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  1. I almost TPK'd the party in my Mass Effect game recently because they decided to try to take a ship on with just their regular on-ground selves. Thankfully one of them had the Lucky feat to force an attack reroll.
  2. Laurelai, Lita's apartment, the Alleys Laurelai tried to wait patiently, tried not to read too much into the rapidly shifting facial expression. She forged her cup of tea to a cooler temperature and took a sip as Lita collected herself before finally beginning to speak, or... started to at least only to quickly stop as she raised a hand that Laurelai could now see was spattered with blood. How had she missed that? Had Lita been hurt somehow? "Gods damn it." Lita cursed, pinching her nose and lurching to the kitchen. Laurelai, followed her motion at first, rising in confusion and concern only for her eyes to widen, staring back down at the cup she had just Forged. It.... it couldn't have been could it? It had been so long, years since anybody had fallen prey to any injuries from her bane. Laurelai had spent so long learning to constrict its effects, bend them in safer directions. But had she been properly paying attention just now? Or had she been distracted. She met Lita's gaze, staring angrily at her from the kitchen as the redhead held a towel to her face to stem the flow. It took only a moment for Laurelai to break eye contact, looking down once again. "Sorry." She repeated, blessedly clearer this time and without breaking down into tears. But Rusts how her stomach twisted about on itself like it was determined to strangle her from the inside. "I... think that may have... I didn't mean to, you know how it is. It just happens." How many times have we said those words. The little voice chimed in. 'It just happens' when has that ever helped Laurelai? Even if she forgives you this time there will be a next time. You know there will be, there always is. Anybody we get close to. She set her cup back down with a shaky hand, then quickly pulled the limb back towards her to still it tightly in the grasp of her other hand. @ZincAboutIt
  3. Hello! Greetings to all Denizens, Citizens, and Netizens. We're making this thread to create a place where characters new and old can look for someone to collaborate with for the RP. This may vary from something very specific you have in mind 'My character is in the middle of a difficult time and I was hoping they might bump into someone very irritable and dangerous so that they can gain a new enemy to focus their attention on.', to the casual 'My character is going to the tavern to get some drinks, does anyone want to start up a drinking buddy relationship', or guild recruitment 'My character is alone and scared in this new city and I was hoping they could bump into someone from the Scholar's Guild to give them a reason to join that guild.'. One of the more frequent uses we imagine for this thread however is for new characters to find other characters to interact with and kick off their RP journey. In these circumstances you may not actually know what exactly you're looking for, if your character is new to the city they may not have the means or the resources to begin working towards any of their goals yet, they may need to meet some people first. Whatever the case may be we hope that this provides a useful location for people to work together with their writing and plan things out a little more. We would suggest that you try to be specific with any requests for collaboration when possible, if you know what you're looking for mention it in the post, and ideally post a little bit about your character as well, we have a lot of characters in the RP so no everyone is familiar with all of them.
  4. The shot echoed in the hallway, bullet sinking into the darkness. The sudden twitch of the hand emerging from it the only sign of impact. It... paused, seeming to contemplate this newest sound and sensation. Then it twitched again, fingers spreading as the hand reached forwards, the sharpened points of unnatural fingernails reaching steadily forwards, revealing more and more of the creature as it smoothly exited the veil of darkness, up to its elbow, then shoulder, and then finally a face looking a near-perfect imitation of Malsam but for the two still-empty sockets where the eyes should be. It's mouth opens, revealing a line of white teeth almost conspicuously ordinary, but looking past the teeth gives the impression of staring into a bottomless well. The mouth simply an opening to some great yawning something beyond, and from that something a voice emerges. "I... mean you no harm... watcher." The creature says. "Not so long as you... mean me none." The voice scrapes from its throat like nails against fine crystalware, setting the nerves to edge and raising the hairs on ones neck. It is the voice of a creature that so very clearly does not belong. The rest of its body emerges, trailing after the head as though pulled on a string rather than propelled by any normal physiology. Its torso contains a single hole in it, roughly the size of a bullet. The wound leaves no blood, only a hole into the body that seems to open to the same endless space as the mouth, and as it is watched it begins to slowly widen, small pieces of white emerging from the sides and growing rapidly into a set of teeth that ring the opening. "What... is the reason you are here?" The creature continued, speaking now with two voices overlapping in horrid discordancy.
  5. Laurelai, Lita's apartment, the Alleys “Sorry for what?” Lita asked, voice rising. The words had barely penetrated Laurelai's awareness when a sudden slamming sound caused her to jump in her seat, bringing her eyes up to meet the bright green's of Lita's. The very angry green eyes of Lita. “What is it you have to be sorry for? After all, aren’t I the problem?" The redhead asked, a bitter edge of hurt to her anger. Laurelai stared at her friend, each angry word lashing out and causing her to flinch anew. A large part of her, hurt and confused, wanted to yell back. To ask Lita what in Damnation's name she was talking about. How she could possibly think that she was the problem. A much smaller part, a lingering analytical voice that had avoided spiraling into self destruction enough to actually pay attention to her friend, noted Lita's flush, her firm gaze and angry tone. But also the slight catch in her voice, the subtle darkness under her eyes, and the faintest reddening of the lids. “Just tell me what you want!” Lita finished, patience clearly at an end. "Lita..." Laurelai began, having to start a few times as her own voice caught. "You... you actually think that I, what? That I hated you? Gods how could you possibly..." Laurelai stared in utter disbelief, she set her cup on the table and used her sleeve to wipe the lingering tears in her eyes. Trying to understand how Lita could have possibly thought that she'd done something wrong. But then... based on what Lita had seen, the shying away, refusing to meet her eyes, what else was she to think? What had Laurelai expected her to do? Certainly she couldn't have dreamed that all of it would fly beneath Lita's notice. Domi the woman was a Tineye! And a particularly observent one at that. Her arm was still wrapped about her midsection but Laurelai's trembling faded as she looked at her friend. Really looked for the first time in.... a Week? Months? She saw first the obvious, the anger and hurt, the stress and frustation. Looking past that, and managing blessedly to look past the superficial as well for a moment, Laurelai saw a friend who had been through the same nightmarish experience as the rest of the city. Only Lita had been closer to its architect than perhaps anyone other than Laurelai's father, and she had been denied the satisfying conclusion that Voidus had managed to obtain. And then, at its conclusion she had not been able to be relieved at its end, no she had needed to support Laurelai herself struggling through the confusion of not sharing the same memories as anyone else. "You've been crying." Laurelai noted, her own hurt vanishing til it seemed a distant thing barely worth notice. "Before now. Before anything that's happened tonight. Is that... have I... upset you? Or is it... Him?" @ZincAboutIt
  6. Laurelai, Lita's apartment, the Alleys "And here I recall you saying she wasn't your type." Lita said, sipping her tea. Doubly foolish Laurelai, not keeping track of the changes. She mentally chided. She exerted all her years of training and willpower to avoid wincing this time at least. The effect was ruined when she sipped her tea and winced at the temperature of it instead, scalding lips still pale from the cold outside. But at least it bought her a moment to think before replying. A moment later she regretted that decision immediately when Lita continued to speak, seeming to comment offhandedly but Laurelai did not miss the biting edge of irritation to her tone, the slight frown that could have meant any of a few things, though none of them good. Again she seemed to hear voices overlapping, all speaking different words but with that same tone. Patience nearing its end, frustration and annoyance bubbling slowly into anger that would eventually lead into hatred, scorn, and then finally... finally they left. Sent her away or left themselves. Until she was alone on the streets once again, just as she had been her first night in this city when fires raged around her. No, Lita wouldn't leave. The voice spoke up again, quieter, lacking its usual bite and confidence. Lita Attar is my friend. She.... she wouldn't. Would she? "I'm sorry." Laurelai whispered, more out of instinct than understanding. Practice and training abandoned her as her posture crumpled, the hand that wasn't holding a cup wrapped protectively around her and her shoulders slumped. Her head bowed, hair drawing in to an uncharacteristically unappealing curtain over her face. A slight tremor ran through her body, one she didn't even bother trying to hide anymore. @ZincAboutIt
  7. Also I guess since I'm here anyway, hello! Pan/enby. That is all. Returns salute. Fades into shadows.
  8. Fixing double posts. But also I just lurk around here sometimes. I am the invisible mod of the RPs and social guilds. Unless you happen to be in one of the RPs I'm active in and then I never shut up.
  9. Whisper glanced into the doorway even as her attention stretched behind, to the sounds of a shot being fire, weapons being drawn. Whatever these creatures were seemed only to become more real the more they were observed so she did her best to try not to pay too much attention to the slighter sounds that the creature might make. But Whisper was no tineye, and these were hardly ideal circumstances. Perhaps if she'd been able to take a moment to steady her breathing and concentrate she could have managed it, but her mind still methodically cataloged the slight touch of feet against the floor, the creak of a floorboard further behind, and more than anything that uncanny sense of being watched, observed, a tingle at the back of her neck that took every nerve she had to ignore. She pulled her focus forwards, towards the room they had opened. Cold gray eyes flickered across the floor to see a matching door in the wall opposite. The room appeared to be a bedroom, relatively mundane as far as she was concerned. Though it did seem oddly... stretched. Perhaps thirty feet in length but only a quarter as wide, warm cream carpet spread from the doorway to the opposite wall. A double bed rested against the left side, also oddly elongated and it seemed that the bedding had all been placed beneath the mattress. But other than that she saw only a floor to ceiling mirror on the right wall, close to their entry, and an even more ordinary wardrobe a little further along the left wall. No, the door as well. She noted, taking a second glance. At first she had thought it was an identical door of some dark hardwood with a brass handle. But looking again there was something odd about how the light bounced off of it, candles positioned in fixtures overhead gave a dim orange lighting but the door seemed almost reflective in part. Was it... painted? A thin veneer over a metallic base. But if painted doors and stretched dimensions were the worst this room had to offer it seemed far safer than a corridor of monsters. Safe enough. She wrote in the air in glowing letters once again. We can watch the doorway from inside without seeing the creatures. She entered first, scanning the room once more and cautiously checking behind the door before slowly turning back to the corridor. She could only see Vivi in the doorway now, though it took deliberate effort to focus on turning around but not looking for whatever had been watching from behind her. She dropped low, dagger in one hand and the other kept empty for now, using it to gesture Vivi to follow behind. If we are incredibly fortunate a gunshot and a few nicks from blades will be enough to drive them off. She thought, not even bothering to suppress the utterly doubtful tone.
  10. You can pitch something specific if you'd like but we don't typically permit anything non-Brandon.
  11. If you'd really like to be evil add a Kobold warlock with either repelling blast or grasp of Hadar (The latter if you want them to pop up from behind the party once they're in the hallway) to push/pull one of them 10 feet every round. One of my personal favourite Kobold traps is an oil slick that's difficult terrain and a save against falling prone each round, then pair that with some well timed Alchemists fire once all the party are in it and covered with grease.
  12. Laurelai, Lita's apartment, the Alleys "Not a problem. Drink your tea and be off.” Laurelai flinched, though there was no harsh edge to the words. But in their wake it felt as if she heard a dozen echoes. Voices masculine and feminine repeating the phrase with a far more bitter, even angry and hateful tone. Quickly she tried to tamp them down again, shifting herself a little to hide her immediate defensive reaction. She didn't mean it. Not like that. Just a joke. She reminded herself with a voice that never quite seemed absolutely certain. "I apologize for pulling you out of there so early." She said aloud, speaking more to distract herself than anything. "That bartender seemed quite enamoured of you, a shame really I'd rather thought I caught her eye myself." She tried once more to force a smile, it came with more difficulty than usual, shaking for a moment as she pulled it into position and covered it with her usual collected poise. She had spent years practicing this, why was it so hard just to smile at a friend now? Absently under her breath she hummed a few notes, an old song that always helped to calm her. @ZincAboutIt Laurelai, Mistkeep 17 years ago "I said be off with you!" A low voice growled, pushing a suitcase roughly into Laurelai's arms. Laurelai stumbled back a step, catching her foot on the lip of the doorway and falling onto her back on the sodden cobblestones of Goldstreet. She clutched at the suitcase, her small arms trembling as they held it close, trying to gain some sense of security from them. Watery blue eyes looked up to regard Mister Vennit, looming over her from the shadow of his house. Behind him stood his wife, grey eyes wide and terrified as she looked down at the bedraggled young girl. "I- I'm sorry." Laurelai said, looking down at the rivulets of water streaming through the cracks in the stone, unable to meet either of their eyes any longer. "Sorry, I didn't mean to. It just happens. Please don't- please father can-" "No." The low voice interrupted, she saw the booted foot of the owner step closer in menacing fashion. "No I can't. And I am not your father girl. Be off, away from here. And if I ever see you near our son again..." His other foot joined the first, and his shadow now encompassed Laurelai's balled up form. Once again without looking up she nodded, tears beginning to flow to join the droplets of rain in trails down her cheek. For just a moment she stayed, eyes drifting into the house where her adopted brother was now laid out, covered in bandages. She wanted to apologize, to wait for him to wake up so that she could explain... Another growl from the man standing over her scattered those thoughts and set her to scampering back, arms still clutched around the case that held all of her possessions. With a final nod, a muttered apology and a terrified squeak, Laurelai fled from the Vennit's house. She ran until she found a dry section of street between two buildings, it was darker there but she wouldn't even have noticed had there been light, her face was pressed into the blue fabric of her Havah as she wept. Slowly, after some minutes, she calmed enough to start humming to herself. It was a song she had been taught by her first friend, a lullaby Laurelai thought, though she wasn't sure of the words.
  13. "Can we hide?" the girl asked, a little uncertainly before rewording her question "Is it beneficial to hide from senses based on investiture?" Copper? Whisper wondered to herself. Very useful, particularly with this company. Not enough information about these creatures to say for sure if they use such senses or not but overall more beneficial than detrimental. "If you can." She said, voice grating painfully enough to cause her to wince once again. Still looking forward she heard the woman who had lost her chair actually speak to the creature. Which meant it was either significantly more inviting than Whisper had assumed or else Malsam was possibly mad. Either case would be useful, but if it was the latter then their lives were still in danger. Can't be helped, miracle that the Seeker hasn't noticed and pointed it out already. She concluded, resignation and determination warring in her mental tone. Drawing in a deep breath she drew on the small gemstones hidden in a pocket of her shirt, Light leapt eagerly to her lips, pulsed inside her lungs and drove her to utilize it further. For a moment everything felt sharper, and then she breathed out again, tapping her foot onto the ground and pushing a wave of the Light out behind them, blanketing the hallway wall-to-wall in luminescence before it suddenly inverted into darkness. A wall of shadows concealing the path that they had taken, as close to their group as Whisper could make it without catching any of them inside of it. With any luck they will be content to linger in the shadows, unseen once again. Almost as soon as she had finished the thought that hope was dashed as she turned to assess her work and saw a pale hand emerging from the shadows, darkness rippling around it as elongated fingers with wickedly sharp nails reaches out. Too late. She mentally cursed. Too slow. Turning immediately to the front again she sought out the steward and raised a brow, a final puff of light streamed from her lips to form glowing letters in the air. Run? She silently asked. Not waiting for an answer she readied a dagger in her left hand as her right reached for Vivi to pull her along as Whisper broke into another, more natural sprint down the hallway and towards one of the nearby doors. If fortune favoured them they may at the least be able to gather into a more defensible formation than their current state strung out along the hallway.
  14. Hi all, to reflect both the new era and also the updated character sheet that we have started using we've decided to start a new thread. If you need to reference characters from past eras please view the old thread. We will be asking everyone to resubmit characters from previous eras in the new format for consistency and to hopefully get the best use out of it. Steps to create a character Decide what kind of character you want to play. Starting with the base concept, what was it that made you want to create this character? Was it to make a swashbuckling Radiant? A Nobleman thief? A Selish socialite? Try to keep the concept to a few brief, evocative words. Think about your characters merits and flaws, some of these will be obvious from your core concept but others you may need to think about and workshop. Try to answer the following questions: Where is your character from? What happened to them so far? Do they have family/friends? What motivates them, which subjects catch their attention? While not mandatory we would suggest discussing your character concept in the Character Discussion thread. Especially for new players but even for veterans this can help get other people's input and make sure that characters will fit in with the setting and that the community is involved and invested with new characters. We have a lot of great writers who can help flesh a character out, provide suggestions of where they might fit or even just become excited to interact with them. Fill out a character sheet. You can find an empty template below. Please post the character sheet in this thread for one of our mods to look it over (Our currently active mods are: @Voidus, @AonEne, @MacThorstenson, @ZincAboutIt) so that they can approve it. You may receive some feedback from a mod in the Character discussion thread, please try to reply in that thread and only repost here when a mod is able to agree the character is suitable. This is to try to keep this thread clear for the mods so that we can find where exactly sheets were submitted more easily and speed up approval. Your character got approved? Great! You are ready to start! If you're not sure where to post yet you can ask in the Chat Thread from others, or you could try one of our short form channels in our Discord server to get used to a character before beginning to work on longer form RP. Character template The astute among you have noticed that merits and flaws have replaced any investiture, equipment, and skills that your character may have. This is deliberate. We've done away with points, and are instead moving toward a more organic system where you get a certain number of merits and flaws. Merits are anything that might help your character (such as abilities, items, skills, or a position), flaws are anything that might hinder them. Here is the breakdown for what might constitute a major minor and normal strength. Minor: Some trivial assistance / time saving measure (Eg. pull a memory from a coppermind rather than grab a book). This should be something that more or less any character could be capable of, your character just has an easier time of it. Normal: Bread and butter usefulness. Abilities that get you through your day to day (Eg. An experienced scholar or a practiced swordsman). Major: Exceptional ability, something that stands out from the crowd (Eg. A world-famous swordsman, an elite assassin, a Knight Radiant) In terms of how many of each boon each character gets, as of right we are allowing characters 3 minor merits, 2 normal merits and 1 major merit. This currently up for debate however and as with all of this we want feedback. Flaws should ideally play off of other sections in your character sheet, all characters must have at least one flaw however we do generally look for characters to have at least two. The best flaws will give something for your character to overcome, and allow them to grow. They may also explain why a character has not achieved their motivations which creates for a very handy character arc for you to RP (Eg. Kaladin has a goal to help those stuck in the same situation as him, but his social status prevents him from being able to meaningfully influence the orders that are killing his people. Additionally his bouts of depression tempt him to give this goal up entirely unless he can somehow overcome it.) We may update this further as we continue to develop plans for the next era, and we do hope to help turn the RP into something a little more than just zany antics by encouraging our RPers to help each other out and develop their writing skills further in the coming eras. Era 6 character list:
  15. SeKaan, SeKaan's safehouse, the Bindpoint SeKaan gave little reaction to the physical outburst of the Inquisitor, despite the fact that it involved punching a hole clean through their safehouse wall. But this place was already barely livable, there were plenty of gaps and leaks, plenty of places to eavesdrop on neighbours. Though usually SeKaan was doing the eavesdropping. "It seems your experience with Harmony has been even less palatable than my own." They said, though not elaborating any further. "Well you can be assured at the least that I have no direct motive to either bring you back or change your habits. You may leave whenever you wish, but if you wish to stay there is more space here than I need just for myself. It's not all that comfortable but it is a roof, while waiting to build up something more reliable." Their attention flickered for a moment to the other Kandra, regarding them with curiosity and no small amount of pity. To not even be able to fulfill a Kandra's most basic functions of mimicry, how could one live such a life? They wondered if perhaps the other Kandra had the same Blessing as them, to at least be able to see and feel the world around them as others could not, to pull secrets from scraps that others thought meant nothing. Would that be better or worse? SeKaan wondered. "And you as well." They said aloud. "Both of you are welcome to what you wish from this place. I will need to leave shortly to... attend to business in the city. But I can try to provide a little further assistance if needed. We are after all, all family of a sort. Bound by blood, if not in the same manner that most are." Voidus, the Cauldron "You’re perfect, Nox. I trust you.” Were there any sweeter sounds that had been uttered in all of his years of life? Voidus doubted it. The unexpectedly reassuring words seemed to cut right to his core, soothing age old doubts that he'd barely even recognized. Many people trusted Voidus, or at least he assumed they did. They trusted him to run the Alleys, to keep the world stable, to know the answers, to have power. He was trusted to protect, destroy, teach and study. But when had anyone ever said the words? Let alone with such sincerity, such appreciation. When Vivica spoke he was transported again to that moment of shared awareness, the instant when she had laid every corner of her mind bare to him. A refreshing openness that could never provoke any doubts. She did trust him, and she did think he was perfect. Truly and without any influence or manipulation or any hope to receive power or favour. She would think exactly the same if he declined her request or fulfilled it. "Thank you." He said simply, voice steady and unwavering. He hoped she could hear some echo of the same sincerity from the simple words. When he thanked her it was no mere pleasantry, it was a genuine thanks. From the core of his being he was grateful to her, for her words and her very self. The rest of the world faded from awareness, the street may as well have been empty for all the care he gave to those around them now. He looked only at her, focusing on the side of her face, the long healed scars and the missing ear. Too long healed now for her to easily believe that it was anything but her normal state of being. There were numerous ways to resolve that problem however. Forgery would be easiest, but as had been proven all to recently she was strangely resistant to that, it would not last long enough for her Identity to restabilize. Feruchemy would be the next easiest, storing and retrieving carefully prepared identities. But that would take too long to prepare. What he needed was something precise, something that did not rely so heavily on Identity when determining how to heal. Voidus raised a hand, one long index finger extended out and moving suddenly forward to stab at the air. Dimly he was aware from the reflection in Vivica's eyes that his hair had become more silver than blonde, and faintly luminous. But that information was blocked out along with the gasps of others passing them by as he began to draw. Aon Ien formed the center, though in a matter of moments it was so heavily modified as to be unrecognizable. Specifics were needed here, not just what to heal but how, the entire form of it had to be dictated through Aonic formula with none at all left to interpretation. It was one of the longer sequences that one might need to write, but compared to the enormous sequence that enclosed the worldspike it was trivial. Perhaps a minute later he lowered his hand, now glowing so brightly it was difficult to look directly at, and willed the formula to completion. It sank happily into Vivica's skin, illuminating her momentarily with a matching glow as time seemed to reverse itself. Skin pushed out scar tissue, cartilage reformed below that into a shape the mirror of her other ear. In seconds it pushed itself out from her head, form complete and skin flawless once again. "Is it alright?" He asked, a slight hint of concern in his voice. "Any issues?" Laurelai, Lita's apartment, the Alleys Laurelai gave one last parting glance to Valeria as Lita towed her from club. The woman had blonde hair, it didn't hang as straight as Laurelai's but was it familiar in some way? The lingering adrenaline and fear from her sudden recollection hindered her thoughts, wanting to speed along when she needed instead to simply take a moment to think. But before she could do so they were out in the open air once again. She was about to turn to speak to Lita when the redhead continued immediately into an Alley. Laurelai rolled her eyes slightly at her friends protectiveness but followed along meekly enough until at last the two were greeted by a familiar blue door. Lita helped her to lean against the wall as she unlocked and opened the door, something Laurelai was just about to chide her on when one of her knees buckled for a moment beneath her weight, the wall the only thing that kept her from tumbling to the ground in an unsightly manner. ”Sit,” Lita said, pointing to the little table in the front room. “I’ll put on some tea.” Laurelai's nod held a hint of resignation to it as she reluctantly moved towards the offered seat, thankfully not needing to brace herself again during the motion, and took a seated position with a straight back and as much lingering dignity as she could manage while still being very clearly fussed over. "I am fine now." She said a little stiffly. "Just a momentary lapse, it barely ever happens anymore." For the briefest of moments the scent returned to her, smoke and floral soap intertwined and then followed immediately by ash and burned flesh. She pushed the memory back into a distant corner of her mind, suppressing a traitorous shiver before it worried Lita anymore than she already had. Foolish Laurelai. Tried to make the evening better and you only made it worse. But then that's just the usual isn't it? She shoved that voice into the same distant corner of the memory, focusing her attention purely on the here and now as Lita began setting a kettle to boil. Her eye was drawn quickly to the dress that the redhead wore, and which Laurelai immediately welcomed as a perfect distraction. Her fingers twitched in reflexive desire to touch the teal fabric, a near impulsive desire for her whenever seeing velvet. @ZincAboutIt
  16. As the inaugural member to this group started by Kurkistan some time ago I thought that I should increase our recruiting, and to that end have decided to formally make it a group. Come to the dark alley. We have cookies. Denizens list - courtesy of Fatebreaker Voidus^: Original Denizen, Head of Sales Specialties: Sales and Research Traceria: First Victim Fatebreaker^: Head of Research and Advertising, Creator of the Slogan Specialties: Sales, Research, and Advertising MacThorstenson^: Head of Counterintelligence Specialties: Sales, Recruitment, Counterintelligence ZincAboutIt: Specialties: Spying Mail-mi^ Specialties: Sales and Research ElephantEarwax^ Specialties: Breath Experimentation Expert Killersquirrel59 Specialties: Hemalurgic Theorizing 18th Shard: Creator of the Disclaimer Specialties: Hemalurgic Compounding Researcher the Gleeman: Head of Shipping Redbird3000 Specialties: Zoohemalurgy Snoopy^/Kipper^ Specialties: Middle Manager of Public Relations, Head of Inter-Guild Commerce, Forgery/Hemalurgy Blademaster Ostrichofevil^ Specialties: Hemalurgy of non-Metallic magic systems FrodoUnderhill^ Slowswift^ Winter Cloud^ Specialties: Trans-species Hemalurgy, wolfkind translator and ambassador of the Pack of the Cosmere. Morzathoth^ Specialties: Eldritch Horror* and Researcher of Investiture of The Dark Alley! *Pending office cleaning Oversleep^ ChickenPlague Specialties: Mistwraith research team, vampiric-Lucentia connection discovery. iBambam Kaazi^ JerleShannara Specialties: Lerasium ThatTinyStrawMan Averyp1017 Secrets @kenod Specialties: Kandra research Endorsers Queens Elsa Steelheart, Ruler of Newcago Lord BreathTaker, ruler of the Raven Throne Honorary(non-active) Members: King of Nowhere Kadorok Swimmingly SmurfAquamarineBodies Quitecontrary ' ^ ' denotes those who have made, sales. Active members must either sell at the intro thread, or contribute more than one post to the science of Hemalurgy. Regarding intro thread posts please refer to this topic for some guides on what is appropriate: Let me know of mistakes, omissions, and updates. Applications are always welcome. The Dark Alley Because upstanding moral citizens are about as interesting as furniture, and half as obligingly useful.
  17. Honestly rather poorly, this was back when we were using a points based system and things didn't work out all that well. That being said it's not too different from a Kandra in a lot of ways other than a heightened immortality and lacking the Hemalurgic weakness. That being said they haven't had centuries to adapt to Alleyverse flora so hordelings would likely be more noticeable, their camouflage as humans is nowhere near as convincing as a Kandra or a Lightweaver. Absolutely I would say that a Major merit would be needed to play one at all and probably further to indicate any specific specialties with imitating humans (IIRC most are actually not at all capable of it), creating a particularly convincing form of spy-Hordeling, etc. Probably more a case of 'see what you can pitch and mods will discuss' rather than me being able to give a concrete ruling ahead of time.
  18. Collaborative short-form post on the Discord, posting here for clarity but spoilered for length.
  19. We've had a few but yes nobody currently active.
  20. Whisper was not entirely sure which headache to deal with first, the reprieve from being in a cadmium bubble had been nice right up until it had expanded again at the absolute soonest possibility, slowing their effective progress and ensuring that she had to keep a part of her attention focused once again on the perimeter to estimate how much time they were losing. The young blind man it seemed had basically tried to locate everything in the house simultaneously, which might have been a helpful forewarning if they weren't specifically dealing with creatures that were enraged upon being observed. Whisper wasn't sure how whatever senses he had used might have interacted with the creatures but it was unlikely they would be able to avoid angering them at the least. While many in the Alleys were told that it was unwise to look up, into the dark endless skies and maddening void above, there was another piece of advice that was not told to nearly so many. "It's best not to hear up either." She whispered in a voice so cracked it was doubtful it would be heard even if the corridor were silent. Which led her to her final irritant. Whisper was also annoyed with herself, none of these had any experience with the Alleys. She should have expected that lack of true understanding to result in a series of mishaps. Should have headed them off much sooner. But she had been curious about the house, wondering if there was perhaps something useful here, some shred that she could pull that would not make this a wasted trip. A chair spun past her, wheels sliding against the floor and slipping behind their group. Whisper pulled herself to the side, just next to the young girl as it passed. But a chair was not a danger, not in itself at least. So long as nobody- A pair of gray eyes greeted her. They were just faintly bluer than her own, and lacking some of their cold edge. They were also looking past Whisper right now, to the chair. And to the entire hallway behind them and whatever creatures lurked there. Whisper twisted, small legs folding down before springing up with unnatural force, carrying her away from both the chair and its owner. Some instinct brought her arms around the nearby form of Vivi and warded her back a step. Not calculation or guile but some more instinctual motion that she had no time to consider right now. Her legs bent a little further than a typical combative stance, ready to spring back at a moment. She kept the two of them facing the other way down the corridor, ears straining for any sign of the creatures that might be approaching. "Look forward." She whispered, voice cracking to a point of near inaudibility. She frowned and put a little more force into it, just enough to be audible but straining her throat and causing a lancing pain to shoot through. "Look forward. Not at it, not until it is right upon us. Hear. Wait. Patience."
  21. Laurelai, Hathsin, Mistkeep Laurelai's gaze lingered on Lita as she left, there was no sign of it to her but just an ever so faint sense of something... off. A discomfort that wasn't normally there when the two were together. And it still remained even after Laurelai had done what she could to be rid of it. She had thought she had fixed the problem, was there another? She continued to move, alone now on the dance floor. Moving by herself was a little easier, there were well-practiced motions she could go through if she simply adjusted the rhythm, not so difficult as also having to take into account the movements of a partner. But that also meant she had more mental space to think, and that was just leading her right back into a circle and worrying further. Had Lita noticed that Laurelai had changed herself? Very rare for someone to notice that, but Lita knew what she was capable of, and knew better than most what to look for. The thought provoked a pang of pained discomfort in her, an aching in her chest and memories that she quickly pressed back down. She tried to draw a deep breath, focus on the dancing around her. But what step had she been up to? Something felt... was something wrong with her? No, I can manage this. She reminded herself, lips moving very slightly in an uncharacteristically discomposed tell. I am Laurelai Esserethel, a Forger. Denizen of the Dark Alleys. Her lips continued to move in a near-soundless whisper. She repeated a small litany to herself until eventually she felt calm return. Her smile shifted from false to genuine as her blue eyes gleamed with a renewed sparkle. She slipped effortlessly back into the music, slowly shifting herself across the floor until she eventually slid into a seat at an empty table to await Lita's return. @ZincAboutIt SeKaan, SeKaan's safehouse, the Bindpoint The other Kandra's story provoked a shudder of discomfort from SeKaan, along with a pang of unintentional sympathy. All too easily SeKaan could recall being a prisoner, trapped in their own body as a mind that was not theirs forced them to obey. A horrific, claustrophobic and existential terror squirmed in those memories, but SeKaan let it loose along with the recollection. It was not something they needed to think about right now. Though it did bring a sour aftertaste to that moment of sympathy. They gave a small nod, thinking the matter over only for a moment before coming to a decision. This was precisely why SeKaan had brought them here instead of the Safehouse they actually intended to stay in this evening. And it was little loss truly, there were no doubt dozens that could replace it if this other Kandra wished to use it for now. It was as much of a familial act of kindness as SeKaan could give to a Kandra of lower generation. "I have only heard a few things of this group." They said, keeping a neutral tone. "I had thought perhaps they would be a little more... accepting of a Kandra than others in the city. I was, perhaps, mistaken." Their ears, now reformed, began to listen keenly to both the story and the sounds from outside. If even half the rumors SeKaan had picked up about this group were true then it was entirely possible that even now some shadowy and powerful figure was approaching. Best to be vigilant, prepared and forewarned. Their musculature shifted very slightly, moving away from larger muscles and more towards tighter tendons and faster motion. In the Homeland the change would be as good as announcing their fears, practically radiating an energy of flight reflex. But in the city, watched only by an Inquisitor and newborn Kandra it might even go unnoticed entirely. SeKaan's attention shifted with that thought to the Inquisitor, reminded again that there was every possibility that she had both the ability and the knowledge required to exploit the Weakness. Was that why they had accompanied two Kandra here, seemingly unconcerned of an ambush despite her earlier suspicions? "Your kind I had thought nearly extinct." SeKaan remarked. "I have heard that this city sometimes connects to the past, are you from earlier days of the Empire? No, you mentioned Harmony. Hmm... curious." @AonEne @NerdyAarakocra