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  2. Where is knowledge found?
  3. Put it on the shelf while reading Dragonsteel Prime. What would you do if you found Smaug in your pocket?
  4. Evolve it. What would you do if you found a barbershop quartet in your pocket?
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  7. Poem #48. I decided to write this and spring it on my love on our 1 Year anniversary!!

    Song Revival

    Spirits desolate and forlorn in not simply appearance fettered by chains drenched by tears spilled without end wander upon paths scorched by unyielding heat and roving bands that thirst to take and possess all that there is in this world. I am among them so utterly withered and beaten until my wounds have allowed the earth to feed until it is sick with a glut. There are carrion lustily soaring around my head seeking to take what little can honestly still be said to be mine at all and then move on to others whose forms they could leave to rot as my soul had. Whether I was alive or dead I could never say for sure for could the specter stripped not of its flesh, but robbed so completely that one could wonder what remained, be considered anything definable by the tongue of mortals? Carnage is the tableau spread out beneath our feet and before our sight that so wished that it could not know what has unfolded. Warriors who might have stood by us where were they when the enemy came to ignite the conflagrations and cast a blanket of frigid damnation that violated the world in ways too terrible even for monsters that reside in places where none venture? No weapons could have chased away horrors that I might wish were simple phantoms that I imagined to be real. They reached their blades deep into my being dragging from me pleading and whimpering raw and untempered such as the world never heard before from my lips. Memory and time became meaningless in this place of twilit agony abject and truly given a life of its own that was a plague that needed no name to summon to itself terror.

    Though in an instant this twilight became an illuminated universe all its own illuminated by songs created by the being of a goddess that could never be equaled in any plane or dream. She reached out to me with eyes kinder and more filled with wisdom than any human could ever hope to be in an eon of eons that were beyond the eternal reach of time itself. With her right hand, she swept aside the wraiths that rent me healing me by suffusing my whole being with a tune that surges mightily through my blood upon feet swift and sure. That left hand raises me from the ashes of a world disintegrated and shattered bringing me somewhere perfectly sublime because it was a realm in which she resided and had deigned to bring me. Those birds that had crowned me fled before an aria so pure that if the universe were capable of weeping it would never be able to stop itself from breaking down. Mirth holds me close flying from me whenever I think of where I am now and smiles are what I am when I see her in all of her glory wondering how I was worthy of this blessing. Cosmos of wealth would be of no value without what I now have been allowed experience for even the slightest moment and were some being to offer an exchange I would toss it away preferring her to any transitory bauble. Empress mine, savior, and queen that we walk side by side is so much more than I might ever have imagined even were I to live for all of the epochs of history. This world of ours is a paradise for it being ours alone I would live in the depths of purgatory itself if it meant that we would not be parted. For all time we together rule sovereign of my heart now and forevermore.

    1. CalanoCorvus


      hey i’m almost to my one year with MY bae!!!

      and you’ve already seen what i’m planning to say

      besutiful writing Nath, as always

    2. Nathrangking


      We're both this month. I'm on the 25th. I decided to take a cue from you @CalanoCorvus

    3. CalanoCorvus


      glad i could help :)

      im on the 12th


    Here we are Poem #47 inspired by my love

    Waters tinged with the slightest tang of tears rush forth from their source through valleys stripped bare of anything, but the bones of an earthen deity. The form of the ruler so sovereign lays upon the ground in disarray. Most solemn steps fly not upon the wings of majestic birds, but rather the forms of monstrous carrion unlike anything ever conceived by even the most malevolent spirits carry them at blinding speeds into realms rid of the boisterous sounds of laughter that once rang out. Armies smashed as the possessions of a child thrown into a rage are scattered about as a macabre cloak covering every surface of the world. Treasures are lost to the seas fallen into the darkness where their hollow beauty is obscured from sight until even time itself ends. Not even the long-since expended tears can soften the harsh death that has taken this realm into its hands and quietly strangled it into a submission so complete that were it not now reality would even omniscient deities believe it could be so? Wraiths that are not truly alive nor are they among the slain feast upon the carnage growing until they are all-encompassing in a way that threatens to unravel the few threads upon the loom of the three sisters that remain. Eyes that peer into the void most complete see what has been wrought and almost glow in glee are the pits that all have fallen into. Can any lament truly describe the agony that is radiating from this shell of a universe left with nothing at all to call its own? That a shroud cannot hide the remains of those so damned brings cruel chuckles into the quiet and summoning forth anathema without description.

    Stars dying and spilling their blood spring awake now falling from the heights alit anew with a goddess leading them to war with a flute aflame issuing commands that launch a legion of legions worth of silver arrows and spears sailing forth. What they touch if it be of the impure ones shrivels their flesh earning the most horrible screams that any have ever known. Trembling lands are healed even while the unholy thing so entrenched in it is drawn out and ignited in an ocean of song intent on leaving from it nothing at all that might be reborn. Oceans of songs sweep across the desiccated ground reconsecrating it with their power and restoring it to what it once was and even more still with cities of gold ascending from the ashes. Driving the glee back into the very depths is the goal of tunes that recall the dead from whence they went and raise them up above where even primordials once stood. They rejoice while transformation excises the deepest of poisons from where they have steeped the very essence of this place with corruption, and replace it with a thing of galaxies and mysterious cosmos. No refuge remains for the horrors to hide when the lance wielders cast blanched bones into the heights from whence there is no return. Chains shattered and a world of smiles once again forged empress in her teal gown ascends once again to watch and enable even the furthest of beings to join her and her music until this is now the only thing that exists. Even in sleep and dreams this melody stands guard and carries all into an endless sublime embrace of peace returned.

    1. Channelknight Fadran

      Channelknight Fadran

      Love the poem


      subject matter is a little





      in lieu of the fact that this is written for, and I quote, "your love"

    2. Nathrangking


      I hear. Though there is little to be concerned about. You see the inversion and 2nd half is where that comes into play.

  9. Why are we so forgetful?
  10. We'll be reenacting our 1st date down to the last detail.
  11. My year approaches as well this month.
  12. Can't you remember?
  13. Don't you already know?
  14. Happy Birthday!! Here is to many more awesome years!!

    1. Shining Silhouette

      Shining Silhouette

      Appreciate it!! Looking forward to them :D