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  1. Well according to the Ars Arcanum, spike placement is the most important thing in that art. The problem is that unless you are a Shard, gaining knowledge of the art is ruinously expensive. Currently only a Shard would know all of the intracacies and have a reasonable idea of what they would get.
  2. It isn't necessary for Wax's weapons to be near him to exclude it from his steel push bubble, just for him to make a mental exemption for them. That's what he did for something Steris carried during the party in New Seran. I cannot see it beyond the realm of possibility for a Lurcher similarly close to savanthood to do the same thing, learning how to effect via mental command what metal they'll pull on. Elendel's supply lines can be easily disrupted with a coordinated effort by the outer settlements to sabotage the rail lines, but they will not be able to effectively destroy all the canals. I still maintain however that all it takes is one dissenter to break the siege of the Basin. The longer the conflict goes on the more likely one of the outer settlements breaks with the coalition through force or diplomatic persuasion. No one of the outer settlements can conduct a siege of the Basin on their own. Conversely, the Basin only needs one outlet to make any siege upon it ineffective. Time is on Elendel's side.
  3. Wayne is great, don't get me wrong. And I enjoy the twisted ways of his mind. With that in mind I think that we get enough Wayne, that too much of him would backfire and make a lesser book. Serious matters need a serious protagonist and Wax is that in spades. Plus Wayne needs a straight man to play off of or he gets annoying. IMO.
  4. To add to this, I don't think that we see much of Cultivation because our viewpoints are focused primarily on Alethkar, more focused on Honor and the Heralds. I believe that there is mention that Cultivation is worshipped more in the west, in places where the highstorms aren't as strong.
  5. The difference between the potential conflict and the American Civil War is that in this conflict the side with the weaker infastructure are the aggressors instead of the defenders. It can be argued that as soon as the South turned to aggressive tactics in northern territory they began to lose the war. Hence they would not try to meet them in open battle. We have been given one crucial piece of information: Elendel cannot feed itself. Even a single dam breaking causes supply issues. That offers a clear strategy to the outer Basin: Blockade and starvation. If the Elendel armies advance, as they must, you use the advantage defence has and slowly give ground using scorched earth tactics That's an excellent point and would likely be the opening gambit in the conflict. That advantage flips however as soon as Elendel takes an outer settlement or 2 and secures it's supply lines. Plus it would be hard for the outer settlements to project a united front with only the telegraph for rapid communication. Subdue the settlements in piecemeal, either by direct martial dominance or offering favored status through diplomatic relations and the war is over within a year.
  6. The problem with gaming out a war scenario on Era 2 Scadrial in the way the OP proposes is that the sides of the conflict aren't remotely even unless you include the Southerners. In a war strictly between the Basin and the outer settlements, the outer settlements are at a strict disadvantage. They don't have the population or the resources to win against the Basin. They would have to carry out a devastating surprise attack at the onset of the conflict to have any sort of chance to even the odds. That may have a chance of success considering that Elendel is centralized, but one of the leading figures in the city has been apprised of the threat and is surely taking that threat seriously. Makes it more difficult to cripple the infastructure of a prepared enemy if one does not have an edge in either numbers or technical superiority. The more scary, and frankly the more even matchup would be a united basin versus the Southerners, a war that pits magic vs. technology. The warfare comp is WWII, or just before. No instant come, no radio means not quite WWII but magic already makes trench warfare obsolete. In this scenario technical advancement happens rapidly as both sides of the conflict are under pressure to seek advantage. Unfortunately for the Basin, the war likely gets fought on their home turf. The South will have air superiority for the entire conflict. Unfortunately for the Southerners, there is nothing truly esoteric or complicated about their tech, it can be suborned and/or sabotaged rather easily for metalborn. And if the Basin gets ahold of primer cubes to project their allomancy outward the South could have a very bad day at the office.
  7. The difference between a metalmind and a piece of Shardplate is that the metal in a metalmind is not changed by the addition of Investiture. Gold is still gold regardless if it's storing health or not. Meanwhile Shardplate, whatever it is made of, it won't be Shardplate anymore if one changes it to something else. Shardplate isn't holding Investiture, it is Investiture.
  8. Frost sums it up nicely. "He bears the weight of God's own divine hatred, seperated from the virtues that gave it context. He is what we made him to be, old friend. And that is what he, unfortunately, wished to become."
  9. My guess is that Shardplate is both Stormlight and lesser spren. The Nahel Bonded spren, say Syl for example, creates the framework, the bones of the suit. The lesser spren fill in that framework, thus coding their identities to that framework. Stormlight powers the machine. Why don't outside observers actually see the spren? I think that you would if you were looking into the Cognitive. In the Physical all you see is the spren adhering to the framework provided by the HSIC (head spren in charge). For me, I cannot see how dead plate wouldn't have disappeared after the Recreance if it were just condensed Stormlight. There's nothing inherent in Stormlight for it to naturally revert to nearly sentient armor.
  10. Let's say Vin dumps that Elend loser, only now she's a little lonely. So she fires up the Coppernet and builds herself a profile. Name: Vin the Ascendant Age: Forever 21 Sex: Female Height: Good things in a small package Likes: Metal, flying, mists, exercise, challenging kills, parties (surprisingly) Dislikes: Body piercings, megalomania, books, oppressive governments, caverns Note: must love dogs, Steel Inquisitors need not apply, please do not worship me.
  11. Universal Shades
  12. @RShara and I disagree on the formation of Shardplate. I happen to be in the camp that believes that it's formed from lesser, cousin spren. Unfortunately we're just going to have to RAFO because the texual evidence both for and against is vague at best, likely an intentional choice by Brandon. We could perhaps discuss the reason I feel the way I do and refute the points other detractors have brought up but I think we covered that in a previous thread.
  13. Ok this game is a simple one. I'm a Cosmere character and I'm looking for love. Pick a character and write out their eHarmony profile.
  14. It would be easier and more effective I think, if the progression user carried a bag of seeds with them. Face an enemy, tossa handful of seeds and either have them grow into something substantial to distract an enemy or have them grow into entangling Vines to immobilize them.
  15. That depends on whether or not this park is in the Cosmere or on Earth. If on Earth: We should have normal carnival type foods, cotton candy hot dogs burgers and the like. Franchises should also be available. Starbucks should figure prominently I feel. If in Cosmere: I think each Shardworlds should get a park and FCoG should serve local fare. The thing with that is not many planets have easy access to travel yet. I mean a family in the Rose Empire isn't traveling to Elantris just for a play day for example. As of this posting the only two world's we know of that could pull this park off are Roshar and Scadrial. If Sel's magic were not geographically locked I would add them to the list since there is an instant travel aon. Hey, maybe it can be like Disneyland, where you get one when you become a full part of the global community. So when a planet becomes sufficiently advanced enough they will clamor for a Cosmere Theme Park franchise.