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  1. Add me up please:) Split, Croatia, Europe. Not a living cosmere soul near me..
  2. Oh thank the allmighty. I already saw myself waiting for the book for another month or so, I'd rather just shoot myself and end it quickly:D
  3. Lot of information mentioned that release date fr the hardcover and audiobook will be the same, but I just now saw on audible, that my preordered audiobook release date is 03.04.2014... Can someone clarify..please...?
  4. Kinda lucky that this was the last batch of chapters, we got a novel in previews:) I exhaled a bit after I ve read somewhere that there is around 150 chapters (Michael and Kate FB I think, there is 76 chapter that Michael narrated and 7x that Kate did, number stuck in my head that Michael has bigger "playtime" eventough the book is with Shallan flashbacks), but after seeing how small some chapters are (or they are just excepts from chapters Peter?), I m glad it is over and I can reread it couple hundred more times until March. About chapters themselves: 10. It does seem it was 1 shardkill 1 "normal" kill. 12. I have some unexplainable instinct feeling that what Szeth and Kaladin do is not the same thing at all, can't explain, just a gut feel and perhaps a chance to say "told you so" later on. Amaram is mostly good character , I expect that confrotation will go somewhere in the lines of Amaram speaking this as soon he sees Kal, they kiss and not much drama. 14. I really like Renarin... I. I neeed more of the listeners coulture!!
  5. Spren conflicts and division sure is interesting on their own, but I, as lurker, am more suprised about the lacking of theories of why there seems to be so much divison within the ranks of heralds. Even if half of what is theorised in these forums about the identity of the heralds is true, I find it disturbing that they seem to have as diverse and opposite goals from eachother as there can be. KR or no KR order restored, without unified heralds (Taln will live:)) the last desolation will be almost impossible to survive. I hope their conflict will be adressed throughout the SA, and in more "hands on" manner, less vague than in WoK..
  6. Chapters contine with nice pace of the story, albeit a bit slower, also, good thing there will be onlyone more batch of chapters, I can't force myself not to read, but the word count we got is geting pretty high:) LOL
  7. Link to forum board leads to Tor.com too. About the chapters them self, yayyyy:)
  8. Ugh, could totally see Jasnah falling for certain darkeyed spearman (no, not Lopen). To be honest, I too, feel so refreshed by the characters acctually interacting with another, after so many epics that could've been couple of books shorter if everyone (at least good guys) just sat down for a honest 15 minute talk. To see Jasnah just tell Shallan about her view of whats happening to them, and that she has already told that to her mother was a shock. I mean it took late Jordan around 5 books just to get Perin to sey outloud "Um, yeah .. I can talk to wolfies". What I am most eagar to se is if BS can add to this world fast enough to keep the pace from the first book going. Roshar is a fantastic world, and we all know his world building skills. I felt that WoK was great but that he spent a lot of basic world building there, and was anxious to see how WoR would be paced. And boy am I a happy trooper now that I've just read few chapters...
  9. I think that WoB says that Adolin will probably get his own book, so I doubt that he will die, atleast not in WoR...
  10. Ugh, sorry, I scanned this general SA forum and , and haven't seen it. I can't delete it, so if the mods will be kind...
  11. http://www.tor.com/stories/2014/01/excerpt-brandon-sanderson-words-of-radiance-prologue-chapter-one-and-two
  12. I don't think so... I can't really point out why, but I have a feel that anyone using surges while in shardplate would have to have glowing glyphs on the shardplate. The thing that enabled the KR to use surges while in shardplate that "doesn't work" (Szeths words) with surges, nor can be influenced by surge may be the same thing that couses their plate to glow.
  13. On the crown of swords now, I m technically not in the great reread though, as it is my first read of the series... Years ago I tried to read it few times but could never get trough first book, and after I found out Brandon will finish it and in serious lack of drugs for my Sandersonmania I tried again, and I m now fully into it. Strange how now I have to reevaluate my philosophy that I can judge weather is series worth reading after first book:)