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  1. What book are you on??
  2. These updates are a bright feeling in an otherwise dull world these days.
  3. Hell and Welcome, always great to have new people!
  4. Welcome to the Shard. Excited to see some of your work!!
  5. Welcome! Great to have you
  6. Welcome to the Shard! Great question though, I think I could make green beans work for fingers better than I could olives for toes! I agree, have a reaction thread!
  7. That's pretty exciting news though, thank you! Excited for the audiobook to come out though, pretty cool idea.I actually prefer onion rings over French fries. All good news!
  8. Anything significant from that one? Not able to view it in work as yet!
  9. Holy hell. Treasure it and keep it safe, soldier!
  10. Welcome. glad to have you !
  11. Welcome to the Shard @Failsafe!
  12. Welcome! I am a stick but, as you know, I could be fire
  13. Welcome @Lissa! We are all newbies at some point. Tell us a little of your Cosmere journey
  14. If there was a YouTube in the Cosmere, this would definitely be one of the videos.
  15. Bridge Baby!