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  1. "A reasonable plan. However, we will have to ensure that Wyrn does not get to the fox before we do. The castle will have to be watched immediately. We will have to be ready at a moment's notice."
  2. "The wisest course would be to have an army of this world is to fight for this world. There is a great deal of risk involved in doing this any other way. Unless we stay here forever or an outside army that we bring in stays forever what will happen when we go? Will these people be able to survive?"
  3. 17th shards christmas

    What silliness exists in the shadows? Where can they escape from the Witless wits? Around a crackling fire where more learning is present than all of the libraries in all of the lands. Warmth spreads and songs rise. They spin around and join with wisdom around flames bounded by wisdom.
  4. "You would not. Freedom I would imagine. A realm of it's own perhaps where it could rampage to its heart content. That or vengeance on me."
  5. "It is sentient. It is a primal being, but there is enough intelligence to be most dangerous and bargained with. We could potentially offer it what it wants."
  6. The faintest look of amusement appears in my eyes. "Reasoning with it will not end well. It can however be bargained with I suppose. We can make a deal and use this to our advantage if and only if we can get to it first."
  7. The exhaustion returns to my eyes as I listen to Vale and Fadran. "We are powerful, but we have limits. We cannot prosecute a war alone. What happens to these people once we leave this place? They must be allowed to stand on their own. If we alone fight for them and even if we summon supernatural aid then they are far worse off for it. I have seen what happens when immortals take interest in worlds and agree to fight for them. Mortals must not lose the ability to wage war for themselves." "We have to be cleverer than they. We will have to hold a weapon over them. If we want to force Wyrn's hand we will need to gain the help of the fox."
  8. "We may be able to train them to fight, but to properly turn this ragtag group into a war machine will take more time than we have. If we can teach them to fight smart then we'll be able to get find a way to get Herate back."
  9. "We will need guile and power on our side. Alas we don't know where the beast is now. Wyrn and his thugs do. We will need them if we want to find it easily. If we want to defeat it we need to plan." I sigh. "I know that is why I asked Daolan if he honestly thought that they were battle ready."
  10. "No it is not. They are likely far more dangerous now than ever before. Being locked away for all eternity could make them angry."
  11. "They are strong enough to make lakes boil beneath their breath. Theirs is a fire that is cursed. Let us put it this way mortal armies have been left smoldering in their wake."
  12. "Those monsters escaped the prison after the gates were destroyed. They were among the first that I cast into that place. Wyrn cannot stop them on his own because they are so must mightier than any mortal creature. If they are here then this world is in grave danger indeed."
  13. I turn to Fadran. "Perhaps. I recall our encounters with those creatures. Those foxes that they claim are loose on this world could pose an even greater threat than some withergeists."
  14. Trying not to betray any more of the maelstrom that blows within I walk through the camp and enter the command tent.