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  1. Crazy oddball theory. We know that Adonalasium built the entire Rosharan system for some reason. What if that anomaly is another one of his experiments? He could have some type of construct in every system except for Scadrial which was rebuilt at least twice. Think, he could have planted so much stuff out there in anticipation of his eventual shattering. As to what it is or what it does, under my theory it could be practically anything. If not from Uncle Addy though, it could be an Investiture storehouse maintained in the CR by Edgli herself. She seems pretty confident that she can outright murder Odium if he wants to throw down despite his record. I thought she may be delusional. If she's holding a big hammer in reserve then she may be right.
  2. I'd likely place it at close to the same range as the books, maybe only a little further but not much. It would suck if they were trying to invade but a really tough nut to crack defensively.
  3. Indeed. And nothing in my scenario keeps knights from progression. Most Orders only need 3 Oaths to get a living blade and all Radiants can heal themselves with enough Stormlight. Guns are a huge advantage, don't get me wrong. But the planet most able to mitigate that advantage is Roshar.
  4. A squad of modern rifles likely could shred Shardplate but not Scadrial level ones. 2 reasons. Muzzle velocity is going to be awfully low and the rate of fire isn't going to be as high. It takes training to get a squad like what you are proposing to get a rate of fire up enough to defeat a determined force charging all in Shardplate. Even then consider if these troops have Plate they're going to have blades too. The blades are indestructible and can morph into shields at the speed of thought. So front rank Radiants charge with a shield wall, back rank gets in close to take out firing squad while they're reloading.
  5. Don't forget that since there's 4 combatants,the possibility for alliances exist. For example, Scadrial's tech edge over the other three means they may be the biggest initial threat. And while I think Scadrians are a match for any of the other 3 world's one-on-one, they are going to have a problem with multiple world's if they decide to gang up. Or one believes Rosharan forces pose the largest threat, having Scadrial as an ally would help immensely for either Sel or Nalthis. Elantrians seem like natural negotiators, they should have no issues forming an alliance. That 90 day ramp up if for more than preparing an army, it's for forming Hunger Games type alliances, aka temporary ones.
  6. The timeframe of the latest published work seems fair to me. But every magic system that world has is in play. So Roshar gets Knights, Singer/Listeners and Fabrials, Scadrians get twinborn and guns as well as Hemalugy and medallions, Sel gets Forgery, Blood sealing and whatever the Dakhor monks are doing. Nalthis gets the short end of the stick since I don't recall them having anything besides Awakening. I know Brandon said there were other magic systems on Nalthis but we haven't seen them so they don't factor in. But they will have the use of ichor alcohol for Lifeless, condensed cost for command technology and Nightblood since Nalthis is its planet of origin.
  7. Okay here's the premise. All 4 of the big Shardworlds participate in a planetary battle Royale for Cosmere supremacy. The catch is that God Level users are excluded. So TLR is out for Scadrial, Roshar cannot have the Heralds, Susebron and the Returned cannot fight for Nalthis. Sel keeps Elantrians because they have no other comparative God users (Dead Shards). Any magic system native to their world can be used on the planet in conflict along with the fuel in the amounts that they'd normally get. Each has a home city on the planet in conflict, 500,000 people a piece, but with their magic users being proportional to their numbers on the home planet, at least initially. More magic users created from the total population is permitted. No reinforcements from home. 90 days to organize their forces. So who wins?
  8. Lightweavers/Dustbringers. All an enemy sees is flame, but which one is real?
  9. @SzethIsBadAsHell I didn't say form wasn't important at all in regards to bonding. That would be an oversimplification. But form cannot be the only factor. The soul of a person has to play a role as well because the soul of the person will dictate how that form is expressed. A form alone won't deter a Spren attracted to a Singer,nor will a form alone attract a Nahel Spren. I disagree that Eshonai was totally dominated by Stormform. Yes her personality changed drastically from her warform incarnation but I don't believe that, had she lived, that the change would have been permanent. Remember, Stormform was unlike any form she had ever taken, she was bound to be swamped by it at first. But she could have learned to master the form with time. Venli had much more experience with voidforms so it looks like she was better able to master them when we see her in the narrative. What I was saying in regards to my earlier comment is that if forms were the be all end all then Venli should have been even less able to fight the form's influence and gain a bond with Timbre. It's not even about the Spren at this point. It's about the form. Stormform is a form of power but those that take that form aren't considered Regals, right? It's a lesser voidspren that grants that form. Envoyform however is a Regal voidform and thus the gem heart holds a more powerful Spren, closer to Odium. His influence should have crowded out any honor-ish type influences, it should have completely enslaved her mind to him. That obviously didn't happen. Because it didn't happen that way, we can make a conjecture. One of two things happened. Either Venli was so special that she could shake off Odium's influence while wearing a form that should have prevented that very thing from happening, or the forms only influence thought and not soul, and soul is what a Spren looks for.I think it's the latter. YMMV.
  10. Yet by your definition Venli should never have been able to bond with Timbre. Why would a higher form from Odium result in a person who is more able to resist? That seems like poor planning to me.
  11. Eshonai spoke about this when she muses about forms in WOR. They can influence a person's thinking and attitude but it's up to the person themselves to be a form's master and not the other way around. Otherwise no one would ever be able to change forms at all. Now would it be difficult for a Singer to pick up a Spren that's incompatible with the form they're in at the moment? Absolutely. But it shouldn't be impossible and I don't think that it is. Besides, a Nahel Spren isn't looking at day to day activities per se, but at the soul of a being it seeks to initiate a bond with. A person's soul informs that person's actions; if Spren are looking at actions it's likely to confirm that what they saw in that person's soul that attracted them in the first place matches up. Then again, the only example we have of watching a bond progressing from the beginning, three books in, is Kaladin/Syl. Spren are somewhat monolithic within their own Order but wildly vary from Order to Order. That could be just an Honorspren thing; it's been said that Honorspren are more discerning than others. All I can say is that Eshonai has held multiple forms in her life cycle but she's always had the soul of an adventurer. Timbre had her eye on Eshonai for a while and didn't change her mind about bonding even when she went to Stormform. Eshonai always strived to master her forms though, and I'm sure she isn't that big an outlier in this respect. So maybe it's like this. Singers/Listeners will always have more trouble forming a Nahel bond, both because of their closeness to the CR and because their form changes can cause interference. So if a Singer/Listener wants to attract a Nahel Spren they must first be the type of person who is not dominated by the form they take. Their soul must be solid for a bond to take hold.
  12. One thing to note, none of the Shards can deny entry into their magic system if that person meets the conditions. So even if Tanavast were alive he could not prevent someone from a bond if that person and the Spren met the conditions to merge. There are things a Shard can control within it's magic system. They can adjust the set conditions for entry like Sazed did with the snapping. They can straight up grant access like Edgli does with the Returned or what Culti presumably does with the Old Magic. They can even use the magic of their system to destroy someone, much like what Odium threatened to do to the Fused on the battlefield of Thaylen City. This is all to say Tanavast being alive could not have effected the Nahel bond so much as to straight deny Singers its use. I believe that the Singers of old, with their greater alignment with the CR, deliberately chose to deny themselves the use of the Bond. They likely didn't get as much power from the Bond as a human would. Those Singers were fighting humanity at the time and probably saw Odium as a better alternative because they got more juice outta his magic than Honor's. Venli and Timbre are both a part of a new generation not bound to the enmities of the past, it would make sense to me that Venli has become the forerunner for the Singers who prefer to serve Honor rather than Odium. I therefore anticipate some Singer Knights emerging. Agree with @Calderis, form should have nothing to do with it. Timbre was originally Eshonai's Spren to bond and she was getting pushback in both Warform and Stormform. Venli has been in both Stormform and Envoyform and none of these forms seemed to make the progression to the First Oath either easier or more difficult.
  13. So if the newly confirmed Wisdom Shard invested on a planet then how would that Shard manifest in a magic system?
  14. Which makes Santa a fat dragon.
  15. @StanLemon Seven Radiants at Thaylen City were able to hold an army until reinforcements arrived. Adding to what @Kargersaid, none of the Radiant fighters are were maxed out at the time. Now we aren't talking about a limited number of Radiants but several thousand, not counting squires, at least 10% of them maxed out and 3 Bondsmiths instead of 1. The damage that many people can wreck on a landscape is immense. Unlimited Stormlight, no I don't think so. But they have enough people according to the OP to be able to rotate Radiants in and out of the fray or take a fuel point with them or both. Be honest, they know they can do very little without their fuel source; why would they not find strategies to preserve what they have or increase their efficiency? Now if I'd have said that one Radiant could enclose an army of Koloss single handedly then I could see your point. I'm not sure that even a Herald could do that and they had a constant supply of Investiture. But 50 of them? 100? Jasnah isn't maxed out and she repaired a rent in a 50 foot wall with a hand wave. Yes I know, Realms being close and all that, but I think she could have done that without the realms being close, it just would have taken more effort. In this discussion I have tried to do 2 things, to give the Scadrians their due concerning their power set and to attempt to accurately project the strengths, weaknesses and capabilities of a maxed out Radiant and what they can accomplish with the numbers laid out by the OP. The Radiants as we see them in the current storyline and all the armies of Roshar would get destroyed by the Scadrians even without TLR. But you can't look at what we see now as a baseline for what they are capable of or what they were before the Recreance. Just because I think that Roshar wins however does not mean that I'm not acknowledging the Scadrians and their prowess in battle, at least among the metalborn (Mistborn or higher). I never said Roshar wins easily, in fact it's the complete opposite. I feel I have bent over backwards to be fair to the Scadrians in regards to their capabilities. A fight between them would be hard, bloody and terrible. I think Roshar comes out on top, you believe that I have given Radiants too much credit. Fine, agree to disagree. As I was thinking about this question it came to me that the conflict can be defined by a theme. The power of individuals versus the power of a collective. Look at the power base of the two sides. Scadrian magic users are harnessing their own power to individual effect. I have this power and so I can perform this act. I cannot transfer this power to others and I can only affect my environment in a limited way and a limited range. Radiants are more group action and environmental effects. A single Radiant is a collective all by themselves because it's them and their Spren. They can act individually of course, but the greatest magical effects they can muster are environmental effects. I'm a Radiant of such and such order. I can make plants grow faster or build a wall or change an object's personal gravity depending on which Spren I'm bonded with. And the more buddies I have with me the wider my affect can become. I think I might be explaining it poorly, please give me some slack.