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  1. I'm guessing that there will be a time skip between series arc. So, I'm guessing that the second sequence of SA will have POV that would also decribe what'll happened between the gap.
  2. According to Peter here's the release schedule: Book 3: Fall 2016 Book 4-5: Fall 2018, and Fall 2020. Mistborn trilogy break, and then Book 6 2025, or 2026 I'll be old by then. Nevermind, Journey before destination.
  4. The dude' still alive. He probably fainted from exhaustion, after a stay in Damnation. I think he has a viewpoint chapter in WoR.
  5. I'm from India, born in Bhopal, but recently shifted to Delhi. Its always a hard time finding people who read books, especially the ones you like to read.
  6. I use Windows 7, but I have a preference for Mac. I passed an opportunity for a MacBook Pro, regret that decision. I would most definitely switch to Mac after having a look at the next iteration of Windows, since 8 isn't working for me.