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  1. The spren watched on, caution and pleasure contrasting within it as the one it had followed stayed where she was, speaking confidently. She kept one hand on her weapon and didn't back down or move away as she spoke, remaining guarded but not allowing herself to be cowed. The spren felt a deep satisfaction, a confidence that it had made the right choice. As it heard her speak the spren felt a sudden sense of elation. The words were not the Words that it needed, but they were a start. The spren slowly brightened again, gaining assured of itself now it stood proudly on the shoulder, facing the other two as they introduced themselves. The spren remembered names now, things usually called themselves by a name. It had a name too didn't it? And the one it had followed, she had a name didn't she? It turned towards her once more, curious this time. -------------------------------------------------------------- One step away from exiting the Alleys, Voidus paused. The pens had all stilled, his arms returned to normal. But just as he was about to shift towards the street he felt one more message. After giving a tired sigh to himself he reached into the pocket once more, pulling the pen from within and activating it to receive the message. His tired expression shifted to a hint of regret as he realised what the message was about. He could confirm it from here, simply be on his way and continue on towards the Worldspike. But he owed Mac more than that, owed it to the last one to see him in this world to hear their words. The last words that Mac had given before leaving. He turned in place, heading alone, deeper into the Alleys once more.
  2. Laurelai continued to frown with worry at Lita, she was about to correct her, assuring the woman that she'd definitely seen her step through the cascading liquid. But a glance at her hair showed that Lita was right, it wasn't wet in the slightest, not even a bead of moisture clinging to one of the strands. Laurelai's gaze flitted back to the falling water, where it hit the water below without causing any disturbance at all. Was it an illusion? Or did it just have different properties? Again the urge to touch it rose up, she felt her hand momentarily rise as if about to test the falling liquid herself. But she stopped as she felt the sudden stab of attention hitting her, she saw Lita staring at her, almost seeming to glare before her expression regained its usual mask. Laurelai let her hand drop back to her side, wiping her own expression clean as she did so and simply staring impassively back at her friend. She knew that Lita kept secrets still, she could hardly be herself an not. But she'd thought that they were past this now, this careful concealing of inner thoughts. The game of guessing and watching and evaluating. Hadn't they agreed to open up that night while the city tore itself to pieces around them? "Quite a stir I imagine." She said aloud. "But finding an ancient lost metal from the gods will do that." She felt her temples tighten, felt a headache coming on as tension continued to fill her. She wasn't exactly an active cave diver, but exploring the caverns themselves had at least been exciting, an interesting break from the work she'd previously been performing. But losing the trust of someone she considered a friend? She felt the worry begin to worm its way inside of her, feeding the voice that had been whispering within her mind.
  3. The spren flitted from one street to the next. It raced along a street before hitting a wall and then backtracking before zooming down another side street, a small little bolt of light racing from street to street, attracting a few startled yelps as it rapidly twirled out of the way of people at the last minute, leaving some faint scorch marks on their clothes. It had only looked away for a moment, seeing a new kind of flower and wondering what it would smell like when it burned, but when it burned back the person had gone again. They must have vanished into one of the side streets, but something about those made the spren a little uneasy. It didn't like that sensation, the faint sense of worry and discomfort that encouraged the spren to leave those alleyways alone. Flaring itself a little brighter for comfort it had raced into the alleyways to try to find the person it was looking for, but streets were difficult to remember and the spren didn't even know which ones it was supposed to follow. Why didn't people glow like the spren did? It would make them much easier to find. Or they could burn, burning things were always easy to find. It finally saw a familiar figure and raced to follow, but just as it was giving chase the spren noticed the sky changing, that happened sometimes but this wasn't the other sky either. This was something altogether different. The sprens brightness faded and it slowed its pace, its head swivelled about to look at the sights around it but it felt profoundly uncomfortable being alone in this place. Catching sight of the figure ahead as it began calling out, the spren slid across the ground towards them, still watching it leapt into the air as two other figures appeared. Landing near the feet of the person it had been following, the spren gave another leap, soaring up from her ankle to shoulder where it landed, guardedly watching the other two figures. "Danger" The spren said in a quiet flicker. There was something it was supposed to do when there was danger, some way it was supposed to help. But the spren couldn't remember it, something else had to happen first. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Voidus followed Vivica's gaze, looking towards another room. He felt her excitement mounting, felt the eagerness of Bennington at whatever waited them in there. Voidus considered it, considered taking a break and simply speaking with some people for a short while. The news of the discovery of Atium would be able to be handled by other departments for the time being, surely he could spare a little while to catch up with some denizens? But after a moments hesitation he shook his head, the DA was always better than those outside the guild but there were still far too many who regarded him with something close to awe, or fear. As something apart from the rest of the world. As a god. "Tempting though cinnamon rolls are." Voidus said. "Perhaps next time." With a final grateful smile he vanished, Elsecalling into another Alley. His smile slipped a little as he found himself alone once more, it had been nice to have a conversation like that again, however brief it may have been. How much of his life had he now spent wandering alone in an Alleyway? Shaking his head, a determined light entered into his eyes. No time to be musing right now, there was something he'd need to check on. If Atium had been found beneath the city, and growing rather than simply stored there, then there was some undue Shardic influence in the world that he hadn't noticed, most likely it was simply an unintended side effect of the Worldspike. It was unlikely, but there was a small chance that there was some failure in the barrier that had caused this, something that allowed more than was intended to leak from the spike.
  4. The spren happily jumped up to the candle's tip, balancing on the wick it spun with the flame from the candle and seemed to enjoy its reconnection with a source of flames. It spred its arms wide and closed them in around the flickering candle light, embracing it only to be surprised when the flames slipped through its grip. With a determined expression it stood back in the air and stared at the flames, preparing itself for the contest that was to come. But seeing the person it was watching begin to leave the restaurant, the spren paused. Second-guessing itself was not something it was accustomed to, but it still felt that insistent tug, that urge to do something. Something other than playing with a candle. Taking one last dive-tackle at the candle flames the spren gave up and followed the woman back out onto the streets.
  5. Laurelai stepped quickly towards Lita, skirting around the pool in order to reach her but moving with a quick and efficient grace. She reached her just as Lita seemed to finish a message in Alleycant, looking up excitedly. Laurelai barely had time to register the expression before feeling her own pen begin to vibrate in a none-too-subtle alert that someone was trying to contact her. She'd raised the pen into position and begun receiving the message just as Lita told her the results of her own and the surprise almost caused Laurelai to drop her pen. They'd found Atium down there? Her gaze quickly shifted to the nearby pool of mysterious liquid, eyeing it suspiciously. Could it be a Shardpool? But that couldn't be, there were no Shards Invested directly into the world to create a Shardpool here. But then that should also prevent any Atium from forming shouldn't it? Her eyes darted back and forth as she thought, barely paying attention to the request for a locations update from the department of records. Distractedly she sent a reply but her mind was still reeling with the possibilities that these caverns now held. But the more immediate concern was what had happened to Lita, the way she'd staggered after moving through the pool. It hadn't been simply from being off balance, something had happened. "Not that I'm not incredibly curious about that." Laurelai said. "But are you alright? Did anything happen when you stepped through?" She watched the pool again, still feeling the draw. Somehow that draw felt even more powerful than the draw of Atium, a legendary metal that was rare even amongst members of the DA. But this liquid pulled at her, promising something even more profound, more powerful than a metal made from the body of a god. Something that made promises like that couldn't be trusted could it? Her pen began vibrating again, another message to receive. But she ignored it, she wasn't a regular field agent at the moment, and even when she was this was a little outside of her area of expertise, it was probably just someone trying to update her. "I'd thought it possible that it could be a Shardpool." Laurelai ventured cautiously, still eyeing the pool. "If there's Atium here as well... but that wouldn't make sense. Unless you did see something? If you did then- WHAT!?" She finally broke off, glaring at her pen in irritation. The vibrating had only gotten more insistent, and with numerous different cadences. Records, and at least half a dozen different individuals from counter intelligence, why would so many be trying to contact her?
  6. Voidus' movement faltered again, ever so briefly, as he saw Vivica draw back into herself. The whisper of someone truly horrified of something, and the kind of thing that could horrify this woman must be something spectacular indeed. He inclined his head momentarily in apology but spoke no further about it, allowing her to move the topic on. "I only know as much as you do." Voidus replied, giving her a small smile as her mood shifted back towards the exuberant. "But it certainly seems like it. Either that or someone is going to be in some serious trouble for a false report." It was barely even a lie, truthfully he did only know a little more than Vivica, in this matter at least. He'd rather avoid lying too openly to someone like Vivica, someone who he could actually speak to genuinely, without a station or power hanging between them. "I imagine they'll probably be sending people out to verify it shortly." He continued, quite sure of this since he'd just sent out the requests himself. Voidus' hands began to slow, a few stopping entirely as less requests came back in. The DoCI was managing things itself now, even without Mac present they had plenty of organisational power to organise something like this. As his hands slowed, his smile began to fade as well. His mind flashed back to that brief, tortured face of Vivica. Nightmares? That too would be something they had in common. Sometimes the torture of a sleepless existence was still better than the torture of haunting memories returning to visit you while you dream. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A long, but not quite as long as previously time ago, in a galaxy still approximately as far away. The Professor sagged in his chair as the candle in front of him extinguished itself once again, the small flickering light being invaded by encroaching darkness until it sputtered out. It was less tiring than it had once been, he'd managed to extinguish it several times now without feeling that complete sense of apathy that he had when he'd tried this before. Destroying solid objects as Voidus did still proved far too difficult to try without completely draining himself, but perhaps some day even that would be easier. He smiled tiredly to himself, looking over towards the clock and frowning at it. Voidus was late, it had been a somewhat frequent occurrence lately. Too frequent for someone who claimed to be working to stop the end of the universe. Finally the doors open and Voidus strode in, looking about cheerfully until his eyes latched onto the Professor's. Clapping his hands together, his eyes scanned the Professor up and down before nodding approvingly. "Been practicing?" Voidus asked. "You're getting much better. It's a shame there's not enough Investiture in this universe to test against that, but other forms of energy are quite similar. Generally a little harder actually so I suppose it's better practice." "You're late." Was the Professor's irritated reply. "Can't blame a man in love can you?" Voidus said with a sly wink. "I mean the universe is ending and all that sure, but don't you all have a million books and movies about how love is the ultimate force or something?" "You're the one who told me that this was urgent in the first place." The Professor reminded him. "And you still haven't told me what from exactly, or why teaching me this will help. Just let me practice by myself most days for weeks on end." The Professor stood as he spoke, striding angrily towards Voidus before stopping mere inches from him and looming over as his voice grew steadily more irate. "All in good time." Voidus said, letting off a dark but silent pressure to remind the Professor who he was speaking to. "You've been making good progress without me needing to coach you through every step, once you've had the basics down the rest has mostly been repetition anyway. Not a lot I can do to help with that." Cowed the Professor backed himself towards his chair before slumping into it, but seemed to still have enough confidence to at least shoot an angry glare at Voidus once again. "Fine." Voidus said, holding his hands up in mock surrender. "I'll give you a bit of explanation then, I suppose you're ready for it." The Professor's eyes lost their hostility immediately, instead becoming laser focused on Voidus, ready to drink in any information he could possibly pull from the dark and mysterious figure that had come to dominate so much of his life recently. "We draw things into the Void." Voidus began. "Unmake them, destroy them. Whatever you want to call it. We take something and turn it to nothing." He saw the Professor nod in understanding, but also seeming a little confused at why they were starting back here, at a discussion of Voidmaking. "Well, Voidmakers aren't the only ones unmaking things. Sometimes the Void itself takes something back into itself. Sometimes something small, a single person. But sometimes..." "It destroys and entire universe?" The Professor asked, eyes wide and horrified. "But how could we possibly stop it by unmaking more things? Isn't that just accelerating it?" "You see part of my dilemma." Voidus said. "It is possible to combat Voidmaking with another Voidmaking, but to stop the Void itself? It's not something I can manage on my own. I doubt two of us will have any better luck with strength alone, but perhaps we can figure out something a little cleverer. Find some core that its using to influence this universe?" "You haven't been idling." The Professor realized. "You've been thinking, keeping relaxed but trying to come up with some solution. Because you don't actually know how to stop the universe from ending." Voidus gave a solemn nod, letting the pressure in the room increase before breaking it with a sudden smile. "And so we might as well relax a bit while we can. Are you free for dinner tonight? I was thinking I could bring Laurelai over to meet you and your partner."
  7. "We remember a lot more than we think sometimes." Voidus replied with a smile, stowing one of the spikes and reaching out to accept the offered cup of coffee. "Perhaps it's the lack of sleep." Not a frequent sleeper himself, Voidus had easily recognised the signs. Most likely she was a compounder abusing stores of Wakefulness to maintain consciousness. It was usually harmless enough for small periods of time, but spending years with no sleep was damaging to the brain, even without the added stresses of potential savantism. Judging from the looks of her it seemed that Vivica probably had progressed that far, the Investiture warping her body itself through constant use. Perhaps her hallucinations were a part of that. "An atrium would definitely be one place." He said politely. "Arm bracers have also been common though. Or in a spike storage vial." He took a grateful sip of coffee, relaxing as he felt the soothing warmth hit him. The perfect blend of alertness and comfort washing over him at the same time. His hands all paused for just a moment, taking the time to enjoy himself as he rarely did, before they began spinning once again in a dozen different conversations. "If they did find it down there - in an atrium - what would you do? Would you be curious?" Voidus said, eyes watching his partner in conversation curiously. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "So the universe-" The Professor began. "Will be destroyed, yes." Voidus said, looking over the heads of others seated nearby and searching for someone. "Quite inevitable for all of you at the moment unless I manage to do something about it." "And you need my help?" The Professor asked, eyes wide. "Why me?" "Because you managed to do something that most people don't manage to do." Voidus said. "You accepted your death without embracing it and snapped into a power that few people do. And of those who do, almost none learn to successfully control it." Finally spotting a nearby blonde Barista, Voidus looked over and smiled waiting as she made her way to their table and took their orders once again. As she walked away his eyes followed her before finally drifting back to the Professor. "And the same thing happened to you?" The Professor asked, seeming to notice the attention that Voidus was putting on the waitress and frowning. "You nearly died?" "Something like that." Voidus replied, waving a hand dismissively. "Not a very interesting story." The two sat in silence as their coffee arrived, the Professor seeming to slowly perk up a little more as time passed. Recovering from the earlier lethargy and listlessness he'd experienced after their previous training. The coffee also seemed to help, both relaxing him and making him more alert at the same time. "Something special about that waitress?" He asked, nodding his head as Voidus' gaze slipped once more. "Everyone's special in a way." Voidus replied. "But she did seem interesting." "You should talk to her then." The Professor said with a touch of irritation. "Better than staring creepily from across the store, and if the universe is doomed then might as well seize the day and all that." "Perhaps I will." Voidus said with a grin. The Professor watched as Voidus stood up and walked over to the blonde as she was making another coffee. After a minute of conversation they both began laughing at something and a moment later she wrote something down on a piece of paper and slid it across towards him. The Professor gave a tired smile but a frown still creased his brow, wondering if the universe was really about to end.
  8. These arguments will almost always devolve into an argument of semantics at some point in time. I mean depending on your definition of both 'free will' and 'determinism' you could argue that determinism doesn't preclude free-will. And on a personal level while I generally would tell people that I don't believe in free will, that's also somewhat subject to what exactly you mean by the term. 'I' referring to the totality of the body that is currently typing these words does have the capacity to make decisions. If there are two possible decisions I will weight the evidence of both and pursue that course. The fact that this is simply the result of predetermined chemical and electrical impulses doesn't change the fact that inputs were processed and an output was achieved, a form of decision making. Some people might call such an event free will, I had two choices and nothing was precluding my choosing either one of them. So my own answer usually also involves a question, do you consider computer systems to have free will? They perform a similar, albeit far less complex task. Take in inputs and provide an output based on internal decision making.
  9. I don't disagree with your premise but I do have to ask what you were expecting to get out of this thread? Seems incredibly likely to cause arguments to break out, and specifically arguments that are not particularly productive. Most people either believe in a deterministic world or they don't and it's not a simple thing to change ones opinion on. I will also mention that at certain scales true randomness does indeed occur, so while on a macro scale you can predict for example the result of a flip of the coin if you have all available data and enough knowledge of the forces involved, you can't predict which atom will decay in an unstable isotope in a given moment.
  10. A disturbance from his pocket distracted Voidus during the list of names that Vivica had begun musing about. He'd sagged a little at the mention of godlike entities but it seemed that Vivica didn't ascribe such qualities to him at least. That was something. Reaching into the pocket he pulled a sleek silver pen out, the tip vibrating slightly as he held it indicating an Alleycant message. Those were rare, Mac usually dealt with anything that relied on such clandestine communications, Voidus usually needed to communicate through official channels and records in order to placate HR's endless demands for proof of compliance with every project. But then now that Mac had gone, perhaps it was someone from his department wondering who they were meant to report to. "Nox struck me as intruiging." He replied to Vivica, allowing his hand to drop to one side as he received the message. "It's nice, simple. Easy to remember." He paused, eyes narrowing as he stared at the air over Vivica's head. He payed closer attention as the message continued on, arriving at the expected request of who they were meant to report to, but it was the first part that had caught his interest. Please repeat. Voidus signed back. Did you say they found Atium down there? His other hand raised to his breast pocket once more, fishing around until it found a small ring of Aluminium. Tapping from the store there he also drew heavily on a goldmind, aligning his body with the new identity that he drew from the ring. The surface of his arms rippled, the skin bubbling and bulging out in a dozen different places. New appendagess began to sprout forth until there was barely anything left visible of his original arms. Pens and spikes were past from one arm to the next until all two dozen or so held their own implements, each spinning rapidly from one finger to the next. Messages being sent out to various denizens to advise them, to field agents to begin preparing to enter the caverns, and to the Records department to see if there had been any similar findings previously, in addition to requesting the locations of both Lita and Laurelai. With all the communications happening simultaneously, one request for a status update should pass unnoticed. "Not that I'm opposed to Finn either, and we do have so few Parshendi names around the place so perhaps there's some merit to that as well." Voidus said, continuing on the conversation without breaking further stride. One of the dozen hands raised a pen to his chin, tapping thoughtfully. @ZincAboutIt
  11. Laurelai watched the eerily stationary pool of liquid as Lita stared into its depths, at first she wasn't sure what Lita was talking about. Want to what? Examine it certainly, but pools of mysterious liquid were not something that you could just jump into without investigation. What if it was some kind of acid? But as she stared she felt the pull, the faint desire to submerge herself beneath this liquid growing stronger and stronger. It called, promising something, something very valuable if they just touched it, just reached into the falling liquid and stepped into the pool. It would be able to help her, help them. She shook her head, staggering backwards a step. She could still feel the call of the pool but it was fainter now, less insistent. Whatever it was, it had been an outside force attempting to influence their minds. And doing what a mysterious voice in your head told you to do was rarely a good idea, especially if that voice came from a mysterious pool of liquid. The last time Laurelai was aware of something like that happening, the Ascended Warrior had accidentally released Ruin into the world. "Be careful." She warned in a whisper, staring suspiciously.at the water. "From what we heard they've lost a lot of people in these caverns already."
  12. Ah, then yes as others have said adding new materials to the AV would require some community approval. Given that this could conceivably be limited to pre-modern times then a poll in this thread would probably suffice but if you were looking for adding this to all worldbuilding and lore for the AV then would need to get a full poll up. I would also question why this is required for something that is quite easily emmulatable from just running them as an Epic. Not sure what adding additional complexity of the universe contributes especially given that you'd already said you hadn't given much thought to where they get their powers from so I have to assume you hadn't intended for that source to be particularly integral to the story.
  13. I may be missing something but I'm not seeing any similarities here between this and Voidmaking. Looks more like an Epic power than anything else to me, though Xino has said IIRC that it isn't. But if you were planning to use Voidmaking as a basis for this powerset then this is well outside the range of its capabilities. Erasing sound is not exactly impossible but would be an absolutely insanely difficult, whereas creating things is straight up the opposite of everything Voidmaking is about. The whole reason Voidus was so up in arms during the Plasmacore plot was that they were trying to use the Void to create stuff and he was justifiably worried that they'd end up unmaking the universe if they kept trying to do that. @Ookla the Blue perhaps you could clarify if you meant something else but this would be straight up impossible to do using Voidmaking. I'd definitely suggest making this character an Epic if you still wanted to use the idea.
  14. "Vivica?" Voidus offered with a smile, he inclined his head slightly towards her. "You did. As for my name... well I've had a few, but discovering another couldn't hurt." He was somewhat curious as to how the conversation would unfold, curious as to how this woman thought with such a unique view of the world. The spike helped with that of course, but all it did was allow him to perceive things in the same way as her, it wasn't quite the same as being able to read minds. He'd also have to remember to take it out before too long, they had some unpleasant side effects if left in for too long. "I'm having trouble coming up wit any inspiration however." Voidus said. "Perhaps you could give me some ideas and we could work from there?" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sweat beaded on the Professor's face as he frowned in concentration. Voidus watched intently, eyes eager to see if this attempt would be successful. The air in the room was darkening ever so slightly, almost imperceptibly compared to Voidus' earlier displays, but it was enough to show the progress that had been made. And in the Professor's hand was an even denser patch of darkness, the concentration of the will that he was bringing to bear. Without sound, the darkness suddenly vanished. Voidus raised a hand to clap on the Professor's shoulder in sympathy for the failed attempt when he noticed that half the pineapple that the Professor had been staring at had now vanished completely, leaving the other half rolling on the table, a small amount of juice leaking from within it. Voidus gave a smile and clapped the Professor on the back multiple times. With his other hand he absently waved towards the half-destroyed fruit, obliterating the rest of it. "And there you have it." Voidus said, beaming from excitement. "Not completely yet, but I physical materials are always the hardest. But no point in starting off easy, jump in the deep end I say." The Professor stood, panting, sweat still beading down the sides of his face. His posture slowly slumped as though about to collapse but he managed to hold his footing. He lifted his hands up to look at them, seeming to expect a feeling of wonder, or achievement or suspicion that he had somehow been tricked again. But instead all he felt was... "Empty?" Voidus interrupted. "That'll happen, especially with something big like this. Not to worry, give it a bit of time and you'll be back to yourself." "What if we kept trying?" The Professor said, tone unusually flat. He didn't seem too eager to actually continue, or too eager to do much of anything really. "Well for one you probably just wouldn't." Voidus replied. "Lack of motivation to try and all that, but if you did then there's a good chance you'd deplete all of your willpower and eventually stop breathing." Voidus' tone barely changed, he still held the same satisfied grin. But the words that he spoke hung ominously in the air, and even in his current lethargy, the Professor found himself shuddering. "Why are you doing this?" He asked, a small amount of curiosity managing to creep its way back into his voice. "Why teach me this?" Voidus gave the man an impressed stare, surprised that he could even muster the energy to wonder at the answer, let alone actually ask it. "Well to put it simply, there's a problem I'm currently facing and it's not one I can deal with by myself." Voidus said. "So I'll need your help to deal with it, once you've learned a little more perhaps you'll be able to give me some ideas about it and we can work from there. The universe is going to be destroyed." The Professor blinked, not seeming to be sure if this was a joke, or if he hadn't understood somehow. But staring at Voidus' still smiling expression he felt the reality of it hit him. Voidus was perfectly serious about this, this was no con or exaggeration. "Shall we get some more coffee?" Voidus asked lightly. "I met a lovely Barista there last time, I do hope she's still there. The ability to make a good coffee I've found, is almost as rare as what I'm teaching you."