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  1. There's a quote in WoR (My current "readthrough" is audiobook form, it's in either chapter 69 or 70) where they have flatbread from a pack. It's made from soulcast grain, and they can tell because of how it tastes. Apparently soulcast grain inherently tastes stale.
  2. This might just be in the audiobook but the Ars Arcanum has a discrepency separate from the one we have charted. (Separate from the other typo already listed in the Coppermind article about the Ten Essences. Technically not a "typo" as it's spoken aloud, but I wanted to list it in case an audiobook listener was confused. I compared the audiobook to the Coppermind and to my own physical copies of Way of Kings and Words of Radiance. It lists Palah as number 2 where Nan should be, but lists all of Nan's attributes properly. It lists Kak as number 4 where Vev should be but lists all of Vev's attributes properly. It puts Nan at 5 where Palah should be but gives all of Ishi's Gemstone/essence/body focuses. It then lists the corrected attributes for Nan/slot 5. It lists Vev as number 8 where Kak should be but lists Kak's attributes properly. It lists Ishi properly at number 10 but has Palah's Gemstone/essence/body focuses. Names were swapped between 4 and 8 but the other info is correct. However, 2 5 and 10 are quite more heavily affected.
  3. All kandra have souls, because all kandra are made from mistwraiths, which were all feruchemists. It's just that they get elevated to Kandra status in batches (the generations). At least, I'm pretty sure that's how more Kandra had been made, from existing mistwraiths. They're not breeding, are they?
  4. I come up with a lot of fun Lurcher ideas (because I'm one of few people who would enjoy playing an Iron Twinborn without being suicidal, perhaps!) The boomerang was already mentioned. Lurchers would benefit more with regular bows where a lot of people use crossbows. Compound bow with way more draw than most people can manage + metal arrow, Pull that thing to your center of gravity as hard as you can and then let go. Possibly get the shot off faster than most people (other than a Coinshot with the bubble going) can affect it. And the Coinshot bubble that Wax pulls off regularly is a Stunt in the MAG, which makes me thing that not every Coinshot knows how to do it. Lurchers would be more likely to make advancements in bulletproof armor, since they'd likely rather have bullets come at them and be stopped than get to their friends (My original timeline Lurcher concept before Twinborn were a thing was kind of a big-shield-bearing defender in this way. Also at the end of the day you make money by pulling spent clips and boxings out of your shield.) A lurcher plus a pulley is a good way to get people up a building without an elevator. I've barely had my coffee so I can't think of all the others and can't find my notebook.
  5. It was really weird seeing Nokomis post here and have a reply calling out that name. I sense an imposter.
  6. I've been meaning to pick up a new copy and kept forgetting. Thank you for giving me a specific reason to do so.
  7. You're not supposed to take the fine china outside during ashfalls, Argent.
  8. It is 16 base metals and 16 alloys of each to each god metal. Multiplying the bases together doesn't work because half of them are alloys of their base-pair.
  9. She probably did, and made sure no bind-points touched them. We already know Kandra bindpoints are would make sense. Just having a spike inside the body wouldn't really do anything if it didn't bind. (She just would get no benefit from it)
  10. Technically, into my guts. Center of mass rules! But remember, if the object is heavier than you, you fly to it. So, really, it'd be great for dislodging heavy things by briefly being heavier and pulling, and then dropping the pull. So much tower-toppling! They're a useful pair together, compounding just gives you more punch-power when you're stomping through someone's floors.
  11. Kandra get one pair/blessing and as far as I recall they would only get a second pair by cannibalizing another Kandra (which is a huge problem). Technically, I suppose if one Kandra found another shortly after death, they could acquire a second pair that way. (Quick enough that the spikes don't lose charge, but too late to save the other.) The MAG book does mention that you can't benefit from the same Blessing more than once. That's as canon as I know for sure (And MAG isn't quite canon)
  12. Lurchers never get enough love, I'd be an Iron Compounder. Would probably end up being one of the few folks on the planet that armored up, though.
  13. Actually, Daredevil does fit the model of a tineye misting who was permanently blind. After all, he can't heal the damage to his eyes with that power. Likewise if he was a tin compounder. He'd just have to empower his remaining senses.
  14. Not off hand, I'll see if I can try to narrow it down in the trilogy after work. (Sometimes forums make me wish I read ebooks, it'd be more convincing!) I will admit though, I helped playtest the Mistborn tabletop. If it turns out I'm wrong about iron and steel, it may be due to rules review. I'd like someone to either help me corroborate or refute me.