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  1. Already put that at maxed out, so end result is: Approved
  2. era 4

  3. ^ Not sure what you mean by reision (precision?) but intelligence could be increased to the next level up while within point limits, yes.
  4. The construct gave a nod and raised one hand towards Temeria, giving a final nod towards Voidus before its hand made contact with her and the two vanished in a burst of silvery light, leaving Voidus behind in the study, alone. He stared for a moment at the spot where they had vanished, eyes roaming over the lingering light as it faded. Wondering if he would see her figure again, if she would be able to learn her way in this strange and unfamiliar world and survive long enough to make further waves. He wondered what would become of the spren that followed her, would she manage to swear the oaths? Manage to hold to the ideals long enough to realise what it was, and what it meant? But a moment later he dismissed the thoughts, he would hear from her again or he wouldn't, but he'd repayed the favour that was owed with a promise, all that was left was to wait until it was invoked. There were other things that needed attending to. The air in the office warped faintly, much less bright and flashy than the previous blast of silvery light. And then the room stood empty once more. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Appearing near the center of the city in a flash of silver, the construct withdrew its hand from Temeria and gave another polite nod. It ignored the stares of onlookers from the streets and nearby buildings, focusing it's attention on Temeria. "We have arrived in the city." It informed. "Approximately 2,000 feet North, north-west of the barrier. You may experience some brief discomfort if you are unfamiliar with Aonic teleportation but it should pass shortly." The stares from their surroundings intensified as people's curiosity about the construct grew, but it determined that such matters were unimportant when it had a task to perform. It waited respectfully for any question or request, watching the small figure of light that Temeria held as it glanced about it in surprise, it seemed to stand atop the candle flame to look about it and see their surroundings. "Please let me know if you have any questions." The construct continued. "Although my knowledge is primarily related to Investiture, my purpose and my creators I do have some general knowledge of the city."
  5. 45 + 30 = 75 M 30 + 40 = 70 S -10 W Total: 75+70-10 = 135 Approved based on those abilities, but this is excluding the cytonic jumping. Cytonics would put this well over point cap. @Spaceferring Also a quick announcement regarding some changes to character limits, this won't affect most people but we have had a few who have hit the cap for character's lately so we will be replacing the hard cap of 5 characters with something a little more flexible. So anyone who wants to submit characters for approval over the character limit may do so, but we will be scrutinising them much more to ensure that they're actually contributing to the narrative in a useful way and not just throwaway characters. The mod team also reserves the right to withdraw approval for such characters if they are not active or not meaningfully advancing the narrative. Preference is still that people work to develop characters and their story rather than simply create a bunch of characters to participate in every possible plot, but this means that those who want to take on a little more characters can do so if those characters are justified. @Invocation
  6. "You can leave them with the construct." Voidus replied, waving a hand towards the Aonic figure. "I can collect them from the barrier another time." The glowing figure gave another respectful bow towards them both, silently confirming its assent. "It will also be able to take you safely back to where you entered." Voidus continued. "And will be available at the barrier should you have need of it in the future. People tend to stay away from there, so it's usually quiet but it can also move some distance as long as it's still within the city." The construct gave another nod, turning its featureless head towards Temeria. One Aon shined brightly from within its body, Aon Tia separated from its surroundings and grew larger as it moved towards the constructs hand which it slowly extended outwards in an offer. "Whenever you are ready." The construct politely intoned. "I can transport us to the city and answer any further questions you may have there." "My thanks once again for your assistance and your time." Voidus said, giving one final nod of his head to Temeria.
  7. Voidus watched the construct fondly, his gaze followed along the endless lines of interconnected Aons, recalling when he had first created them. But he could not stay endlessly lost in the past, the present had an unfortunate habit of making itself a priority. "I would not turn your assistance away if you offer it." Voidus replied, moving back to the desk and rummaging through one of the drawers. "But if you have other business to attend to then it's easy enough to find someone else to take care of it." He pulled out a simple white candle and match, striking the match he watched the Spren's face move to follow the tiny source of flame as he moved it back and forth before lighting the candle with it. Spren were admirable in their simplicity sometimes, they didn't complicate life needlessly, simply enjoyed the things they were attracted to and accepted that they didn't understand everything about the world. "Here" He said, holding the candle out to Temeria and watching the Spren eyeing it eagerly, ready to jump into the flame as soon as she held it. "And if there was nothing else, we had best be moving on soon, time waits for no one, not even me."
  8. Zyn followed quietly behind Lena, carefully studying the map she'd provided when possible and idly looking around when there were other from the church close by. It seemed like whatever they had been hoping to find here wasn't on the table, which didn't mean there was nothing of value, but it did make the return significantly less than the risk. Well-funded or not, the church was still a great guild, they had some sway if they cared to. Which meant they could send precursors on the trail of any potential thieves quite easily. "So what's the plan." He whispered under his breath, matching his pace with the others. "Do you want to keep on scoping it out? Or look for somewhere a little more lucrative?"
  9. *Breaks out into bittersweet tears*
  10. The glowing figure paused at the question, turning towards Voidus and waiting for his nod before it gave another bow. It held this position, Aons whirling over its body in complex patters as it replied. "Yes, I am capable of speech, vocalising the output of process results." The figure said. "I have also been given a semblance of personality to ease communications and reduce sensations of discomfort. I am a fragment of a much larger program, designed to interface with those who approach the primary program and to detain those who attempt to access it without authorisation. At a more basic level I am an Aonic program, a collection of interlinked Aons drawn by my creator using a connection to the Dor and filtered through cognitive interpretations of-" "That'll do." Voidus interrupted, causing the figure to immediately silence itself as Voidus continued. "It's something like a very complex Awakened object, like a lifeless but not animated by Breath. Or I suppose you could think of it as an artificial spren, a relic from a time when I had the leeway to spend time on projects like this." Voidus gave the figure a nostalgic smile, losing himself in fond memories before coming to again with a small shake of his head. He reached his hand up once more, this time directly into the figure. Tiny symbols crowded around the finger like excited animals rushing towards food scraps, they followed the finger as it traced out another complex sequence of lines in bright silvery light. A few seconds later the finger withdrew from the figure, leaving new symbols behind to join the others as they shifted back and flowed around the figure once more. "This program is constructed from the same form of Investiture as that ring grants, and while it's not entirely self-aware of its own construction it is certainly capable of instructing in the basics. Ordinarily it wouldn't interact with those from outside our organisation but it should respond to you now." He gestured towards it once again, offering to allow Temeria to interact with it if she wished. As he did so he smiled at the spren on her shoulder which had seemingly lowered its guard and was watching the glowing figure with some interest, seemingly having perked up when it heard Voidus mention spren.
  11. "I appreciate the offer, but we should have this handled amongst ourselves." Voidus said to Temeria, nodding in agreement to KanMien's statement. "If you were interested in working with us then you're most welcome to join our organisation, but we don't hire outside mercenaries to clean up our mess." He gave another apologetic nod of the head but was also unmoving on the issue. The DA did not rely on others to fix their problems, especially not a mercenary, no matter how helpful that mercenary may have been with other matters. Remaining insular and self-contained in these kinds of matters was one of the only reasons the balance between the DA and the other guilds had been maintained all these years, the DA kept to themselves and the others didn't intrude on their business. "But there is plenty of work available in the city for your skillset." He continued. "Especially should you manage to develop further with these gifts. I'm sure you won't have too much trouble finding someone willing to pay for your services." Voidus watched the spren again, it seemed to have perked up a bit at the prospect of fighting, looking curiously around at each of the inhabitants of the office. But it maintained it's position on Temeria's shoulder and didn't seem likely to part with her anytime soon. It didn't seem like she was aware of what the spren was, what it might mean, but if a bond did develop between them then Temeria would certainly find no small number of offers, likely invitations from other guilds as well. Radiants were more common than some other forms of Investiture but they were still in short enough supply that there was some competition for their services. "As to your potential instructor." Voidus said. "It's more of a construct than a person. Not dissimilar from an Awakened item, just more complex." Showing would likely be more useful than telling, so with one hand Voidus quickly sketched a complex symbol in the air, silvery light bursting forth from the tip of his finger and hovering in its wake. With a series of quick, efficient strokes he finished the Aonic formula. It shone brightly for a second before vanishing from the room. Silence stretched out as nothing immediately happened, but just as it seemed someone was about to break the tense silence there was another flash of bright, white light. As the light faded a figure was left at its center, still giving off a faint luminescent glow. It was formed into a human shape but with no clearly defined features, its body made entirely of Aons, thousands and thousands of Aons linked into an enormous, ever-changing chain. "Good day." The figure said, giving a deep bow to each of the people in the room. "How may I be of assistance?"
  12. "The Woodwyrd?" Voidus asked. "Elsa's usually managed to avoid being entangled into any conflicts." His brow creased as he looked past the pair and into the distance, but he quickly gave a tired shake of his head. There was no point in trying to micro manage every little uprising that took place. There were plenty others who could take the situation in hand, and one who had already volunteered to do so. "Please do." He said. "Take who you need, but with the news about an Atium cache there may be some competition in finding people." He gave a weighty sigh and turned back to Temeria, giving an apologetic nod before looking at what she held in her hand. The coin that Mac had given her, and the ring that they had found. There were certainly plenty in the DA who could teach AonDor to someone with the ability to use it. The coin would be even simpler, though Temeria would likely need some explanations of the potential dangers of over-storing health and how exactly a metalmind worked. But the question was, who would be available to give such lessons? Much as Voidus might wish to return to the days where he had the time to simply share his knowledge with someone else, it was no longer practical. Others in the DA had their own research and operations to run. For a moment his mind flitted to a familiar blonde haired young woman before he dismissed the idea, even if Laurelai was available she had not shown a particular preference for teaching. And while she had some experience with Selish Investitures she was no Elantrian. Who else then? Preferably someone who could be more easily accessible than most Denizens tended to be. "I can think of a few." He said slowly. "The easiest for you would likely be those in the canton of combat. I could show you there if you'd like? There is one other who comes to mind, but that may be an.... unusual experience for you." His eyes met with Temeria's as he spoke and he stared intently into them. Voidus still felt tired more than anything else, but also curious about this young woman, curious as to what Mac had seen in her. What had she made him realise that caused him to leave as he did? And underneath the weariness and curiosity, Voidus still felt the pain. Long since tempered by the parting of so many others, but Mac's loss was still a harsh blow. The last in a series of thousands of cuts that had built up over the near eternity of life that Voidus had held. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In the distant past on a distant world "Why haven't you been answering her calls?" The Professor asked. He was unusually angry as he stormed into the room, glaring down with a red face at Voidus as he sat at the table pouring over a map. Voidus looked up with a slightly bemused expression, equal parts confused and amused as he stared patiently back into the Professor's eyes. "Answered who's calls?" He replied. "You know who." The Professor said flatly. "Laurelai. I've heard she's been trying to talk to you for days. Weeks." He stared defiantly back at Voidus, trying to read the other man's expression. But Voidus' face revealed nothing as he gave a soft sigh, looking away. He seemed to think deeply about something before managing to look back at the Professor, still staring challengingly at him. "Do you have any idea how long I've been alive?" Voidus asked. The Professor stood, taken aback by the unexpected question, but quickly regained his frustration. "No I don't. You're as evasive about your past as you are at answering direct questions." "I've had a lot of practice." Voidus said as he gave another amused smile at that, nodding along in agreement which served only to bristle the Professor even further in his anger. "But truth be told I don't actually no either. At a certain point you only count the decades. Then the centuries. And then, well at a certain point I lost track altogether." "What does any of that have to do with the question?" The Professor interrupted. "I'm getting to it. Let an old man prattle sometimes." Voidus said, still smiling. "If I've lived that long, how many people do you think I've known over that time? Once again, I don't actually know myself. I remember some of them, some names, faces. Probably misremember a lot of them actually, and so many others that I've forgotten entirely. Thousands? Millions? I don't even know the scale let alone the number." The Professor calmed slowly, still visibly angry, but also curious. He stared patiently into Voidus' eyes, waiting for the man to continue. "And as you can tell by how many I've introduced you to, none of those people are still with me." Voidus said, eyes breaking off and staring into the distance. "I've lost more people than you've ever known. Maybe more people than there are alive here today. Do you have any idea how that makes me feel?" "I-" The Professor stammered "I couldn't even ima-" "Nothing" Voidus interrupted, still speaking in the same quiet, vaguely amused tone. "Absolutely nothing. Maybe I'm just numb to it by now, maybe I was always like this. I don't know anymore." "But this is someone you love." The Professor said after a moments pause. "She's about to give birth to your child, surely that must be difficult." "Maybe I'm afraid to find out." Voidus said, voice dropping to a faint whisper. "Because what do I do if I can't even muster up enough emotion to care about that anymore?" The room faded into silence as Voidus stared off into the distance and the Professor stared at Voidus, looking into his eyes and trying to understand the inscrutable man before him.
  13. "Ah, um, Laurelai. You... both of you must avoid the waterfall, it's dangerous. Who knows what the source of the magic is, what the long term effects are? It's best just to be safe." The Stranger said. Laurelai stared at him blankly, blinking several times in succession. Her head still felt muddled, as though she had been in the middle of some incredibly important thought but been interrupted. But more confusing still was the Stranger's reaction, he seemed hesitant. Unsure? It was not a state she'd seen from him before. Voidus had expressed emotions at times, exhaustion, anger, but the Stranger had moved through every conversation with a sense of determination and purpose. He had expressed emotions, but never been consumed by them, not like this. Shaking her head, Laurelai glanced towards Lita, wondering what she would make of this. As soon as her eyes focused on Lita's familiar figure she felt a sudden rush of emotions. Hurt, she couldn't remember exactly, the last few seconds were all muddled together, but something Lita had done had hurt. But also irritation, jealousy, and a strange sense of longing that she couldn't quite place. That last one didn't seem to even be directed towards Lita at all, but at something else. The waters. Her eyes followed the Strangers, towards the waterfall that he cautioned against. But as soon as her eyes touched it, she felt no sense of danger just an overwhelming desire to stand underneath it again. Again? Did I before? One hand reached up, brushing against her hair only to find it perfectly dry. So she hadn't been under it. But why did she feel like she had? Why did she feel a desire to return? As soon as the questions came into her mind she felt the draw of the waters grow. They promised answers, to those questions and more. "Dangerous." She agreed instinctively. But her expression was not fearful. Even while she understood that any artefact that could draw at her like that must possess some hidden danger, she couldn't force herself to actually believe it. Couldn't muster up any sense of fear to the waters. "Perhaps we should research it." She said, turning towards the Stranger but with eyes still glued to the waters. "It's bound to be useful somehow." @Fatebreaker