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  1. Whisper continued to smile as Corette spoke of Rigex, there was certainly some level of interest between the two but not enough that it could really form a weakness of any kind, not much to exploit yet. Perhaps with a little pushing, but this expedition likely wouldn't continue on long enough for that kind of extended game. Best to leave them be and focus on those who she could already work with. Her eyes shifted to the piece of Cadmium as Corette tapped it. A metalmind, and one that would likely be somewhat useful in these caverns based on what had happened so far. Drawing attention to it was an interesting move, it removed a little of the secrecy that she held. But she hadn't exactly been hiding the ability in that spore filled cavern, it was was possible she just assumed Whisper had already noticed. Might even be enough stored in there to be worth the gold it would take to spike it out. Whisper thought, but doing so would draw undue attention and gain her very little. Slowly her gaze moved back to meet Corette's, though in truth Corette was staring a little higher than where Whisper's real eyes lay, but even that indirect contact was enough to deepen her smile a little more. Someone else enjoyed secrets, and not necessarily the simple hoarding of secrets that so many in the city sought, something deeper. Their eyes both shifted in minuscule ways, focus drifting over each others face, reading, curious. Corette finally broke the staring match, fishing something from a pocked before bringing out a notepad and pen. Whisper couldn't help but raise an eyebrow in surprise at the sight, was this to allow less obvious communication? But writing on paper left a trace behind that could be read by anyone who found it, and burning it down here would be suspicious. Corette seemed to almost not know why she'd brought it out, holding the notepad out without writing and began idly spinning the pen... Interesting. Whisper thought, eyes focused on the pen. And finally someone able to actually talk efficiently. Her smile widened into a grin as she reached into a pocket, pulling out a vial of the spores from the previous room. In her other hand a spike fell from beneath the lightweaving, causing a tiny burst of Stormlight to puff out before it reformed. Iron was always a useful spike to have on hand, and unlike her Aluminium spike it wouldn't completely dissipate the Lightweaving when it fell through. She directed another small puff of Stormlight around the spike, subtly altering its appearance into a metal pen which she raised to the vial as though gesturing at what was inside. A little over the top perhaps given that they were unobserved but it never hurt to be careful. She twisted the pen around as though also fidgeting with it in her excitement. And here I was beginning to worry I'd have to resort to glowing letters every time. She signed back. Here on official business? Or just personal curiosity? One of the Intelligence departments I'd assume, but then I hate to pigeonhole someone just because they're a Seeker. @ZincAboutIt
  2. This should be interesting. Whisper thought, watching the small figure of Corette approaching. She'd assumed that the scouting leader would still be ahead with the other, they'd seemed to be getting close, close enough that sticking too close to them would draw attention so she'd been focusing elsewhere in the meantime. But perhaps this would be a good chance to confirm a few suspicions that she'd had. She returned the smile, keeping hers to the normal polite expression of curiosity, and gave a short flick of her head to push the damp strands from her face. She used the motion to rapidly check to see how much attention they had, but it seemed that most of the others had all separated into their own little groups, no one was paying too much attention here. The smile shifted subtly, mirroring the sly glance that Corette was giving her with a slightly more pronounced quirk of amusement. Seeker's eyes? Coming from you that's rather flattering. This time there was no tracing of her finger through the air, a small patch of Stormlight simply drifted out from her to form the words in front of her chest while she angled the rest of her body to hide the communication from any others who might peer over. As soon as she saw Corette's eyes reach the end of the sentence the words dissipated back into Stormlight before reforming again. Though of course real Seeker's don't need to actually watch in order to find interesting things. Was that how she'd drawn Corette's attention in the beginning? Detecting the difference between a spiked ability and a natural one was not an easy one from what Whisper knew, even more so for abilities that were outside of the Metallic Arts. But it would explain how she'd been found out so quickly, the only other explanation would be someone had either followed her or seen this disguise before. The former was possible but unlikely, the latter would have meant they'd met before which would mean Whisper should remember as well. However she'd managed to arouse suspicion, Corette was actively approaching her now, not simply guessing. Once the game was up denying it further would only attract even more attention and put her on the defensive, better to reveal a little and manage to get something in return from the exchange. And speaking of watching, I notice you managed to stay about as dry as I did. Lord Coinshot miss the catch? @ZincAboutIt
  3. Whispered followed silently, moisture still dripping from her small frame. The cold was seeping into her skin, spreading a chill across her body, but she had endured worse in the Alleys. Time enough to warm up later when they all stopped for a rest. As they entered yet another larger cavern she watched with interest the glowing rocks that filled the area, shining with a radiant golden light. Did these have any additional effects as well? She was stopping for a closer look at a nearby boulder when it was suddenly split in half. She resisted the urge to roll her eyes, taking a small step backwards in case something dangerous happened. But it seemed that the boulder remained inert, only in two parts. The glow came from something on top of the rocky surface, the inside remained as dull and dark as rocks usually did. She directed a somewhat scathing look towards the man who'd broken it in half, damp hair still clinging to the sides of her face as she raised an eyebrow.
  4. Whisper stayed close to the back of the group, she wound her way between groups, sticking to herself for the most part as she continued listening in on the conversations that were happening around her. She heard a few people mentioning their abilities and made sure to file the information away, it always helped to know what one was working with. She stayed silent as the quiet conversations continued, tried to avoid looking too obviously at anyone in particular except when they were drawing attention to themselves. Thankfully by the time she'd caught up to those at the front of the group the effect of the spores was already known. Whisper didn't like sleeping for long even when she was able to do so alone and in a safe Alley, let alone in the middle of unexplored caverns and surrounded by others. She did make sure to grab a sample of some of the spores as she made her way into the room, lifting one piece of her shirt to cover her mouth and nose and then using a spare vial to store some of the spores. If they were as fast acting as they'd seemed then having some to hand mind be useful later. Best to be prepared. She watched people stepping down into a large pit in the floor, one by one they fell while supporting themselves with Allomancy, it was certainly interesting to watch and a useful chance to see how trusting people were based on how long they hesitated before entrusting themselves to the Iron and Steel that would prevent them from falling to their deaths. Whisper doubted that either of the two supports would drop anyone specifically based on how they'd been acting so far, but she still wasn't about to entrust her fall to someone else. Instead she stepped from the rim into the darkness below and let gravity take her, finally landing with a large splash as she hit the water at full speed, throwing up a cascade of water that soaked her clothes. As her bare feet hit the stone floor at the bottom of the water she flexed her legs, allowing the enhanced muscles to once again absorb the force of her fall. With completely soaked hair she looked up at those waiting at the bottom as a droplet of water fell from the tip of nose back to the water.
  5. Duralumin is only listed as having such a low point total because it's listed for someone who is solely a Duralumin gnat with no abilities to enhance, as soon as it becomes synergistic with another ability it's going to require more points. And as mentioned a spike with the ability will be more than a fabrial would, fabrials can be stolen, damaged or destroyed which is much harder to do for a spike. Also a fabrial can only perform a specific function whereas having the Surge itself freely available is far more versatile. Points: Duralumin (35), Shardblade (30), Gravitation (30) Melee combat: 50, Hemalurgic knowledge: 10, Disguising (25) Weakness: -5 Total: 35M + 30 M + 30 M + 50 S + 10 S + 25 S -5W = 175 So running a bit over
  6. Just as a note, if they're using a Fabrial and planning on using misting powers with it then Nicrosil would likely be what they need rather than Duralumin given that the source of the power is external.
  7. Cool, still sounds reasonable given that's her only ability. Probably a little higher than normal, ~70 points. But ultimately still within limits. Approved.
  8. Ack, sorry this fell to the bottom of my inbox due to sudden PM spamming from many sources. Animal communication - 10 points Auroral manifestation - Would ideally need some specifics of this one to give an exact score, what intensity of light are we talking, what spectrum, what distance can they create it from, how long does it last (/ does it require active concentration) Generally it'd run around 50 points assuming the beams are strong enough to do some damage, which is still nowhere close to the limit, so as long as you weren't planning on being able to create Gamma radiation bursts intense enough to destroy all life then I think I can safely pre-emptively approve this one.
  9. Well if someone else here is the queen of England then you'd know the queen of England. I'd say that counts as an important contact.
  10. The tiles were slippery to the touch as Zyn clung to them on the roof. But his practised fingers fount the rougher grooves, the edges of the tiles that were secure enough to hold some of his weight as he slipped down against the wall of the building. With one foot he felt around until he felt the glass of a window, then gave a little upward flick to jostle it free from the latch that usually held it closed. With a last quick glance to make sure that no one was glancing up into this side street, Zyn slipped in through the upper story window, landing softly in the attic of the safehouse. Humming softly to himself he pulled a small bag in after him and began pulling items out from within it. A pouch filled with stormlight-infused gems was the main attraction, Radiants always payed extra for anything that was already infused and some Rosharans still enjoyed using them for illumination as a sign of status.The remaining trinkets had been quickly pilfered from the rooms he'd passed while searching, but a number of them were carved with what looked like recent trends from Roshar. Better luck still, simple gold didn't sell for much in a city with Soulcasters, but fancy tableware that had original artwork on it was always worth a bit. Of course this did mean he'd need to find a fence who could be discreet while selling these, the artwork made them a little too easy to track for Zyn's taste and he'd already been suspicious that someone may have been trying to follow him, better to lead them to an old safehouse than his personal residence in that case. He dropped down from the attic into the house proper, taking a look around and noticing with some surprise that he hadn't been the only one to make use of it in recent days. A number of small discarded items littered the residence, and it seemed that someone had left some of their plans on a table. He left them for now, looking around to try to find something to drink before eventually settling with water. Should have known better than to trust a bunch of other thieves to leave a guy a free drink. He thought ruefully, heading back to the table to glance curiously down at the piece of paper left there. To anyone who wants to get back together like in the old days for another heist, contact the Forge. Zyn read the note a second time, double checking to see if there was any kind of code that he could make out. But the message was too short for that, there couldn't be much information beyond what was plainly on there. Another job huh? Well it could be interesting, getting harder to find anywhere that I wouldn't feel bad stealing from. Eyes distant and pensive, he headed back upstairs to collect his loot before exiting out the front door. Humming to himself once more. Now where the rusts is the Forge again?
  11. It was always troublesome to keep a proper eye on things while not keeping up a guise of innocence. Wandering eyes were too noticeable, it was difficult to be able to properly scan people's reactions without revealing that was what you were doing. Usually Whisper preferred watching other people talk, then she could watch from a distance to make it less obvious what exactly she was watching. But in a direct conversation like this she had to resort to peripheral vision and occasional quick glances to try to read body language. And her conversation partner did not give a lot away in those brief glances. Whisper tried not to let her frustration show, letting the gleam of interest fade back to polite attention as she nodded towards Rigex when he was introduced. Lekal was an easy enough name to check up on, not very useful for a long term alias. Likely the real deal then, and certainly an interesting addition to the group. She made a note of him for later before turning her attention back. She was sipping the water now, either noticing Whisper's glance or simply a change in mood it was hard to say. But this woman definitely knew what she was about, she was wary without being offensive, watchful without seeming rude. As she mentioned the Alleys Whisper felt an eyebrow twitch in immediate reaction. Had that been a threat? A hint? Or simply an idle comment? She widened her eyes as if a little afraid, casting a cautious look around the room towards Karin. People were always suspicious of anyone from the Alleys, she'd seen the look enough times when she'd revealed herself to people to be able to mimic it. Rigex interrupted with a question of his own, saving Whisper the trouble of coming up with an appropriate response to the comment. "What brings you down into the caverns, Wes? I mean, aside from the top-notch company." Whisper cocked her head to one side, seemingly thinking the question over before raising a hand and scrawling more letters of light in the air. I heard that people were trapped down here, wanted to help if I can. Also heard that it was strange. Curious. Her eyes flickered back to the other woman for a moment. The caverns weren't the only curious things down here. @ZincAboutIt @TrailRunnin
  12. I would generally discourage the use of Shadowspawn in general given that they don't exactly make for particularly cooperative characters in a group RP situation. That being said a quick point assessment: Physical enhancements: 50 (I'm actually tempted to put this higher, they're portrayed as a little more exaggerated than pewter and carries all the same effects, but particularly the ability to survive otherwise fatal blows) Shadowporting: 40 (Teleportation is powerful, but to be fair Myddraal actually rarely use this ability in combat) Fear: 20 (This would be higher but lowering it as part of the package deal, Myrddraal fear is much stronger than a Rioter and also is intrinsically linked to them specifically, Rioters can only control general emotional state, not tie that state to a specific thing) Channelling sense: 20 Blade: 20 Skill: 50 (Skilled with a blade, this is an innate property of all Myddraal so can't really skip it) Total: 200 points, 50 of which is skill related Now in terms of officially adding this to the list there's probably a bit of leeway to remove some points given that this is a package deal, but in any event there would need to be some significant weaknesses for one of these to fall inside the playable realm.
  13. Whisper watched the woman take the cup, but she simply held it in one hand. Perhaps just not thirsty, but generally people would at least take a small sip out of politeness when handed something. Suspicious then? But was it a general suspicion? Or of Whisper personally? She shifted her gaze back, making eye contact once again as she listened. She felt an urge to return the intrigued smile she was given, amused by the assumption that she'd be able to find her name. She had looked of course, found something amid some of the bookkeeping at the camp, but whether that was her real name remained to be seen. An alias wasn't always necessary for keeping secrets but it certainly helped, and Whisper definitely didn't believe that everyone had been perfectly honest on those questionnaires they'd all been given. Her fingers stiffened for an instant when she was asked her name, about to instinctively drop a small spike into her hand and sign the response. But she wasn't in the Alleys right now, less elegant means of communication would have to be used. She hesitated, hand hovering over her waist for the board she'd been using to write on earlier, but instead she simply raised her hand in the air. She'd already mentioned on her form that she could Lightweave, it wasn't something she'd been intending to keep hidden for long. With a swift series of gestures she left a trail of Stormlight trailing behind her finger, leaving a faintly glowing green line in its wake as she spelled out her reply. You can call me Wes. She replied, using the same name as before. Are you feeling alright now? She kept the words polite, a little concerned. But her eyes were sparkling as she watched from behind the writing.