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  1. Yay!! My hat off to you Vapor. You have indeed succeeded in winning for a long time.
  2. No. We have been running a pretty steady and continuous business.
  3. I have stopped it!! Alas I returned and did this thing.
  4. Poor cats. What a pity.
  5. Can I have Fused harassing Urithiru for 200? I want to see some of Navani's new Fabrials at work!
  6. Nope. The Person Below Me is a devotee of the church of the survivor.
  7. Alas not. I have missed out, but the opportunity did not present itself. I usually went with family.
  8. It's an incredible experience. I have seen some good shows and some worse. It is always an amazing experience regardless.
  9. Good choice. It's a great show I have seen it multiple times on broadway.
  10. Whatever works. I can do this all day. Dancing Queen.
  11. Look at me I'm Sandra Dee. @DramaQueen
  12. I have always wanted a Siberian husky puppy.
  13. I think that this fits nicely with everything that we have seen thus far. His freezing up and being able to swear the oath in Shadesmar and nearly giving in to Moash in Hearthstone does seem to follow this dynamic. In Shadesmar they were outnumbered and Dalinar chose to confront Odium. There was nothing that he could do to stop what was going on here. Shallan and Adolin were fighting back against a superior force with little chance of survival. Odium a Shard could flatten Dalinar and Kaladin could only watch. Moash hits him that eventually everyone that he cares about will die. Kal cannot really deal with this. He is consumed by this inability of others to make their own choices and live with the consequences. In a way it is poetic for Shardplate to come with this oath. It is a form of protection and strength to help one overcome some decisions that a person might make on the battlefield. It may not always succeed, but it adds agency to people to make dangerous choices which may yet still be the right ones.
  14. I do like cats, but.....
  15. The man is an epic human being! His writing is brilliant in its complexity and vibrance. He views the art as something that the fans deserve not just as simply a money making device. His care for and engagement with the fans is humbling to say the least. In short he is worthy of both admiration because he does his very best to exemplify some of those ideals that he so often writes about.