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  1. I notice that our Forum is getting spammed a lot lately - last time it was in the "Introduce Yourself" topic; today (3/29/2020) it's the "General Brandon Discussion" topic and also in the Gallery.

    I'm most concerned re: the Gallery images because I know that malware can be hidden inside images, and even just viewing them puts one at risk. Since we have users of all tech-ability levels, it just makes me worried for them.

    Thank you and the whole team for keeping us safe on here!!!

  2. They actually go really nice in an Apple Crumble.
  3. Would need a big enough anchor to avoid just splattering themselves against the planet's surface.
  4. era 4

  5. Well now my decision has been made, no amount of loving Elantris can make up for this statement.
  6. Software which reads the contents of a screen out loud. Always.
  7. None that managed to achieve the awe-inspiring rank of 'Rotting Chasmfiend Corpse' though. Only one has achieved that honour.
  8. "Almost there" Nox replied. They were striding along at a faster pace now as he and Vivica rushed forwards in an attempt to outrun what they both knew was behind. "Just one more Alley." The scenery changed about them once more, to a narrow alleyway enclosed by two featureless cobblestone walls with not a doorway or a side passage in sight. Just a plain stone floor, the walls covered by little pieces of vines and other greenery that attempted to climb them, and the sky, an endless roiling void above them. Nox didn't slow his pace, moving forwards while holding Vivica by the arm, ready to pull her forwards if she stopped to look behind them. But she didn't, neither of them did. They didn't need to look to know what would be there, maybe close, maybe farther away, but it would be there, hunting them down as it devoured the stone of the alleys. "Here." Nox said, pausing at last before an inconspicuous fern that was sprouting from a crack in the corner of the wall and ground. He pulled the fern to one side to reveal a small hole in the wall, cracks spinning out from the centre to the edges of the area covered by the fern, with the shadows cast from the ambient light of the Alleys it could be hard to notice, but once you knew it was there it was difficult to miss. "Come on." Nox said, panic creeping into his voice as he wondered how close the fire would be able to get while they waited here. He darted forwards to the wall, seeming far too large to fit in the small gap that he'd uncovered, but as soon as one fought touched the darkness that lay there, his entire figure was sucked forwards and vanished, pulling Vivica along with him. They reappeared together, Nox still holding onto Vivica's arm in a panicked grip, but as he saw that they'd arrived he began to relax. He still held on, in case they needed to move again with any speed, but they should be okay here for a time at least. "Safe." Nox said, relieved. The word seemed to vanish into the darkness around them, the empty void that extended in every direction without any break other than the two of them who were currently floating in the middle of it. A stabilised area in between the Alleys, as close as one could get to the true Void without being destroyed by it, it had always been somewhere that had relaxed Voidus. Expelling a breath that he hadn't realized he'd been holding, Nox slumped into the weightless embrace of the void. He idly held up the notebook that Vivica had handed him and began to flick through the pages.
  9. The spren smiled up at Temeria, enthusiasm and excitement suffusing its entire body. Little sparks of energy periodically burst out from it, it's joy literally too much to contain in a single, stable form. "What is your name?": Temeria asked, lifting the spren up to eye level. The spren's eyes connected with hers, searching for something within them before its smile widened still further. "Ember." The spren replied, voice low and rolling. "I am Ember, Temeria." Ember tried to contain his excitement, the sense of satisfaction at having achieved, at least in part, what it had set out to do. He could only faintly remember setting out now, but the memories would return with time now that he had formed a bond. He would give Temeria something, and receive something back in turn, a connection which would allow him to remain here without reverting to one of the simpler spren. "And I am very glad to have met you." The spren finished, still smiling. There was a moment of silence which was then suddenly broken as another figure spoke. Making a sound as though to clear its throat, though it didn't seem to have one, the construct looked at the scene with a curious expression. "Interesting." It said politely. "This is my first time seeing someone bond a spren up close before." @Sorana
  10. Welcome to the Alleyverse! Just to add on to the response about time, though ITIAH pretty much covered it, there is a current 'max' time that someone could be from which is whenever the most recent book has been published (conveniently) but a character can be from any previous point in Shardworld history. We've got plenty of both era 1 and era 2 Mistborn characters, etc. Basically the 'current time' is what time it would be if you went from the AV back to a Shardworld but due to time being wibbly wobbly and timey wimey, you can be from any time period. Now I'll stop because it's possible I've already made this more confusing instead of simpler. Looking forward to seeing you around the RP, let us know if you have any questions. @I think I am here., myself ( @Voidus ) and @Sorana are the mods for the RP so feel free to message or tag us if you need anything, but we have an amazing community who will all help out too.
  11. @Kelsier'sGodComplex If you forgot to add something to your previous post please try to edit it when possible instead of double posting.
  12. Yes... All who agree with this statement please identify yourselves.
  13. I will say the main issue with Elantris was the pacing, Brandon was being experimental with the structure and it didn't pay off but I don't view the writing or the characters themselves as bad. Raoden is a bit of a generic man-of-the-people protagonist but he kind of needed to be for the arc of him being broken to work, by improving the pacing and trying something a little different we eventually got Kaladin.
  14. But at the same time, pineapples are an abomination that must be purged.
  15. Well now this puts me in a dilemma, Elantris is much undervalued compared to other books.