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  1. Oreo is good. For regular Ice Cream Neapolitan is my favorite.
  2. What's your favorite flavor?
  3. There are completely valid opinions on both sides of this topic. It really is difficult with such a sensitive topic to navigate the minefield of emotions. That being said, might it be nice to have Brandon use the power of his voice to take a stand? Yes. However, I can totally understand if he is less than totally public in dealing with this. He might say something in a stream which will reach thousands of ears and eyes around the world. He might say nothing at all. Ultimately, Brandon has to do what he feels is best. He does have his family to consider. Repercussions for coming out strongly on any topic are always unpredictable. Speaking for myself at least I cannot and would not condemn his silence on this as I cannot claim to know how I would act if I were in his position. It's easy for me to say and do as I will because I am an individual if I had to worry about my family being caught in the consequences of what I did I might not be so quick to act in certain ways. It is a delicate balance that always must be struck. Moral outrage is one thing to be sure of being able to act on it without the fear that others will be hurt by what you say or do is another. We don't know why there is silence, but I think that in time more will become clear. If time does not necessarily heal all wounds then for certain it offers perspective. I know for me it's hard to judge. I simply trust that in the end whatever does happen will be something that Brandon in his situation is able to live with.
  4. No see I was sorry to have made you hungry. Chocolate!!
  5. I'm so sorry Ene .
  6. A haiku to brighten people's day. Artistry Woven skies expand. Songs spin intricate patterns. Birds and rising sun.
  7. I have not been here for ten years, but it may as well have been. I feel as though you all are friends that I never knew that I had. Almost 3 years of awesomeness has gotten me through a lot. I am so much better off now than I ever was before because of all of you. As for the question there are so many the last post wins has to take the prize though. The silliness brightens even hard days. Here is to 10 more wonderful years!!
  8. Cheesecake!
  9. And win.
  10. Yay?
  11. Win do I
  12. *Nice try I see through your light illusion and keep my win.*
  13. *Hides with the win.*
  14. *Produces a win from thin air.*
  15. *Cycle unbroken.*
  16. *Wins again.*
  17. *Wins by trial,*
  18. *To war,*
  19. To victory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Disappointing.