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  1. Actually going to lock this one down for now. If anyone needs this to be active again please PM myself or one of the other AV mods.
  2. Yeah, I mean in universe I suppose she's pretty old, among that group of nebulously aged entities who predate creation. Outside of that one of the more recent characters.
  3. What?!? This is why I've been dealing with HR all morning? You have no idea how many civilizations I had to harvest to get them off my back.
  4. Always happy to help out and just started getting a little time back in my day so the timing works out nicely.
  5. Yeah not too bad, much better in the past week or so than the preceding 12 months. Yeah would love some help if you've got the time for it.
  6. Hey Mac! How are things going? Being an Elantrian carries the implication of some ability to use AonDor in the standard ways for combat/creation I'd say, like any super detailed handiwork that is sort of independent of the Dor would need its own skills but in terms of just like drawing Aons onto surfaces yeah that'd be included. 2. I think we'd probably need to adjust the Elantrian rankings before we could judge how much to take off here. I'm gonna take a look around cause I thought we'd upgraded the Elantrian section at some point.
  7. Much clearer thanks. Yeah total amnesia is a much bigger weakness. This pretty much cleanly opposes the benefits of the copper and then a little more on top of that so actually this is one of the bigger weaknesses that we've seen. -40 Zinc Compounder - 150 (90 +30 +30) Feruchemical copper spike 27 Skilled melee combat: 40 (-10 from amnesia) Weaknesses: Amnesia / lack of awareness of copper (-40) Socially awkward (-10) Total 177 (M) + 40 (S) - 50(W) = 162 Technically a little over the limit but compounding makes things awkward. I'm happy to approve this one. I'll add it to the list.
  8. I'm offended that you would even ask that question.
  9. Zinc Compounder - 150 (90 +30 +30) Feruchemical copper spike 27 Skilled melee combat: 50 Weaknesses: Probably need something else here, habitual usage of copper isn't something I'd call a weakness unless it affects their life in a notable way. Total 177 (M) + 50 (S) - 5?(W) = 222 Fair bit over the point limit here, compounding is always a lot to put in a character and often needs a particularly fatal flaw to counterbalance it. Dustbringer 90 Melee weapon training 35 Intelligent: 10 Thievery: 40 Larkin: 40 Weakness: Temper (-5), truthful (-5) (Potentially could go quite a bit higher depending on how truthful you mean) Kind to cremlings (-5), 1st oath -5 Total: 90 (M) + 40 (M) + 10 (S) +35 (S) + 40 (S) -20 (W) 130 (M) + 75 (S) -20 (W) =185 Also a bit over here, possibly just clarifying/expanding upon the listed weaknesses (Specifics are much more helpful than general personality traits like 'temper', that could range anywhere from pouts when they don't get their way to immediately trying to murder everyone in sight when they trip on a rock)
  10. You'll probably need to share the private one with one of the subforum's mods to ensure there aren't any issues but that should be okay.
  11. Ooh, may I steal for a D&D game?
  12. We hadn't actually discussed what happened to it this era. I mean for the purposes of plot I'm happy to change it around if needed so that it's hidden in a different way, the Stranger is the one who came up with the original idea for it so he'd definitely be capable of shifting it with his Forgery.