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  1. Go into hiding until I had read it. WWYDIYF the monkey's paw in your pocket?
  2. Nath floats to the archway and lays a hand on it for a moment. A single tear falls as he bows his head. A short dirge mumbled under his breath is all that he can give. He floats through.
  3. "Impressive. Death indeed. Upon your enemies." He allows no suprise to show.
  4. "Some that I have known have claimed such power, title, and knowledge. None were. Such is a vain hope." He floats now over the earth. The monstrosity rising from the earth freezing his blood. He curses in a dozen languages long dead before spitting out one almost wimper. "Cowards." Nath can only nod rage filling him.
  5. "This is the nature of such battles. In the end if we survive then an unbearable cost was paid." His voice fills with emotion for the first time.
  6. Nath includes all of the members of their party within the cloak of silence that appears at his command. Nath responds without turning around. "Depressing you say? This is what happens when gods get to do whatever they wish without consequences. One day I will tell you about the Shadowrealm where the rivers ran with boiling blood."
  7. Use it of course. What would you do if you found a whispering music box in your pocket?
  8. In silence Nath appears alongside Wizard. His light is faint. He throws up a shroud of muffling silence. "The myths that too few heed. The molevolence of this flows like water set free. I hope that those who would join us can keep up."
  9. Nath remembered flashes of a city with a pyramid. Lands so utterly twisted. He senses the gathering power as the gate begins to open.
  10. If I may jump in here and try to address the question I think that I can add an additional perspective. @Ixthos was highly comprehensive as usual. I would like to address a question that is related and may lead to an answer to your question. What is spirituality? My approach will be far less mathematical than the previous response. One might say that defining spirituality is easy. You know it when you see it. Yet I'm not so convinced. In many religions this thing called spirituality gets tossed around. To some people it is a metaphysical reality that is sometimes superimposed over our own. To others it's like deja vu totally in the mind. Some people find nature to be utterly spiritual. Wise men would sometimes isolate themselves in the wilds of nature to achieve a state of spiritual enlightenment. There are those who look at art and find it spiritual. One of the great jewish philosophers of the 20th and 21st centuries was said that music was a spiritual force that moved him like nothing else. Others find spirituality in abstinance and asceticism. In short, it is not so easy to reach an answer. I think that a better answer depends on how one is looking at the question to begin with. This is where your question of "what is a spiritual experience?", becomes significant. Outside of a religious framework one should forget I think about the framework that we have been using. The word "spiritual" or "spirituality" is a vague word that means very little outside of religious bounds. You have said, "I am married to the most incredible woman, I've seen gorgeous views in nature, all sorts of amazing things." How do these things make you feel? Have you felt a sense of wonder or awe? If so then I think that you have had "Spiritual" experiences, you simply never called them that. Spirituality is a term that really only works in a single context. To know it you have to look outside of the term and burrow into the passion, feeling of oneness, smallness, and wonder that reach that place where words are not enough.
  11. I find that interesting. As a religious person I don't have a frame of reference for non belief. I'm interested in opposing views. Why don't you believe? What is it about the idea of the divine or religion that brings you the conclusion that a higher power cannot and does not exist?
  12. Take the high ground. What would you do if you found a dawnshard in your pocket?
  13. Be shocked. What would you do if you found Shaekspeare's first folio in you pocket?
  14. Probably discard it as I lack the stirmlight to use it. What would you do if you found the one ring in your pocket?