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  1. aloha Lance :D hows life going for ya?

  2. I'm a video game programmer - While there are some people I know that I work with who don't read fantasy, I think most of them generally don't read. I haven't really come across anyone who would judge books as bad simply because they are fantasy - but maybe that stigma has changed over the last 6 years?
  3. Mine's fairly close - I'd say it should be smack dab in the middle of the Charlottetown text instead of being in Rustico, but considering that I think all that I've ever said was PEI, it's not too far off
  4. Considering that It's probably a good bet that the pools are a gate between worlds.
  5. I guess that means that I get to sound off as the first Canadian in this thread I'm from Prince Edward Island - Atlantic Canada at it's finest
  6. I think you're missing a digit on the first part of your fc - I tried a few combinations, but gave up when they didn't work
  7. I'm enjoying it as well - although I'm a little disappointed that not all the old pokemon are available yet - the last pokemon I played was Ruby, so there's quite a bit of catchup for me to do. My friend code is 3737-9617-0240 - I'm hoping to increase my number of friends to get something good in the Friend Safari
  8. I've thought about it, and depending on exactly when it is (and finances and all that), I'd like to be there - if it's more than just a midnight release, that certainly gives me more incentive to try to make it too
  9. I picked up the ebook before work, and read it after, finishing it while the hockey game was on last night (yes, yes, I know... spending time reading instead of paying 100% attention to hockey... I'm a horrible Canadian ) That said, I quite enjoyed the book & am definitely looking forward to a sequel. I was rather amused when I saw that one of the characters had my last name (since it's not that common around here), and was even more amused when I saw that one of the defences has my first name I'm interested to see where Brandon will take a sequel, as the worldbuilding seemed to be nicely extensive (leaving lots of play area for more books). I also felt that the description of how Rithmatics works reminded me quite a bit of Forgery (anyone else think that there were similarities there?)
  10. When you use a Hemalurgic spike, you rip a part of the spiritweb out of the victim. Since applying the hemalurgic spike essentially "staples" the stolen spiritweb onto your own, I personally don't really see a syringe taking a bit of blood working for hemalurgy.
  11. Looks like lots of people want in on this giveaway... I guess I'm in too
  12. I picked up a WiiU over the weekend, and I'm now playing through Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper - simple hack & slash games can be rather mindless entertainment.
  13. I finished it last night as well. I think one scene that stuck out to me was All in all, I thought it was a great finish to WoT
  14. Just to add something that you may have already thought of - You could play a full allomancer who only uses Tin and Steel (either because of a mental block, or a specific quirk of the character). Also - the Mistborn Vials that they use in the RPG are designed to have the base 8 metals in them (at a smaller amount than the Misting vials) - so if you really wanted to, you could probably use a specialized vial for the character that only had the two metals in it (or have a vial of Tin and a vial of Steel).
  15. Just finished Tom Lloyd's Twilight Reign series - quite enjoyed it, but not sure exactly which one of my pile of books to read I will move onto next.