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  1. The difference between live plate and dead plate is that you can summon live plate just like living blades, whole or in sections. Dead plate has to be put on like middle ages armor.
  2. The issue with interludes is that while some of them are general worldbuilding others are essential to the ending of the book. Szeth in WoK, Taravanginan in WoR, Venli and the translation work in OB. I do like the idea of online shorts between episodes, but who gets to run it? The same company would certainly have to produce both.
  3. Like Quentin Tarantino. For my preference he'd be a Rift victim, one of Tanalan's bodyguard, cut down while trying to usher the princeling to safety.
  4. Ok, let's see if I got this. Allomancer 1 stronger connection to Preservation than Allomancer 2: In this case mass of Allomancer does not factor as much. A-1 will win a push match with A-2 even if A-2 has more mass. A-2 only wins if they have an anchor and A-1 does not. A-1 and A-2 are equally connected: Investiture cancels each other as force matches force. This allows other factors to weigh in. Mass and anchor strength determine who wins a push match. Vin was able to stand against Kelsier at least for a little while because she was stronger Allomantically. Just not strong enough to overcome the mass factor. Later when she is fueled by the mists her connection was stronger than even TLR despite having no anchor. She was thus able to push his bracers despite Investiture interference of bracers piercing skin. Elend was able to easily win a push match with an Inquisitor because his connection was much stronger than a being with Allomancy diluted by Hemalurgy.
  5. One may say he was...fortunate.
  6. So instead of repairing the broken bridge you are supposing that a new bridge is being built with Sja-Anat helping. Interesting if true, but what happens to the old bridge? If it's just hanging out there what's to stop Odium from waltzing into that compromised spiritweb and taking over?
  7. Your perfect self spiritually speaking exists independent of your perception. What you perceive as your perfect self is likely that spirit filtered through the CR. For the OP's theory to work something else has to be recording the Spiritual records. Something external has to be perceiving. I personally believe the more Invested an entity is the more easily they can alter the Spiritual records with perception as the editor.
  8. The concept is that there exists in the SR a copy of yourself that is perfect and that healing rewrites your physical self to that SR copy.
  9. From what I've seen of Vorinism I'd question it if one of their tenants said the sky is blue. As for the theory, I think it could be a part of the puzzle but I don't see it as the unified theory of Cosmere everything. Connection can set the initial conditions but not dictate future events and development. Like Steeldancer says, gotta be some rules in this thing.
  10. Maybe their goal is what we think Hoid's probable ultimate goal is. Maybe they want to reform Adonalasium and install only with a Vessel of their choosing, someone they have recruited and thus shares their values. With that much power the group could rule the Cosmere. It would explain the worldhoppers, Mraise's collection, and their, let's say questionable morals. It would also explain why they would want to drag out the conflict. If the war weakens both sides enough, maybe mortals could take advantage of the situation and either murder the Vessels holding Culti and Odium or steal massive amounts of their Investiture with them being powerless to stop it. Whatever the goals of the Ghostbloods are, I think it'd be prudent to bury the hatchet with Jasnah, at least temporarily. Unlike most of their adversaries she's Cosmere aware or will be soon. That combined with the power she wields both personally and politically and a war with her could prove to be cost prohibitive. They don't have to deal in good faith, even if they did try Jasnah would be suspicious of their motives anyhow. A simple pact of non-aggression and a little information trading should serve as an overture of peace between them. If they chose to go that route then Shallan becomes an invaluable resource for both sides.
  11. From their activities we know that they seek power, both magical and political. Their information network is nearly unparalleled. Their ultimate goals are unknown but it's gotta be something both big and having deep Cosmere implications.
  12. WOB detailing conditions in Sel's Cognitive Realm. That's where Odium placed the power of Dominion and Devotion after he killed the Vessels. Those Shards have no holder, their power is loose, making conditions like a constant plasma storm. Coincidentally, it's the reason why the powers are geographically locked, the overflow is released into the Physical through Aons and glyphs.
  13. The key phrase to that WOB is the way they know how to do it. That kinda tells me that a method for a Spike of Mourning exists to be discovered by some megalomaniac tyrant with Cosmere knowledge and a dream. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your preference) we likely won't get to see any alternate methods of Hemalurgy either implied or on screen.
  14. No real evidence, just speculation based on narrative clues. I believe this was just after WoR when we had hardly any information, where up to that point all we'd ever seen as far as true oath progression was Kaladin.
  15. A WOB saying all the oaths progress in order. I was kinda upset about it until I saw it in action. The mechanics of the Ideals mollified me somewhat and I have a new theory regarding Oath progression.