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  1. In spirit with the season, I'm going to say its something horrific like say, a corrupted fused Dustbringer Evi. "You burned me, Dalinar, and now I have returned to burn YOU!" <suspenseful horror music>
  2. I thought so too, but Kal didn't hesitate to break whatever rules he needed to in the name of protecting people as a slave, or in either military career. Skybreakers seem like right or wrong, they will follow the letter of the law without question
  3. Lawful Neutral vs Neutral Good?
  4. I suspect she's is physically aging at a standard rate, but is maturing mentally and emotionally very little.
  5. I think we have confirmation that Urithiru wasn't a ship, but I could be wrong. I've had the beginning of a theory for awhile that the key to taking KR and their spren off world will lie with peoples perception of space and the ways it could change the landscape in the CR, since spren existence is tied so closely with the cognitive and changes depending on the way its perceived
  6. You are in for a treat, reading the entire thing knowing what you know know. You'll pick up on all kinds if things the second time through a first time reader would ignore
  7. See, I'm completely in the other camp on this. I suspect that she forsaw the contest between Dalinar and Odium, and her meddling with Dalinar/ Lift/ T was all in service to the long game and making sure that not only Rayse but Odium the shard would be at a great enough disadvantage to lose. I'm out of the loop, so I don't know if we have confirmation that T is still affected by his bane/ boon, but if it hadn't been for his smartest day he would have never been able to manipulate events to where he would be holding Odium. The same goes for Dalinar and being a Bondsmith and being in the position to confront him. I don't know if Lift has a greater role to play in the contest, but I think if she was using regular storm light like the other radiants, its possible she may have been incapacitated like the majority of them were during the tower sequence during RoW and those events would have ended much differently. Most importantly though, what happens if the god of Divine Anger at a crucial moment lacks the capacity for anger? I could be way off here, but I always interpreted Cultivation as controlled growth by design. I don't see her changing people for the sake of change, or being completely random without an end game at all.
  8. @Use the Falchion I saw it too. Page 104 around 44 percent. I think it's supposed to say "I didn't know what it meant..."
  9. My biggest question is what rank to they need to be promoted to before their taynix will manifest as a Mindblade and Mindplate?
  10. Since so much of this story is built around symmetry, I fully expect the last flashback to be a scene adjacent to the feast/assassination,either right before or immediately following the events in the WoK prologue Szeth pov scene that started off this whole arc. I really like the idea of the whole thing going full circle like that. I personally am looking forward to some insight into Shinovar's culture, and maybe some more explanation on the shin invasions and what they were looking for. My prediction is a giant cache of shardblades!
  11. I like it as an idea, but several don't sit well with me. I feel like cultivation is controlled growth, so could fit easily in either row. Odium doesn't feel like something that unites, and I've always wondered if that shard was interpreted that way due to Rayse being hateful anyways. And whimsy feels hard to categorize by definition. Im sure there is a definitive chart or something close to it, and I've wondered about it too. I just wonder if we have enough information without more dawnshards.
  12. @Player22 Don't let it discourage you, our theories get shot down immediately 90 percent if the time, but it's still fun to share them anyways! Plus, you never know when one will stick, or at least spark a discussion. I used to take it personally but nobody means it that way. Keep at it
  13. Maybe I'm not looking into it closely enough, but i always assumed the prophesy was speaking of Sazed. I also agree with Weltall about harmony and discord, but with a twist. We are seeing him struggle right now with having two shards with opposing intents. His story isn't yet finished, i believe, and it's totally possible for him to shift to Discord later if he fails to keep the two balanced (and it would make a really interesting story). But yeah, I'm almost completely certain the prophesy is all about Sazed.
  14. It's a good question, and difficult to answer. I feel like one of the underlying themes of the cosmere is that having a pantheon of gods, each embodying an aspect of a broken, more complete god, and each ruling more or less independently and with those aspects remaining out of context from one another, is a greatly flawed system which drives most of the conflict. None of them can be great, because their answer to every question will be the same. Ruin wasn't inherently malevolent or evil, he was just the god of entropy, and as such was just trying to create some. I also believe him when he said that everything would be frozen in one perfect moment in time if left completely up to Preservation. Having said all that, I like Harmony the most because he is closest to understanding humanity and the human plight, if only because he was part of it most recently. I expect that to change as time goes by, however.