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  1. If I recall correctly Renarin's lightwever surge is different from Shallan's and we've seen its use on screen. When he healed Adolin's wrist that was progression but before Adolin notices that he was healed Renarin sent him an image of his Idealized self and of his potential. It looks suspiciously like what Shallan accomplishes with drawings. I believe he still has access to his normal 2 Truthwatcher surges. He just has an extra bit too.
  2. Proof: He might as well be. We'll never see the Elantris sequel anyway. Theory: Silence Montane is secretly one of the Deepest Ones and is gaurdian to Sebruki, aka the Evil.
  3. Not to mention bendalloy burns really fast. You would need a massive amount, think the atium stash at the end of HoA, for the aging effects to become noticeable.
  4. Agreed on all points.
  5. If a kandra were to somehow acquire the bones of an adult dragon, how much flesh would it have to eat in order to fill out it's skin and musculature and thus mimic a dragon effectively?
  6. If Taldain would have been the first to achieve FTL, it would likely be due to Darkside technology rather than Cosmere magic. They had guns way before Scadrial gets them and Scadrial is the most technically advanced world us readers have spent much time in. Of course, we don't really know what magic looks like on Darkside. The most we know is that Darksiders can see into the infared spectrum (I think. Been awhile since I read WS prose).
  7. Ok, so we know Hoid is probably immortal and quite difficult to kill. He's a repository for an enormous amount of knowledge and was present at the Shattering, something only 17 others (that we know of) can claim, and 6 of those are dead already. So only a very few things can kill him. The question I have is, can he be hurt? I ask because if someone were to capture him and attempt to torture him for information, how likely would that torture be of success? Can he be controlled by pain, forced through pain to give up his secrets? I realize that capture would be unlikely and that the vast majority of the inhabitants of the Cosmere would not know what they had even if they did catch him. But there's at least 2 secret societies on Roshar that know of him and at least some of his capabilities. The Ghostbloods in particular seem like a group that would make such an attempt. Their main stock in trade seems to be secrets and they would have no qualms at torture for information. Should we be worried?
  8. Anyone think that had Renarin died at Jasnah's hand the section with Renarin's name would not have been greyed out? Also, how long has Sja-Anat been planning her defection from Team O? Did she go to Cultivation in an attempt to do the equivalent of turning State's Evidence? Did the Unmade target Glys on purpose because she knew exactly what powers he would have gained?
  9. TLR is the sorting hat.
  10. Not sure you're gonna need that much. I mean, increasing pressure in a small chamber and then giving a projectile a means of escape is basically what a gun is. If one can manipulate pressure itself then one need not use another means to generate it, like explosions. Lashings work on an entire body as we've observed so far but if a Radiant can learn to focus that lash on a smaller space they get much more bang for the buck, exponentially so if I remember my high school physics correctly. Plus, nobody said that all projectiles fired from a shardgun need to travel at the same speed. For normal targets one can fire almost instantly. You may have to charge up to one-shot a thunderclast however.
  11. This is heartbreaking and blasphemous. Well written though, nearly impossible to put down. The contradiction is nearly as troubling as the story is. Looking forward to the conclusions.
  12. That got esoteric in a hurry. I like the Realmatic explanation myself. It's so much simpler than the alternative.
  13. I fully acknowledge that I could be giving Brandon too much credit and he actually flubbed this one. That's possible as well. But if it was a mistake, I'm not sure it's egregious enough to break the suspension of disbelief for an average reader. For a metallugist it might though.
  14. If I had to guess, it probably has something to do with Realmatic theory. Presumably the flakes of steel used in Allomancy are not individually forged, a flake or group of flakes at a time. Likely a bar of Steel is forged and the flakes are shaved from it. So my guess is that if that bar of Steel has the right percentages to start with then it's allomantically viable at the Cognitive level. Therefore any flakes derived from that viable bar will see itself as allomantically viable as well despite the actual chemical composition of said flake because it was a part of something that actually was. It thinks therefore it is. Like I said, only a guess.
  15. As we all know, both from WOB's and Hessia Mythica, Moelach is the Unmade that sends Death Rattles. Now, we've been told that future sight in the Cosmere is a no-no in general and is particularly bad on Roshar since it's 'of Odium'. Obviously the being who causes the Rattles is doing a bad thing. The question is, is that the extent of its powers? If all it does is send cryptic messages to dying people then that seems pretty ineffective. I mean, Odium lives in the Spiritual Realm; any information Moelach can induce in his victims is presumably already known by the big bad. And no one on Team Honor would trust that information once the source of it becomes known. Has there been any indication that Moelach is more than what it seems or are the Death Rattles its only trick? And if that really is his only thing, does anyone wanna speculate on how that would harm Team Honor or aid Team Odium?