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  1. The Hoid we encounter in the Cosmere stories we've been allowed to read is very much a finished product. Because he isn't a focus character he almost serves as a foundational piece of scenery, a Cosmere worldbuilding tool. He can afford to be the Cosmere version of Loki, unchanging, funny, at times cruel, and possessing way more information than would be safe for anyone other than himself. That will change when we finally get Liar of Partinel. Then seeing him change will be essential to tell a good story. TL:DR, we just aren't there yet with Hoid.
  2. I'd call their trauma close to even. Shallan spent 6 years under siege, having to watch the gradual emotional destruction of her family on top of the normal stresses brought on by puberty, with nothing but jokes and drawing talent for weapons. Her father consumed by anger, her oldest brother abandoning her, the next oldest looking like a serial killer, her last two brothers suicidal and addicted by turns. Kaladin 's trauma was like taking multiple punches, body blows. For Shallan it was like a giant with a foot on her back, pressing and pressing, piling more weight upon her, knowing it would eventually crush her. For 6 years. And it kicks off with her having to murder her closest female relative. It ended with her having to put down the man who saved her from the consequences of that 1st murder like a rabid dog.
  3. If Rashek and the Atium immortality hack shows us anything, it's that the SR keeps track. One needs to do something to either counter that clock or make it irrelevant, and due to spiritual entropy this change must be drastic, all encompassing, and it gets tougher the longer it goes on. Depending on the magic system immortality is relatively easy to obtain and hard to maintain. I say relatively easy because the methods are known and have been proven to work, because any old random someone can achieve it. The Shards get it built in but lose their humanity as a result, becoming more and more forces instead of people. Something similar happens to Elantrians, though what they lose is sanity not personhood. The Returned and those of the 5th Heightening are immortal, but one needs constant matinence with a breath a week and the other must be hoarded. We know how to achieve immortality on Scadrial, one must become something of a mythical being. But you still have to spend an increasingly longer duration being old to stick around being young. The Heralds get immortality by basically resetting the shot clock with a new body everytime they die. The Fused must parasite their new bodies from the living and their minds get broken by the process as well. Regardless of how one achieves immortality in the Cosmere, simply wishing on a star and expecting the SR to agree with it would not be enough to counter the Spirit Shot Clock. One needs magic to counter the entropy of time. Then, depending on how the immortality manifests, either one has to consistently maintain that immortality indefinitely or one gets the type that doesn't need matinence and suffers severe side effects likened to a curse. Are there people with a will strong enough to call themselves immortal and make their spiritual aspect to the line? By the rules of the Cosmere I'd determine no, but it's Brandon's universe, we just read about it.
  4. Syl isn't a mortal. She cannot die in the same manner as mortal beings, being part of a Shard and all that. Now it's possible for her to be irretrievable in some way, but even that's a stretch. I believe it would take a direct strike from a Shard or shard representative to do the trick, and it's a trick likely as harmful to the attackers as it would be for Syl.
  5. Although I subscribe to the T is a Plant theory, there may be some merit to the OP's theory as well. I do know that Taravanginan desperately wants another shot at God level intelligence; he's been worried about how often the Diagram has been off since he took his shots at Dalinar and the Radiants and wants another day to course correct. Maybe the theories aren't mutually exclusive. The Diagram was eerily accurate before, an almost 100% success rate, sometimes inaccurate in small detail but capturing the essence of the commands. That is, until King T decided to take shots at Dalinar. It isn't so much that the Diagram failed, it's that it failed in such a way as to further their cause and by extension the cause of humanity. But for both of these theories to be true then sometime in the future Cultivation will have to believe that it's in her best interest to send him another vision of Godhood. Preferably close enough to the endgame for T to change course. Then again, considering his goals up to this point that Godhood day is going to have to explicitly tell him that humans can actually win.
  6. @Booknerd Rayse and Tanavast haven't popped up on the scanner of natural phenomenon as of yet, but remember we have not visited even a third of Roshar yet, at least not in an in depth way. Plus, this is a world that has seen multiple extinction level events. Maybe their natural phenomena did not survive the ages. Or maybe I'm just wrong. I'm sure that the name will be revealed someday.
  7. Thanks for the spelling corrections. As for Trell, no natural processes that I'm aware of but he does get a religion and a star name. The thousand eyes of Trell and such sundries.
  8. Some enterprising person way back when figured out Edgli was Endowment based off of a flower that grew only on Nalthis, one that made exceptional dyes. Maybe something similar is going on on Roshar, where a naturally occurring phenomenon gets a name whose origin got lost in the annals of history, a name we later find out is actually significant in that it's a root for the Vessel in residence. Well there is something like this on Roshar. It builds the continents in the absence of plate tectonics. It stimulates plant growth; we've been told that stormwater is better for the plant life. It supposedly facilitates the growth of gem hearts in native species. It's crem. I think Cultivation's Vessel has crem in her name. A potential problem with this theory is that the stuff likely existed before the arrival of H and C in system, and something of these natural processes were already in place. However, names change as do processes. We don't know how much the ecosystem changed when she got there, we don't know if the role crem plays in Rosharan growth was handled by some other process, or whether this portion of Investiture was pre-assigned to Cultivation and thus was a factor in choosing her planet after the Shattering. We don't know if crem was called something else either. The result is likely inconclusive but I think her name, just like every other Vessel we've ever come into contact with, has something with her name attached to it in the natural world. Edgli's flower, Aons for Aona, Skazi for Shai, Atium and Lerasium for Ati and Leras, even Badvadin gets natural stuff named for her avatars, like Patji and Trell. So Cultivation's name has crem in it. Thoughts anyone?
  9. For me personally, I both like and am frustrated by Shallan in equal parts. I like the quips and hate the coping mechanism. I like her ability to be competent despite her issues and that she's strong in a non-traditional way, it annoys me when she acts her age which is unfair but a valid opinion. I'm not defending her against those who hate her, it's probably hopeless to try and change anyone's mind about her. What I will say is that she's falling in line with the series structure so far. WoK was Kaladin's book. He in many ways was a perfect fantasy protagonist, one who many people fell absolutely in love with, me included. He made me want to curb stomp him in book 2 because he backslid in many ways, ways that while realistic still made me loathe reading his chapters. WoR was Shallan's book and she showed us how awesome she could be, how effective she could be even without experience, her remarkable potential. OB exposed her and many times it was painful to read when her chapters came up. I expect Dalinar to get similar treatment in RoW. Why do I bring this up? Because their narrative paths seem to display a singular theme. Just being awesome and doing awesome things doesn't mean your issues automatically disappear. It takes work to fix your issues. Kaladin constantly must fight depression and his prejudices. Shallan struggles with her identity like many young women, like Vin had to once upon a time. Dalinar has to learn to let go and how to reconcile his past with his present. It's good writing because it makes you feel things and feel them strongly. Whether you love or hate a character in this series you will have a strong emotional reaction that colors your perception of the entire series.
  10. In a sort of paradoxical way, the vehement reaction to Shallan the OP displays and others share kinda highlights how good a character Shallan is. If she were blah it would probably take away from SA.
  11. I think if we're using any premodern Terran army in our scenario I don't believe we should pit them against an entire Shardworld. Cosmere planets are not monolithic and most of the terrestrial armies we could mention never conquered the entire world. The Mongols and the Romans came damnation close so they'd get a mention but nobody without nukes has a puncher's chance of toppling an entire planet in the Cosmere. So let's say, just for an example, pit the Mongols against Azir, see what we get from there. Imo that also takes off the table various nuclear options on the Cosmere side. So no Rashek or Kelsier breaking the flow, no flipping Dawnshard or Heralds, the Evil doesn't make an appearance on Threnody. The Elantrians are a nuclear option onto themselves, so maybe the Terrans could fight the Rose Empire or something.
  12. As to the question as to whether Dalinar Ascended with a capital A, that is a question I'm sure we all would like the answer to. We must read future novels to determine this. The beads are only a tiny portion of Preservation. The power itself is infinite, and the Vessels have some volition as to how they manifest their power. For Leras it wasn't just the beads but the mist covering the planet and the Shardpool at the Well of Ascension. Atium was artificially rare, there was much more than what was circulating among the population. It took 300 people hours and hours of continuous burning to exhaust the stockpile, this considering that one could burn a bead of Atium the size of a marble in less than a minute.
  13. Occupation is always more difficult than annihilation. And a portal leading back to Terra is going to be problematic, especially in Roshar's case. Of all the Cosmere planets they best understand the scientific method, physics, chemistry, energy transference and the interaction of forces. Assuming the Rosharan people don't succumb to disease they have the most to gain from a look see of our scientific texts, as well as ways to employ them that would devastate any force coming to bear against them. How much faster does fabrial tech develop with about 500 years of physics knowledge injected into the public consciousness? If Jasnah got ahold to our texts they'd be creating H-bombs within the month to throw against our beachhead. A similar issue comes with Scadrial, although their development would likely lean towards metallurgy and ballistics. But they don't yet have mass production in their toolbox. Terra would be foolish to give them time to acquire it.
  14. And you can't shoot someone outside your time bubble from inside it.
  15. The Lightweaver problem is the same as the Kandra problem although to a lesser degree. If we know that people can perfectly mimic others it's going to be difficult to detect them. Our strategies aren't foolproof but we are trained. For instance, we are trained in something called OPSEC, or operations security. What that means is basically we aren't just slinging information around. You know as much as you need to know to do whatever your task is. And you don't poke around trying to get information you don't need. You don't speak about your mission in public places or detail to others what your mission is or when it's supposed to take place. And everyone watches each other for changes in behavior. It's amazing how many mundane spies are caught in this manner. I assume it's going to catch a few supernatural spies as well but of course not foolproof. Basically, the better the Lightweaver the less mistakes they'll make, therefore the harder they will be to catch. And of course we have no defense at all from anything coming from the CR.