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  1. The blurb on the back of the way of kings ends off one of them will destroy us while one of them may save us. (Something like that; I don’t remember the exact wording) Who is us? I don’t think it means the people of Rosh are. I mean the books won’t end with humanity losing will they? It must refer to the shards honor and cultivation. Or maybe all of them in the whole cosmere. That’s what I think
  2. No way I’m stick to my guns, he meant keep it away from parshendi and he was banking on the assumption he made That szeth was radient. ...actually I’m slightly less certain;)
  3. How do I delete the other one?
  4. I just reread the gavilar assassination scene in way of kings and once again I find it very puzzling even as more pieces fall into place. 1) when gavilar hears szeth was sent by the parshendi he says it’s makes no sense. Brandon even has it in italics as he repeats it musingly while he dies after handing the black stone to szeth. What’s up with this? I always assumed it’s a little strange his peace partners send an assassin the night they signed the treaty but is that what he means? After reading oathbringer I thought I figured it out : he doesn’t think it makes sense for the parshendi to do this just after he offered Eshonai to bring back their gods. He seems to think they should want that. I no longer this is correct either? 2) why did gavilar give szeth the stone to keep away from the parshendi he just said he works for them ? It makes no sense grrrr... ok ok I finally get a bit of the picture. What I think is like this: gavilar who clearly knows about the parshendi their gods and desolations clearly saw the visions from honor and clearly also recognizes that szeth is a radient(I doubt he knew it was honorblade more likely assumed he was radiant but for my point it doesn’t matter) I think that is why he thought it made no sense for him to be working for the parshendi. (he didn’t know about cause of recreance and can’t dream of one working for the monsters of the desolations in his mind the radients natural enemies.) that’s also why he gives szeth the stone he is dying and muddled and latches on only to the fact that he is hiving it to a radient who will perhaps be willing to keep it from parshendi despite what he heard from szeth about his employers. ok so now I’m only left to deal with the frustrating question why did gavilar have a change of heart. First he wants to bring back the parshendi gods but now later in the day I think (or next day, I suddenly can’t remember exact timeline when he met eshonai) he wants the stone kept from them what on rasher could’ve happened ??!!! what do u guys think?
  5. That also confused me for quite a bit until I reread the final scene with azure in it. When she is leaving azure heavily implies she figured out where vasher is and tells them to let him know she’ll be coming for him. I’m not fully sure why she didn’t just go but I got the impression she wants to find the sword first
  6. I only said he said one oath:the last one. He skipped
  7. I know this is a bit crackpot but is it possible that what happened at the end of oathbringer was dalinar jumping to the the highest bond smith oath. for some reason “I am unity” just reminds me of bale explaining that the fifth sky breaker ideal is to become one with justice. I am not saying nothing else also happened but can this be a significant of what surprised the stormfather? (I noticed when I reread it the wording in the book is such that the stormfathers surprise could be way different from what dalinar assumes we are left only with what dalinar assumes he means)
  8. We know vivenna/azure is looking for both the sword and vasher she knows vasher is with the Alethi king as his sword master and implies though she is willing to go chasing the horn eater peaks to find nightblood she will come back for vasher later
  9. Do we have any explanation what so ever for why in the world Nale gave Szeth nightblood? Or how Nale even got it? also speaking of Nale what are the ramifications of a hereld swearing to the parshendi? Does this mean the oathpact is truly useless(I mean there will always be one hereld to betray them)? Also I’m very unclear about one point, is he only supporting the parshendi or also swearing to odium?
  10. What do u mean a body for Taln? i didn’t mean the oathpact was dead completely but maybe just weakened
  11. Just began wondering if perhaps the reason the fused don’t die and return to damnation rather go straight into next ever storm has less to do with the broken oathpact and more to do with honors death. After all if it was just because there was nobody left to hold them in place they would at least return there for a short spell before returning. The more I think on it the more I think it’s likely the whole arangenent between herelds and honor hinged upon honors powers. Stormfather Did mention something about the oathpact containing the fused the same way honor and cultivation contained odium. anyhow if this right has had suggestion to try killing a hereof definitely won’t work. also if just occurred to me is it possible talk never cracked at all but was still unable to hold them away since honors death(in which case the only reason the fused didn’t show up in roshar long ago is bec odium held them back as he waited for sonetuing) just wondering
  12. I just started rereading wok again and got confused by something in the 2nd chapter. Szeth indicates he wouldn’t take Shardblade even if he would be able to get hold of a set because it would ruin his lashings. Why exactly is this? Is this something that affects all wind runners or is it just because he’s using an honor blade?
  13. There is a scene from when shallan is in Kholinar Where she discovers wit is there and he tells the story of nomon. In that scene we see the following sequence. In middle of storytelling wit glances back at his bag and shallan observed that he is surprised by something and no one else seems to notice. No immediate explanation is forth coming. Shortly afterwards he glances at her and shallan feels recognized even though she is posing as veil. At the very end of the scene shallan is talking to wit and catches a glimpse inside his pack and sees an object that is mostly black with a small amount of white facing up. so what happened here? Apparently we are supposed to conclude it was this object that helped him identify her. Do we know anything about what it is or how it works? Also I couldn’t help but wonder if it actually fully identified her as she seemed to think he recognized her or if perhaps it only told him she was wielding radiant power and that was what surprised him? Thanks in advance for helping me figure this out
  14. And do we know for sure the cook who taught nohadon was human? Or is sleepless something you can become as that happened to her afterwards? ... or wait am I completely misunderstanding the type of being u r describing?
  15. Who is the cook who poisons people so as to prevent visitors from reaching amia? While going back to read the chapter on Daliners nohadon vision while I utterly failed to notice anything enlightening about the vision itself I did notice we have the only other reference to a notable cook. One who has taught nohadon to bake bread and who according to nohadon ended up being handled by life most unfairly! I think I’ve found our poisoner! (Hope I’m not just repeating something that’s already been discovered)