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  1. I know most of the words, but not all of them. The person below me commemorates a present that they received a long time ago.
  2. No, but I'm planning to go for a week with family. We'll actually be spending Shavuos there. The person below me loves cheesecake.
  3. "The gate is an abomination. It is too easy a way to destroy. Nathrangking knows well that he cannot simply destroy without consequences. That door is no more. If he desires to kill our granddaughter he knows the price that must be paid." The voices are a whisper weighted by both age and power. No response answers Fadran. Though the air fills with waves of ever growing power.
  4. Fortunately I'm not procrastinating. The person below me wishes that there more hours to spend on the shard.
  5. I do for now though I am in the Aliyah process. The person below me is a believer in magic.
  6. It was ok. The person below me has decorated their house with many plants.
  7. No though I do like Matzah and cream cheese. The person below me uses an unusual food for Karpas.
  8. I do not know why. The person below me has visited a medieval fortress.
  9. I did not. The person below me is in the process of making Aliyah.
  10. It is not though why not. You would be surprised some of the segulos I have seen. Sure. TPBM is a fan of answering questions with questions.
  11. Well if you go to BYU you can gaze upon it. The person below me believes in talismans.
  12. Hardly. Wisdom literature is a whole genre. It is possible for anyone to have read wisdom literature. I am. The person below me is a fan of religiously inspired music.
  13. Who is wise? One who learns from everyone. The person below me has read wisdom literature.
  14. Many things. The person below me has studied a text written at least a thousand years ago.
  15. "She has done much to distance us, but we cannot simply abandon family as you did." There is something akin to pain in the voices that ignite the air with indescribable power. Reality spins and warps. "Simple she has done much to distance us, but we cannot simply abandon family as you did." There is something akin to pain in the voices that ignite the air with indescribable power. Reality spins and warps. "Be wary of mocking us sorcerer." I keep all emotion back. "I had no choice in the matter. You forget that while I begged for her life both of you did nothing. This emboldened Rish. She cursed me with mortality. Her place has never been to rule yet she has outplayed the ancient ones. You have been manipulated. Can you be so blind. Smite me if you desire. I could not stop you. When she annihilates all realms you will be truly alone. By all means let her do as she desires. The time of your wisdom is at an end." There is the slightest hint of passion in my voice now.
  16. Tichiyas Hamesim and Gilgul are complex topics. I do believe in ticheiyas Hameisim. I'm on the fence about gilgul. I had some. I have. The person below me has asked the same question as a major scholar (Do I exist does not count.)
  17. I'm not sure that I do. The person below me believes in reincarnation.
  18. What I meant is that for example you sing echad mi yodeah only once 13-1 I do. The person below me has watched the new 613 Pesach video.
  19. I am not. The person below me sings chad gad ya and echad mi yodeah 1 time back from the end.
  20. "He is most clever this mortal being. Perhaps his death will be quick." The two voices are cold now. Icy gusts seem to blow from all directions making Nath shiver. I reach for the mental link that ties me to Fadran and whisper. "If you trust me to get us out of this alive resist the urge to anger two of the most ancient deities in the entirety of existence." My voice fades and I try to subtly hide the link behind many mental constructs. "They do not mean what they say forgive them. It is Rish whom you should punish not us."
  21. Week 11 Poem #11

                                                            Gilded Curse

    What was my sin that the whole of the cosmos took a mighty blade and massacred all that I am? In my kindness I cared for one who so needed aid and I was rewarded with curses whose gilded mirror hid a most horrific price. A blessing of death nearly ended everything that I hold dear. If I was harmed only once by the divine perhaps even then I would have held my tongue and accepted the will of the gods as did the wicked brothers of Polyphemus. However, in the moment of my shame I was called upon to in wisdom render a judgement on a pernicious divinity who claims to be the Lord of those who reside at Delphi. What should have been a benign weighing of skill disfigured me and created a shell of a human. Fickle Apollo with a word roughened the skin of my ears and in an instant made them grow. Mortal flesh of man became that of a beast of burden. All of the world learned of my troubles. He whom I trusted to care for the tarnished crown could not hold within himself that which crushed me underfoot. Into a most lonely field he ran. In his hands he bore a shovel and formed too shallow a crypt for his knowledge. Gaeia herself conspired to destroy me and sprung forth from the depths reeds that spoke of all that ails me. Gods of my fathers had I the power to cast you down before those whom you have wronged then there would be no escape for any of you petty and foolish tyrants. Take your treasures and hide in mother’s arms. Let her bear witness to that which you do. She will suffer evil which you commit in the name of preserving the most vile anathema ever spawned by the primordial darkness. No longer should anyone else do such a thing. Upon your heads shall my tarnished crown reveal the truth of Olympus. What are you that man needs to serve you? Who are you that mortals should not forget you and remember those such as Midas whom you have cursed eternally?      

  22. Never. The person below me identifies with one of the arba banim.
  23. Well I did not learn it for all of those years nor was I particularly good at it, but it was taught.
  24. I have never had the privilege of having any. The person below me has gone to Meron for lag baomer.
  25. ברוכים הבאים לרסיס ה -17. זה תמיד דבר נפלא לפגוש מקשקש חדש במיוחד מי שמבין את ההתייחסויות היהודיות על האדם שמתחתי. My thanks to google translate because even on a yeshiva day school and high school education is sub par