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  1. All very true. I'm writing a fanfic right now with a lurcher and it's hella fun, but there are serious limitations that any serious coinshot would not have and the lurcher is doing some things that a coinshot wouldn't dream of doing. A competent coinshot in the first Mistborn trilogy should not have died in the few situations I saw them plument to their death. In today's society a lurcher would have the serious advantage due total monopoly of steel and other metals used in modern buildings. But it would still be more fun to be a coinshot, imo. Not only can you sore around on pennies but your basicly a walking gun. I good coinshot wouldn't need to fear a pewterarm. With any skill he could play keep away and down him from afar. So as for the two physical external metals, I would choose to push.
  2. In either case you are still better off being a coinshot than a lurcher, which was my orgional premise. A coinshot is just all around better prepared for a fall than a lurcher is for the majority of circumstances.
  3. You're taking the example too literal. If anybody (lurcher, coinshot, etc) fell out of a plane they would be screwed. But if you fall from a cliff or large tree or stone wall, really anything with out metal, you would only have a chance of surviving as a coinshot. It is much easier to put an anchor below you (be it a coin or bullet casing or whatever) because there is going to be ground below you to push against. Percentage wise there won't be nearly as many chances to pull against something secure above you.
  4. Now you're just taking my example to literal.
  5. Just how much is the difference in metabolic burn of metals? Pewter is said to be the quiest to burn (aside from atium) and copper/tin the slowest but I wouldn't mind a ball park (if that's within posting rules). Like if you swallow enough pewter to burn straight for 5 minutes and the same amount of steel, how long can you burn that?
  6. I'd say coinshot for sure for these reasons. Yeah maybe spirderman and batman can grapel through skyscrapers with ease, but a coinshot with coins can do most of the same things. Not to mention I'd be seriously parinoid about falling and as long as you have something metal on you then a coinshot should not be afraid of falling. A lurcher on the other hand... you don't always have a tall metal building around to ease your fall. If you push a lurcher and a coinshot out of a plane and only one is going to survive. Having said all that... tin would be pretty cool. More helpful in all the day to day stuff as well as anything dangerious.
  7. Has to be cadmium(sp?). Stores luck. That is just all kinds of cool and useful.
  8. When this game is played I doubt you'll be able to play as separate Mistings. You'll play one central character who is Mistborn. I'd put money on that, unless somebody has a source that says otherwise.
  9. I'll admit that Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly is basically Wax plus a space ship and minus the twinborn.
  10. I don't know but I think I could buy there being no more Mistborn. It sounds like at the end of Hero of Ages the only Mistborn left was Spook and other Mistings were only half-skaa or lesser noblemen. It's a bit of a stretch but I don't think it's impossible. Merely improbable. As for there still being obligators around, I would very much agree. If only because they still use things like "Canton of Cartography" and the like. I doubt they have eye tattoos and do not shave their heads. They probably aren't even called obligators but I'm sure they have something that serves a similar function.
  11. Okay, I think I understand in theory. Basically what you are doing is moving your anchor through the sky and following it and then pulling it after you, varying wait to insure you either get pulled to it or it is pulled towards you. Yeah that could work. But I think you might have to be a zinc ferring to get all the angles down. That would be incredibly hard. Harder, I think, than Vin's use of horseshoes in the second book.
  12. I always assumed the Lord Ruler compounded copper and therefore had a flawless memory. He didn't have to store any memories or what not, just as long as he compounded copper (what ever that entailed) which could be nearly constant as he copper is cheap and burns relatively slowly, then he would have perfect recall during this period. Really the character concept is pretty cool. A bit like that new tv cop drama called "Unforgetable", I think (ironicly I can't remember it very well). There wouldn't be much of a combat orientation for this but having a flawless memory is still pretty freaking helpful. EDIT: and as for the iron compounder, the actual problem would be going anywhere but where you started. Even angling the metal when you throw it would cause you to fly back to your original position. You could hover, but actual flying might prove impossible.
  13. The man is just too prolific of a writer for his own good. Honestly, what writer has this many "to be published" works on their list?
  14. Do you mean the earring given to Wax? I don't remember Miles getting one. And correct. There really is not such a thing as good tasting poison. It usually has to bet masked by a really strong type of flavor like mint or cinnamon.