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  1. I hope we get the first Act chapter by chapter weekly like last time. I looked forward to it every week and enjoyed the ongoing discussion
  2. Another stray thought I had while listening... if the cousin spren used in making shard plate is somehow drawn or cultivated from the Radiants Nahel bond spren, I am curious to see if Adolin's plate matches the same original Radiant as his blade, and if that was contributing somehow to his relationship with Maya.
  3. I don't have any proof, but I always wondered if the glowing glyphs corresponded somehow to the Radiant's oaths.
  4. I've said it before, but I think the first 5 should end with a GotG style dance-off. Bonus points if our champion is Lopen.
  5. For the fourth time tonight, nobody has killed him except for you in your head. Brandon said you read to far into his answer. To clarify, he's telling you that your assumptions are probably wrong. I don't know how else to say it. If the author can't convince you, then surely there's nothing I or anyone else can say about it that you would accept. If this conversation was happening anywhere else, I would assume at this point you were trolling us. Don't @ me. Don't quote me. I'm done with this thread and trying to help.
  6. Well, he writes such books about Kaladin. Three books in a row. And fourth is coming. Because he's the main character, and not a minor side-kick like Dalinar. He wrote one about Kaladin, then one about Shallan, then one about Dalinar. OB was literally all about Dalinar, and calling him a side kick is totally unfounded. The rest of the books will be about the other main characters, as has been stated since the beginning. Where to begin with this one? I wrote a long reply to this, but I've decided instead to keep it short. I've read several different members on multiple threads trying to give you evidence in support of better outcomes than the one you have decided absolutely has to happen. Why? Because even though they may or may not be as invested in the same character you are, they have their own characters they are rooting for, and may even share the same kind of distress for their favorites for one reason or another. They are trying to make you feel better and I think it is unkind to dismiss that so readily. Nobody is calling for blood, or demanding anyone be killed off to push the narrative. Nobody has said Dalinar has to die except you. Plenty of people invest in characters just as much as you. All characters are plot devices, because they are characters in a book. The author himself told you in a private message that you are reading too far into it. Read that last line again.
  7. I think Brandon should write a 400k word book focusing on him and his back story. Kidding aside, the only person insisting he is doomed to die is you.
  8. I feel like we are glossing over the fact that OB was his focus book, so naturally he is going to have a greater presence there than any of the other books. It's how the first two books were written about their respective characters and it's what we can expect from the remaining books as well. This is an enormous book series with a massive cast, and we have to expect that some characters are going to need to sacrifice screen time to others as character stories are being told within the greater narrative. I know you complained about Kaladin's page count relative to others thus far, but his is a role that tends to be in the center of the action where the books climax tends to be as well. I'm certain that our main 5 will be central to the plot during the first arc. After that, they will mostly fade to central, but not POV characters, much like the back five are presented now, assuming they survive. As others have stated, there are so many possibilities in what we can expect to see and most of them contradict each other. What seems obvious to me could be (and likely is) completely different than any other fan on this site. That's one of the reasons I like him so much as a writer, and is actually one of the reasons this community is as strong as it. Most of these threads consist of people bouncing ideas off each other, and discussing until Calderis or Rshara comes by and shoots us down with a WoB. Just kidding with that last part. All I'm trying to say really is that if you don't want to read about the loss of your favorite character (which may or may not happen), maybe you should drop the series and move on to something else. If you enjoy Brandon as a writer, and you enjoy his stories and characters, I believe you should take a chance and continue. You may be happily surprised. Journey before destination.
  9. I wouldn't be surprised if the Windrunner oaths had evolved into the Rosharan version of the Hippocratic oath or something.
  10. Sort of like Autonomy creating multiple avatars to have influence on different planets?
  11. Stick vs the black sphere. Someone had to make the obligatory stick joke, so I'm taking one for the team.
  12. Unite them. I don't think it was a full ascension like we have seen before, nor do I think Unity is is an expression of Intent capital I. What I think we saw was Dalinar using his surge to attempt uniting Honor's investiture, much in the way we saw him repair the temple in an earlier chapter. I think he was unknowingly attempting to condense that power (all those gloryspren) into a whole shard. Every time we see him use a surge, he is doing so without even realizing fully what he is doing (the map, the temple). I think that was foreshadowing for this moment. He is unity because he binds things. No evidence to back this up, I just like the way it sounds. Having said that, Glory would be a fitting shard for Dalinar
  13. I know I've brought it up before, but the woman Shallan observed in the bar wearing the Thaylan dress who appeared to be looking for someone.. was that Tarah?
  14. Thanks for this, it was so much fun to read! We could add a small business administration class by Dockson, and don't forget Clubs in woodworking 101! Intro to criminal justice with Marasi
  15. Another thing to consider, Ashyn disease magic could just be pure Cultivation without the presence of Honor in the equation. No honor means no oaths to consider, and I feel like it's been hinted that the lack of oaths are why early surgebinders were able to devastate Ashyn to begin with. The use of the immune system feels very Cultivation-y to me in a natural, get stronger or die trying sort of way.