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  1. @Booknerd and @HemalurgicStickBreaker - Tay has said you are "boredbois" because you're stuck in a "quarantine-arino". @old aggie she likes your idea, but she wants everyone to know that she's the funny one - I'm just the boring one who has the account on the 17th Shard
  2. She just read this on my post- "What? He abdicates!?" Turns out she fell asleep through the last few pages.
  3. We got to the end of Part 2! Here's some of the greatest hits up until Dalinar's choice to abdicate. Navani – Michelle-Pfeiffer-that-white-gold – “Not Michelle Pfeiffer… make sure they know it's Michelle-Pfeiffer-that-white-gold every time.” Chulls – Crab-cows – “It’s what they are, Chris!” ME: *reading about Kaladin thinking about abandoning the warcamps* TAY: If he’s going to abandon his friends in Bridge Four I’m done. He will be Traitorboi to me if he does that. ME: Knobweed- TAY: Ha! Knobweed. Sounds like pubes. That’s what I’m calling your pubes from now on. ME: So now that you’ve heard all of them – can you guess who wrote the letter in the epigraphs? TAY: *defeated* I dunno Chris. Is it the Court Jester? ME: Yes! TAY: Wait – really? Oh damnation I’m good at this! *after Bridge Four has chasm duty for the first time* TAY: Huh. Guess I was wrong. I seriously thought Slaveboi would be attacked by a Rock Lobster down there. ME: *knowing smile* ME: *describes Kaladin doing his first kata with a spear on chasm duty with Bridge Four* TAY: Weird flex, but ok. ME: *describing Dalinar smashing things with a hammer when he’s thinking* TAY: That’s some Perrin Aybara stuff right there. ME: *says ‘Brightlord’* TAY: Hey Chris hey. If there’s a brightlord is there a dumblord? Heh. *pauses* Sadeas. Sadeas is a dulllord. ME: *reads the word khokh and linil describing Dalinar’s glyphpair* TAY: Did you say cock? *laughs uproariously* And it’s in the shape of a tower too! Ha! Legitimately interested reactions (oohs and aahs - not just being funny) to: - Dalinar thinking that there’s a pattern to the Shattered Plains. - The Parshendi having grown their own armour - How spanreeds work
  4. I love this idea. Hot take: Cultivation's Vessel is an old flame of Hoid's from back om Yolen.
  5. I am 1000% behind Nightblood and Lift teaming up to Destroy Evil™.
  6. Vaguely off-topic: Has it been theorized that Kaladin could in fact be appointed Highprince Sadeas? He's now a lighteyes and a Radiant from Sadeas who are running seriously short on leadership?
  7. 1000%. I was absolutely devastated in that moment, but it was absolutely perfect. Can't wait for all those kinds of moments in Rhythm of War.
  8. I'm quite taken with Keeper of Words
  9. Kaladin's depression can be a bit much sometimes - but in that sense, I kind of get it. When you're in the throes of a depressive episode it tinges everything you do, everything you see, every comment that's made... so in that way I think he's relatable. But the thing that really gets me is the fact that he's a surgeon who has kind of chosen a path of destruction that constantly makes him at odds with himself. I loved his storyline in Oathbringer probably more than any other character since it seemed so grown-up: he couldn't distinguish friend from foe on the battlefield and just wanted people to stop. It's a very adult way to look at fantasy fiction, as opposed to a stalwart protagonist who is always assured in each thrust of his sword that he is the man in white killing the monsters in black.
  10. I've felt like it's going to be something out of left field that shows us why the other Heralds trust Ishar the way they do. Something like Ishar being Tanavast's brother in real life or something that even if he is absolutely insane, the Heralds would trust him.
  11. Here's how I'm seeing it: LAWFUL NEUTRAL CHAOTIC GOOD Dalinar Kaladin Lift NEUTRAL Szeth Jasnah Wit EVIL Sadeas Moash The Fused
  12. You're assuming she's lawful good. Rather think chaotic neutral
  13. Quick update! So I told my wife about how excited everyone was getting on this board. This is generally how it went down: ME: "I got so many points! I went from Prelan to Babsk to Houselord and now I'm a Forescout!" TAY: "None of those mean a single thing to me." ME: "So how about I read to you again tonight? You can help me with my burgeoning career as a Cosmere comedian. Wait - does that make me Wit?" TAY: "No, Chris. It makes me Wit. You're just the vessel I use to share my genius with the masses." Either way, I read a good five chapters last night. Here are some of the zingers: ME READING: "'I can save her,' Kal said." TAY: *snorts* "Ha! No you can't. Why? Because character development, Slaveboi, that's why." Tay tries to convince me by way of a five minute conversation that the White Stripes predicted the plot of the book - "Think about it, Chris! 'I'm talking to myself at night because I can't forget'! Like the Stormdaddy is talking to JDM during the storms! I'm right." She has also predicted that Kaladin secretly killed Brightlord Wisitow when he was 13 - "Because... abuse? Or something. Slaveboi doesn't like Lighteyes anyways." She also came up with the following character names: Rock - Dwayne Johnston Wit - The Court Jester Brightlord Wisitow - Brightlord Wichita (this was the starting off point for her hot take on the White Stripes) Laral - Rosalind - "Rosamund. Because he's got unrequited love with her like Romeo and Rosamund. Wait - no. Rosalind. Rosamund is playing Moiraine." Lirin - Pop-Pop And last but not least, she came up with her title for The Way of Kings. I present to you: The Adventures of Slaveboi and Jeffrey Dean Morgan - Book One of the Stormlight Archive. That's all I've got for now! But if we're stuck at home with COVID-19 any time soon, I'm sure there will be more!
  14. Not quite yet - we've only met them in passing so far!
  15. Cue Jon Snow - "Ah don't want it."