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  1. Sand mastery, swift (steel-steel twinborn iirc)
  2. Hoid's favorite method of transport. Returning to the main discussion, it seems like the logistics of moving large quantities of objects around through the cognitive realm would be expensive and/or messy. Just because we invented airplanes doesn't mean it's always cost-effective to abruptly using cargo liners to ship all our tons and tons of cargo.
  3. I'm sure it's possible; for instance, if you had only a tiny amount of stormlight, would you be able to only soulcast a single finger? The question is really one of fine control more than anything else, in my opinion.
  4. I imagine that the bones in Kalad's Phantoms are the things that really make them effective. With that in mind, here's a thought: could a body be soulcast excluding the bones? If so... that would be pretty nuts.
  5. At first, I disagreed with this, but after some consideration, I'm on board. Especially since (Mistborn spoilers):
  6. The difference is that OP's argument is constructed partially on the relationship between the metalmind and the investiture itself. So, to your point, I assume the cup doesn't care about the water in it. But it's apples and oranges. @hoiditthroughthegrapevineI think it's important to distinguish between things that are in the cognitive realm (having travelled there from the physical, using perps or other methods) and things that exist in the cognitive realm (by nature of realmatic theory). Azure's sword was in the CR by the first method; beads are there by the second.
  7. I absolutely agree with this. It makes perfect sense for awakening to influence waves, but not chemicals (or inter-molecular forces, for touch), because they're just different categories of interactions. Humans group them together because we only have a few senses for interacting with the world but the actual processes involved are very different.
  8. Sorry to keep distracting the thread, but does this imply that surgebinders are at mistpoint? Or is the stormlight leaking from them just a side-effect of their fuel being naturally gaseous?
  9. The reason for my disagreement comes down, in part, to this statement, which to me seems like conjecture. As a side note, on the scale of things-gaining-sentience, metalminds change constantly. Even one that is only touched once a week probably changes too often for the effect to take hold. Also, I had another thought. Stick's cognitive aspect came from the collective unconsciousness, not necessarily from being invested. I would propose that this type of sapience, and the kind that comes about from investiture pooling in one place and being left alone, are actually separate.
  10. It's definitely an interesting theory. Nale seems to be a perfect example of skybreaker done wrong; hopefully Sanderson will show us skybreaker done right via Szeth. If nothing else, their dynamic lends itself to Nightblood egging Szeth on, so I can see him being encouraged to make his own decisions (and Nightblood learning from what happens).
  11. I suppose it's probably safe to assume that he'll still be around, thanks to that WoB. What I don't understand is how your belief factors into this?
  12. Maybe if left in one place for a very, very long time. Otherwise, I doubt it - metalminds seem to store a portion of one's spiritweb, which I imagine wouldn't be conducive to creating an entirely new cognitive aspect. From another point of view, do you think that the stormlight stored in gems becomes a spren? Or is it just pure investiture that will slowly leak out and transfer back into the ecosystem? I definitely fall on the side of the latter. From everything that we've seen and been told, developing an entire mind seems to take a very long time.
  13. I've been seeing this around on the site. A lot of the new WoBs have similar problems. I assume that it's just a site bureaucracy/management thing. Edit: found the WoBs
  14. Assuming that the shards continue to fuse together, I'm down. Otherwise, I think it would throw me off too much. That being said, I think that Sazed thinks of himself as a protector of this world at this point, and the chance that he would willingly drop his shards is unlikely. Maybe he will be forced to by whatever happens at the end of TLM.
  15. Honestly, this is why I think there are 9 unmade. Something about splintering himself into 9 parts was easier for odium, instead of any other number.