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  1. In that case approved, I'll add it to the list. I've also added you into our PM, do not feel obligated to read through it it's mostly just for random discussions.
  2. 120 (M) + 105 (S) - 35 (W) = 190 This one's a bit over the limit @I Used To Be A Fish 180 (M) + 75 (S) -30 (W) = 225 total This one's also a bit over, I'd suggest probably dropping the ideal that they're at the first ideal? I find it tends to work better for most Radiants when you can actually write them progressing through.
  3. I do have a bit of an instinctive aversion to Epics with Realmatic abilities since Realmatics isn't a thing on the Reckonerverse. Making things corporeal is potentially the best that I think an Epic would do and is functionally pretty similar. Still a little weird since it'd basically only be useful for countering certain Epics but some Epic abilities are pretty meta so I think it works. Next point of discussion would be force fields, because that's a very broad descriptor. Can they stop a bullet? A tank? Can they move them? Force fields are one of the more versatile of the PIs. I'm assuming by coconuts you mean that as his Epic weakness? I don't usually take extra points off for those unless they're extremely easy to notice and exploit.
  4. If we can get some activity back up by the end of the month then we can work out leadership, maybe some urgency will help us finally get some momentum but if we have another failed revival then maybe it's time to finally retire it. Nothing stopping it from being revived in the regular RP section.
  5. Not sure it's active enough lately to have leaders @Comatose, I've been on the verge of suggestion we finally move this to the inactive RPs section given the lack of revival.
  6. Most characters who were really OP were in an era where we didn't really do scoring. I don't think we've done anyone over 1000 since scoring started.
  7. Technically I suppose that'd be a toss up on the Stranger and Voidus at functionally infinite.
  8. Depends on how many people are in it / how frequently they'd be involved as a group as opposed to just members of that group. If you expect/hope for significant interaction as a group then make it its own thread.
  9. I'd suggest probably just inventing some NPCs for that, I mean obviously player characters are nice too but it's a bit too niche of an area. Rithmatists are mostly useful against each other so we don't get too many of them. Inventing a local group in the city that's populated mostly by NPCs could give some nice flavour to an underused aspect of the AV.
  10. No worries, I was just briefly wondering for a moment if there's some part of the character you wanted to keep secret so you PM'd instead but then I saw this message Well within point limits and looks like an interesting character, approved and welcome to the Alleyverse!
  11. Whisper looked up towards Bell, staring at him with a momentary sadness before slowly shaking her head, she allowed the words form over her once more as she stared forlornly towards the ground in the wake of the question. 'Not anymore. I can only survive on human blood.' The message hung in the air for a few seconds before another small trail of Stormlight rose to continue on underneath it. 'That was a joke.' Her expression broke and she looked back up with a sly grin pulling at her lips.
  12. Whisper shrugged in response, balancing the tray in one hand as she began adding several packets of sugar to her own cup. The letters abover her head reformed slowly as she mused over her reply before settling on the simplest answer. 'I'm not sure.' She said. 'Just something I can do.' "Okay, am I crazy, or are you changing colors?" Acacia interrupted. Whisper nodded, adding a little extra to her previous sentence to explain. 'Siah Aimian I assume?' She asked Rathi, giving Acacia a sidelong look. She'd seemed to be very interested in the various Investitures that had been evident, and had looked at the coffee pot with some interest, but not the other technologies around the room. One of the Earths perhaps? Recently arrived in any case, not many were unfamiliar with Stormlight after living in the city for any length of time.
  13. Leaving the coffee to steep for a moment, Whisper poured some milk into a smaller jug and then set it on a tray along with a number of small sugar sachets. The busywork helped keep her body busy, which meant less of her attention needed to be focussed on controlling her reactions. Appearing to be polite and helpful was another benefit of doing suc work, though in the wrong setting that could lead to more suspicion rather than less. 'Secrets.' She replied to Acacia, the words blooming out of a looming darkness like a brief glimmer of blood seen at the end of an alley. Whisper gave herself a deprecating smile as she improvised the additional flourishes. There was a small clink of glass against ceramic as she set the pot of coffee against one of the mugs and began pouring, carefully measuring out and leaving room for cream if anyone wanted any. She poured silently as the words slowly faded back into darkness before replying to Rathi's question. 'Neither.' She said simply, holding the tray with three cups in front of her to each of the others. 'Little bit different, no spren, no other Surge.' Whisper left her explanation at that though there would doubtless be follow up questions.
  14. Whisper felt her brow twitch sceptically at Acacia's reply but kept the rest of her face impassive as she nodded in response and gave her a small smile. She considered briefly rearranging the illusion to explain further but decided against it. Best not to seem like she was trying to lecture anyone, that kind of behaviour could backfire and earn undue attention. Quietly helping everyone along was easiest for now, try not to stand out too much. 'Whisper, Reporter.' She replied simply. 'Coffee?' The words reformed as Whisper moved to the nearby pot and began to fill it with water, pulling a stack of mugs towards herself and preparing the brew.
  15. The illusion vanished into glowing smoke as Whisper dismissed it, absorbing some of the Stormlight back as the rest dissipated. Another brief flicker of Stormlight caused the shining words to begin forming once again. 'Stormlight. The Surge of Illumination it's called on Roshar.' She supplied helpfully. 'Mostly used by the Radiants.' The conversation was proceeding smoother than most of hers could, aided in part by her ability to actually use Illumination to communicate this time. Writing everything down on a board may conserve Stormlight but it was torturously slow for conversations to be able to flow naturally.