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  1. I have to say that it is more than a little difficult to remain positive throughout this ordeal. My mother and father both have the virus it is very possible that I do as well. My father is terrified because he has an underlying condition which may make it dangerous and I'm in effect the only "healthy one" here. I'm beside myself with fear. To my mind only normalcy of even the smallest kind is allowing me to draw the strength to do everything that I have to do. The shard is a part of that and I need to thank everyone here for that whether we have interacted a great deal or only a little!!

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    2. Silva


      Refuah sheleimah lahem

      We're here for you, Nath. Whether it be for normalcy, positivity, or otherwise. We're here. 


    3. The Awakened Salad

      The Awakened Salad

      Star and Silva said it better than I ever could, but know that we’re with you, Nath. *sends hugs*

    4. Ghanderflaffle


      We'll keep trying to make this a safe and positive place for you to retreat to Nath!

      *sends more hugs*

  2. Wins out of boredom.
  3. Another win for me.
  4. She speaks wisdom, but life rarely allows intent to be followed. Let her prove her strength. I feel someone who was once in close proximity watching from above. I don't stop walking, but I start whistling the X files theme song and subtly nod my head toward a building on the right. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "For starters we need our safe houses fortified." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The cool air of the Baltic surrounds me. I vaguely hear the echo of Caeli's voice upon the air which brings my focus to the finely wrought door of glass before me. Pounding footsteps hundreds of yards away enter my ears. I slowly shake my head in disappointment and raise my armored fist to knock on the door. I turn. "Stop! Who are you?" A 6 foot tall, lithe, sawed off shotgun carrying bodyguard gasps as he attempts to level the gun on me. "Get me Gregor." I keep my voice steady though there is the slightest hint of warning. Anger crosses the guard's face. Without thinking he pulls the trigger. The double blast hits me at the same time that dozens of other weapons open up on me. Hundreds of rounds, gun powder, and waves of sound surround me. All of this lasts only a moment. I unfurl my wings and rapidly take flight. I rise over the smoke as my ears clear from the sounds of shots. In an instant I drop down in front of the trigger happy shotgun wielding bodyguard. My hand flies out and grabs the hot double barrels. With little more than a flick I rip the weapon from his hands and toss it so far into the distance that it is lost from sight. "Do you know who I am?" I step back and call forth my sword. It glows a dull sapphire. The bodyguards stay as they are mesmerized until a booming laugh breaks the quiet. I mentally sigh and turn. A squat, hawk eyed man in his 40's wearing a lot of gold and a fashionable Armani coat. "Baalhan my friend, what brings you to my doorstep?" He frowns at his security and motions for them to follow at a distance. We start walking and I dismiss my blade. I reduce my height so that we are standing shoulder to shoulder. I blink and a moving impregnable dome of power surrounds us. None can hear us, see us, or get to us. "Tell me Gregor what do you know of a group which calls itself the God Complex?" @Dr. Dapper @Sorana @ZincAboutIt @bees?
  5. Wills the win.
  6. I shake my head slightly only now remembering the jarring nature of the spell that I just cast. I really need to take it easy on the spells. They can be quote draining. There is a dull ache in my bones and a rapid increase in my heartbeat which would be far worse if not for my heritage. I steel myself and take in a few calming breaths practicing one of several techniques that instantly slow my heart rate back to normal. I envision the whole of my being floating across a vast calming sea which absorbs into my every pore. It saps the pain and strain upon my body and mind leaving me calm and focused. All of this takes place in the blink of an eye and when I return to reality I feel the overpowering might of the gladius wash over me. A lust for violence worms its way down into my soul struggling to finds purchase. It is so foolish a thing to to believe that the power of Mars can forever be ignored. However, it can be harnessed and made to serve instead of being given reign. I did it once before and I can do it again. I pull in this power and it settles within me. Its pushing lessons and then stops as I take a fragment of its demanding aura. I nod slightly in respect. "You would keep this weapon to deprive others of its power?" Bold indeed. I put down my duffel for a moment dust myself off. I then pick it up and begin to walk toward the call. It sounds in my a song so pure and powerful that it rings the whole of my being. "I find it most interesting that you would hide such power. Most are tempted even if not immediately, but overtime. We shall see if you feel the same when you hold the weapon in your hand. Its call will grow ever greater. There are few things which worry me in this world the carnage that the sisters can produce are high up on that list." I keep my head on a swivel and my hand near my bowie knife. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I don't show any reaction as Caebdar appears in the place of Tut’Kor’Anuumo. These two will be trouble. They are likely spies and we will have to keep an eye on them. " Tut’Kor’Anuumo tells us that you may be able to aid us in our fight." I whisper a prayer to Leila "We must watch those two they may yet be trouble." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I focus on a distant point even before I arrive back in my throne room. In mid- travel I change course in this endless realm. Moments later I appear in front of a Dacha and heavy oak door overlooking the Baltic Sea. @Sorana @Dr. Dapper @bees?
  7. And yet...
  8. A momentary lapse only I assure you.
  9. Your eyes deceive you
  10. Well dessert is an option!
  11. Shape.
  12. *Is meh.*
  13. *Never hurts anyone.*