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  1. But what is Lerasium other than Investiture in solid form? Eating (and Burning) it alters your sDNA definitely. Tapping in a Nicrosil mind would 'fake' a different sDNA because there is so much more Investiture in your body. I mean, the AoL Ars Arcanum says that Nicrosil lets you store 'Investiture'
  2. I don't believe you store 'effect' of Investiture. It's rather that you store you own Investiture. In using Feruchemy you always store some aspect of yours, storing Investiture would be like storing part of your Innate Investiture. When tapping a charged Nicrosil metal-whatever, you'd become a more powerful Allomancer. Like Elend was more powerful than Vin because he ate a Lerasium bead.
  3. But there should be mental commands, right? I mean, we never got to know how the God-King was supposed to give his Breath away without a tongue. So I guess you can learn to command something without speaking. Like, for example, changing your hair-colour. When you speak a command, the mental image is way more important anyway, isn't it?
  4. I wonder if a 'Self-Command' is the way Vasher and Denth hid their Returned Breath? Or is that already common knowledge and I just never stumbled upon that idea?
  5. Well, english is not my first language. I wasn't really conscious of the meaning of 'pms'.
  6. I think you should be very careful with giving away ANY knowledge about White Sand. As long as it's not published, the official policy here is to discuss it only in pms.
  7. I think that royal locks also have something to do with Breath. I seem to remember that Siri was examined by a priest when she arrived at the Court of Gods. That priest said that she had a very strong Breath. There are other hints about how Breath can be stronger or weaker. The strongest Breath is of course the Returned Breath. The stronger your Breath, the more you'd be able to change about your appearance. Returned can change all of it. Those who are desended from Returned inherit the strength of a Breath, even if it's a "normal" Breath. Of course WoB says it's not genetics, but I think the strength of the Breath is involved somehow. Then. A strong Breath wouldn't automatically mean that you can change your appearance. After all strong Breath only means a stronger spiritual aspect. You also have to make the connection using your cognitive aspect. And that's probably where lineage makes the difference.
  8. The Song only says that it were not the Listener's gods who shattered the plains. It may very well have been the Listeners themselves in a Voidform (forms of their gods). I'd make a distinction between the gods and Listeners using forms of gods. So during the Last Desolation the Voidbringers (Listeners using Voidforms) fought against the KR. Stormseat, being a city of the KR would be a nice goal to destroy for Voidbringers, right? The KR would rather be the ones defending Stormseat.
  9. Were Ruin and Preservation/Is Harmony blind to every type of metal or only to those that can be used in the Metallic Arts?
  10. And could Blushweaver have been healed with a Returned Breath?
  11. Ok, Susebron lacked his tongue, so maybe the Returned Breath was consumed during the process of Healing (do Returned Breaths do that, normally?). What if the Returned who received the Breath did not need any Healing? Can you stack Returned Breath? With what we know now about Healing oneself and perception (Kaladin's arm and scar), would Susebron have been able to regrow his tongue by changig his perception of himself? He must have had enough Investiture to do it.
  12. What would happen if a Returned got another Returned Breath? (imagine Vasher concealing his Returned Breath persuading a Returned to give his Breath to him)
  13. It wasn't until Taln appeared at the end of TWoK that the voidspren (red spren, seen by Syl, in Highstorms) appeared. And Taln's coming started the Desolation right? So what if, when the Desolation is ended, voidspren have to disappear again. Any Listener using a voidspren at that point would be left without a spren. And what's a Listener without a spren? Right, a parshman.
  14. When posting the OP I came upon that drunkard again, the one who might be either Jezrien or Ishar. About the beard. Ishar ist not the only one having a beard. Jezrien has one. He's described in the Prelude to the SA and his chapter icon represents him with a beard as well. So I'd go with the drooling person in the prologue to WoK as being Jezrien rather than Ishar. As to Taln, remember that the prologues take place 6 years before the apearing of Taln or whoever that is in the Epilogue of WoK. So at the time of the prologue Taln probably was still being tortured. I say probably because you never know of course.
  15. Thanks Garlick, suppose that's what happens when you stay away from the forums for a while.