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  1. I broke under their assault, my planks stove in, and water rushed into my brig. But the damage wasn’t just physical the wonderful rightness of being a ship was gone. As I slowly filled with water I looked through a haze of confusion to my sister-ship as she tacked into the distance. I braced myself to see my crews hearts wink out one by one as they were drowned while trying to man the pumps. Water began to cover my eyes and my vision became blurry. The great weight of water dragged me down and I had nearly surrendered hope when I felt a lessening in the flow of water in surprise I focused on my hold to find that the sailors had draped my sail across the hole blocking the inrush of water. The pumps were still working and with the flow of water now reduced to almost nothing I felt myself rising into the air, freed by increments from the mighty weight that had held me. When finally I had been raised up slightly the sailors started rowing me towards the nearest island. The hours stretched long as the men toiled to move me across the ocean’s blue depths. Finally a cry was raised above-decks. “Land ho!” At that precise moment I was once more rent in pieces this time by a far more powerful and larger force than a cannon ball. A reef struck me and my sailors where flung from my decking into the sea. Ben the cabin boy's first action upon regaining consciousness was to promptly vomit all the water out of his stomach. Raising bleary eyes from the new tide pool that was in front of him he scanned the beach. Not matter what direction he looked he saw not signs of life except for the crabs scuttling around the beach. Turning to face the ocean Ben couldn't suppress a shiver. He remembered as if he were living it again. Being catapulted from the deck of the Poseidon, looking down at the waves roiling below him and knowing, knowing that he was going to die. Just as he had felt when confronted with twenty some blood-thirsty pirates. Well as he was still alive he obviously wasn’t very good at rating peril-filled situations. Turning from his contemplations of the waters, Ben began making his laborious way down the beach. His legs trembled and his stomach growled at him from lack of food. Ben ignored it as yet another concern leaped atop the already teetering pile. The others! Ben turned once again frantic this time looking for any signs of his companions. Ben saw no sign of them and with panic bordering on hysteria tried to take off down the beach. Instead he took two long steps and then stumbled and fell on his face. Looking up Ben tried to scramble forward on hands and knees but with every shaky motion he felt his strength diminishing and with a final agonized effort he collapsed onto the sand, exhausted. Though Ben did not think that he slept when he looked up again the sun had moved, he was in the shadow of a tall palm tree and he was covered with crabs. He leapt to his feet with a shout spraying crabs in all directions, he then took off into the jungle trying to simultaneously run and brush himself to get rid of crabs. He only stopped when he was sure he’d removed the last crab from his clothing and hair. Ben slowed to a walk after just a few minutes and as just as he was bending over hands on his knees, his chest heaving. At that moment the sand gave way beneath his feet.
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