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  1. This post has all the magic systems, items, etc.that are possible and approximate point costs for them along with explanations for the points.
  2. Old character sheet from last time, may make some changes later depending on what everyone else goes with but for now:
  3. Iron, Copper, Pewter... Oh, whoops. That's... a completely unrelated list of items. I meant to say chocolate chip? And er... Macademia White chocolate, double chocolate chip, pecan, raspberry and shortbread.
  4. Of course you can, we have a wide selection available.
  5. Not too active these days but there's a recent revival attempt you could try jumping into. Investiture: 55 + 35 Skills: 40 Weaknesses: limited cremlings (-15), lack of knowledge (-10), socially inept (-5) Total: 90 (M) + 40 (S) - 30 (W) = 100 Approved, and my appreciation for what I assume is an homage to the kobolds in a trenchcoat idea
  6. Sorry, been a minute since I've checked here we usually use the other thread for the character and this one just if extended discussion is needed so I don't check it as much. That's a pretty big one, especially since it effectively grants invincibility. I'd probably put it at +50/-10
  7. Well he writes both, and the two as mentioned are not mutually exclusive. He also writes YA, Sci-fi and a number of other genres that I won't mention because they're somewhat superfluous to the point. My point is that horror is not the genre he's writing. Some authors deliberately subvert tropes, which is just following them in a different way. I don't know of anyone who completely ignores tropes, to a degree they're almost impossible to write around. Brandon in particular does write to a number of typical fantasy tropes, most notably that the heroes will win, good triumphs over evil which is going to naturally subvert any sense of dread before it can truly settle because whatever the stakes are you still know the outcome to a degree. Knowing that your world is ending is definitely scary for a character but not necessarily so for a reader. Horror only truly arises when the user feels a personal stake in what is threatened, you have to want the world to survive and believe that it might not. Brandon is very good at the former, giving multiple viewpoints to flesh out a world as a real place with characters that we like, empathise with and want to survive. But the latter is more difficult because most readers are aware of the general structure of a fantasy novel and the heroes journey. It is usually far more effective to incite horror on a smaller scale, this character might die is a threat that readers may actually feel. Brandon has killed main characters before and will do so again, so those stakes feel more real than 'The entire world will end' because as a reader you are much less likely to believe that the world will actually end.
  8. I think the crux of it lies (In part at least) with the genre, Brandon writes Epic Fantasy not horror. So while individual scenes may evoke dread that emotion is short lived because ultimately good triumphs over evil, heroes are successful even if they have to sacrifice something along the way but the sacrifice is still worth it in the end because defeat is unthinkable. So yes I felt some amount of dread in certain depictions of the Unmade but that really only lasts until you actually see one, talk to one. Then they become a character in an Epic fantasy and they're bound by the usual tropes and restrictions of that genre.
  9. Layered on top of what Kaymyth mentioned is also that Shallan is particularly unsuited to just deal with it because she's continually thrust into situations which force her to revisit damaging behaviours and headspaces. Someone struggling with dissociative identity disorder being continually forced into new roles and to impersonate other people is kind of like asking someone with a drug addiction to overcome their addiction but still keep taking some every now and then because we really need you to. Plus she has magical abilities that reinforce her mental issues and literally make hallucinations real which is going to make untangling them significantly more difficult. I didn't kill my parents or have literal magic making my mental health worse and it still took me well into my twenties before I even started to get a grip on my own mental health.
  10. Happy Birthday! Thanks for all the work you do to help keep this site running!

  11. Glad you figured yourself out
  12. Laurelai strode towards the reception to the hospital, a confident stride though she continued to mentally monitor herself to ensure it wasn't a departure from normal. A lifetime of watching people and trying to divine their nature and history from simple clues had given her an acute awareness of how she herself behaved. And the events of the last few days had certainly been enough to shift her usual personality quite substantially, which was to say nothing for the presence of several small pieces of sharpened metal that had been embedded in her flesh, enough to throw off anyone's normal gait. "Morning." Laurelai said as she arrived, pleased to note that the receptionist seemed to register no obvious difference in her behaviour. "Morning." The receptionist said, sounding professional until she had to suppress a momentary yawn. "Were you on earlies? I'd thought you were usually lucky enough to get the day shifts." "Usually." Laurelai said, returning the jealous glance with a sympathetic smile. "I swapped yesterday, after the festival my sleep cycle has gone to damnation so might as well try and be useful if I'm awake anyway." "Oh yes, staying up all night will do that. But shouldn't you know better?" The receptionist smirked as she gave Laurelai a faked glare of disapproval. "Oh you know us, do as I say not as I do." Laurelai finished with a smile. "But I'd best be getting to it, I'll do the rounds first unless there's anything urgent?" "Don't think anyone's in critical that you can help with." Laurelai gave an understanding nod and straightened herself back into her usual professional posture, pulling a coat onto herself to hide the slightly less practical dress underneath. A hastily chosen Nalthian dress with a sash so bright it hurt the eye to look at. Not one of her favourites and hardly something she'd usually wear at work, but the recent... distractions hadn't allowed her to clear her thoughts enough to pick anything more appropriate. "Well I'm off then. Sing out if anything comes up." Laurelai said, giving a casual wave goodbye as she waded into the corridors of the hospital and the familiar battle of life that was waged there every day. But unlike every other day Laurelai looked not towards the nurses in the halls or the patients in their rooms, instead she looked directly forwards at the station where records were held. Lita had been able to find enough information to get some ideas of where to look, but the patient files themselves would be far more useful in what they were looking for. As long as she wasn't needed urgently, Laurelai should be able to find what Lita had asked her to look for. Strange patterns, increased cognitive ward patients. Memory loss. "And if we're lucky, perhaps a peek behind the curtain as to what's really going on." Laurelai muttered, hand raising to the piece of cord around her neck with the coin around it. The coin was heavier than normal today, heavier than any of the thousands of times that Laurelai had weighed it to try and understand where it had come from. But this weight had little to do with material or gravity, it was the weight of mystery. And perhaps now she could lighten that load just a little bit.