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  1. Well besides the fact that Sazed became God and the rest of the crew were deified as well? Or that 2 metals replaced Atium and Lerasium (Scadrian Godmetals) on the Metallic Arts chart?
  2. I think @Oltux72 and others are looking at results. The results of Kelsier's actions are objectively good. Even murdering nobles, while objectionable in the abstract, is serving to destabilize the ruling class thus making house wars more likely. Everything he did worked towards the destruction of TLR and the Final Empire. @Calderis is not arguing results but motivation. Methods. Could Kelsier have saved that plantation girl without murdering the entire household? Could he have destablized the Noble Houses without murdering them wholesale? Could he have given the Skaa hope without making himself a God in their eyes? It can be argued that he could have accomplished his part in the plan without all the destruction he left in his wake. But that wouldn't have served his ego, his thirst for revenge, his need for spectacle and showmanship. If Marsh was the Mistborn he would have certainly gone about things differently. I'm on board as saying that Kelsier is a good guy who used all the tactics bad guys use to accomplish his aims. So it's a good thing something made him responsible else he could have been so much worse than TLR, who went about his cruelty and oppession as if it were a 9 to 5 job only everyday is a Monday. I think people are kinda talking past each other at this point. If we're looking at results the of course Kelsier is a good guy. If we're looking at methods then maybe Kelsier isn't really good, just that the alternative is so much worse. But it probably shouldn't be a surprise that he turns villainous action to heroic goals. Before Mare died he wasn't at all interested in overthrowing the Final Empire, just getting rich and making fools of the Nobles that abused and spurned him and his big bro.
  3. @Nymeros Ignore Hoid, Vasher, Vivienda, and Nightblood? Vas and Vivi maybe you could get away with, these people aren't even sporting their original names in the series. Hoid may or may not be covered since he appears in all the Cosmere novels, he could be a legal snarl either way. He has to be in there due to his role in mentoring Shallan, giving emotional support to Kaladin and trying to give hints of the greater struggle to Dalinar which will be super important later. But how do you ignore Nightblood? He's literally a Shardblade for a main character. Even if it's not named the characteristics of the sword cannot change. Another studio owns the rights to Warbreaker so they're gonna need to bargain. And if they're going to have to go for Nightblood they might as well push for Vash and Vivi too. To limit the scope I suppose you could cut the 17th Shard. Are we cutting Mraize too? How are we gonna explain the Ghostbloods when they come up? Although the organization is native to Roshar it's obvious that they do worldhopping. What happens when they start displaying stuff that could only come from another series, things that become plot relevant? You know what? Netflix or Hulu need to buy the rights to all the Cosmere novels. Problem solved. Bam.
  4. Sunday is reserved for Dragonsteel. Both the beginning of the Cosmere and set to be written last.
  5. We all know that Silver is allomantically and feruchemically inert. It will not produce any effect, it won't burn and you cannot store attributes within it. But we know of a world where silver does have a magical effect. Threnody. It's a Shardworld inhabited by a broken Ambition. So say someone reformed Ambition and wanted to get into the Shardhunter game like Odium and Autonomy. If Ambition went to Scadrial and Invested there do we think that silver would become an allomantically active metal? We know that its Godmetel would be viable.
  6. As far as I'm aware, the religious polygamy only went one way. One guy, multiple women. Writing a relationship with one girl and two men would be outside thr paradigm ascribed to Mormons. (I could be talking outta my butt at this point. If I'm offending anyone from the LDS community please let me know so that I can gain a better understanding). That being said, while I find the idea intriguing I'm not sure it's the story Brandon wants to tell. I wouldn't hold out hope on seeing it come to fruition. YMMV of course.
  7. The problem with Jasnah casting plutonium is the same as Kaladin Lashing the oxygen out of the air excluding all other elements. She doesn't know about the higher heavy radioactive elements. And it isn't necessary anyway. The things they know are sufficient to ruin someone's day.
  8. Vin facing off against Zane. He picks the right Atium shadow.
  9. Another adaptation challenge. How do we handle all the greater Cosmere cookies? You can sorta ignore them in other series, but in Stormlight we have several worldhoppers with not insignificant roles. Yet all the series are promised to different studios. Sorting out those rights is going to be a nightmare even if they're willing to play nice with each other.
  10. Drawing spren would be time consuming, but we have computer animation which shortens the time it takes to animate by a significant margin. As for the style, I think Madhouse does good work and could probably do SA justice. But anything Brandon would like would be fine by me really. Live action for SA scares me. I mean, Shadesmar done with crappy CG would absolutely crush me.
  11. Animation has to be the medium that would best express all the visual shenanigans Stormlight produces. I cannot imagine a live action version that doesn't look wrong.
  12. @Oltux72 Not at all. It's about using the right tool for the job. Just like you wouldn't use a hammer to turn a bolt doesn't make a hammer a bad tool or a wrench a better tool. If my aim was to build a technologically advanced civ using magic to augment it, Biochromia wouldn't be my first choice. Hell, the Metallic Arts wouldn't be my first choice due to the ethical conundrums involved. Fabrial Technology would be my first option for that. Meanwhile, if I wanted to be immortal I'd pick Biochromia hands down.
  13. Ok. I build an Awakened engine. A simple engine, very few moving parts, yet theoretically capable of generating enough power to run a large city. Let's just assume something of that nature could be accomplished. Even with simple machines the parts will wear out eventually. Replacement parts will be needed and would have to be installed. @Calderis brought up that the Breath involved will have to be reinvested as well. So great. Free energy for everyone. Well, not exactly. Power generation is only part of the equation. Power distribution plays its role as well. That'll have to be controlled as a power grid is not static, usage fluctuates. A simple machine that simply generates power isn't going to serve the needs of the people efficiently unless regulated. Simple. Automation. Give the engine commands. If this happens then perform this action and so forth. But there's a problem. The more complex the command the more likely something goes wonky because the Awakener isn't adequately conceptualizing what the machine needs to do in order to carry out the command. Also, what are you actually awakening? The entire powerplant or all the individual components? This simple power generator gets orders of magnitude less simple as we consider the engineering problems. But just for the heck of it, let's say all of these issues can be fixed and you have a working powerplant. Populations aren't static either. What happens when the power needs of the citizens of this magical city begin to outstrip the simple powerplant's capacity? Building the first powerplant took an enormous amount of Breaths. Adding to that machine is going to be impossible if you wanna maintain whatever limited simplicity you've managed to keep. So build another powerplant you say? It took a million breaths to build the first one, I need to come up with a million more just so the neighborhood doesn't have a blackout anytime I wanna watch a movie on my desktop? That's a tall flipping order my friend. Everyone has seeds of magic on Nalthis but these engines would seem to tax even their capacity. There's going to be many people clamoring for a system that isn't taking up the soul essence of entire populations. Now let's go to Scadrial, another place where the seeds of magic are inborn. However, getting those powers to manifest in a usable way is vastly more difficult there. Nobody is asking an Iron Ferring to turn a wheel or plow a field or any number of mundane tasks. There are machines that could perform those tasks much less expensively. The peeps of Scadrial are gonna ask that guy to do things only an Iron Ferring can do. Like charge the devices that make life easier and less labor intensive. Maybe step in temporarily when those devices fail. I won't be making perpetual motion machines with this system. What I will be able to do is easily respond to the needs of a dynamic population and an ever-growing need for energy.
  14. Even if it were possible for Kaladin to use selective gravitation on a molecular level that would presuppose a knowledge of science that nobody on Roshar possess at moment. Even Jasnah is fuzzy on molecular chemistry and she can actually see molecules in Shadesmar.
  15. I think it's fair to note that we may not have all the players yet. 3 books in, we know of 5 secret societies, Sons of Honor, Ghostbloods, Diagram, Skybreakers and the Envisigers. The Sons would have loved Shallan. The Ghostbloods wouldn't hesitate to tutor her in Predatory practices. The Diagram could have made use of her but would be just as likely to leave her in place so that she could effect events locally. The Envisigers are likely all dead, but if there's a pocket of them around Shallan would have been their chosen one. The Skybreakers Skybreakers would wanna end her but Surgebinders aren't illegal in Jah Kaved. What laws has she broken as a child? Three possibilities exist. There could be a group that we haven't been introduced to yet that find Surgebinders to be an abomination and wish to end them all. This admittedly is the least likely scenario, and we don't really have to stretch all that far. The Davars are very devout Vorins. We can see that if anything from Shallan's concerns about Jasnah's atheism littered throughout WoK. And the church has more adherence paid to it in Jah Keved. What if the Vorins have a secret Inquisition division? We know they have beef with the KR and in an attempt to prevent them from returning they could spot and kill emerging Surgebinders. A final possibility differs from the first 2 and lets the groups we know of play. What if Shallan's mom and her buddy weren't planning on killing Shallan after all? What if they were trying to take her away and she misunderstood their intentions? The knife in mom's hands looks bad, sure. But the way they subdued Lin instead of killing him paint a somewhat different picture. That actually puts the Ghostbloods back in play because their agent would have told them of a Surgebinder in the home, yet may not have been able to specify which Davar kid it was. Peeps would have assumed Heleran when the agent didn't report again. Somehow it got out into the world that Heleran was a Surgebinder when we know that couldn't be the case.