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  1. As long as you don't mind alienating yourself from friends and family and potentially never seeing them again.
  2. "My goodness but it's wonderful to meet another Scadrian so far from home" Someone said excitedly nearby, the other woman who'd ordered a port. Laurelai smiled back to the woman, pausing briefly to concentrate before slipping into a much more convincing imitation of a Scadrian noble as she replaced her years of the study of Investitures with years of studying people and languages. She felt a momentary surge of Investiture a her Bane took hold, she felt a brief itching sensation over her skin and felt a scratch she'd received in the lab earlier closing over. Well that could have been a lot worse. "Someone else with more refined taste?" Laurelai asked. Her head tilted upwards to allow her to look down at the rest of the room, her back straightened and her face became a mask of impassive politeness. "Well that's something to toast to. What brings you here?" She took another slow slip, savoring the taste. @ZincAboutIt
  3. The problem as I see it would be that characters can worldhop with impunity, so setting things on different planets has a minimal impact on the flow of characters and quests between locations. Adding more universes would add an additional overarching level of complexity, but each universe in itself would be less complex as things spread out across multiple locations. So a new character entering into one location can just learn about that location and delay the further complexities until later.
  4. A chorus of blood-curdling screams echoed from a nearby doorway, covered in what seemed to be the scratches of fingernails frantically clawing at the door. A sign underneath it read 'Customer complaints office'
  5. Dan: Wings - 15 M Enhanced senses - 10-50 (Depends how enhanced they are, keep in mind that tin levels of enhancement are at a 35, I'll let you self score this) Skills - Expert melee weapons - 75 The listed weaknesses are basically just the absence of skills so can't really count much for those, unless you mean really bad at scholarship and politics as in doesn't know anything about Investiture or science, is completely incapable of deciphering the motives of groups, etc. That being said, total still only comes out to 140 even maxed out so I think you should be fine. @Sherlock Holmes All good, I hope people continue to post characters here, I just wanted to emphasize that it can sometimes take time. I'll admit to not being an avid alcatraz reader so I'll open up to the community whether or not this is a realistic talent to have, my understanding was that they tended to be more probability based. Assuming it's feasible, we might need to resort to something similar to the Epic scoring system with Smedry talents, this is well beyond what I think 50 points could reasonably justify. That's High Epic level power there without the Epics usual weakness of having something that can turn it off. In terms of accidental power activation I'd put it at a -20, maybe -30 depending on how frequently/disastrously you were planning on implementing it.
  6. Hello all, I've been discussing something with the other AV mods and I think we're at the point that we should probably float the idea with the wider community. Recently the Alleyverse has become a lot more complicated of a place, there are a lot of characters in this era. Enough that it's going to get really awkward to remember them all and where they are at a given time especially given characters ability to jump from thread to thread rapidly. So, I've been proposing the creation of the Alley-multiverse, where we expand out from the existing setting into other dimensions, universes, etc. Basically anywhere that actually poses a difficulty in travelling to and fro rather than just stepping into a perpendicularity and instantly appearing where you need to be. This lets us physically separate settings so that each one can be a little smaller and more self contained than the current setup, and also establish multiple settings, allow for different power balances, etc. So, thoughts?
  7. An excellent, very not suspicious mustache.
  8. She took the drink, handing over payment to the bartender as she did so, taking a small sip first. She felt the smooth, oaky taste spread through her mouth before beginning to warm her entire body. That's a lot better than I was expecting. She thought, turning atop her stool to regard the rest of the room. I might have to come here more regularly if they're serving that kind of quality.
  9. Laurelai lowered her hood as she stepped into the bar, her spikes were concealed to avoid unnecessary fights but even so she felt as if she was being watched. She scanned the room quickly but didn't see anyone looking back. Just my imagination? With a sigh she stepped up to the bar, pulling her blonde hair over her shoulder as she sat down. "Another port here thanks." She said, adopting a noble-scadrian accent as best she could.
  10. When you say talented with a variety of weapons are you including firearms in that? Or just melee weapons? I came out to a similar total but for different reasons, I had a few more points in the magic skills, bit higher deduction for the additional weaknesses. But yeah seems like it's balanced now. Warder: +5Enhanced physical abilities: 85 (Equivalent approximately to Allomantic pewter Feruchemical gold twinborn but a little weaker than Feruchemical gold)Blood-draining: 30 (Seems to roughly double the effects of the other abilities, it does depend a bit on how long this boost lasts)Total: 120 MSkills: Expert hand-to-Hand + 50, Average melee weapons + 35, Average ranged weapons + 45Total: 130 SWeakness: Sunlight -40, unskilled with heavy weapons -10, revenge -30 (Trusting that you can more accurately impact how this is going to impact your character than I can), Harmed by gaseous Investiture -20, Can't be healed by magical means -15Grand total: 120 + 130 -120 = 130 Thank you all for the offers, it does help when things are pre-scored based on the Index. Also sorry that post came off a little more aggressive than I intended, just because this is not the first time I've mentioned it so it was starting to hit a serious nerve and I was also just tired. Anyway, I love all of you guys and how enthusiastic about the RP you are, just wanted to reiiterate that I would like it if people could appreciate that some people have less free time in their schedule than they may like. I'll be going through the last few pages in case I missed any one else's profile.
  11. No Necromancer wasn't approved, as mentioned by Bean and in an earlier post. Again just a note for all, we haven't forgotten anyone, we will get to posts that are left here without being tagged multiple times, we've just had a lot to get through and also have other things to take care of sometimes. Try not to put too much pressure on people who volunteer to do this in their free time please because it can get really stressful. I know that I'm very frequently online but that's usually to deal with emergency stuff and I'm frequently only on for short stints at a time via mobile so it can be difficult to do something as lengthy as a character approval or ascertaining changes and I also have normal mod duties, 3 RPs and my normal activity on the Shard as well as a full time job and a daughter to look after so I don't always have a bunch of free time. Sometimes I'll be largely unavailable for a few days and while some of our other mods may be active during that time to fill in they also have their own lives to live. There are only three rules that have been officially laid out for the Alleyverse, but one of them is 'Be patient' I hope everyone can respect that not everyone is always able to be as active as you may be and not put unnecessary pressure on others, be they a mod or just a player who you're waiting on for a scene. </rant>
  12. Allow me to echo the sentiment that this is an awesome character profile, especially for your first one. I love seeing non-combat characters This is defniitely within limits but just to give a precise rating: Allomantic tin + Feruchemical brass = 65 M Poison making + Intelligence + Spying = 25 + 15 + 20 = 60 Weaknesses = -30 Total = 95 Feel free to campaign for your character, I was posting the most recent version I'd seen and it's a little buried now so I assume that people probably aren't referring to it any more. As usual I can change votes for people if they change their minds. Wraith was an intangibility Epic, I might have more respect for them than the average Sharder due to experience in RP but an intangible Epic who can still hurt you while intangible is insanely overpowered. If anything I'm not sure I rated it high enough still. Yes Not officially, no. I know there were a few others waiting, will be getting to them shortly but they're all a bit more detailed so will need to be on a desktop for those.
  13. That's just ridiculous. Sudiov has a mustache, Voidus doesn't have a mustache. They couldn't possibly be the same person.
  14. Ironically, Reckonerverse mobiles would likely be completely unusable, given that they rely on a central server in the Reckonerverse that can't be replicated. Other mobiles should be able to construct their own cell towers, etc. though. Or use fabrial tech.