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  1. Almost definitely not. I didn't plan out anything for her but I'd say that if Nighthound died she probably did too.
  2. Member of the Minor Epic Empire, kindof friend of Neverthere. She was an Epic with the ability to secrete explosives from her pores and remotely detonate them. Got captured by Nighthound when she was on a mission to destroy the Museum of Natural Awesomeness.
  3. I assumed Archer was trying to advertise the DA. Did you not read it? I appreciated it.
  4. I mean there is a tragic lack of zombie dinosaurs in Edmonton, but I understand if life / other projects get in the way sometime.
  5. Thingy (DA version)
  6. This is getting a little too close to asking for upvotes, please avoid that kind of behavior.
  7. The detainment unit of the barrier waited nearby, it couldn't actively assist in the breaking of the barrier, but it also needed its charge to survive so that it could hand him over to an administrator. Hundreds of tiny Aons on its face shifted, briefly constructing a small mustache so that it could twitch it in indecisive annoyance. It could feel the drain on the Dor, the energy that made it up was being drained to other places, to the myriad of other Dor users in the vicinity. The usually rapid spinning and processing of its Aonic equations was slower, sluggish. It made processing its environmental conditions even more difficult. Nearby its charge was being assaulted by another Dor user, a Dhakor monk from the looks of things. But could it assist? Ordinarily it would use the barriers defenses to deal with the monk, but the monk was also trying to protect the barrier and hadn't so far directly tried to interfere with it. Its Aons flickered, growing dimmer again. Not long left, but it needed to complete it's mission. It needed to escort Alum to the Administrator.
  8. That's a fair bit less powerful than I was assuming, so I'd probably lower the Epic total to around 50 points which I think makes them within the points total? Not sure where that's at at the moment, but doesn't seem beyond the power level of other characters.
  9. Epic weaknesses are par for the course so yeah I don't think that warrants any additional point deductions. As for the powers themselves, chalk-kinesis isn't particularly powerful in itself (Assuming reasonable limits on the volume he can manipulate at once and how much force he can exert) so I'd only rate it at around a +20, probably worth another +20 with the synergy with rithmatics. Causing drawings to come to life can be very broken, it depends on a few limitations but I'd rate that pretty highly regardless. Probably around a +60. Three things to consider for most Epic powers: 1- Power Are the chalk-structs limited to human levels of strength? Or could he draw something that could punch the earth out of orbit? 2- Range How far can the chalkstructs move and stay alive? Does he have to make drawings come alive when he draws them or could he set traps by drawing something then awakening it later from a distance? 3 - Limitations How much control does he have over them? How many can he create at once? Total Epic estimate: 100 points Assumptions: -Not capable of manipulating enough chalk to simultaneously draw dozens of things -Chalkstructs have natural limitations on their abilities
  10. Elsa is an official advocate of DA baked goods, we wouldn't invade the Newcago court without a very good reason.
  11. I mean hypothetically the guild that created those thousands of hemalurgically-created monsters would also need enough power and resources to keep them in check, so even without the actual army they could probably still just take over everything.