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  1. I've only read 2, 4 and 5 on your list, and I think they differ quite a lot from each other, in regards to how dark the worlds are, how they are written, how many viewpoints there are and so on. In my opinion, WOT is lighter than ASOIAF. It is more of a traditional epic fantasy; The Chosen One, with friends, battle the great evil. There's also a bit of coming of age, a bit of various cultures crashing, some really interesting and inventive mechanics of social structures... I would recommend it, but I also know a lot of people never got through it once it started dragging. Very minor WOT-spoiler/trivia underneath, don't read if you haven't read the series (or don't care).
  2. In for a treat, you are!
  3. This count kind of depends on whether or not children's authors count. If they do: 1) L. E. Modesitt Jr, with 45 books. 2) Anne Cath. Vestly (norwegian childrens author) with 42 books 3) Brandon Sanderson, although it's hard to count because it depends on how one would classify "books". Basically it's "everything except infinity blade 2". If children's books don't count, 3) becomes 2) and the last 3) is Robert Jordan, with 15 books (counting the ones Sanderson wrote as co-ops).
  4. The Recluce series by Modesitt (19 books and counting) The Kingkiller Chronicles by Rothfuss (although not done in full) The Demon Cyle by Brett I've read the first two books (in audibook form) of Outlander. It's a bit too much of a "book a housewife would read while blushing" for me, but if you can get past that notion the rest of it is rather entertaining.. Oh, and The Martian, which is probably the best audiobook I've ever heard even if it's a standalone, and Sci-Fi..
  5. Only one I've seen referenced at least. But I don't know all of the internet Forgot to mention this in the first post: My source is http://fantasyhotlist.blogspot.com/ Edit: Oh, and also the author himself, so now I don't even need to be afraid if it's legal: https://twitter.com/PVBrett/status/900815583884836870
  6. In other news, Brandon seems to not be the only one to release parts of his book online before launch: https://www.scribd.com/document/356551501/The-Core-50-Page-Friday
  7. I enjoyed it too! It was refreshing to be allowed to know more than the main character for once (normally they figure out the riddles and then don't tell what they've figured out, but this time I knew some of the answers from the previous books). On topic: After Red Sister, I've started Assassin's Apprentice by Robin Hobb on Audible. Still on The Broken Eye in proper book form though. Might take a bit longer to read now since school started and I'm stuck with a brick of a book called "Introduction to the Practice of Statistics"...
  8. He didn't! But what he did read was really nice (partly because he had a pleasant reading voice). It was part of a short story coming out in an anthology in October. Also got a book signed. Decided against asking about writing progress though, since that's just rude.
  9. I think I used about 120h, but I tried to do it properly. Only lacked about 12 shrines in the end. If I remember correctly, you can speedrun it in about 1h.
  10. Recluce: Lorn (with Saryn and Cerryl as runnerups) Gentleman Bastards: Jean Transformers: Bumblebee Expanse: Amos GoT: Tyrion
  11. I wonder what format though? I remember for TGS they did one audiobook chapter, one chapter on kindle, and one or two directly on tor.com. Then again, lately (meaning the last few years), I think all the sample chapters I've seen have been directly on tor.com
  12. We're heading off to Worldcon tomorrow, which is in Finland this year. Anyone else from this site going? I know it doesn't have Sanderson, but it does have a lot of other interesting things
  13. I used to think that the only way I could read was a real book. And I still prefer that, but now that space is running out for books in our home, I've started buying more and more "new tries" on my Kindle (or with Audible). Also, with everything Amazon has done lately with shared libraries across ebooks and audiobooks (which means me and my boyfriend don't have to buy everything twice anymore), and with reading/listening on various devices once you've bought the book (which means that if I forget my Kindle at home I can still pick up where I left off either on my phone or a computer screen), I'm getting more and more sold on the whole deal. But still, I will buy everything from my favourite authors in physical form and rather remove everything else in the end if space runs out.
  14. Well, I've only read the first one so far. I should read the rest but I accidentally bought book 1 again instead of book 2 It was interesting enough, but I thought some of the ending was a bit "over the top" in the part of getting out of trouble..