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  1. Yes.
  2. They're based on real world deities etc., to my knowledge. Nergaoul, for example, seems to be a name derived from the real-world Nergal. Perhaps Lovecraft was similarly inspired?
  3. Q: Is the only reason that Yolen is not reachable, according to Khriss, because it doesn’t have any sentience on it thinking of it as a planet, so it doesn’t appear in the Cognitive? A: Ahh, no. Good question, but no. This was the best question in the signing, I think. Quite interesting that the answer is 'no'...
  4. Basic Lashing would not be visible if you had an Illumination fabrial to hide yourself. And as we see in the Ym interlude, Why was the door into the back room— where Ym slept— open? He usually left that closed. A shadow moved in the blackness back there. “If you’ve come for the spheres,” Ym said, trembling, “I have only the five chips here.” More rustling. The shadow separated itself from the darkness, resolving into a man with dark, Makabaki skin— all save for a pale crescent on his cheek. He wore black and silver, a uniform, but not one from any military that Ym recognized. Thick gloves, with stiff cuffs at the back. Compare to Shallan: Should she become an ardent? No. Something much simpler, something faster. Darkness. Her clothing turned black. Her skin, her hat, her hair— everything pure black. She scrambled back away from the door into the corner of the room, farthest from the slot of a window, stilling herself. With her illusion in place, the Lightweaving consumed the trails of Stormlight that would normally rise from her skin, further masking her presence. Ym doesn't notice Nalan (though his spren does), which to me suggests Nalan was cheating and using an Illumination fabrial to hide and keep himself silent as he entered the house. It could also be an Elsecalling fabrial, I suppose, but I feel relatively confident that Nalan has every Surge available to him.
  5. Nale has a Regrowth fabrial, most likely an Illumination fabrial (he hides in darkness almost exactly like Shallan did), and given how he seems to be everywhere at once, probably a Transportation fabrial. Gravity is extremely flashy, and his use of it is inefficient (assuming he has his Honorblade...), but maybe he doesn't use Transportation and just uses Illumination to hide his glow.
  6. It's directly in the new Elantris edition. It wasn't yet released in 2014.
  7. Stormlight spoilers:
  8. Yes. A lot more, in my opinion, but perhaps Argent would like to weigh in? Speaking of, I just got my first Twitter answer. The heavy implication here is that the Shard really can choose who can access their system - that, if Preservation wished, anyone could choose to burn metals. This relates to the Elantris AA which mentions something called a Shard's Decision. Very strange... (For future reference: I'm pretty sure people who do @BrandSanderson get answered more than those doing just #whatever. I'm going to do it for all my questions in the future.)
  9. If I were to re-phrase your question, Yata (also please quote me so I get an email letting me know you're asking a question), I'd ask something like: At some point during a use of Hemalurgy, is Ruin's Investiture involved? But even that's pretty vague and confusing. Personally, I didn't think your question was too hard to interpret - at least for Brandon.
  10. As people who asked multiple questions the last time Brandon did this got answers, I plan on asking three, sprinkled throughout the event: 1. #NOOKTalks Could someone bonded to a Seon and infused with the Dor use its Aon like Surgebinders use the Surges of spren? 2. #NOOKTalks Why can someone who isn't from Scadrial use Hemalurgy? Shouldn't they need Ruin's sDNA, like Allomancers need Preservation? (My #2 is very similar to Yata's - I hope at least one of us gets an answer.) Bands spoilers: Edit: You know, I'm going to guess that the answer to #2 is Connection, and while spiking someone you have a very strong Connection to Ruin briefly, and that's why it's sufficient. (Similarly, an Allomancer does NOT have any special Connection to Preservation when he burns metals, so he needs the sDNA.) It's sort of like attracting a spren, only Ruin. MAYBE I'M RIGHT.
  11. I agree the nicrosil is there for some purpose, and I agree it is what allows the use of the medallion. Your explanation is similar to the theory I gave in the second post of our conversation (which I edited in after you posted, sorry). For now, we're just in need of WoBs/new books. I don't think any theory can be compelling enough as things stand to give me strong confidence in anything. All I have is a strong feeling that nicrosil being able to be tapped by anyone is at odds with everything we know of Feruchemy, so I do not favor that theory. It could still be true, of course. A big issue is that Allik is not a reliable source of information, since he was just going to say yes to any theory Wax proposed about how things worked.
  12. It could work like that. Stormlight spoilers: For example, one theory I have is that nicrosil stores your Spiritweb, so the metalmind in some sense is given a soul of its own just through storing in it. Then, the metalmind itself is a Ferring and can act as a go-between for the metal touching it and you. The theory is not particularly compelling, but there exist alternatives to the idea that anyone can tap from a nicrosilmind, which would be a massive exception in the laws of Feruchemy.
  13. We don't know how the medallions are made. Our only models have major flaws so far. The more common theory is that anyone can tap/store into an unlocked nicrosilmind without being a Nicrosil Ferring. (I do not agree with this assumption.) Then you: Find some way to have someone make an unlocked nicrosilmind which stores an Aluminum Ferring's ability. Find some way to have someone make an unlocked nicrosilmind which stores a Nicrosil Ferring's ability. Have a Ferring of the medallion metal you want tap from the first nicrosilmind, turning them into an Aluminum Ferring briefly, have them store their Identity into an aluminummind (which allows them to make unlocked metalminds), have them tap the second nicrosilmind, turning them into a Nicrosil Ferring, and have them store their original ability into an unlocked nicrosilmind. Then, anyone can tap the unlocked nicrosilmind which stored the Ferring's power and they can use whatever metal that Ferring had access to. Again, I want to stress this has a major flaw and requires anyone to be able to tap from an unlocked nicrosilmind without being a Nicrosil Ferring. I think this is wrong, but we don't have enough evidence right now.