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  1. Maybe he kept a cheat sheet in his Grand Theft Auto disc box. Should really check that and we would get the answer!!
  2. Double post but YKYASFW you already know that these are gonna be the books you pass down to your kids for the next generation already.....
  3. For the first read of Warbreaker, I wasn't as clued up on the Cosmere as other re-reads. The way that Sanderson describes colour is absolutely mesmerising though. When I read it back I was so glad to see the connections and I definitely appreciated the story a lot more. It's not his best work but it certainly has an element of great fantasy with its magic system, princesses and mystery.
  4. Welcome to the Shard! Way of Kings is an absolute gem of a book and I cannot stress enough how great Mistborn is, I'd totally recommend getting on that series next!
  5. Well you are definitely in the right place. Theorycrafting is the forums forte!
  6. Thanks very much for the little clarification that you're providing!
  7. It's a great short story that lifted spirits after learning of Kelsier's fate in Final Empire. It truly cemented the idea that there are larger forces at play and our main man will not go easily. It's a beautifully crafted novella that does add more plot points to the overarching Cosmere. I consider it an essential read for those really interested in learning the workings of the Cosmere.
  8. Navani turning up to in Way of Kings and Dalinar describing her is truly heartwarming. Not the cutest but our Blackthorn shows his true heart first here!
  9. I loved the movie. I do have Spider-Man bias because he was my first ever (super)hero but I'm hoping Tom Hollands new scenes in the movie start to show us more nerdy Peter rather than just funny remarks. As always, Gylenhaal played Mysterio well and that surprise cameo at the end was very welcoming. I hope they end up getting Kraven for Spider-Man 3 but I see this being a more large-scale Sinister Six set up with what they've been doing. Happy was a giddy part, too. Marissa Tomei is just beautiful! I still feel Zendaya is gonna get that red hair for the role by dying it though. And I hope that Sony can renegotiate because, I know it's a contract, having a Spider-Man in the MCU is great but if wishes to keep being the "friendly, neighbourhood Spider-Man" he's gonna need to stop with the team ups. I get that's part of the contract negotiation though and the team ups have been small scale.
  10. Had a great few days. My mental capacity is slightly better to the point where I've started to pay much needed attention to my family and significant other, who has not necessarily been neglected; my headspace just hasn't been in the right place. A good mood does solve the issues but here's hoping it keeps up because there's a few things ahead that should be pretty exciting!
  11. Thanks to everyone for the responses, certainly been enough to get my to try myself. I do live but the philosophy that if I'm mildly interested then I should at least start so I have the first 4 books there and will take it from there. I have Stormlight to finish on a re-read then I will start Eye of the World and report back
  12. I like this theory actually. Not sure Moash/Vyre not being recognised by Kaladin would work unless some drastic changes are in place before but I do support this. However, I do agree Kaladin won't become Honor, just really echoing what's been said already.
  13. *queue laughter track*