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  1. Would you guys be able to tell us the date each WtCC was submitted? I know you're understandably backed up a bit, but with a date we can at least have an idea of when you'll get to the ones we submit. I submitted one in July and am really excited to hear it on the podcast! Thanks!
  2. Has anyone ever asked Brandon, or had any thoughts, on how quickly Hoid progressed (or is progressing) through his Truths after picking up Elhokar's Cryptic? I like to think he knows himself so well at this point in the Cosmere story that he spoke all 4 Truths immediately.
  3. THANK YOU! It's been years since I've read TFE, no wonder I forgot about him. Time for a reread.
  4. I have a really stupid question that's probably been asked many times before, but I can't find any references. In the intro sequence for Who's That Cosmere Character, there's a snippet of Eric guessing Menace....who is Menace? Is that even what he's actually saying? I've searched for this name associated with the Cosmere but can't find anything! Thanks for your help and sorry again if this has been answered before.
  5. Agreed. I just love thinking about whole-universe structure and cosmology questions and wondered if anyone else had brought this up. Plenty to do in our star cluster!
  6. Hi guys! I've been reading Brandon's work ever since he was chosen as the one to finish The Wheel of Time. I'm only just recently getting into the fandom, so forgive me if my question has been asked and answered already. I don't have a lot of time to pour over all the great theories and WoBs out there. Has anyone ever asked Brandon if the dwarf galaxy/star cluster that the books take place in is the full extent of the Cosmere, or if there is more to it outside of that galaxy? I ask because it makes me wonder about the reach of Adonalsium's power. If the Cosmere is larger, is Adonalsium's (and the Shards') influence limited to this particular galaxy? Are there OTHER Adolnasiums out there acting in other galaxies? And if Adnolasium's reach extends to other galaxies, are the Shards acting there as well and being influenced by events taking place there? Thanks for entertaining my wildly wandering thoughts!