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  1. He would get off world and ruin other things. He did not want to be bound as he was.
  2. Woken decay rise. Mountains spew out ash and fire. Where is the hero we seek?
  3. RAFO as brandon has discussed in another WoB does not always mean that someone has stumbled onto a secret. He sometimes uses it when he does not have an answer or does not want to go one way or another.
  4. My brother betrayed me? A legion decimated? Hear our cries Sadeas!!
  5. Is he witty or haunted? Harm is lost to him always. Topaz you devil.
  6. The bands were the spearhead in the hands of the statue wayne took it.
  7. Stick as a dustbringer, Balat as a dustbringer, Kadash as a stoneward, valam's illigitimate son redin as a stoneward.
  8. My pain is not yours hate. Realms slam together fiercely. Open the hopping door.
  9. My pain is not yours hate. Realms slam together fiercely. Open the hopping door.
  10. @Ookla the ingenious, @Ooktapus The Fierce, @Ookla the [your choice] and other shard jews have a chag sameach and wonderful Chanukkah!!

  11. Um actually Jezrien is the king of the heralds. Moash is the name of the guard from kredik shaw who turned.
  12. Post Your Cosmere Haiku here!! Have fun!! Blood mist stirs up lust. Stone demon of ebony smoke. Enemy ended by the book. Booming winds blow quick. A glow stands guard over the weak. Hello giant face in the sky. She looked into the dark. Light drives a corrupt beast. Unmade be gone from here.
  13. Of Dead players and calling elements by name. The Prince by macchiaveli
  14. Proof: Taln is broken, you know what else was broken Adonalsium which was broken on Yolen. Taln is crazy any party on Yolen must be large and crazy as well hence the out of sight disco. Theory: Tensoon is the body double for Cujo. Hence Stephen King is Cosmere!
  15. I wield the shards FEAR ME!!