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  1. According to Peter here's the release schedule: Book 3: Fall 2016 Book 4-5: Fall 2018, and Fall 2020. Mistborn trilogy break, and then Book 6 2025, or 2026 I'll be old by then. Nevermind, Journey before destination.
  3. The dude' still alive. He probably fainted from exhaustion, after a stay in Damnation. I think he has a viewpoint chapter in WoR.
  4. I'm from India, born in Bhopal, but recently shifted to Delhi. Its always a hard time finding people who read books, especially the ones you like to read.
  5. I use Windows 7, but I have a preference for Mac. I passed an opportunity for a MacBook Pro, regret that decision. I would most definitely switch to Mac after having a look at the next iteration of Windows, since 8 isn't working for me.