask for one in return." Laurelai continued, pointedly staring at the elaborate golden headdress. "That's a lovely piece, it can be difficult to find someone who can pull off the necessary blend of boldness and subtlety at this time of year." Laurelai kept her eyes afixed to the womans face, trying not to stare too obviously. But mentally she was still in a perplexed rush of deduction followed by rapid dismissal, it wasn't too often that she took this long to try to read someone. Usually she would take a few moments to conclude what she could, maybe observe their behaviour and try to reason some less obvious truths about them. But in those cases where she couldn't get much of a read she would usually move on relatively quickly. So why did she find this woman so curious? Perhaps simply her excellent taste in fashion, company and drinks? She reasoned with an internal grin. But that didn't quite feel like all of it, there was some mystery about this woman that Laurelai was determined to unravel. "Oh, and I'm Laurelai." She said after her brief lapse into introspection. "Laurelai Esserethel." Habitually she felt her hand rise to the neckline of her dress, almost pulling free the coin that hung from a nondescript cord there but she managed to shift her hand at the last moment. She didn't want to seem overly nervous. @ZincAboutIt
  14. Shop interactions are somewhat limited by nature, they're designed around a specific goal to fulfil and once that goal is fulfilled they're completed. Something like a tavern or a coffeehouse is a much lengthier more social experience. I know the Bleeding Spike saw some use a couple months back but hasn't been used much lately, and some of the NPCs there are a little aggressive for me to want to suggest it for new RPers. I wouldn't mind us having something a little more laid back and casual like the Odd Job Tavern or the Waystop. The Boarding House may be another good alternative, not sure if we discussed what was happening with it this era? But it's nice to have a neutral place for people to meet and discuss things when they don't want to be in other threads and that then becomes an easy location for new players to meet existing characters without needing to read through an entire thread and jump headfirst into a plot.
  15. I'd be up for that, would there be a position available for a somewhat unstable conspiracy theorist reporter?
  16. Honestly the best piece of advice I can give is to just run something to get your confidence up, choose a prebuilt adventure (Ideally something shortish) and just run it for a small group of friends. I would advise against making a sprawling campaign your first attempt at DMing, get a bit of confidence and familiarity with how the dynamic would work first. Planning a campaign becomes a lot easier once you have a little experience but there's only so much advice I can give to help, the main thing is to know what kind of campaign you want to run and who you're running it for and talk to them about it, if you have a party that just wants to explore and come up with their own stories but you've planned a somewhat railroady epic quest where you expect the party to hit specific plots and do specific things then it can all unravel fast. Make a session 0 and talk to people about what kind of game they want to play. I tend to run somewhat sandboxy games, there are plenty of things happening in the world but try not to plan for specific ways that those things will happen to or with the party. I just plan for what would happen if the party wasn't present and then sometimes they interfere with things and it just becomes a matter of figuring out how that would change what was going to happen.
  17. I'm something of an eternal GM who rarely gets to play, mostly in the D&D 5e space though I've done some Pathfinder and had several Vampire games start and then immediately fall. I'm an enthusiastic worldbuilder and homebrewer as well so always happy to discuss anything related to those particularly, I have an unreasonably massive library of homebrews for 5e.
  18. Update May 2020 From now on this thread will be used as a general announcements thread by the mod team. The original contents of this post can be find in the spoiler tag below, but please keep in mind, that they are outdated. For our current guide, please take a look at the guide topic. - Sorana
  19. My Google doc is actually relatively small, most of them are in local word docs
  20. Arguably Mitosis, but I might be misunderstanding exactly what you mean. Other than that there's not too much in the creation of sentient or semi-sentient entities outside of the RP. I have no idea what you're talking about.
  21. "Fritz is shameless, isn't he?" Laurelai started as she heard the quiet voice to one side, there was plenty of noise in the room but somehow that small voice carried across to her as though perfectly pitched for her ears. "You're the fourth person he's tempted with that Elariel Estate - it's the dress I'm afraid. You look like you can afford it." Laurelai turned her head to the speaker, a rather stunning redhead with an elaborate headdress, mask and outfit that left even Laurelai feeling underdressed. The woman was still paying attention to her own glass but just as Laurelai turned to her the woman's eyes rose up to meet hers. "To his credit though." The woman said, taking a sip from her own glass as she spoke. "It is delicious." "Were you the third then?" Laurelai ventured with a sly smile, she naturally slipped into a slight Scadrian accent to match their surroundings. "You certainly seem to share my problem in looking like you can justify such a delicious vintage." She took a sip of her own drink, using the opportunity to examine the other woman. It was a lovely outfit, a little extravagant to be able to justify but very appropriate for the festival atmosphere. The headdress was wonderfully crafted to match, not the most elaborate decoration she’d seen a person wear that night but one of the more elegant pieces. Momentarily distracted by her appearance, Laurelai’s eyes shifted to the womans expression and posture looking for the subtler signs she generally used to read people. Not everyone was easy to read, but she didn’t seem particularly guarded. Her accent was the easiest to pick up, it wasn’t as pronounced as some but it was definitively Scadrian. Little enough information that could be gained from that alone, Laurelai watched her posture and was attacked by a momentary sense of incongruity. Pieces of body language and attitude she could read, but she was having trouble piecing together a single story about this woman. She couldn’t always guess accurately, even an experienced Forger wasn’t omniscient and people were some of the hardest subjects. But she would always be able to guess something, some explanation. There’s always another secret. A voice at the back of her mind whispered.
  22. Laurelai glared a hole through the cup in front of her as she pused it away from herself and back to the middle of the table. She'd wanted to take a break from wandering and sit down in one of the outdoor bars for a quiet drink while she watched the festival unfold. Feeling frivolous she'd simply asked for whichever wine the bartender recommended and sipped it without looking, forgetting that she was currently in the Rosharan district of the city. They do have some lovely fashions but by all the Shards how can they possibly call this wine? She wondered as she looked for something to rid her mouth of the taste. Unfortunately there was little present other than more of the same so she stood from her seat, and set down the street again. The Scadrian district would be closer than the Selish was, and her preference did lean towards the Scadrian ports over those of Arelon. The basin simply made for far too excellent a ground for vineyards, divinely blessed ground it seemed was superior to others. She took a few side streets to move through the city faster, glancing a little nervously down them before proceeding but with the number of people walking the streets tonight they were safer and more watched than usual. Finally she arrived in the familiar mixed architecture of the Scadrian district, elaborate noble houses lying accross the street from a simpler terris community. And not too far beyong that the welcome sign of a smaller than usual crowd waiting outside a building that seemed to be some kind of inn or winehouse, a look through the window showed drinks being served, and thankfully none of those drinks were dyed blue. "The Windlass?" She murmurred, reading the sign above the door. She frowned at it for a moment before her mouth quirked up in a grin. Not a bad name, though it certainly sounded more like some dive bar at a port than it did somewhere to find a nice port or wine. But a look at the interior certainly raised her eyebrow, at first glance it appeared like a calm and elegant atmosphere of a winehouse, but some tables were a little too formal, or formal in a different manner. The interior design made the switch between the two seem somewhat difficult to immediately pick up on but once she'd noticed it Laurelai could notice the strange dual-design of the building. One large and elaborately decorated table looked like somewhere to hold a high tea while another was a simple and elegant standing table that held a wine tasting. "Well this was certainly a good find." She mused to herself. It was almost a lucky enough find to offset her horrible mistake at the other bar. Walking up to the nearby counter she waited to get one of the servers attention, the room wasn't crowded compared to the rest of the city but there were enough people that it would still take a moment before anyone would be able to get her a much needed drink. Still, that was useful in its own way. There were few opportunities to read a room as good as waiting for service, people naturally used the time to let their attention and gaze wander so others barely gave it a second glance. Laurelai's eyes roamed over the interior, still trying to make sense of the strange decor and how they'd managed to pull everything together. But she quickly pulled her attention to the people who filled the room, began making guesses about relationships, trying to see if she could determine who in the city was native Scadrian or Alleycity born. There were too many conversations for her to easily pick up on many of them but she could read body language at least to make some educated guesses. "What can I get you?" She heard a deep, bassy voice ask from behind her as one of the servers finally got to her. "Just a red to start with." She said, turning towards him. "Scadrian won't be a problem I assume, I'll take whatever you recommend as long as it's not a Calingfale." The server gave her an agreeable nod at that and fetched two bottles from nearby, presenting them both to her. "For a red we have something new in from House Hasting, bin 145. I've only been able to have the one bottle myself so far but I was quite partial. But it is a festival after all so I thought I might also suggest..." He turned the other bottle around to reveal its label, though Laurelai almost didn't need him to. It was a bottle of port rather than the wine she'd requested, but moreover it was from Elariel estate. Famously one of the best labels, and also one of the most expensive. "I don't suppose you get a commission on these do you?" She asked with a smile and a slightly accusatory glance. "Trying to upsell a poor vulnerable young lady like myself?" "Ah, I should be ashamed." He replied with a smile and mock-apologetic expression. "You're right, I should just put this one back..." "Well since you took the effort of taking it out." Laurelai interrupted as he began to turn. "It is a festival as you said, if there's ever a time for something a little more high-end it's now." He poured her out a glass with a smile, taking the Chrysts that Laurelai slid over and moving smoothly over to the next customer. Laurelai took a moment to admire his figure and manners as he confidently dealt with each of those at the bar, glad once again that she'd managed to find this little hidden gem. Taking her glass she moved out from the counter to allow someone else to step up, she took another brief look around the room before choosing a stool just in from the corner with only a few other occupants nearby. @ZincAboutIt
  23. Feeling much better today, I was back at work yesterday but still feeling a little off. Then I slept for about 12 hours last night and feeling 100% now, which is rare for me even when I'm not sick so woo!
  24. Sorry, I've been bedridden for the better part of a week with fever so haven't been active. I think I saw that Itiah has approved this already? But if there was another character let me know and I'll take a look, just trying to catch up on everything and hopefully get some scenes written out.
  25. Gateways require a level of strength in the power that are almost impossible for an AV character to achieve, they would need a lot of weaknesses to get to that strength (It's rated at around 450 points currently). I'm actually revising the One Power section of the Index in light of this discussion because I have noted that it's somewhat dated and difficult to read. Already made one update to hopefully make it easier, I removed the gender separation because 1. I feel like we can probably do away with those gender tropes here and 2. the rating scale is gender agnostic anyway other than what levels individuals could reach at the maximum but individual levels represent the same strength for both. The maximum level that can be achieved without taking weaknesses into account would rank quite low among the modern Aes Sedai. Enough to take the tests but well below average.