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  1. Well I get myself. Dad never believed in giving gifts. If we stole the Afikomen he just took another piece of Matza in it's place. The person below me fasts well.
  2. I know more than 2 though I'm only sort of fluent. The person below me has not received gifts when they thought that they might (ex: a birthday) (Here is looking at you Afikomen gifts never received)
  3. Fatigue follows close behind my panting. I allow a bit more steel to enter my exhausted form. "I'm most tired Fadran. I brought the two of you along because I know full well my limits especially in this place. The primary burden shall fall to me, but it is more than possible that you will be called upon to take the reigns as it were." I can sense that Jeffery is impressed, but I give it no thought. "This and so much more. You want to see the hidden gate? Gaze before you and see that which cannot be seen." The void shifts and twists as my spirit connects to this place. Shapes begin to form. The silhouette of a wall finely wrought emerges from the shapeless abyss. A doorway carved of jewels is hewn of the wall. I frown as the entryway is different from the subtlety that we had created. I push at it with my will. The powers feel so familiar, but there is something that strange at the same time. A voice booms out filling the air. "Nathrangking. Why have you come?" There is a duality to the voice it is subtle and yet bold. Magic seems to ooze from every word. I hiss, but other than that don't respond.
  4. I cannot help, but grin internally at Fadran's wonder. There are times when this secret inspires awe in even one as myself. Visions that defy any true description race across the walls and cause seriousness to settle over me yet again. "No. This is only a way station to the harder to access places in the Macro Cosmos. We must not tarry here." My glow intensifies and it begins to pulse in sync with the power that makes up the walls. The glowing ocean grows more frantic. A wave overruns its banks and swallows us. We are carried by power untamed. Our forms are everywhere and nowhere. Time begins to lose all meaning. I let out a roar and with a heave we are thrown into a place both drowning in light and saturated in darkness. Before there seems to be nothing except a void so complete that it draws me into its embrace. Steeling myself I resist. "Now we are at the gate." I pant as I feel the pain of this place and the strain that it puts on me.
  5. Another sigh sounds internally at Jefferey's impatience. I bristle with anxiety at what I am about to do and where I am about to go. A subtle wave of power sweeps us away from the tent. Blazing light and frigid cold swirls about us. All of reality fractures around us as falls to dust. Then as soon as all vanished a chamber made of pulsing energy appears around us. Every stone radiates raw power that begs to be freed to do what it will. The room seems to be without end. No defining walls features can be seen. Everything is slightly out of focus. "Welcome gentlemen to the Nexus that exists within the soul of reality."
  6. Technically, this should be week #8 poem 8. Last week exhaustion shut me down. Though I'm still exhausted this week I will hit my mark of two. That being said here is Week 8 poem #7.


                                                     Imprisoned Anew

     High atop ramparts of crystal my voice flies forth with force unrelenting to all corners of the realm of mortal flesh. The daughter whom I have seen as my truest blood desires not to help me shatter the chains of my lord. My rage boils even as I lash out and bring frost and fright to the ever so fragile subjects who I ought to rule over as supreme master and king. How I wish to tear down my sovereign and his jailer. The horrific and agonizing sight of the throne in the hands of a wind bag and lecher sets my teeth on edge.

    From where I am trapped much useless knowledge comes close and becomes my ever present companion. No plot of mine will any of my brood ever dare to share or even begin to consider possible. Cowardly souls hide away behind stone walls which tremble before the fury that I set loose. Laurels are meant to be borne by my head as is the glory that it seems is only  meant for fools. What my immortal soul suffers at the hands of those who know not how or have not the will to crush underfoot the weak tears my flesh and bares my bones.

    Clarity as no other comes to mind driving all else from me in a rush as the most raging of waters. Vengeance that I will visit first on my own blood takes a most wonderful shape around me. Blades frozen in a void that deities learn to fear split asunder that which holds me back and I begin my hunt. Ichor is spilled and many bodies fall when my weapons take what is mine without a thought of the weakness of mercy. Aeolus and Khione bleed together and are tossed aside as my steps take me to the foot of the divine mountain.

    I clap my hands and tear Zues from his throne on high shaking the very cosmos as my power chills his blood until he has passed into forgotten lore. Complete is my sovereignty the moment that I bend all in subjugation at the base of my throne. Upon my brow is kingship and true power is mine at long last. Visions of all who would stand against me guard me and keep sleep and peace from ever again resting upon my spirit. Though I am Boreas  lord of all that the North winds touch I wonder why I have taken new heavier poisoned shackles for myself?

    1. Condensation


      Ooh... I like it. 

  7. "The sooner that we go the sooner we can find Vapor. My hope is that we will be unscathed by this. Haste may work in our favor. However, name a second if you must." The realms sing as I reach out to them. They flow as oceans so distinct yet at the same time interlocked and joined as the rings of a vast chain stretching into eternity.
  8. I do not. The person below me has a day job.
  9. Internally I sigh. Annoyance flares and releases an inferno. Nothing rises to my face or eyes as I contemplate his words. "If I die then that door is sealed forever. We knew that most doors could be tricked or forced. Upon my death the door will cease to be. We have no time to waste. We have work to do. Fadran you and Jefferey approach and place your hands on my shoulder. Allow yourselves to travel through the rift that I create." @Channelknight Fadran
  10. I did. The person below me is/has been spoiled by their grandparents.
  11. Nope. Azure. The person below me is a food snob.
  12. "Leave the nature of the lock to me. Right now that knowledge will not help rescue your daughter. I can open it and no one else can. That is the most relevant piece of information right now."
  13. "Let's put it this way. We made it so that anyone save myself or my lost wife who tries to access that door will find their soul's shattered beyond salvation."
  14. "There is a slightly altered section of the outermost ring of the realm that will react differently than the rest. This portion was carefully woven in and hidden so that any who did not know what to look for they would never find it. It a passage which bypasses the defenses of the mindscape and enters directly into the interior. Assuming that Rish did not find it this door can be used to get in unannounced. We took an added precaution of fitting the gate with a special lock. This was designed to keep just anyone from abusing this entryway."
  15. "Fadran is most correct. Under the usual circumstances there are no to enter a mindscape uninvited. Any attempt to do would be impossible to disguise. Not only would you fail, but you would alert the one whom you were seeking to strike at. However, it may be possible to do so if there were a backdoor built in eons ago by myself and my wife. If the door was not found then we stand a chance of at least entering quietly."