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  1. The link I have still works. Is it alright if I post it here @Pagerunner or would that be subverting the subscription requirement?
  2. And a dog? Seriously? A dog. Against an immortal being of thought and power. smh I'd like to think that I would vote for the obvious winner in cases like this, but I think it really is just a popularity contest. It's like if we were to have a vote on whether a black hole named Fred could defeat Channing Tatum. Reality wouldn't matter, only the fact that Fred has no friends, since he ate them. Sorry, weird example...
  3. I think it's bomb! One thing you could add is glyphs on the cape or something. You could throw in some Ryshadium for them to ride, too.
  4. And we have the story about the moons in OB, where a human has a child with a moon as the origin for Aimians, which sounds a lot to me like interspecies relationship, perhaps between a Bondsmith and one of their spren.
  5. Lol, and he admitted his age. Wow, I didn't realize that he aged!
  6. Yes Please, I would like this very much. Very cover, many art, such quote, wow. It will go nicely next to my selfie with Brandon (still one of my proudest moments).
  7. @King Cole Right there with you, buddy
  8. @Robinski Your Rep title is especially appropriate right now, lol. Alright, yeah, I've been slacking I have been doing life and just kind of getting by. But I'm not on a road block! I'm just taking my time with my story. Thanksgiving will hopefully be a good time to catch up. Either way, I feel like I've been winning this month just because I'm writing a good story and practicing my art. But I haven't given up on NaNo yet!
  9. @Tesh haha, you are in for a WILD ride, my Surgefinder friend. When you read from 7:30PM to 6:30AM STRAIGHT through Oathbringer, and take a quick 30 minute nap so you don't die at work. Then you dissolve into "GAH!!!" and "Finish Word of Radiance already so I can give you Oathbringer then finish Oathbringer so I can flip out about it with you!" Also, when you have trouble explaining the Sanderson/the Cosmere to your friends without sounding like you're having a psychotic breakdown. And when you get really frustrated that Chrome doesn't recognize "Sanderson" or any other Cosmere-y words and underlines them in red. I know how to spell, storm it!
  10. I thought I had through some strange means gotten a restriction put on my account -- I'm glad to see this is actually a system-wide change (not that I've used down-votes more than like three times, I swear )
  11. I'm almost 90% sure Tien was a proto-Radiant, and the Ghostbloods very well could have targeted him, since they had a way to get Heleran into the enemy army. As to which order, I'd say either Lightweaver or someone sharing a Surge with them, since Kal says that Shallan reminds him of someone who had the ability to lift his darkness (and I'm inclined to regard any phenomenon as magical in Sanderson's works).
  12. I think, perhaps, that we'd have to find their main manifestation, as they seem to be spread out over a wide area. That is, they don't seem to have a physical body anymore, more like a physical presence that has been merged with the rest of creation. So the main manifestation of this could be their perpendicularities. If we can spike one of those with something the size of a railroad tie, or even larger, then theoretically we could steal recruit a large amount of their power for our exploitation experimentation. WARNING: POSSIBLE SPOILERY MATERIALS FOR A NEW-ISH SANDERSON NOVEL THAT SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS
  13. theory

    Perhaps there is something special about this Cryptic, as there is something special about Syl and Glys. The ones who come over are often very important individuals/spren.
  14. I loved Teft. That character ... wow. I bawled when I saw him finally accept himself, broken as he was, and decide to start standing up for himself against himself. Sanderson did it so well. My own addictions, my own self-loathing, when I beat them back even if only for a moment -- it does not feel as heroic and majestic as this. Seeing it happen with someone else, I finally got a glimpse of how heroic and majestic it actually is. I sobbed like a child. Dalinar's acceptance of his pain and his past, fighting against Odium's offer to take it away, take away responsibility and pain, was also one of the most heroic things I've ever seen. Did anyone else get major Star Treck vibes a la "The Final Frontier," with Sybok as Odium and Dalinar as Kirk? "I need my pain" vs "You cannot have my pain." Wow. This was the other scene I cried at. I at first felt disappointed that Kaladin didn't swear the fourth ideal, but now I see it was brilliance on Sanderson's part. It would feel cheap to have him come by it without effort. Showing him in this crucial moment, then taking away his deus ex machina because no matter how badly he needs to save people he simply can't -- that is going to make it mean so much more when he finally does swear it. Whatever it is, I'm sure it has something to do with letting go of the people he cannot save. Lastly, I think we finally saw Hemalurgy used outside of Scadrial. No wonder even Vessels have been scared Witless over it. So now we know why the Recreance happened, but not why Honor and Cultivation agreed to accept a new god among them. I still believe they did it as a way to trap him and keep him from destroying the rest of the Cosmere. But how did he get there in the first place? Did he create humans somewhere else while he wasn't going around Splintering up every shard in sight? It likely happened sometime after, and I'm 90% positive that he did create these humans since Dalinar is referred to as a Child of Odium by the Nightwatcher, but what planet did he Invest in to create them? And why did he choose to save some? Or did they flee him, but by virtue of being his creations bring him with them? And how and when exactly did the switch occur when men adopted Honor and Cultivation as their gods, and Odium became the god of the parshmen? The Listeners claimed their gods abandoned them for men; were those gods the Unmade, or Honor and Cultivation? So many questions. So much excitement. I need the next book, Brandon! But this one was sooooo worth the wait.
  15. I thought we had a WOB that said humans lived on Roshar before the Shards' arrival, but now I'm unable to find it. In fact, all I could find was this And also this Parshmen and Aimians technically count as "people." Which makes me think all humans are immigrants to Roshar. In answer to @Bridge Boy, I think the Shin are direct descendants from the first invaders, the original Voidbringers, but that's purely my speculation.