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  1. After reading Kharkanas, I actually really enjoyed Nimander's story. It made more sense the second time around, and I had more insight into a child growing up with Andarist and Nimander's particular brand of self loathing. He almost reminded me of Rand al'Thor in a way. He was a dark horse, always underestimated, and kind of a secret badass. I want to know more about where his story went after the events in TCG, especially with Silchas Ruin and Korlat. For an honorable mention, I have to throw in Ganoes Paran. For the master of the deck, we don't see too much of him for a lot of the story, and I get the feeling he's passed over a lot for more powerhouse characters like Karsa, Quickben, and Rake.
  2. It's been a year since I've listened, so I can't remember everything. I'll say that FoL felt a little drudgier than FoD, possibly because of the change in narrator. However, what I don't have is a memory of hating it. To my memory the books were enjoyable without blowing my mind.
  3. I mean I always kind of had the impression he wasn't exactly a full set of marbles in the first place. Also, best comparison ever.
  4. Silchas Ruin killed my moose ornament and then my sister made a mini painting of it.
  5. If we're talking reading progress, with a brief stop to read The Last Wish (Witcher series), I just finished Gwynne's The Faithful and the Fallen (took about two weeks). For being somewhat predictable and tropey, I found myself enjoying it rather a lot. Holding off on A Time of Dread to see if Lawrence's Book of Ascendancy is something I'll like or dislike. I'm one for two on enjoying his series but time will tell! I'm also slowly spreading the Malazan gospel amongst the Wheel of Time fan base on Twitter. Started a few conversations about it and it still surprises me that it remains both obscure and incredibly popular at the same time.
  6. I follow her on Twitter and she's pretty awesome as it is, and has mentioned that the geology in her books was an important aspect, as well. I'll have to finally listen to it when I'm done with a Malice. I can't get the other Gwynne audiobooks because I'm a yank. Ugh.
  7. I've had the Fifth Season in my library for over a year and haven't read it yet. You'll have to let me know if it's worth it! I finally read Edgedancer last week, but I recommended Malazan to someone on Twitter and I'm trying really hard not to just abandon everything else for another reread.
  8. Nothing about Hood’s breath! That’s like the most used one.
  9. Nope. They definitely said communism. To be fair, I think they were thinking along the lines of Chinese communism. Or not thinking at all, because you're correct. It's REALLY unsubtle.
  10. My general reaction:
  11. @TheOrlionThatComesBefore I was having similar thoughts. It sounds a lot like some of the people that show up in the Malazan Empire Facebook group and say that Lether is a criticism of communism. It seems like, with Malazan, it's easier for those types to avoid any of the observations and allegories Erikson has woven into the story because there are swords, dragons, and explosions. I'm also not going to read it, though. I'm not interested in science fiction, really, or in anything based in the actual world that isn't Marvel comics, tbh.
  12. It's been awhile since I've posted about Silchas Kitty. Update: he's a menace, keeps trying to knock my sword off the wall, and is not a tiny kitten anymore. Also, still ridiculously adorable.
  13. Touche! Just the once but I am pretty terrible at doing anything in my free time that isn't reading. I'm behind on my Goodreads challenge, though. I need to read 23 more books before the end of the year and I'm terminally incapable of reading things that are short. I wanted to reread stormlight but that takes like a week each even for me, lmao.
  14. I started TCG for the first time a year ago today!
  15. Sometimes you gotta be a ruffian. I'll conveniently forget how angry I still sometimes get at myself for reading Aspect Emperor, haha.