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  1. At the moment, I'm playing entirely too much Star Trek Online.
  2. Lightsong, Breeze, Sazed, Kelsier, Vasher, Hrathen, Kaladin... Oh, jeez, there are so many awesome Cosmere characters.
  3. Thank you very much for writing the amazing books you have, and for doing us the great honor of coming to answer questions on them. It's amazing :)

  4. Hi, Mr. Sanderson. Thank you very much for doing this Q & A - I concur with the sentiments of many before that it is much appreciated. Assuming I haven't run out of time, (roughly 10:00 MST here), I have a few questions I'd like to ask. So, onto the actual questions 1. Assuming Hemalurgy walks across multiple shardworlds, what would happen if a Hemalurgist were to kill a Returned God, and spike themselves with the resulting spike, given Hemalurgic decay? 2. If Sel is so dangerous to move to via Shadesmar, how is Galladon able to worldhop? 3. What would happen if an Awakener were to give their breath to an Allomancer? Would the Allomancer be able to use it for anything? What if the same thing happened, only with a Surgebinder instead of an Allomancer?
  5. Hmm, sounds interesting. Could anyone send me an invite to this thing? My email *should* be up on my profile page. On that note, I've been playing a lot of the browser-based Nationstates game again. I made an uber-capitalist nearly-fascist state, which is quite fun to roleplay as
  6. That would be extremely cool - M2TW, at least, has so many fantasy mods for I'm certain it would be eminently moddable in that direction. Lately, at least, I've been playing a 'Hyrule' mod a lot. Its quite entertaining
  7. Best friends with a single person, provided the sentiment was reciprocal. Two people can take on the world, if both can trust each other fully. On that note, would you rather be the head of a dangerously incompetent but vast, powerful, and influential organization, or one that was small, competent, and efficient, but set against the whole world?
  8. So, for a while, I've been a fan of The Creative Assmbly's Total War real-time tactics games. You command a historical nation, and in epic real-time battles with thousands of troops on all sides, conquer your way to glory. So, I was wondering if any other 17th Sharders play any Total War games, and if so, which ones.
  9. It did. This was due to the combination of several massive bugs, and being more difficult then what X-COM's superhuman was supposed to be. Its ridiculously difficult.
  10. Rewriting the thing I did for NaNo last year for NaNo this year. Should be interesting/fun
  11. This is going to be awesome. X-COM is epic, and I have no doubt Firaxis of all studios will be able to to do it justice.
  12. uni orientation for rest of week. contact w/ me will be sporadic

  13. Either Grey, Brown, Green, or some mixture of all three, for me. I love history, enjoy the challenge of politics & negotiation, and happen to have a lifelong interest in tactics. That said, the Asha'man Green Ajah would likely be very entertaining, due to all the pretty explosions... Eh, the wheel weaves as the wheel wills. I'll make no further comment.
  14. lead by Kelsier