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  1. I totally forgot about that! I've only read FoD once. It's entirely possible the quote or variations of it show up more often than three times, even.
  2. @Ammanas RG and DoD. It's one of my favorite of the opening poems.
  3. FIGHT ME (I'm always too tired to read actual books these days; I fall asleep.)
  4. I'm only on book two, as they're coming through my library and the waiting list is beastly. I am LOVING Marsters, though. A great fit for the first person narration. And yeah, I don't remember who those people are by name.
  5. Double post, sorry! But yay Kellanved's Reach! When I finish up my Dresden Files book I'm going in.
  6. Here it is! About to read it.
  7. After reading his blog post about how book one is going to go, I'm hoping we'll maybe get a familiar point of view!
  8. This just in, a Karsa preview forthcoming!
  9. Agreed on the hopes for Karsa. His "I do what I want" with regard to hard facts and lore just... Doesn't mesh with my obsessive need to know things. As for the height of the Malazan brow... I don't mind if it reads mostly like popular fiction. The style of most literary fiction often strikes me as just... disingenuous. It certainly sounds cool, but it leaves me feeling outside of the story, which is really what I'm here for. I did enjoy it really just depends on what you love most about reading.
  10. Re: Kharkanus. Overall I enjoyed the books, especially for the insight on Draconus, the Tiste... diaspora?, the Jaghut, and the Azathenai. However, there were parts I totally zoned through because it was your typical Erikson pontificating. Agreed on his occasional lapses into philosophical maundering. As for Midnight Tides... wasn't there a quote in there somewhere? I know there is, I just can't for the life of me remember when or where. I think the big stone thing may be a representation of the god pillar at the bottom of the ocean that Brys Beddict touched.
  11. @TheOrlionThatComesBefore I totally see what you're saying, and it truly is a massive eye roll, ESPECIALLY when anyone dares to bring up or mention another series like the Wheel of Time. I lurk on the Malazan Facebook group and occasionally share pictures of Silchas Kitty. Speaking of which...
  12. We've got an update! Thoughts?
  13. I love John Banks! He did an excellent job with the other ICE books.
  14. Not since the release date came out, which is still listed as November on MacMillan's page. Kellanved's Reach got pushed back to April, though, which is annoying.