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  1. So it looks like its gonna be non-cosmere but about dragons!
  2. 1) Why would it be weird that the Stormform would summon a cure for THEIR people. That sounds exactly like what they would do! 2) The Stormfather wasnt trying to prevent healing of a people as much as he was trying to prevent the healing of a people that are used as a tool and weapon of Odium. Yes, the parshmen have their own right to live, but from what we have seen, they are very much easily swayed to be transformed into Voidbringers. Either by manipulating them or by force. 3) You say there is a degree of free will, but we know from Eshonai's experience that it was forced on her at a certain point and she is trapped.
  3. im not certain why anyone thinks it matters where she was coming from and who she could have run into along the way. Shes an Elsecaller!! She dosent have to take a path to or from anywhere and wouldnt meet anyone "on the way". She would be specifically going to them.
  4. i think the "they were people" is speculation on Shallan's part. Im still partial to the Unmade having been Dawnsingers. Which Im thinking were basically ancient super-spren, possibly with more self-awareness which would make them more person-like.
  5. So first, i did like that theory and im glad its kinda been supported now. Second, i like your idea that what chased Kal was the VB Skybreaker, not Stormform. Third, i dont think he will be able summon highstorms. Too destructive, like @Head Crabs said. However, i do think this will expand into larger control of storms and redirection of them.
  7. @Calderis Well darn. Could it be Shardic resonance?
  8. Glad to have you on board! And yea, all our theories are lacking information, we are all grasping at straws for the next month. EDIT: and while this isnt proof, if in fact the Unmade were the Dawnsingers, then it also makes sense why they were called Dawnsingers because they were the source of the Rhythms. It also makes since that the Listeners had more access to the Rhythms, because they werent corrupted yet. Once they became corrupted, their Rhythms became more Void-y and now that the Listeners rejected them outright. they only have access to the most basic of Rhythms (maybe though the final Dawnsinger that wasnt corrupted into Unmade?).
  9. It came around a few weeks ago. I happen to like it.
  10. @Wreith Well if we hold by the theory that the Dawnsingers became the Unmade...then they would have been there since the beginning with the Listeners as well
  11. That ability sounds Bondsmith-y to me.
  12. New thought i just had, could the Rhythms be something akin to the Thrill? As in it is sourced from Unmade?
  13. Are we certain that Ialia can see the chicken? To her, Mraize is just another solider. Why would he have a chicken on him? Wouldnt she find that strange? What if it is an Aviar and is disguising itself to not be seen, except by Shallan (either because shes a Ghostblood or because shes a Lightweaver?)
  14. 1) what is 'better'? nothing says it will be better. it says a new world will be made. This sounds like an evil prophecy promising destruction of a world in order to create a new one under a new vision. 2) while ill agree that the new storm is probably the Everstorm, but where can you assume that the listeners wont end up voidbringers? I dont necessarily disagree, but i just dont see where to assume that from these quotes. 3) id go with the thought about their bond being their form of surgebinding. not that they are going to somehow also gain the surges of humans 4) i think this requite just means that the Odium will be forced to return and to name his Champion. He wont be able to resist the challenge.
  15. Whats with the yellow stones coming up to act as footing? Sounds Thunderclast-y to me.