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  1. Plot twist: Roshone is the new Sadeas highprince.
  2. Dang it, Hufflepuff for me. I wanted to be Gryffindor, like my dad. I even tried saying "not Hufflepuff". Didn't work.
  3. I'm going to say no, just because living blades are the result of radiant spren imitating honorblades via the Nahel bond. I think the voidbinders are getting access to magic by an entirely different function, so if they have blades I can only assume that also would be by a separate function. I feel like we would have seen it in OB if it was happening. I don't count Renarin in this since he is accessing with a corrupted radiant spren/ Nahel bond.
  4. Not all heroes wear Mistcloaks. Thank you!
  5. We don't fully understand Mraize's motivations yet. I suspect it will depend on how much it serves his purposes having a heretic as the Alethi queen. It's going to cause chaos and disruption within the Alethi culture and the Vorin church, and he seems to thrive on those things in general so it's hard to say.
  6. I'm with @Rushu42 on this one. They both would be awesome, but the plate sounds pretty high maintenance. You have to keep full germs in all the pieces or they quit working... half the time we see our characters needing help putting it on... if it fails, they need a horse drawn cart to lug it around. I'm far too lazy for all of that hassle (plus, I'm all out of horse carts ) The blade only needs a few heart beats to summon, and disappears when you are done with it. That is more my speed. You'll find me out there somewhere slaying rocks.
  7. I mentioned this awhile ago. I 100 percent believe it to be true. The clothing is too specific not to be.
  8. Lift, Renarin, Jasnah, Ash, and Taln for the second set. I forget the order.
  9. It's been awhile, but I thought it implied that Nohadon's book was the basis for the KR. I was always under the impression that he was alive during an earlier Desolation, not a later one.
  10. If you think that is something, it'll really blow your mind when you realise that if you take the titles for each Part in each Stormlight novel and string then together into a sentence, it forms a ketek. For example: "Above silence, The Illuminating Storms, Dying, Storm's Illumination, The Silence Above" TWoK part titles
  11. It still never felt like a romantic relationship to me. Intimate, yes... how could it not be? I like the Tinkerbell analogy, actually. I always imagined the spren bond as a Cosmere-brand mix between that of a familiar, guardian angel, anthropomorphic conscience, and now Tinkerbell As far as Kal's love life goes, I've said it a bunch, but I feel like we had just enough flashbacks and strong evidence that Tarah will be making a big comeback in this next book, or book 5 at the very latest.
  12. I think there are plenty of hints and evidence pointing towards Dalinar Ascending and taking up Honor in the future, which is why I strongly believe it won't happen. Brandon isn't the type of writer to be that obvious with his biggest plot points, and isn't afraid of being purposefully misleading with them Mistborn spoilers Whoever does pick it up (if anyone) will make perfect sense in hindsight, with plenty of subtle clues to support it, and it will still blindside all of us
  13. So something occurred to me earlier, and this seems to be close enough to topic to be appropriate. This is more what-if than a fully fledged theory so stay with me. What if the conflict with Harmony being mostly unable to act has created such a strong dichotomy within him that he's suffered a personality split, where his Ruin side had adapted Trell as a personality based on Trelagism which he learned as a Keeper, meaning Preservation would take up Nalt as a personality as well. Harmony, sitting right in between still, could be completely unaware of this, explaining why he has been largely unreachable, and the presence of a new unknown god metal. I suspect that metal may be a new or somehow disguised form of Atium aka the Lost Metal. Just imagine Tyler Durden with a Shard I haven't completely thought it through, I just wanted to get it down before I stored it back on my copper mind Just wanted to add that original Trelagism was entirely based on a similar duality between two brothers.
  14. the lost metal

    Marsh! (I think I just want to see a sanctioned Inquisitor painting )
  15. I hope we get the first Act chapter by chapter weekly like last time. I looked forward to it every week and enjoyed the ongoing discussion