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  1. There is a scene from when shallan is in Kholinar Where she discovers wit is there and he tells the story of nomon. In that scene we see the following sequence. In middle of storytelling wit glances back at his bag and shallan observed that he is surprised by something and no one else seems to notice. No immediate explanation is forth coming. Shortly afterwards he glances at her and shallan feels recognized even though she is posing as veil. At the very end of the scene shallan is talking to wit and catches a glimpse inside his pack and sees an object that is mostly black with a small amount of white facing up. so what happened here? Apparently we are supposed to conclude it was this object that helped him identify her. Do we know anything about what it is or how it works? Also I couldn’t help but wonder if it actually fully identified her as she seemed to think he recognized her or if perhaps it only told him she was wielding radiant power and that was what surprised him? Thanks in advance for helping me figure this out
  2. And do we know for sure the cook who taught nohadon was human? Or is sleepless something you can become as that happened to her afterwards? ... or wait am I completely misunderstanding the type of being u r describing?
  3. Who is the cook who poisons people so as to prevent visitors from reaching amia? While going back to read the chapter on Daliners nohadon vision while I utterly failed to notice anything enlightening about the vision itself I did notice we have the only other reference to a notable cook. One who has taught nohadon to bake bread and who according to nohadon ended up being handled by life most unfairly! I think I’ve found our poisoner! (Hope I’m not just repeating something that’s already been discovered)
  4. Yes I agree they r insane but nale is clearly not as far gone as say jezrien was. I always got the impression from nales own comments that he mostly has it together albeit with really flawed judgement and isolated moments were his tortured mind takes over for a bit. While Ishar really does seem to be cookoo that doesn’t mean his actions are completely nonsense just destructive and erratic. nale actually expresses awareness and understanding about the herelds descent into madness and yet seems fooled by what Ishar told him so that must tell u something about ishars ablity to hide his true state of mind
  5. The following caought my eye: 2 things are said to only have been possible after honor died. The stormfather implies what dalinar did when he united the realms and created a perpendicularity was only possible after honor is dead and his power is not held by anyone. The other is Ishar believes the radients could have caused desolation now that honor is dead. Ishar is insane but I for one totally believe he couldn’t be completely off base. Nale at least accepted the possibility and I don’t think he’s so far gone himself(note we see nale acknowledge he’s losing it we see Szeth comment on Ishar madness and still nale in same conversation persists in presenting what Ishar told him) i undarstand Ishar to have been worried about what a radients like dalinar can do to upset the affect taln had by being in braise. He was worried about something on the magnitude of what dalinar did by challenging odiums champion. He definitely could have undid the heralds barely held together oathpact
  6. Just thought I’d add something I just noticed. In the last vision from storm father after the world is shown destroyed then all the lights in the sky wink out. Though whole passage went over my head at first but I now understand from the context it was saying that odium threatens not just Roshar but all the planets and all the shards. This is followed by another unite them... so yes I’ve joined the group who believe unite them refers to more than just Roshar but rather all the shards ( or something similar)
  7. Doesn’t it say outright there were never more than three? i do like ur point about whether the third one was bonded at time of recreance and broke because of that. Never thought about that before. Calls attention to the implication from stormfather that the third sibling suffered enough
  8. What Navani comments are u referring to exactly?
  9. Ok here’s my theory: odium has two magic systems one is voidbinding, it involves bonding his spren and was made post his arrival with humans on Roshar. This one was made to model the investiture and magic system used on Roshar by honor and cultivation. The other was what humans had on their original home planet and prob. Is as diff from anything we’ve seen as the magic in Roshar differs from that on Scadrial. This is the stuff the dawnshards r made of. My main textual support from this is based on what I noticed in ars arcanum in which the radiant surges are graphed and then underneath it says some thing about her not being certain how voidbinding or its cousin old magic fit into this paradigm or indeed at all.(sorry don’t remember it’s exact wording. I first thought this refers to magic pre shattering from adonasolum but realized then why doesn’t she know it? Also in what way is it the cousin to the arts of voidbinding? I currently understand it to refer to magic before Roshar which is odiums and thus a cousin to voidbinding. what I like about this is that I think it fits nicely that once on Roshar odium changed his magic a bit to steak from what honor and cultivation had going. I also like that it makes the human designation of parshendi as voidbringers accurate. Yes the humans were the invaders yes they brought odium but no, only the parshendi voidbind. That’s because odium never succeeded in having humans take in voidspren until oathbringer (that’s what it says in the book. I always understood this to be because they were to diff. From humans to bond but parshendi could receive them in their gemhearts and be controlled only a human racket bond which is in the cracks of their soul needs to “fit”) ehat do u guys think
  10. In front of chapter 116 we get a fragment of the Eula stele. “Their betrayal extended even to our gods,to Spren,stone and wind.” This clearly expresses that which we already learnt in words of radiance from eshonai chapters that the spren used to be on the side of the parshendi and changed sides. It seems obvious to me that wind refers to the stormfather and it directly follows that this passage is referencing the 3 bondsmith spren. I think the first one spren is a reference to nightwatcher (think of her description in the chapters Dalinar visits her). This then reveals stone as the 3rd bondsmith spren. all of a sudden I have to wonder whether there might be something to the shin stone shamanism and their insistence in not walking on stone. (Even if it is still likely the shin tradition is as misguided as the Alethi one). also I obviously would have to take seriously the theories about urithiru (as an aside I noticed the stormfather specifically told dalinar the third bondsmith is not hiding just slumbering and also that he refered to him as them in plural) hope u guys like my observations and I’m not accidently repeating stuff everyone already knows
  11. I always read the scene between Kelek not as admission to active interference but as admission they were aware szeth had the honorblade and was going to kill and they didn’t interfere(I can’t imagine herelds are thrilled when they see their blades pop up in the hands of others)to take it from him. I don’t think they actually knew who he planned to kill though
  12. When I finished the book the main question I found myself pondering was so what in the world made honor and cultivation switch sides? I mean humans coming to rasher murdering parshendi and destroying the world the shards created wasn’t going to endear them to everybody! Then I realized it prob. Happened in the reverse. Prob. Odium changed sides and began to interfere to help the parshendi, maybe he saw an opportunity to interfere with honor and cultivation maybe he just liked their passion or whatever. After that honor and cultivation felt pity for the humans odium abandoned helplessly to the fused, maybe they also felt odium had manipulated humans and the humans weren’t to blame. Or maybe the just felt with odium attempting to work with parshendi they didn’t have any other tool with which to stop him but to work against him with the humans. Anyhow that’s my theory... odium betrayal came first and the other shards simply reacted. That’s the only thing I can see bringing honor and cultivation over to the human side. What do u guys think? Upvote or downvote as u wish!
  13. Actually I couldn’t wait for his book from the the beg. Of prolouge in wok... I mean the book of the one one who got left behind was bound to be the best duhhhh!
  14. We know warbreaker was written as back story for nightblood so his part in stormlight archive is actually his main part. So this begs the question, who does nightblood need to kill that can’t be killed except by a sword that breaks all the rules of magic on this planey( there’s a reason Brandon didn’t just make him another type of shardblade) in oathbringer he played a fun role but he killed no one of significance... so I repeat who does nightblood need to kill?
  15. This came from nale while he was admitting he was insane...regardless I just don’t read it that way, it sounds real to me