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  1. I'd go into Earthsea. The world of Ea is a beautiful, fantastic setting and I'd love to learn the magic of them.
  2. Trailer does not do it justice. Yeah, it's full of comedy but there's also emotional interactions that mean a lot.
  3. Have him be a scribe taking notes on the actions of the Cosmere. Like the Watchers in the Marvel Universe
  4. The ones in bold are, off the top of my head, the ones I remember from MB and SA. It's such an emotional journey for Era 1 that, even though I know it's coming, I still well up at the end of Hero of Ages
  5. Guess it's time to look into an 8-bit Cosmere!
  6. Saw this on Friday night and never thought I'd see a movie where Pikachu asked someone to smell it's finger. Incredible feat of work and some tremendous scenes!
  7. For what it's worth, I happened to enjoy the ending. It's not a matter of the show itself being bad, it's the pacing of the last few seasons/episodes that caused the drama. If the story was told over a lengthier period then it could have been panned out to fill so many gaps and answer so many questions. I enjoyed the show and won't be bitter about any other part of this, it's been my life for the past 8 years as I'm sure it has been with others. Just have to enjoy what we've got until the next big fantasy show appears (hopefully WoT)
  8. Watching Dead to Me on Netflix, just a fun show with some mighty twists!
  9. Managed to finish Alloy of Law and am now onto my re-read of Shadows of Self, hopefully finish Era 2 this week and move onto Stormlight!
  10. Amazon UK is still showing this as June?
  11. For what it's worth, I happen to think that Game of Thrones handle the point of view chapters incredibly well. It can be broken up like that, used to including flashbacks and everything.
  12. If he died during most cataclysmic events that would be pretty brutal!
  13. Preservation chose her when she was younger, according to Sazed, and the mists are of Preservation. It makes sense by the end of Hero of Ages why this is relevant and it was a pretty well done revelation by Sanderson
  14. "Hello World" just reminds me of the computer programming language that we did in primary school! Welcome to the forum!
  15. IF, and that can be BIG IF, the Cosmere was to be made into a live action series and Brandon were to do a Stan Lee (RIP), who background characters from the series would you have him cameo as? Failing that; what scenario would you like him to pop up in and either narrate or give advice or generally laugh at? My example would be that on the afternoon commute back from work and the train conductor walked past and was the spitting image of Brandon Sanderson. Weirder thing was that I just got to the end train scene of Alloy of Law and was convinced I'd been an extra on the set but also worried I was about to blow up! I know that it is a long, long way away from even being thought about but it must be fun to speculate!