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  1. After reading that wonderful Transcription, I can't image the second alien being anything but a Skybreaker. Those legal questions just scream Skybreaker, someone who cares about legality not morality. No Windrunner would talk like that. Armor of a futuristic cast, smooth and bright with a soft violet-blue glowing at the joints.
  2. Is there another secret society on Roshar we know about now? One that brought Voidspren to the Listeners or are they part of one we know? It was confirmed in book they weren't part of the Son's of Honor.
  3. I was really hoping Rosharian's would come out in a good spot from Stormlight. And that they would be friends with Harmony.
  4. We got Invention, Valor, Mercy, and Whimsy for sure and I think Foil on the very last page is a candidate though I am not sure how a Shard would struggle to control something unless the Aethers predate its arrival on the planet or come from another Shard. I hate the idea that Thaidakar is Kelsier. He fought for survival and helped people, especially the abused and downtrodden. He helped first the Skaa then the Southern continent. The Ghostbloods aren't about helping anyone. Its all about power and power through trade. My only idea is that Kelsier has spent so long focused on survival is that is all he can plan now, get Stormlight free my spirit so I can do more. Could be a tragic story but the aspect bit made me think of someone more powerful. I do think Cultivation is a dragon which is fun. Did we ever find out why no one reached out to her or the Nightwatcher to ask for there help since Dalinar knows where she is? I have been wondering how Brandon is going to split the first 5 and last 5 books. I thought it might be a break between a Roshar focus and Braize/Ashyn in the later books. I considered a break between restoring Honor and defeating Odium. Now with a new Odium, one cleverer and even more interested in escape and putting things "to rights" in the cosmere, I wonder if it back half will be even more outwardly focused as Odium escapes or other Shards get more involved.
  5. Could Thaidakar even be a Shard or an Avatar of Autonomy? Is that the source of his mental breaks similar to heralds? Could Cultivation be the Dragon?
  6. So when Peter said that the Stormfather's statement was wrong, I took that to mean that Bondsmiths have Tension. The Stoneward used Cohesion not to repair but to transform. Dalinar used Tension to repair. The Stormfather's statement implied that the two orders shared Cohesion but they do not. Tension is the overlap between the two orders but the Stormfather said they shared a surge when the Stoneward used Cohesion, a mistake. According to Peter, the Ars Arcanum is right.
  7. I get a very Dunish feel from Renarin. It looks like Odium's future vision is broken by him. Either because he is outside it, or because he can also see the future. In Mistborn two Atium burners counter each other. I think Renarin functions that way as well. His countdown to the Everstorm got Dalinar to the plains in time. I also think his illumination is different than Shallan's. Shallan lies. I think Renarin sees and can display the truth. I also think corruption is the wrong term for what happened to his Spren. His Spren connections to Odium now.It has his power as well. That's not corruption as long as Odium doesn't control it. It just a new power source, and one that can predict the future. I am curious if his Spren lives in his heart because Passions come from the heart.
  8. I feel like Cultivation set Dalinar up to resist Odium. I think the warm visions are given by her to encourage him to continue to become better. Its also possible they come from the Spiritual realm, like Szeth's voices. Brandon says that Mistborn and Stormlight are critical to the Cosmere. I can see Stormlight teaching us how to remake shards, attack shards (Odium), or even creating the one Shard to Unite them all. Cultivation could be cultivating her fellow shard to form a new Intent that fits what she needs. Between Dalinar and potentially Renarin I think she is in it for the long game.
  9. I also like that idea.
  10. I don't think Adhesion works because Windrunners also have that Surge. It probably has more to do with his connection to the Stormfather. The Highstorms already penetrate all three realms to recharge spheres. The additional changes Honor made to the Stormfather before his death allow Dalinar to create a localized Highstorm without the storm. The Stormfather specifically says that this has never happened before and I am willing to bet that any Bondsmith connected to the Nightwatcher couldn't duplicate this effect. The Sibling is up for debate because if it is even partly of Honor there might be a chance in my mind. I suspect part of the changes Honor made to the Stormfather gave it additional awareness and increased its Spiritual connections. It likely was already strong on the Cognitive realm because of the stories humans told.
  11. Oathbringer stated that we have seen nine types of Fused. Do we know which Knight Radiant analogue we are missing? I am assuming Bondsmiths since they are a unique and limited order and either don't exist or require bonding to an Unmade which we haven't seen in a fused yet. Do we know anything more about which Fused is missing? Also, we know that Fused powers work differently, the flying ones Kalladin fights accelerate slower than he does. Do we have any idea why that is? Everything affected by gravity accelerates at the same speed. Potential theories I see: The use a method other than gravity to fly Something about the Fused and their gem hearts makes them accelerate differently, like how Greatshells can be bigger because of their interactions with Spren Any other ideas?
  12. The other issue I have with Nale is what are the laws of the Singers? Do they have written laws to follow? Who has authority to write the laws? If the leaders are possessed by Odium, then can the Singers truly have their own laws? I mean, if Nale is following the Singers based on the logic that they used to own the land thousands of years ago, is he following their original laws? The whole decisions is very suspect from a practical view. If he truly wants to follow the laws of the Singers, he has to somehow distinguish them from Odium's law.
  13. I had a couple general questions and she wasn't busy so I asked. I remember there was a couple days break between Houston and the next signing so I was curious what they were doing. Apparently Brandon is going to record Writing Excuses at NASA and Adam said they would tweet Monday if the session was open to the public. I doubt it will be but it would be cool to see if it is.
  14. While a lot of people are discussing if Jasnah has shardplate, no one has explained why she would hide it? I would think Jasnah would share as much useful information as possible, not hide it. We have seen Windspren swirl around Kalldin, I don't think this is anything more than another visual tease.
  15. I asked at the Houston signing and Eshonai is the focus character for book 4. Brandan has said he could use a dead character for flashbacks so its not shocking that Eshonai is still the planned focus. Given the presence of the ancestors and fused, I think its possible that she is still active in book 4, but I also think its equally likely she is just there for flashbacks.