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  1. Welcome to the Shard. I'm new here too. I'm obsessed with Sanderson's writing. My wife even jokes that it's cute how much I fan boy over him so I know what you mean about him taking up a lot of space on your bookshelf.
  2. @Daydam Steris definitely becomes more interesting of a character. I couldn't stand her at first but you grow to love her for what she is and what she knows she's not. I have to agree about Allrianne Cett though, she's the worst.
  3. That would be why ha ha. Thanks @Sami I'm not entirely sure why I hadn't signed up sooner, I frequented this site enough that I should have.
  4. @StrikerEZ I had been wanting to read The Way of Kings for a while before I even knew about Sanderson so once I had read Mistborn and The Reckoners I couldn't help but jump onto that as soon as possible. I found out after I had already started it that it had small nods to Elantris in it. I'm looking forward to jumping into that after Stormlight Archives though!
  5. @StrikerEZ I'll gladly accept Ruin into my life!!! In the Cosmere I've only read the Mistborn series, Wax and Wayne and Secret History. I've read the Reckoners series but I know that's not in the Cosmere. I'm currently reading The Way of Kings and plan to continue on through The Stormlight Archives and then on to something else in the Cosmere. Seeing how he's tied these worlds together has made me realize I've been doing something similar without realizing it. I'm considering tying it all together a bit more firmly in my own writing.
  6. I'd have to agree with this. Spook isn't a bad character by any means but he didn't really stand out to me as all that interesting either. He was just kind of there.
  7. I'm dying for The Lost Metal, the next book in the Wax and Wayne series after how The Band's of Mourning ended. It can't come into my life soon enough.
  8. Hello everyone! I'm a huge Sanderson fan and have been reading nothing but his work, listening to Writing Excuses and his lectures. I'm a writer and I find his work to be massively inspirational. I'm currently reading The Way of Kings but Mistborn is hands down my all-time favorite series. Ive read the forums randomly before but never joined until I saw I can get some of his unpublished work so I couldn't help myself. With that said, I'm excited to interact with fellow Sanderson fans!!!