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  1. Not exactly the same. However the principle of investiture interfering with investiture would still apply. Questioner (paraphrased) Would it be possible to use a soulstamp to give or take Allomancy? Brandon Sanderson (paraphrased) Not under normal circumstances. The amount of Investiture required to do so would effectively short-circuit the stamp. American Fork High School Signing (Dec. 12, 2019)
  2. *A second joins the first.*
  3. How the ten orders make a movie Windrunner: Ensures that all of the safety equipment is top notch and cancels all of the dangerous stunts. Skybreaker: Ensures that all wage and safety regulations are followed , but quits when it is discovered that the script was stolen. Dustbringer: Burns the set down during a random scene because they can. Edgedancer: Revives forgotten genres. Truthwatcher: Sees that the Edgedancer is on to something and signs on. Lightweaver: Creates a one person film through a quick change of lightweavings. Elsecaller: Stick to well researched biopics and documentaries Willshaper: Gets lost on their own set. Stoneward: Sticks to overused and formulaic plots while employing the same crew for every movie. Bondsmith: Creates family friendly movies.
  4. Ongoing.
  5. *Then a voice rings out.*
  6. rising
  7. Lichen
  8. *the tempo rises*
  9. foolish
  10. *Orchestra strikes up the nutcracker soundtrack.*
  11. Unlit.
  12. largesse.
  13. *101 clarinets sound.*
  14. *76 trombones begin to play.*
  15. Augment.