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  1. the Tank the juggernaut a epic with invulnerability. he doesn't need to eat, breath, sleep, or drink. he is a living machine, tactically intelligent, and sees himself as a conquer him and his generals of five march across Europe Africa and Asia, taking all land in their path. powers include 1) high epic invulnerability and super strength 2) epic endurance (not needing food sleep etc...) 3) gifting (can give up to five people abilities similar to his own though they normally go insane and go bezerk after a year. the five have been known to die from tank shells and need to sleep and eat once a month. given by touch 3.5) gifts durability to what he touches so if he carries a sword he wont smash it to pieces first swing. weakness 1) can be hurt by at one of the magnetic poles of the planet. 2) known to conquer paths with loops in mind bring him back to his main base always in same time of the year where he disappears for a week in his palace before returning to conquest, people believe thats when he is weakest. 3) gifting powers can be canceled if they are affected by a strong magnetic field while submerged. works on objects as well. regular weakness also affect their powers.
  2. perfect though i maybe worried bout his foresight and experience he may open the whole building like tuna can, before moving in. his power set i imagine works better in open areas going into a place would weaken hime why not just gut the building instead.
  3. for sword-bearer hiding his ability to cut through anything he sees does have benefit since he can now take people off guard by killing them at a distances instead of close range. a lot of these plans are good but can be countered with the secret distance cutting power allowing him to carve out trenches to survive explosions deactivate bombs or tear apart weapons. also his ability to change friction allows escapes in methods not normally possible.
  4. he is based in Florida expect tropical weather.
  5. this one is a bit different, it is not technically a high epic so resources are conserved. limits include a four man team, no grifters and a month time limit. sword barer a energy based epic that is a prime assassin to a high epic over a city. he travels a lot enjoying hunting down and killing targets. considers killing an art often hangs murders in public view. lives in what was Florida powers include. 1) energy channeling through a blade to cut through anything( high epic invulnerability not included) 2) super agility 3) minor ability to see very near future 4) can change friction of something he touches directly weakness 1) losing his object he channel power through. no sword not cutting. 2) agility doesn't work if its snowing 3) his power to see the future shows him a number of possiblitys ignores strange or improbably things such as purple acid spiting teddy bear. 4) friction powers don't work on iron. real stuff he lies about his primary power and weakness. power is to cut anything he can see weakness is he can't cut what he can't see. Blind him and his cutting power is gone.
  6. the lord of the hunt seems to me a master of gurrila warfare, and with animal abilitys at his disposial mixed with some modern technology fire may not be enough to stop him. agent orange may be a safer option since he may trap the near by area to the forrest as well. though i would like to know the mutation of his animals and how powerfull they maybe. he may also use a bait stratigie sending one of his huntsmen to lure the fir burgaid in.
  7. i read Gloom's epic created from anther page and thought it would be a very challenging epic not just to defeat but even find. 1) Powers suite would include: A ) Dominion over animals. No animal would willingly harm him, and he could maintain direct control over two dozen animals. B ) The ability to mutate any animal. C ) Regeneration. D ) The ability to gift control of his animals to others and to gift regeneration to his animals. E ) Minor elemental resistance. He would be comfortable in any natural temperature extreme. 2) Weakness - Can be slain with a silver tipped arrow. Other silver weapons can slow regeneration. 3) Name - Lord of the Hunt 4) Costume - The Lord of the Hunt would wear furs over his body armor and a medieval helm with stag horns. He would frequent the forests in the northern tier states and Canada. 5) Epic behavior - The Lord of the Hunt travels with a pack of mutated wolves and hunts those who disturb his forests from the back of a mutated stag. He believes he is the Celtic myth reborn, and tries to emulate all of the darker parts of that legend. He lives a nomadic lifestyle and believes in his own superiority. Few know of his existence and live to tell about it. His atrocities are little known because they often occur in isolated locations. He controls several isolated towns in the wilderness by proxy through his huntsmen who each have control of several mutated animals. many thanks to gloom
  8. name_here i like that plan be interesting what kinda robotics have been created in this world simply adding the gravitonic( i think that was thier name) to a drone would add some interesting abilities. Gloom dang it, that is much simpler then i thought it would be, awesome, it would drive hivemind from the tunnels and destroy alot of minions but what happens if hive mind survives and rebuilds.
  9. 1) too defeat hive mind i would like three teams of four. a number of explosives, smoke bombs, and blunt weapons. also the telephone like devices from the book maybe needed. 2) so plan has two parts a) set a false attack to attract the drones and follow the back to Hive mind. use the other teams to create a number of explosions across the city then smoke bomb the drones who come. while the main force under hive minds control is gone then hive mind is open for attack. 3) my biggest worry would be some kinda safe house retreat, that would set plan back further, anther is fighting in small tunnels against forces who can kill by touch. i would imagine thick clothing and various blunt weapons would be fine to counter this. since hive-mind has no physical power the actual defeat would be straight forwards.
  10. I guees ill create a first epic. hive mind a psyic gifter epic powers include: mind reading and mind control hive mind's gifting power creates drones that the epic can manipulate with ease, drones have powers that hivemend can not use directly such as being able to survive low caliber bullets higher athletics and poisonous touch. drones are in constant mental contact mentally but can not read minds of others. hive mind has taken over a city and uses underground system as a base. weakness include smoke breaks the psychic link. poison from drones can be cured by eating charcoal. and drones can be injured by bashing much more easily than bullets knives etc...
  11. thought it was fun where people created there own epics, but i thought it would be interesting to turn it around so its kinda a game. after an epic has been posted please fill out the catigoies below for what is needed to defeat the epic. 1) materials, resources and people. 2) setup ( where the confrontation may happen what traps would be placed etc.) 3) action ( how this may play through and also how it may go wrong)
  12. 1) powers would include the ability to create energy based explosions from his body that explode at will. also a large invulnerability to physical types of attacks, though not true invincibility. he would use the explosions mixed with his invulnerability to launch himself like a bullet using smaller blasts to change direction. 2) with his body being denser than normal he can not swim, also he is not immune to electricity or acid. a strong acid will weaken him for regular attacks to affect him. his explosive blasts are powered by his own energy, causing him to have super high metabolism, he must eat to be able to fuel his explosive powers 3) i was thinking meteorite as a name, but given his personality meteorwrong seemed more fitting since bad puns are always fun. 4) he would lack empathy more than be truly evil, he always out to do something big, wether it's trying blast himself to the moon leaving huge creators where he lands, or seeing how large of a creator he can make. hobbies include skyscraper dominos, truck flipping, and cannon ball darts. 5) costume keeps changing since he can never find a material durable enough for his life style.
  13. yes but if the heart is slowed down significantly while the body is still circulating blood extremly fast ... ( im not sure if heart attack is the right term now) but would it cause a health risk of some form?
  14. actually having a body double may help as a distraction.
  15. if a person is caught bettween a bendalloy time bubble and a cadium time bubble like half in one bubble half in the other. could this potentialy cause the victum a heart attack? having the blood flow and the heart rate change from diffrent sides of the body may cause somthing?