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  1. Taxform, Rantingform, Prudeform, Terminatorform.
  2. As usual impressive!
  3. Alas incorrect.
  4. Dilaf Hiding in plain sight for dummies? How to kill an elantrian Kingdom destroying guide Mad Monk Weekly How to win followers and undermine false gods in 11 easy steps
  5. could be.
  6. *Writes victory in the clouds.*
  7. I'm glad that you enjoyed parts of it. Not everything works for everyone. Good luck in school! I'm glad that things are working well! His unrelatability is part of my experiment. Creepiness means that I have succeeded. Every comment helps. I hope that you will continue to read. This keeps me grounded. The confusing nature is part of my experiment. Perhaps it will grow on you. I hope that you will continue to read when I put out more.
  8. *Wins in the interim.*
  9. An acceptance of your answer.
  10. Nice!
  11. It indicates my pondering of the answer.
  12. Do you also know all?