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  1. As far as we know he cannot harm anyone. Before resuming the case I feel the need to just take a moment to examine this question.While Sanderson does follow a christian framework judeo influences do exist in his writings. Based on this consideration he can in fact be held responsible for his actions. He has the ability to choose otherwise what would be the point of existence? Robots serve no purpose. They cannot grow or in any way use the abilities that they have been given in a truly creative way. G-d allows people to do what they wish because life is only meaningful when choice exists. It says nothing about approving of or disproving of people's actions rather it merely speaks to a desire for growth, development, and accountability. Sanderson cannot blame his constructs for brutality because ultimately someone who makes someone to act improperly is to blame when the actions of those who are coerced result in terrible events taking place. [Adonalsium] Does the prosecution have any other witnesses?
  2. [Adonalsium] The court shall take this under advisement. Call your witness.
  3. [Adonalsium] Overruled. This rule applies only to character witnesses.
  4. [Adonalsium] Overruled. This rule applies only to character witnesses.
  5. [Adonalsium] Objection Sustained. Call your next witness.
  6. The court took your statement of irrelevance as being an objection.
  7. Objection sustained!
  8. Questioner [PENDING REVIEW] In Oathbringer, or near the end, Kaladin is talking to Syl about not getting Shallan or whatever, and he says that she really just reminded him of someone, who is it that she reminded him of? Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] She reminded him of Tien, his brother, because his brother was a [unfortunate?] Lightweaver, and Lightweavers, you'll notice, when they're around someone, that person starts to act a little bit more like their best self. There's a bit of, also, counteraction to feelings of darkness and despair, it's just a natural Lightweaver sort of thing. And so, part of what Kaladin was drawing from Shallan was that feeling. I think it could've totally become love. And he's now cutting that off, he's saying it couldn't at all have become that - it could have. But that was part of what was drawing him in. FanX Spring 2019 (April 19, 2019) @SLNC I was merely observing not directing argument.
  9. Moash lives for this Brandon must suffer. The prosecution calls Parlin to the stand.
  10. 330. Let me amend the amendment or unless a rambling seer reads your tea leaves.
  11. 328. If you run into an old friend and they are acting oddly keep an eye on them, but don't get too close. 329. Never ignore the odd omens that foretell the coming of death.
  12. The high priestess rose and summoned the ancient powers that bore her. She waited for the war which would banish light from the world.
  13. Because the LORD BEAVER and SLOTHQUISITORS have said that it should be so.
  14. It is certainly interesting considering the way that they in fact in many cases broke the pact. Did they perhaps regret the decision?
  15. Spring break vacation?