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  1. It really gets going on Chapter 3, especially towards the end with so much to do. I actually forgot there was a story at some point before continuing!
  2. Welcome! Probably best to move this to the Stormlight thread also
  3. Welcome! Aspects always make me think of Stephen Leeds, what if we are all Leeds' aspects!?
  4. Hello person! I am a stick!
  5. Has anyone read The Rage of Dragons by Evan Winters? I'm looking for a new-ish fantasy for when I finish His Dark Materials and before I continue with Wheel of Time for a few books then dropping off to get hyped for Stormlight 4!
  6. I wonder what RPG level up noise would be made for a spren when it did so. I am imagining the Final Fantasy X theme for levelling up when it happens!
  7. Child of Honor/Child of Tanavast/Child of Brandon
  8. I currently have a few books on the go. Will pick up book 4 of the Wheel of Time and start progressing forward soon. Finishing up His Dark Materials, currently only book 3 and got Starsight to read! Now, I already did a full Cosmere-read last year, is it time for another before Stormlight comes out?
  9. We need The Aztlanian now!
  10. Welcome! Those other authors you listed are fantastic, I always rec Le Guin for starters and can't go wrong with a Miyazaki movie!
  11. It's just an chronological order for writing them
  12. I noticed that as well, I need my fill!!
  13. Welcome to the Shard and a Happy Christmas to you! The forums can be overwhelming but feel free to ask anything you need to!