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  1. main plot

    Laurelai dropped her Forgery as one of the nearby walls exploded. Ships that eclipsed the sun didn't exactly create a good setting for her to continue interrogations or covert operations. She set her drink back down, watching as Lita and Okame managed to escape the building, and smiled faintly. At least she didn't have to worry about accidentally losing new recruits on their first mission. "Well I suppose I did say myself that someone was going to be starting the fireworks soon." She commented idly to herself as she scanned the room. The marines seemed to be the most obvious focal point of chaos right now, but they weren't too much of a threat in themselves. The crusade was too well organized, they were well-regulated, documented and rigid. That made them particularly easy prey for Forgers, and she had an advantage over most other practitioners as well. But speaking to the marines were several others, unknowns, that was more problematic but if she observed them for a minute then she should have enough. If nothing else Okame's exit had shown that the walls weren't fully immune to Investiture, that left options open. Head back. She sent to Lita, attracting some curious looks from people who were fleeing as she sat in a seat, toying with a pen. I'll monitor things here for a bit longer. Hopefully there weren't too many wounded this time, Resealing was finicky and taxing to have to perform on a large scale.
  2. I unfortunately don't have too much I can help with right now, I didn't have anyone involved in the meeting, but glad to see that activity picked up again. I was really getting worried that the RP was just going to fade away again.
  3. While holding both ears and slightly deafened by the raspberry, one of the DA lawyers set a deed of ownership down before the precursors who were trying to take away his colleagues. In it, it was pointed out that since the DA technically owned the entire Alleyverse, they were not in violation of any laws as the city never officially obtained this building from them and thus it wasn't a city-owned building. The DA denizens all smiled in gloating victory as this clarification was made.
  4. Yeah just saw that afterwards. I also can't access google docs atm, so I'll search for it when I can.
  5. Probably my bad, I think that was back when we were getting a bit swamped. Could you repost?
  6. Voidus watched Mac silently for a few heartbeats more before finally nodding. "I suppose we'll find out." He said gravely, the small trace of a smile no longer present on his face. "Let's continue then, moving on to Investiture." There was only one way to find out if Mac was ready for more, and that way was to walk the tightrope once more to see if he fell. "We'll start with something simple, Stormlight." He said simply, moving over towards his desk and retrieving a pouch of spheres. "This may seem easier in some ways than what we practiced before, but don't underestimate the complexity of what you need to do." Voidmaking something physical took a lot more power than Investiture did, but Investiture was also a lot more abstract, difficult to focus on specifically. Mac's previous experience with Alleymatics would likely prove useful, but Voidmaking posed a far larger risk to its user than Alleymatics did. "Now." He said, pulling an infused Diamond mark from the pouch. "Think back to what you did before, the drive, the desire, the motivation for something to not be."
  7. The doorman began looking from one to the other as they questioned him, then back up the stairs a little nervously. "Um.. yes I'm sure you have questions, but the Doctor... You're not supposed to be here." He stammered out, beginning to nervously move down the staircase and attempt to herd them back towards the lounging area. "Everything should be fine, it'll just be another minute." As he took his next step he stumbled. His foot seemed to sink through the step that he had placed it on, the wood seeming to disperse into mist under the pressure. His eyes widened in confusion for a moment before he pitched forward, beginning to tumble down the staircase. Around them all the house began to vibrate once more, and this time a continuous low peal could be heard, the thunder-sound was lower than before but it continued to roll as the house continued to shake. A few logs in the fireplace began to spill out onto the carpeted floor, but before anything else could catch alight, these too disappeared into mist.
  8. main plot

    The Stranger's coin? Well that's a tad ominous. Maybe he'll be the one blowing the party up this time? Would that be exciting to watch? Or horrifying? Probably both. Laurelai stayed silent as she deliberated before she looked at Lita directly once more. "Weird isn't exactly the word I would have chosen but I agree. But as they say, 'knowledge is power', so I'd rather learn a little more before we do anything. Shall we mingle?" She stood from her seat, and began walking past one of the servers she'd covertly watched earlier. She let a trickle of the Dor flow through her, quickly constructing a simplified stamp to get what she needed done. Just as she was about to pass them their leg muscle suddenly cramped, causing them to lose balance and nearly trip into her. She was already ready for this, managing to catch and steady them by the shoulder before either of them fell. "Oh dear, are you alright?" She asked, brow beginning to furrow in concern.
  9. There were some murmurs escape from the area where DA denizens had gathered, they all seemed to discuss something amongst themselves for a minute, seemingly culminating in a game of rock paper spikes. The game continued for several minutes before one of them pointed out that they could all continue to choose spike every time. Eventually one of them smiled broadly and seemed to be victorious. With a flourish he pulled a silvery spike from a pocket and thrust it violently towards his own collarbone. After taking a moment to adjust, he pulled a small handkerchief from a pocket and dabbed at the blood that was beginning to seep into his shirt. He then opened his mouth to address the assembled representatives and instead of speaking, let out a long plume of emerald-green smoke from his mouth. He then began to emit a series of smoke-rings in various colours before seeming to be satisfied. He pulled the spike back out with a small wince and held it out to those assembled. "Anyone else care for a try? Takes a bit to get the knack."
  10. main plot

    "About as likely as a Koloss with a sense of humour." Laurelai commented, smiling wryly at Lita's own joke. "If they were after resources then why set up such an elaborate party and not even speak to people ahead of time? Sweetening people up with some fine food and wine would be expected, but all this.." She gestured towards the gathered crowd, the stage, the servers nearby. "If we all simply withdrew now it would have been a complete waste. Resources lost rather than gained. So why set all this up if not for some ulterior motive? And if so, should we leave now or stay until we at least find out the nature of it?" And there was something else that didn't make sense, this was the Alleycity. And they'd gathered a huge number of people into one location for what amounted to a party. Local history wasn't a particular specialty of Laurelai's, but even she knew that never once had a party this large in the city ended peacefully. "Might as well stick around until the fireworks begin." She muttered.
  11. UNO! Rules lawyering. :3 Eggs: Infinity And the rule states someone that did not support it, not someone who has the rank 'someone who did not support this rule', so is still not discriminating based on that by any reasonable interpretation of the rule.
  12. main plot

    Laurelai watched the stage intently, reading everything she could about the man who stood upon it. People revealed a lot about themselves as they spoke, if you knew what to look for. A prepared speech wasn't the most helpful but it was something at least. A foothold. The area around them began to light up as the man on the stage addressed the guild representatives. Perfect. More attention. She flashed a small polite smile once more as they were illuminated, but kept her eyes fixed on the stage. Lita had raised an interesting point, if someone was interested with combining multiple Investitures in a single body then they almost universally found their way to the Dark Alley, why would someone attempt to strike out on their own and spend decades and huge amounts of resources reinventing the wheel? Were they simply lying about their goals? Or were they doing something that they knew the DA wouldn't agree to? That was a chilling thought, research that someone thought was too extreme for the DA?