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  1. No. The person below me has seen the mighty ducks.
  2. Arguably. The person below me has read biblical commentaries.
  3. I am War!! What is the worst thing to say when you are drafted to fight a war that is already over?
  4. Well. If one had the ability to go up to the top of the temple mount and one knew the location of the mizbayach then according to halacha when the majority of the jewish people are in a state of tumah the karbon pesach may be brought. No as far as I'm aware. The person below me loves cookies and cream ice cream.
  5. Ish. The person below me knew that in the technical sense it is permissible to offer the Passover sacrifice.
  6. What are the scariest policing force in the cosmere. Macaroni and cheese with a side of violet wine.
  7. I am thrown from one plane of existence to another in a flash. The frustration and anger that propel me build to a crescendo only to shatter into jagged fragments moments later. That single tear trickles down my face and I cannot banish it. Focusing on the connection that I have with Fadran. A roar rips from my throat as I fly along the mental link. Silence envelopes me as I appear before Fadran. There is something wrong to the air. Slight fatigue sets in though I fight back against it.
  8. Nice! Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. the person below me is a die hard sports fan!
  9. Well all today is the day!! Many months ago I had told you amazing people that I had been accepted for publication in Better than Starbucks Literary Journal. I can now report that it's officially true. The edition is up on their website!! If anyone wants I can post a link here.

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      Is that like beetlejuice beetlejuice beetlejuice?

    3. Channelknight Fadran

      Channelknight Fadran

      Which one(s) is/are yours?

    4. Nathrangking


      right side 3rd group

  10. *Hugs.* Get better soon Luna!
  11. Week 14  Poem #14                                         


                                          Voice of Remembrance

      What sorrow fills me and saturates the entirety of my being. The smallest spark of rage demands that vengeance be mine. Mercy which was slaughtered on an altar and whose carcass was left to rot shall not rise to defend one who denied it so. Chains take hold of the shatterer of my soul and demand of him justice. Toss him about upon an eternal storm that he will know until the end of time what I learned after a single moment. Lone shadows which surround me conceal my tears and take for themselves my cries. Deities who smote me and the mortal man who broke me, I call you to account before the cosmos that birthed you. Why have you committed these terrible acts? Upon you may the curses of Sisyphus and Tantalus come one hundred fold. You expelled me from the realm of immortals and took away all hope of residing among mortals. What is left to me? Is there anywhere that I can go where I am not despised for the avarice of a spiteful queen? Hera, love flees from you for its very life. Is there any worse punishment for the primordial gods to inflict upon your corrupted heart? If there exists worse damnation then I cast them upon you with all of my strength. Human whose name I shall never know, by what right do you spite me? If all that you are is a wretched lover of your own comfort then I curse you to live long enough to see you destroy yourself. Never shall your beauty gain you another. Ugliness from within overshadows everything about you and should take you for itself. Look deep yourself and wonder what you truly are. Illusions will grab you for this is what you are. I may fade away and my voice will be all that remains, but no rest will find a destroyer who cares for themselves alone. None care for me and now you shall be loved by none but you. Hear the Echo that fills the world for my burden will never allow any to forget my name.


    1. Channelknight Fadran

      Channelknight Fadran

      I dunno if you posted this yesterday or today, but today is Great Poetry Reading Day.

    2. Nathrangking


      I posted it last night. Is that close enough?

    3. Channelknight Fadran

      Channelknight Fadran

      Close enough, sure.

  12. I posed this same question to the Writer's and I figured that I would pose it to my followers as well. Is there anyone here who would be interested in reading and critiquing a short piece of of something that I am experimenting with?

  13. Indeed tis I. Long before I was a member of the shard I discovered