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  1. I think there's a bit of a problem at the moment where too many people are aiming for a big surprise moment or a sudden reveal. The issue is that we don't just have one storyteller, and if we have 20 different people each making their own huge surprise revelation, it kind of devalues all of them because no one is really surprised any more and there's barely time to react before the next big reveal happens. I think we can trust each other to separate player knowledge from character knowledge which helps with one of the reasons people want to keep plans a secret (to avoid obstruction from other people). The other reason would be that you want to surprise the players for a narrative purpose (To heighten the enjoyment of readers) but I think we may have to accept that having too many of these secrets actually results in the opposite, it makes things really confusing for readers, a bunch of sudden plot changes coming out of nowhere can be disorienting and not lead to the best or most coherent story.
  2. The mysterious stranger immediately stopped stabbing peoples shins. He sat on the ground and pondered a moment before jumping up in glee. He swapped his forks out for psi-forks, which would cause all the pain of having been stabbed with a fork, with none of the physical injury, and would not fall under the definition of assault as being defined as the application or threat of inflicting bodily harm on another. He once more set about around him, stabbing people in the shins with his psi-forks.
  3. A tall, mysterious stranger appeared suddenly in the midst of the citadel, brandishing an illogical number of forks which he immediately began stabbing into the shins of anyone who wasn't a soldier, ensuring that each stab was nonlethal. "I found a loophole! Apparently this isn't illegal!" The man began giggling madly and continued running around the citadel stabbing shins.
  4. Personally I find the character creation of a more rigid RPG to be quite useful, even with a FFRP. It helps flesh out parts of your character that you may not have thought of, applies some rules to them so that others can understand and anticipate the character a bit more. Even then, this is simply assigning a numerical weighting to different abilities so we can unambiguously say whether or not a character is too OP or should be allowed.
  5. Laurelai prepared the stamp as a nearby acolyte loaded the Essence spikes into a weapon that seemed to resemble a nailgun. He seemed to have a little trouble with it at first, either inexperience or nervousness causing him to fumble momentarily before managing to load the spikes. "Alright, here we go." Laurelai said as everyone prepared themselves. She applied the stamp using her boon, watching the lump of flesh twitch for a moment as it took hold. A small creature seemed to appear in the air next to her as her bane manifested, but it didn't seem likely to impede the experiment so she ignored it. "Go!" The acolyte with the spikegun quickly took aim and fired them into the body of the mistwraith where they were quickly absorbed by the shapeless mass. Another twitch. "And last is the memories. KoTiel?" Laurelai asked, seeking this final confirmation from the Kandra. "Are you ready?"
  6. Epics with PIs are about as common as skaa Mistborn
  7. Did any of these people have a spike-shaped hole in their left shoulder? Might be some former experiments of ours, turns out that the ability to get a joke is a spikeable property.
  8. The DA tends more towards a horde than an army, both because it's fitting in RP purposes but also as a mechanical restriction so we don't try to invade other guilds, etc.
  9. They're not an insurmountable foe for pvp purposes, but they're almost always the powers of choice when people create characters. I also feel personally that they don't lead to particularly interesting characters. Everyone with steel compounding plays in more or less the same way. 'I tap steel, dodge everything that other people do and kill them before they can even notice' Now regardless of whether or not a PC can actually defend against that, it's a little boring to have so many characters who operate in a nigh identical fashion. But in addition, yeah it's really hard to stop a Steel compounder, because they can just dodge a leecher if you have one, or shoot them in the head before they know they're there, etc. It's not impossible to kill one of them, but it is far more difficult than it is to kill most other Invested characters, which does mean they're of a higher and potentially unfair power level. Personally I'd be far more interested with a character who is a twinborn of two different metals, and seeing what interesting interactions their powers might have.
  10. Yep this is what I was thinking of too, then I can add a table of contents at the top and link to whichever post contains the summary, should be even easier to navigate then.
  11. General suggestions: 1. No Gold Twinborn, Steel twinborn or full KR. Unlimited healing or speed are two of the most frequently used and most broken powers, they also provide little in terms of RP or story. It usually just amounts to being able to dodge/heal from any attack. 2. No leaders of armies (Unless wide-spread approval) Having a few NPCs to do PCs bidding is good and can help with setting a scene and heightens the RP. People leading a giant army of nameless mooks is not so useful, it devalues life, leads to power creep of PCs who have to fight these armies, etc.
  12. I just noticed that Chaos' reminder of this is in the social guilds section from before we moved to our own subforum but we have had multiple instances of people in RPs creating multiple accounts. Now you might think this is a good idea so you can sneak into other guilds and get information or upvote yourself or just to have more say in the RP. This is against site rules and will not be tolerated by the site staff. Hopefully this is not required or relevant again but we do have ways of telling if people have multiple accounts so please everyone make sure you don't do this. Copying Chaos' original post here too: Locking this thread but feel free to PM me if there are any questions or concerns. If you do have multiple accounts please PM Chaos so that one can be removed.
  13. Obligatory profile: Ookla's Razor: Primary power: The ability to send invisible blades of force through the air, cutting whatever they come into contact with. Personality: An online stalker of Peter Ahlstrom, serious yandere tendencies. MO: Follows Peter around the Fractured States, murdering anyone who talks to him in a non-professional manner.
  14. That legitimately just gave me a headache.
  15. Laurelai began scanning the display, eyes flickering across it at high speeds while she tapped Zinc to process the data and incorporate it into her stamp. "Just a sec." She muttered. "Just some final adjustments, can someone prep the subject for accepting the spike?" Mistwraith spikings were interesting affairs, it seemed that they had a mutable spiritweb, one which they were able to shift to accept new spikes, as such the placement of spikes was usually a much less precise affair than the other research they'd done. But in this case the Mistwraith would be completely lacking an Identity when they placed the spikes, they hadn't been sure if it would be able to reflexively accept the new spikes and so they would still need to create a map of the current placement of its spiritweb in case they needed to place it manually. That should be about it. Laurelai mentally reviewed the stamp once more, now adjusted for the new information that KoTiel had provided. Finally satisfied that it met their requirements she gave a nod to KoTiel. "Ready when you are."