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  1. In WoR right in the beginning yalb comments to shallan about how at the next port (which is shown in an offhand comment by the captain to be the Shallow Crypts) there’s an unfinished statue of a foot that was never finished. On the first page of the next chapter kaladin tells us that light eyes who die are often soul cast into statues. I guess we are being told that the truth is not like Yalb thought that the statue was never finished but that someone lost a foot and had it soulcast to a statue. all that being said does anybody know anything about this foot or is it just a random tidbit meant to distract me?
  2. Having recently read the wob that odium didn’t get to change any of his memories only remove things and also where he confirmed that it can be figured out exactly what happened, I went back and reread every detail very carefully. Here is how I interpret what happened. the scene opens up with the lines being exactly the same as before then he drops the coin and then the scene resumes with the lines being only similar to before but not the exact wording. So far the major change HAS NOT happened yet. All the words he says exactly as before we’re untouched by Odium. He merely excised the memory of the encounter from just before he encountered hoid. Hoid comes back to himself and is flustered by the tampering with his memory and dropped the coin. He is back in the PRESENT and it is actually taking place. Odium takes a minute before making his appearance so that it would appear to hoid as if he’d just arrived. At this point the conversation resumes and Brandon clues us in to the fact that it really happens by all the things hoid says that have no real change other than hoid uses different words to say the same thing (odium is basically word for word because he makes sure to be exact in everything but the one thing he wants to change so hoid has nothing else to notice) now Brandon is absolutely right the only real change is obvious. The second go around odium changes his question so that he doesn’t tip off hoid that he doesn’t have a champion picked yet. He also cuts off hoid and yells(I think for distraction) about his champion and minions winning this time talking not about who ever he picks winning but about his champion(already been chosen) winning this then is what he wants to hide: he doesn’t want hoid to know he doesn’t have plans yet for his champion because this is something hoid can exploit. im pretty confident that there is no other way to read this.(until you all tell me why I’m wrong; of course;)
  3. Hey I’m just confused why everyone keeps on talking about the box traveling. For some reason I took the line gavilar said about the connection being unbroken to mean he had 2 boxes one on braize and and one kn disharmony that we’re linked and objects can pass from one to the other. Hence his claim that the connection is not broken. It’s sort of like the spa reefs except different that this fabrial sends Objects across distance. Admittedly one had to travel in the first place to braize. Not sure how gavilar pulled that off.
  4. Why can’t it be Azure. That will also explain away the sword. (Sorry if this is way off; I suddenly cant remember at all what she looked like)
  5. I blew up the pic you added and the lines are def. supposed to be there. But not sure what my best guess as to the whole picture is that it is meant to be inverted and when viewed upside down it actually looks like the top half is sky with clouds so that makes it a picture of a white orb like thing possibly a spren being dropped into the ocean where there await 2 sea creatures with half open mouths. Anyone agree? or top half is not clouds but rather the splashes created by penetrating the sea line
  6. There’s other things I can’t put my finger on the lines shading the whole picture making it fuzzy(not sure how else to describe them) are they just an artist thing or are they supposed to be something? Also focus on the highest point of the circle just with in the lines - are the white fluff(that turns into dragon heads) covering something? Ok these last things might just be an overactive imagination that’s why I didn’t mention them at first because I didn’t want to detract from my observations that I know are real
  7. Yup that it do you see the giant maw with the eye? 2 of them?
  8. I recently noticed the WOB that mention the little round shaped picture/symbol things in front of each chapter represent significant events in the past or future of that POV character. This made me go back and look at them. what is going on in Shallans chapters in wok? First of all it’s the only person I noticed a significant change between books for in wor and forwards her symbol is just the pattern thingy.(I didn’t note any other changes for other characters ther than slight color alterations for flashback chapters.) secondly it’s the most interesting one of all; but what is it. An exploding mt by the sea?... no wait it’s an orb(spren or a moon?) that’s exploding outward while reflecting itself in the water? Or maybe the black my thing with the orb is really carapace the white fluff seems to outline legs. seriosly what is it? I was looking at it again and then flipped it over and that helped me notice something. Those white fluffy things sure look like dragon heads/crocodile jaws with their maws pointed toward the orb thing. I turned it back the right way and couldn’t unsee it; so from right side up I still see those dragon heads just now they are coming from the sky instead of from underneath underwater. does anyone else see those heads? does anyone have any ideas what this is depicting or what the orb like thing is because I am clueless?
  9. If the oathpact was broken by their leaving their blades and was kept alive at all only by Taln still keeping his part of the deal how is this affected by Nale taking back his blade. (I can’t remember where I got this from but I’m pretty sure it implies in the book that at some point around the time he decided to become radient a second Honorblade disappeared from the shin who held the blades.) is he now holding up the oathpact as well. He doesn’t seem to have gone to braize and he still seems quite crazy?!
  10. Hi I’m really confused. I was so busy wondering who could have gotten hold of his honor blade that I only just realized I’m missing a basic Honorblade fact. It is said the sword takes heralds who survive desolations to braize, how? Where does it go while Taln was on braise?and how does he get it back when he returns to Roshar?
  11. The blurb on the back of the way of kings ends off one of them will destroy us while one of them may save us. (Something like that; I don’t remember the exact wording) Who is us? I don’t think it means the people of Rosh are. I mean the books won’t end with humanity losing will they? It must refer to the shards honor and cultivation. Or maybe all of them in the whole cosmere. That’s what I think
  12. No way I’m stick to my guns, he meant keep it away from parshendi and he was banking on the assumption he made That szeth was radient. ...actually I’m slightly less certain;)
  13. How do I delete the other one?
  14. I just reread the gavilar assassination scene in way of kings and once again I find it very puzzling even as more pieces fall into place. 1) when gavilar hears szeth was sent by the parshendi he says it’s makes no sense. Brandon even has it in italics as he repeats it musingly while he dies after handing the black stone to szeth. What’s up with this? I always assumed it’s a little strange his peace partners send an assassin the night they signed the treaty but is that what he means? After reading oathbringer I thought I figured it out : he doesn’t think it makes sense for the parshendi to do this just after he offered Eshonai to bring back their gods. He seems to think they should want that. I no longer this is correct either? 2) why did gavilar give szeth the stone to keep away from the parshendi he just said he works for them ? It makes no sense grrrr... ok ok I finally get a bit of the picture. What I think is like this: gavilar who clearly knows about the parshendi their gods and desolations clearly saw the visions from honor and clearly also recognizes that szeth is a radient(I doubt he knew it was honorblade more likely assumed he was radiant but for my point it doesn’t matter) I think that is why he thought it made no sense for him to be working for the parshendi. (he didn’t know about cause of recreance and can’t dream of one working for the monsters of the desolations in his mind the radients natural enemies.) that’s also why he gives szeth the stone he is dying and muddled and latches on only to the fact that he is hiving it to a radient who will perhaps be willing to keep it from parshendi despite what he heard from szeth about his employers. ok so now I’m only left to deal with the frustrating question why did gavilar have a change of heart. First he wants to bring back the parshendi gods but now later in the day I think (or next day, I suddenly can’t remember exact timeline when he met eshonai) he wants the stone kept from them what on rasher could’ve happened ??!!! what do u guys think?
  15. That also confused me for quite a bit until I reread the final scene with azure in it. When she is leaving azure heavily implies she figured out where vasher is and tells them to let him know she’ll be coming for him. I’m not fully sure why she didn’t just go but I got the impression she wants to find the sword first