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  1. Emotionally, the biggest moment for me is Elhokar's death Blind-side surprise, the couple that I always remember is my first reaction to realizing Vin's earring was a Hemalurgic spike and that Sazed will carry the fate of the world on his arms.
  2. @BrightnessSamantha Words of Radiance is my current favorite. I'm sure it will be topped as Stormlight Archive goes forward, but that's where it stands right now. What's yours?
  3. @BrightnessSamantha I totally understand. After finishing the Mistborn trilogy, I needed a breather to just take it all in. Also been a long time Potterhead myself! The midnight book releases were some of my best moments growing up.
  4. Second Mistborn era is the only major thing I think you left along with Mistborn: Secret History, which I would recommend after The Bands of Mourning, the most recent Era 2 Mistborn book. There are also a collection of short stories in Arcanum Unbounded (Secret History and Emperor's Soul are included in that). Welcome to the 17th Shard!
  5. You know you're a Sanderfan when you try to start reading Malazan Book of the Fallen because people say you need to try another author, and the words "Trell" and "Ascended" make you think it's part of the Cosmere.
  6. Had to look it up, but his name is actually Ezra. His picture is on the fourth book in the series.
  7. There is. Haven't read them in a looong time, but I think a sentient twig was split in half and one piece was the evil half and the other was the good half
  8. Leven Thumps was the book series I was reading when I started creating online accounts, and the name has just stuck since then.
  9. I saw this theory posted on Reddit and would love Wayne being turned into a kandra if meant we got more of him in later books. Sazed would have to do it though, it's not possible with Hemalurgy.
  10. The Final Empire > The Hero of Ages > The Well of Ascension Final Empire is a future classic. It works really well just by itself if that's the only book you've read, the Ocean's Eleven vibe I got from reading it, Vin's character progression. This is still my favorite Mistborn book to date. I actually really loved Hero of Ages. I loved all the plot threads that you found out were laid well in advance and how they came together. I thought the avalanche was really good, and I absolutely LOVE the ending when everyone comes out of the cave into the new world. I did think the Kandra plot line took a while to get going. Well of Ascension... pacing is my biggest issue. Characters, great. Sense of despair at all times... check. Plot twists... excellent. But the whole book seemed to drag in some sections where I wanted to get to the next section and get the plot going again.
  11. @Calderis I read that scene like a lazy person thinking they should be doing homework, but then deciding not to and instead play games. I know that's a very simplistic analogy, but Eshonai's inner thoughts believed her actions to be wrong but she still did it anyway because of the pressure of stormform.
  12. @Calderis I'm not so sure it's just like in Mistborn I do agree that having a voidspren increases Odium's influence over you, but not full on mind control. I agree with @deeptheory that mind control may be too strong a term for what's happening.
  13. So, my follow up question to that (and the Reddit user's primary argument), is how can Eshonai be influenced so much by stormform at the end of Words of Radiance, but Venli is able to resist enough to swear the First Ideal. My thoughts (I know it may be weird to answer my own question but I'm also looking for other input) is that Venli simply was able to resist over time and through the events that happened in OB. Eshonai probably would have been able to resist the influence of stormform more if she had survived.
  14. I never made the Shard comparison, but that makes a lot of sense, especially when you look at Ruin and Preservation.
  15. I haven't read White Sand comixology, but I have read other comics and I would recommend it. I use a computer instead of a tablet but I think it would still work well for you. They have a mode called Guided View that goes panel by panel instead of page by page which I honestly like, but the normal page at a time still works great for me.