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  1. Why does the idea of Moash's soul getting obliterated by Nightblood seem so flipping appealing to me?
  2. Not a typo. I was referring to Trell's hemalurgic constructs in Mistborn era 2
  3. This one's simple. We know Hemalugy warps your spirit web. We know that too many spikes allows for Ruin and now Harmony to gain control over you. My question is, is that control limited to those two shards or can any of the other 15 grab the reins so to speak? Is it just a Ruin thing since he was the originator of the magic system or is it a shardic thing since there's nothing special about the metal used to make a spike? I tend to lean towards the latter in my opinion with one caveat. A Shard has more control over a construct made by a spike of that Shard's godmetal. For example, if Sazed wants to control the Fakeless Immortals, he's gotta push Trell out of system first.
  4. Just to add to this, isn't Axies functionally immortal? I'm not sure if there are many things that actually could kill him. Maybe one of the MC's could do it but why would they?
  5. Just look at what he said. He told Nale that the monster carries his lord's own blade. Of the two candidates, kalak is more likely to refer to Jezrian's Honorblade in that fashion. Ishar, as leader of the heralds, isn't m'lording anyone except Honor himself.
  6. Why does this question remind me of Tel'aran'riod?
  7. Odium is not Passion, he is hatred. He is lying, to himself and everyone else. Whoever the third Bondsmith spren is, it isn't born of Odium. Yes there are spren in this era, post Recreance, that are seemingly seeking non-traditional options of allegiance, but these are individual cases. The Recreance effected every sapient spren on Roshar and produced scars unlike any other event in Rosharan history since the arrival of Odium in system. There is bound to be some bumps in the road when trying to re-establish something so thoroughly broken. But to believe that an organization founded to combat the ancient enemy of Odium would have one of it's 3 most powerful and highly invested spren be working for that enemy makes no sense. An organization built such would have never survived even one Desolation, much less the many they have endured. Also, if Odium were mixed up in surgebinding in such a way that it would have a leadership role assigned to its Shard, where are the other Nahel spren of Odium? All the Nahel spren are a mix of Honor and Cultivation. Perrcentage differs depending on the type of spren but according to Brandon they all have a foot in both camps. No room for Odium amongst the other 9 Orders, why would he have such a powerful foothold at the top? Looking at the Surgebinder Chart for Odium is an exercise in futility. Odium, a being who traditionally doesn't play well with others, has an in to the unique way magic manifests on Roshar already, one he doesn't have to split or share with another Shard. It's called Voidbinding and it has its own chart. It also doesn't force anyone to have to attempt mental gymnastics to explain how inviting Odium into a leadership position of an organization built to fight him makes even a little bit of sense.
  8. Man would that be terrifying. Makes me wonder who else would make the roster in this hypothetical situation. Then again I'm not sure how willing Odium is to make more cognitive shadows when he already has a army of Fused.
  9. @John203 I just submitted a topic explaining my reasoning in regards to Torol if you'd like more clarification on that particular statement.
  10. Anyone who has read WoR is aware of that climatic scene in the epilogue. Sadeas takes a stroll in the caverns of Urithiru, sees Adolin, taunts him with threats to his family and the mission to save the world and catches a knife to the eye for his trouble. Straight forward right? Not so fast. I propose that there was an underlying factor involved in how those events played out. It was Sadeas' addiction to the Thrill. Take a look at what we know about Sadeas. Torol was a devious man. He was also careful, pragmatic, intelligent and could read people when he could be bothered to pay attention. He knew how to needle and prod people, forcing them to act in whatever manner he chose, even when the subject mistrusted him or his motives. He never had just one plan, and always operated with a back door. However, Torol was also a Thrill addict, and Nergoul had been working on him for a long time. He admitted to having no pleasure in anything other than fighting anymore, and not even fighting Parshendi. For all the gifts the Thrill grants in battle, it takes something away as well. From Dalinar it stole all his pleasure in anything not related to battle. I think that Nergoul consumed Sadeas' sense of caution, self preservation and intelligence. Sadeas was losing something off his fastball ever since his efforts were foiled at the Tower by a budding Radiant. He nearly got caught flat footed by the results of the 4 on 1 duel, his man bungled the assassination attempt during Dalinar's Shattered Plains expedition, and he made all the wrong moves both precceeding the Battle of Narak and its immediate aftermath. The Sadeas of 10 years prior doesn't make those same mistakes. Now let's look at the scene again. Sadeas, careful and wise, someone who always has an exit strategy, meets up with Adolin. Sadeas was willingly alone, no guards, with a man he described earlier as Blackthorn like only with less control. Instead of trying to escape the room and get to a place where he'd be again in a position of strengthen, he chooses to stick around with someone he tried to murder at least 2wice in the narrative. He knows Adolin's temper is on a regrettably short leash yet he taunts a master duelist in his athletic prime with every reason to hate him. What advantage did Sadeas see in threatening Adolin's father in this situation? How does the conversation further his stated goals? Two possibilities exist as to why Torol would act in a manner totally against his natural inclination, and both are related to the Thrill. Either he wants a challenge, something he has stated he longer for, and picked a particularly difficult opponent. Or his normal inclinations have for years been eroded by the influence of the Thrill to the point where he's routinely taking suicidal chances. He didn't misjudge Adolin's reaction; a noted manipulator such as him would never misread someone as open and transparent as Adolin unless Nergoul robbed him of his wits. And it of course could be both possibilities running in parallel. Sadeas had it coming, this is undeniable. What may be less clear but equally undeniable to me is that he unconsciously engineered his death. And he did this because of the Thrill.
  11. It would be quite frightening if the Unmade bonds worked the same way. But judging from what happened with Amaram and Aseudan, as well as how Dalinar feels during a Thrill hangover, Odium's splinters consume their Bondmates. The power they grant may be massive but it's ultimately temporary. Overuse is fatal more times than not. Even for non fatal cases the results often lead to suicidal tendencies. You can't tell me that Sadeas' death and the circumstances revolving around it had nothing to do with suicidal tendencies.
  12. I would expect Stonewards to have something similar because they're next to Bondsmiths as well
  13. I would say balance is more of a muscle memory thing. The senses obviously have something to do with that, mostly in the acquisition of those skills IMO. A-Tin boosts all the senses all at once so burning both metals would improve the performance of both of them. Spook shows us how effective that combination is. Sometimes I wish allomancy let you use paired metals instead of the one or everything model. Like if you were an emotional misting you could burn zinc and brass, or a sensor misting could burn both copper and bronze, a speed misting burns chromium and bendalloy, ect.
  14. The Irali are not native to Roshar at all so they'd have no place in the theory
  15. I mean, nicrosil metalmind. Now what you get when you tap that metalmind is likely to be a different story.