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  1. Congratulations! Have an upvote! You are at least 83% incorrect.
  2. Ice caps in the mountains can be had anywhere on the map. So long as you don't feel the need to make those ice caps massive, there won't be any contradictions to worry about. If you do want large mountain ranges and ice caps, find a H (purple) region, preferably near the D (cold) regions. Since it doesn't seem to have been linked elsewhere (that I found on short notice, at least), here is the finalized map post that links to climate notation and explains the basic astronomy.
  3. EF is defined as Polar Ice Cap. All of the dark grey areas and most of the ocean between and around are permanent ice unless magical exceptions are made. I probably should have colored over the oceans in the pretty colors map to represent that.
  4. So the Image hosting service I've been using has announced the upcoming closing of its servers. I don't know if any of you wikia users want to, but here is the album link, in case someone wants to archive the maps to the wiki. The files will be available until the end of the year. After which I will still have local copies, but if you want to keep them public, the wiki seems like a good option. The trouble is that I know nothing about whether there are restrictions on sizes or whatever. I guess I can do the uploading myself, but even if I do, putting the files into use will be for someone else to do.
  5. Here is a clean version. I assume this is what you were looking for? Click for Full Size
  6. Removing the grid will be an easy task once I retrieve the original file from my other computer. I won't be able to get to it for a couple of days, however. By green and white, do you mean the pretty colors map or the climates map?
  7. The new one definitely strikes me as better. I liked the air of mystery about the pictures versus the eye, Hewn trying to use a smartphone, and the first impressions of both the secondary characters. The introduction of the scene and main character confused me, but I wouldn't bother doing another rewrite until you have your ending solidified and know more of what to emphasize to tie the story together. Cool story. Keep it up.
  8. Punching through the Realmatic boundaries of Scadrial isn't interesting? =)
  9. Random thought: what if a lerasium spike doesn't steal anything, but instead it is the source of Feruchemy? Someone once put a lerasium spike in a pre-Terrisman victim, and they didn't die, but gained a new magical ability instead. People like to talk about how feruchemy is balanced between Ruin and Preservation, so why not originate it by using Preservation's God metal in Ruin's magic system?
  10. Just so we understand each other, I rate gore not on quanity of casualties, but on the style of the description. When you talk about stacks and mountains of corpses, there is no gore involved. When you stumble over a head streaked with blood, having eyes that stare without seeing, that has fallen some distance from its body, that is gore. This english translation is too simple at present to elevate the gore rating to my higher tiers. Those require careful word selection and poetic apititude. If such has been achieved in the German source, I cannot read it to comment.
  11. Probably, but I hold to the perspective that emotions are not capable of literal paralysis, or any physical controls. Any who choose to check their emotions with a logical filter are capable of pressing on despite. Might be a great distraction, however. =) Hmm. I wonder why? You can enchant a person, as long as you can touch them to place the enchantment. I plan on allowing some flexibilty in choosing the shape of the triggering area, but this is one of the powers that I have not thoroughly considered yet. I expect that the current state of the enchanted object is the non-triggered state, but that any change in what is touching the object will activate the alarm continuously until the orginal state is restored. And if the object itself is modified or damaged, then the user becomes aware of this by the alarm signal flaring and dying. So the user would experience a person stepping on a doormat differently from someone planting a knife in the doormat. But the user would not know the difference between a leaf landing on the doormat, and the doormat being thrown aside and landing upside down. Amusing, but the enchantment would not be replicated. And even if it were, how aware are you of the individual strands of DNA in a virus? The victim needs to perceive the enchanted object before they feel anything. Which makes me wonder if hearing an enchanted flute on the radio might work. . . .
  12. A powerful choice for scenery, but this has more gore than I prefer. I see many clear parallels to a local favorite Prelude.
  13. @Kasimir: Oh well, I figured my system was a longshot anyway. The "said to contain" part reminds me of a character I plan to write about someday. He works for the port authority checking cargos against the manifests. He gets to call people out when their goods don't match the declared weight, which is one of the potential signs of smuggling. @Talanic: I'd heard of the first part before, but the other two paragraphs are new to me. I particularly like the campfire bit, since that provides a simple justification for almost any secondary world culture to have a glass production option.
  14. So twistlocks are very important, but I don't know what they are. My best guess is that it has something to do with straps or whatever tied to a long poleand wrapped around the bundle to be secured. By turning the pole about 210 degrees, the straps can be pulled tight, and the tension becomes self-sustaining. How did I do? So in most stories, we tend to want to know what can go wrong. Can someone sabatoge a cargo ship by unsecuring the cargo, thereby causing the ship to list at an inportune time? Since caterring is the smallest staff, could someone convince the Caterring crew to help them stowaway?
  15. Seven reputation just for that? I guess I'll take that to mean that people like the thread concept (Jokes never gather rep ), even if no one else thought of anything to share or ask about. Sometimes I find that modern archeology sets me up with some serious biases. There are a number of technologies that are much older than I often assume. For example, glassblowing dates back to around 100 BC in the Roman Empire, and cast glass is quite a bit older. Most seem to believe that glass production tends to be inspired in regions where natural glasses can be found. Primarily, volcanos. The thing that is important to note is that clear glass is very rare and expensive until you get closer to the middle ages or later. And smooth window glass is more recent still. Also interesting is that an example of movable type printing was found in the Mediterranian region that pre-dates the Chinese design. people believe the object was made with hand-pressed type rather than anything involving a pre-assembled grid of type, but it is still interesting to think about the fellow who was so far ahead of his time.