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  1. Okay looks like most people have voted now, I'll leave the poll up for a bit longer in case anyone missed it but will need to put another poll up soon. Question before I do though, who had a plan for the plot for next Era? I know @Fatebreaker has the world respiking as a side plot for this era, and @ZincAboutIt has an idea and @Invocation had some plans as well. Anyone else?
  2. A little. It'll definitely be implemented in some fashion, we're just trying to work out where exactly we draw the line for when a character should be able to advance and by how much.
  3. Very simple reason: No one has asked to. If there was a section of the community that took issue with it then we would, though that's also a little more foundational to the Alleyverse than 40K is, given that it's the source of the RP's name and all, removing it would be somewhat more difficult. But if that's what the community wanted to do then we could have a conversation about it certainly.
  4. Sorry, hands a little full lately but hopefully I can look through things in a couple of days. Given rate of progress in the RP I'd somewhat assumed it was dead again so haven't been checking in as frequently, sorry.
  5. Given that they're currently sitting on the lowest amount of votes I'd say that putting them in as an option isn't a trivial thing. Not everyone has been around for every era and had a chance to vote previously, that doesn't mean they shouldn't get a say in what happens in the RP. In addition I'd question whether answering a poll (Which you don't have to answer at all if you don't want to) once every 6 months is really so onerous a task as to warrant complaint. I imagine writing that post took longer than actually selecting an answer would have. Being an established part of lore does not necessarily mean something would have to remain playable and significant for all future eras either, retconning is not necessarily the only way to resolve the issue if we as a community do decide not to continue to include 40K worldbuilding in the future of the RP.
  6. Poll up, we're trying to pin down what character profiles for next era need to look like so people can submit them early and save ourselves a giant backlog. Hopefully options make sense, if not then feel free to ask.
  7. Think most people who would vote have voted by now, so results: 1. Should main plot threads be locked? Yes - 9 No - 9 (Will settle this in mod chat, this is honestly more of a moderation question anyways but thanks for feedback everyone, helps us to know that there isn't an overwhelming desire either way) 2. Should main plot threads be split up or kept to a single thread? Single Thread - 7 Multiple Threads - 11 Multiple thread opinion seems to be the general consensus, but again there is a moderation element to this so we may discuss at a later time to see if running them as single threads would be beneficial. New poll will be up shortly.
  8. main plot

    Voidus smiled as a large section of earth was erased by an enormous surge of Division. Though he pitied any cartographers in the city, they'd have their work cut out for them redrawing all the maps after the day was done. He began to swivel around as another presence approached them, though he recognized it as an ally quickly enough. Aylitha seemed to be similarly intrigued by the results of the Strangers work as she greeted them both. "Greetings." Voidus echoed back, exhaustion still creeping into his voice. "We were just about to start clearing up." He looked past Aylitha, to the city that lay behind her. The creatures that roamed around there would be more difficult to remove without destroying the city itself, though the larger creatures and flyers were easy enough targets. AonDor or Saidin would likely be easiest, though his drawing enough on either would cause some potential problems elsewhere. "Have you found anything interesting?" He asked somewhat distracted.
  9. Yeah I think I'd say Lopen stuff is at most semicanonical at this point, there was a lot of insanity there that doesn't really fit with the Alleyverse. And there hasn't been anything Discworld related since then. I think 40K is the only significant non-Brandon related stuff that we have. The Church has it's mythology based around RWBY lore, but no actual powers IIRC, just cosmere equivalents that are sort of similar to some powers found in the RWBYverse. But there's no requirement to know much about the RWBY fandom to interact with someone from the church.
  10. Sure, poll is up.
  11. Story purpose doesn't have to mean plots revolving around them, but an OP character should be more than just a regular character for interaction purposes, they should have some reason for existing in the RP so that other players can benefit from them in addition to their creator. If you just want a regular character but for them to be over the point total I'd say that's unlikely to be approved. That being said, OP character approvals are a public affair so submit whatever kind of character bio you think is most likely to convey to people why they should approve the character, the one in the Index is just a guideline for things that would be helpful to include.
  12. Nightwatcher Boon and Bane cancel out nicely I think, possibly a little more towards the negative given that 'right' isn't necessarily a helpful or easy concept. Outside of that I count 165 points: 125 skills, 40 Investiture Weakness would be ~-20 I'd say, having a definitive moral compass that has to be adhered to is a pretty big weakness in a world as morally gray as the Alleyverse tends to be. Total: 145 points. Approved.
  13. Laurelai nodded grimly when Lita realized what she'd been implying, but said nothing else. An honest discussion was all well and good, but she'd still rather not revisit that particular memory any more than she needed to. Thankfully Lita seemed to be curious about something else instead, asking why Laurelai had opted to visit the Nightwatcher. "That's the question isn't it?" Laurelai replied. "Why did I do what I did?" Motivations were something that she'd always questioned. Motives could be used to make predictions as well as Forgeries, it was an invaluable skill to develop for someone with her abilities, and Laurelai had certainly not slacked in her efforts to develop that skill. So why then could she still not understand her own motivations? "I don't remember." She replied honestly. "That's one of the reasons I joined, to try to find the answer to that question. I know my Bane already, so why can't I remember?" She tipped her head back, taking another sip before realizing the motion had upset her balance. She quickly corrected, pulling herself back upright in the stool, but she'd definitely been drinking too much. Was her mind as compromised as her balance was? Was she giving away too much information? She brought her gaze back to Lita's, her eyes swimming a little as they struggled to focus properly. "Why do we remember things that we wish we didn't, yet forget the things that we wish to know?"
  14. Laurelai met Lita's gaze, staring back into their green depths silently before giving a soft sigh. She dragged one hand through her hair and pulled it over her shoulder. She had told Lita that she could rephrase the question, and it seemed childish to try to keep it hidden any longer given that Lita had clearly guessed the main points anyway. "Boon is the common phrase used for those gifted by the Nightwatcher." She agreed reluctantly and pulling another of the bottles towards her and working on the cork. How many had it been now? "One Boon and a Bane. Sometimes related, often not. And not always what you ask for." The cork pulled free with another popping sound, though it now seemed somehow ominous rather than cheerful. "I've tried to find a way to quantify it, to measure or predict. But it seems that her Boons are not easily studied, even with the resources available at the DA. When I was younger I found it amusing, it's usually something small, something out of place but not exactly dangerous. Just a sudden rush of Investiture, flowing out in some random way. But sometimes a Forgery needs more Investiture to take, more power modifiers. And then the rush becomes stronger as well, strong enough to do... other things." She refilled her glass, a little higher than before and raised it to her mouth, a slight tremor still noticeable in her hand.
  15. A corner of Laurelai's mouth twitched upwards as she carved. Lita was resolute it seemed, sure of the path she was on, or sure that she should not retrace her steps at the least. Laurelai herself often wavered, but in the end she had to admit that, like Lita, she'd never actually attempted to go back, despite how much easier that was for her than it was for most people. "It's always possible to go back." She said, brushing some excess wax off the base of the candle as she finished carving into it. "Possible to change what's happened." She blew the last of the loose wax off, before pressing the base of the candle against the glass that Lita had broken. She felt the wax sink slightly before it was met with resistance and she turned the seal, completing the Forgery. Within moments the glass was restored to its previous condition, without so much as a crack in it. And then that always familiar sensation of rushing power, a storm that had found a window to rush through as it burst forth from her. The back of her hand began to itch intolerably, and as she raised it before her she saw a green leaf beginning to grow from the skin. It hurt a little as it exited, but the pain dissipated as the leaf left her hand and slowly drifted downwards. "But there's still that pesky price." Laurelai said, a touch of sadness to her smile now. "So do we pay the price for forging ahead? Or the one for trying to retreat?"