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  1. So gold to take a hit, steel to make one unhittable.
  2. Aren't all Kaladin's relationships with women start off antagonistic? He was annoyed by Syl, he argued vociferously with both Shallan and Jasnah, he insults Lyn, and him and Laral have baggage. I guess Tarah is the only girl he had a relationship with that didn't involve an initial wrong foot move, though with Kaladin we cannot be sure. For all we know he stepped on her foot on his way to bribe another squad leader and she threw a rock at his head in retaliation.
  3. You would think that if his Oath was accepted then Brandon would have included some indication like he has with everyone on screen who has spoken an Oath. Where are their spren? Add that to the WoB that Skar isn't quite where Lopen is at the end of OB and that leads me to conclude that Skar is still a Windrunner squire. We have been told that squireship in one Order does not preclude one from Radiance in another. So he could become a Stoneward. Or he could become a Windrunner. Or he could just continue to be a squire. We don't yet know the path, we can only follow and see where it leads.
  4. Happy Birthday! 

  5. If what people are saying is true, if Drehy spoke the words then no he hasn't. But even if Skar spoke the words it doesn't mean that they were accepted. Lopen was speaking the words for days and he went unbonded still. The bond is a contract and if both sides don't agree it isn't binding. Is Skar worthy? I don't think any readers would deny his worthiness. But it's up to the spren to decide in the Windrunner order.
  6. Yeah that WoB could have been deliberate misdirection. He's close to but not quite up to Lopen's level because Lopen has been bonded and Skar has not. So what spren has he been in contact with? We know the Honorspren have been observing but we also know the Cognitive world is looking at B4. Three confirmed Honorspren bonds, one of them the famous Ancient Daughter, one Truthwatcher bond, a renegade Listener, multiple squires and a boatload of honorable activities taking place. Radiance pops up where there are Radiants about.
  7. From what I have seen, and in light of the WOB that Shallan's story was always meant to have some DID elements in it, I believe that we have never really met the 'real' Shallan. The girl who sailed to Khalbaranth looking for a soul(caster)to steal was merely her first crafted personality. To deal with her issues in her home she only really needed the one. Now that she faces world ending threats and insidious organizations her base Shallan persona was unequipped to deal with, she created a couple more. She's Cosmere Steven Leeds. I feel like her limiting her load sharing personas to 3 and being able to switch between them without strain or conflict is indeed a step in the right direction. That equilibrium is not enough to push her to her final Truth but it's enough to keep her from backsliding out of the truths she's already spoken. And to me, the fact that she's even able to pose the question to herself is to me a sign of progress. Remember she had to be forced to get her latest Truth. Pattern won't be able to make her say her next one. I assume that she's actually going to overcome this at some point. Do we have a theory on what that'll look like? Will we get total reintegration? Will she still be 3 ladies in one, each with a shadow Shallan director? Will she soulcast a body for each of her personas leaving her free to go draw beggars and barmaids on the Purelake? I look forward to seeing the results.
  8. I got 2 impressions from reading this chapter. One, if Syl is accurate in her Bondsmith description, and we have been given no reason to believe she is wrong, then Ishar was and is incredibly OP. Two, whatever Shard or Shards granted Ishar such a wide range of power was incredibly reckless. I mean it grants a human the power to direct Gods. Power creep in the worse way. But if the Shards in system didn't grant these powers, could he perhaps have tapped into something left over from Adonalasium?
  9. It has been said in legends that the Voidbringers of old could hold Stormlight perfectly. We know humans were the OG Voidbringers, what if that's a 5 Oath benefit? We have clues that live plate can be summoned and dismissed like the blades. If plate does indeed require Stormlight then summon when needed and preserve Stormlight. Risky but potentially necessary in a prolonged fight. We know it's possible for a Radiant to regulate Stormlight intake. In a Stormlight conservation move they may only partially heal an injury to put more power into their surgebinding. Or they may take in small sips of Stormlight IOT conceal their burn. I believe playing keep away and hide and seek is the only viable strategy for a Mistborn facing a Radiant. But with each Oath spoken that task gets harder by a great degree. And while I think the Mistborn can outlast a Radiant it's gonna be a close run thing, closer and closer as the Radiant reaches the pinnacle of their power.
  10. The higher the Oath, the more efficient the Stormlight usage.
  11. That is also a fair point. But that's why I brought up the point of the margin of error. If Vin is fighting, she beats anyone, I don't care who it is. She's a murder machine, and if you gave her the full suite of 16 metals + Atium + guns I'd give her even odds to settle for Odium, much less a mere Radiant. Kaladin got some tricks but nothing like Vin. However, what you're much more likely to get regarding the power scaling would be Shan v Teft. Now based on my criteria for winning strategies, is someone like Ms. Elarial capable of perfection? I don't think she is. Is someone like Teft capable of pressing their advantage in a competent enough fashion to defeat a Mistborn? Mostly, though the environment will matter to a much greater degree than they would against the very best. The way I see it, taking the skills of the combatants into consideration, if the fighters are equally skilled in their respective magic systems, Radiant beats Mistborn. If the Radiant is better skilled, Radiant wins. If the Mistborn is supremely skilled and the Radiant is average, it's a toss up. The Mistborn can only win consistently if they are much better than the Radiant. This is with plate of course. Anyone with just a blade facing a Mistborn is likely to have a really bad day.
  12. First, I'm not claiming that Radiants are invincible. They can be killed, specifically when caught unaware or have run out of Stormlight. What I am saying is that none of the weapons a Mistborn would typically employ would have any effect on a Radiant with Plate on. The Mistborn can't effect the metals they're wearing because they're made of solid Investiture. Coins either bounce off or push the Mistborn back. And glass knives? Please. Now if you give them guns it's a different story, but either one gets guns or they get Atium. Narratively the 2 don't exist together, though there is no other reason for them not to coexist. Second, we spent Era 1 Mistborn watching Vin, arguably the greatest and most skilled Mistborn to ever live. She is atypical. Many More Mistborn will be at Elerial's skill level than would be at Vin's. So it's fair to use her as a benchmark instead of Vin. Look, Vin killed a Fullborn. Do you believe that any Mistborn could have accomplished this? Talk about overestimating. Third, Mistborn mobility is great but not insurmountable given the Surges. Some surges can match or surpass that mobility. Windrunner/ Skybreaker can outmaneuver them, especially in an open plain while Edgedancer can more easily dodge than many opponents a Mistborn would face. Note that the Atium advantage is greatly reduced airborne, especially if they're far away from their anchors. Other surges can negate that mobility. The Soulcast orders could transform their coins or their metal even at a distance. The cohesion Orders could move their anchors and throw them off balance, or even stick them to the ground. See Amaram vs Kaladin in OB. Now if one were to give Mistborn both guns and Atium without adding new abilities to the Radiants then their success rate would rise up to more than one time in fifty. The odds get even better with plentiful, difficult to move anchors, say a city block with skyscrapers. There are strategies that allow for a Mistborn to win a head to head contest with a Radiant. But the thing about these strategies is that they take time and multiple damage to accomplish, during which time said Mistborn must be perfect. The Radiant has a much wider margin for error. And often the most dangerous place in the universe is within Shardblade range of a Radiant in plate. We can agree to disagree if you think a pewter burn can tank a Shardplate punch and keep moving. Shardblade cuts are unblockable with anything a Mistborn may carry. All that means is that all it takes is one hit, one mistake for the Radiant to render the Mistborn dead or incapacitate him while nothing in the Mistborn arsenal can duplicate this.
  13. Even a glancing blow with Plate can break bones. But anyway, Atium is a huge advantage to the Mistborn, it's just not an instant win against a Stormlight user, especially one with Plate. Even the best case scenario won't kill the Radiant outright, more work would have to be done. And Atium runs out fast. It's going to be quite difficult to hit that kill shot even once. If you have to make that perfect, one-in-a-million strike multiple times your probability of success is greatly reduced. We're probably talking Vin vs. maybe Shallan as 5 Oath Radiant as far as combat effective level for that Mistborn to consistently beat the Radiant. But truth is, most Mistborn are going to be at something like Shan Elarial's level of competency and someone like her is not beating the worst Radiant out there.
  14. Hard to dodge when there's only one place to attack. Atium ain't gonna show a winning path unless the Radiant has no Stormlight.
  15. Also a double pewter Twinborn or a double pewter spiked Inquisitor should be added to the list. No problem with your order of strength so far. Though I will note that in the case of Stormlight, a 2 Oath Kaladin cracked Shardplate with a running drop kick. That should factor in to the strength analysis.