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  1. If i wasn't already restarting Wheel of Time then I'd be into doing it, the series has always appealed to me
  2. I hope we aren't counting down to another delay (i don't think so this time though). Hope to be reading it tomorrow, same time as you!
  3. I haven't actually read that but I was looking to add it to my list!
  4. It's a hefty read for the first time. I remember picking it up and putting it down after a few chapters but after I read Mistborn I went back to it and it's absolutely epic!
  5. Result! I take it this is the first read?
  6. Hi New, I'm Wander! I'm kidding. Welcome to the Shard! I'm doing the opposite. Discovered Sanderson individually and am now moving onto Wheel of Time!
  7. There were a few good ideas in this thread: Mistborn Cosplay Advice that might do you well.
  8. Welcome to the Shard! I'd definitely say give Sandersons other works a shot but good to have you. Hope to see you around
  9. I'm hoping so, hoping it's worth the wait now too.
  10. It's the closest we've come so I hope so!
  11. Nope. I'm only at 8. If I find out I'll let you know
  12. It's pretty big for an approx 12gb game. I'm sorta overwhelmed by the question marks but some of them are only staircases and taverns so that's not so bad....
  13. Still saying Sept 18th for Kindle edition so there's still hope!
  14. Hey! Welcome! That's been one of the best introductions to read
  15. No idea @Jofwu, my friend! I'll hopefully walk into a store one day and just see it on the shelf. At least then I'll believe it.