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  1. Daydam looked to the side, where another man had summoned a character he didn't recognize. Was that an OC? And how on the cosmere had the man done that? He had said the oaths just after Daydam himself had... "You're like him now," a voice said. Daydam looked around, but couldn't see anyone else nearby. "You can do the same." Does that mean... Daydam closed his eyes for a moment, focusing all of his efforts as he took a deep breath, the book in his hand getting destroyed in the process. Booklight seemed to flow within him like a river, almost pushing him forward. He didn't exactly know how to do what the other man had done, but there was something he did know. Something he had read in books many, many times before. Extending his hand to the side, Daydam summoned his Awkwardblade. The thin, short silvery sword appeared just a moment later. It wasn't even half as heavy as he had expected, and he found himself grinning. "You'll need more than this to beat them, Daydam," the voice said, but he ignored the comment, stepping into Windstance. Just ahead of him, the enemy leader had knocked one of the other Knights off his feet, and was getting ready to finish him. He wanted to do something to help, but found himself trapped as five soldiers joined The Lopen, getting ready to attack Daydam. "Well, time to see if I'm as good as I used to be."
  2. Agreed 100%. Besides, that way I get to save up some money before I spend it all on books...
  3. Welcome! Also, vamos Argentina carajo! De qué parte sos? Back to English now: Hoid ♥ And I still have to read The Rithmatist, though I've been wanting to read it ever since I started reading Brandon's books. I just decided I'd read all of the cosmere stuff before going to his other books (currently re-reading WoR before I read Arcanum Unbounded and the White Sands comics, which are the only books I haven't read yet)
  4. Same here! Pude iniciar a dos amigos en el cosmere (uno está leyendo SA y el otro Mistborn), pero en serio es difícil encontrar fans, más todavía cuando sus libros casi ni existen en el país
  5. VENGA TÍO, NO ESPERABA HABLAR ESPAÑOL AQUÍ! Nah, just kidding, I'm not from Spain, but welcome @Arkelao! Also, DON'T EAT THE COOKIE, IT'S SPIKED. (Well, tbh, I'm from Argentina, so bienvenido!)
  6. Welcome @da.mammoth! And Lord Ruler, @Invocation, OB in one sitting? I've been re-reading WoR for the past MONTH and I'm only halfway through it! Of course I only read in the bus, when going to work or back home, so that clearly makes a difference... Also, Absolutely agree with that.
  7. Alpha Universe (Un-retconned) Before he could finish saying the words, Daydam had to jump back as the room started collapsing around him. Guess this wasn't a good moment to arrive, he thought. He threw himself backwards once again in an exaggerated motion, barely dodging a piece of debris falling from above. Well, at least we're gonna have fun. Beta Universe (Retconned) There was no time to enjoy the newfound power. As light Booklight started streaming from his body, Daydam saw various figures forming inside the room. Was that... Vin? And Kaladin, to her side? Wait. Was that... Was that Lopen? The Lopen, Daydam's favorite king? But no. Something was wrong in that figure's eyes. Whatever that creature was, it wasn't friendly. A shout confirmed that not two seconds later. "Now, go forth, my legion, and destroy the Knights Awkward ONCE AND FOR ALL!" Well, crazy Herdazian, Daydam thought, getting ready to fight, even though he hadn't been in a fight for years. Let's dance. Of course, he couldn't dance either. Daydam's clumsiness was remarkable, and, even though he had a lot of practice with a sword, he wasn't good for bare-handed combat. This was surely going to be tough. (Also, which kind of spren would a Rolesmith have?)
  8. (Can't believe this exists... I freaking love this) Daydam entered the room, reading a book with a young girl in black in the cover. He seemed to barely notice the people in the place until he lowered the book to speak, his voice coming out firm, its low tone giving him an air of self-confidence he certainly didn't feel. "All the way from the forgotten kingdom of Argentina, I, Daydam, maker of mate and tereré, would be glad to join the Knights Awkward. Wether I'm accepted or not, I swear to live by the ideals of the Rolesmiths. Books before friends. 17th Shard before the real world. Release dates before birthdays. I will bind others with fictional narratives."
  9. I think it's kind of like what happens with Feruchemical iron. You become heavier, but your body also becomes just strong enough to avoid getting crushed by its new weight. Same happens with Allomantic atium, it enhances your mind so you can process all the new information without feeling overwhelmed. Maybe steel makes your mind work as fast as the rest of your body, whereas zinc simply speeds up your thought process.
  10. Wait... An Aluminum savant could purge the effects of Investiture from the body... Could it be possible for a chromium savant to wipe away other people's access to Allomancy permanently? Like "poof, got ya, you're no longer a Misting!"
  11. Welcome to the Shard @PaedragGaidin! I hope you have an awesome time here
  12. @Runeweaver the only dark one is Erin, to be honest. Kryden may be cold, but he is just trying to understand the world he lives in, though sometimes he feels like he doesn't belong. He's actually the reason why I got into Brandon Sanderson: the complex magic system in Mistborn, and the way physics applied to it, made Kryden feel like he had to read the books, and learn more about the rules of Allomancy.
  13. Welcome @Maddein! Just wanted to say, that fan art of Vin is amazing!
  14. Welcome @Runeweaver! About the various personalities, I do exactly the same to explain myself, though I only have three different aspects: Daydam has a lot of things to do but is too afraid of failure to ever do anything. Though I hate that, he is the dreamer one, the has the imagination, the ideas, the objectives. He is friendly, but really shy. He's also really sensitive, but the other personalities don't let him show it. Kryden has a cold and logical personality (good thing since as a producer my job requires me to be like that a lot). He sees Daydam's ideas, finds the problems and obstacles to consider, and looks for a way to solve them. The bad thing is, if he has too much work to do, Daydam starts trying to stop him saying "this is going to fail". His logic doesn't only apply to work: Kryden is obsessed with understanding everything, even feelings. Because of that, he's spent years faking emotions and analyzing how people behave when they feel some way in particular, to learn how to behave himself. He firmly believes that emotions and reasoning are just really quick and complex calculations based on our experience. Erin is... well, I could say she's my own Ruin, a voice constantly speaking at the back of my head, telling me that everyone's going to betray me, that feelings are nothing but a weakness, and that I'm going to fail at life no matter what I do. What's really weird is I need her. Kryden is the result of the constant clash between Daydam and Erin, and even though he is extremely logical, he can sometimes fall under Daydam's fear of failure. That's when Erin can prove useful: she doesn't care about anything or anyone. If she has an objective, she does whatever has to be done in order to succeed. I have a question: how and when did you start seeing yourself as all those characters? i.e. I love writing, and I try to put a bit of me in all of my main characters. That's how Erin came to be, 4 or 5 years ago, analyzing myself to find the worst part of me (in that moment I hadn't even realised how much I needed her). After that, Daydam came naturally as her pure opposite, and Kryden appeared 2 years ago, in a subtle way, slowly quieting Erin, controlling her most of the time. I hope you have an awesome time at the Shard!