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  1. I always pictured the revel having a lotus eater kind of effect on everyone in its area of influence, willing participant or not
  2. All I can think of are old Everquest weapon names. I'm going back to bed. I've used Windfury as an Mmo surname a time or two, I always liked the sound of it.
  3. My favorite Shattered Plains theory is still the idea that it was done with super charged Lightweaving. A surge controlling light and sound waves could do a whole lot of damage in the hands of someone strong and sinister enough.
  4. If everything has a spren, are there spren spren?
  5. I like the theory. Could this somehow explain the Stormform red eyes (co-opted divestiture)?
  6. Mraize's slippers, you're right! (Just wanted to try it out)
  7. Generally speaking, it's been my observation that the same people who dislike them are the same ones who get annoyed by Wayne. I suspect it's because they bring levity to an otherwise serious story and some people find it jarring or distracting. I personally love all of them.
  8. Side note, "Mraize's slippers!" sounds like a fantastic Rosharan curse/exclamation.
  9. @Winds Alight I just got the "other threads" reference. Ok, really leaving now.
  10. @Winds Alight is right. I'm out.
  11. That wasn't my point at all
  12. I never felt like Renarin got any less page space than any of the other "back 5". @Justi I'm going to point out something because nobody has talked about it. Those of us that have been around awhile all know it, but I don't know how much time you've spent on the boards, so I apologize if this is old news to you too. The whole series will consist of ten books, each one focusing on a different order of Radiant. It will break down into 2 arcs of 5 books, with a significant time gap between the two. It will also focus on a separate 'main' character, alternating male/female. The front 5 get the most screen time in those books, while be back 5 will be at the front of that arc, with the original 5 falling somewhat into the background. The front consists of Kaladin, Shallan, Dalinar, Venli/Eshonai, Szeth... with the back being Lift, Taln, Ash, Renarin, Jasnah. I forget the exact order of the back 5. My reason for pointing this out is because Renarin is supposed to be a minor character at this point. We will get plenty of POV and flashbacks for him much later in the story.
  13. Since its been brought up... do people really skip entire chapters of a book because a character they don't like is there? Aren't you afraid you will miss an important part? If I don't like a character, I just usually assume it's because I'm supposed to not like them, or distrust them, or be suspicious of them even if I don't know why. Then I'll read until I find it where it's going. I couldn't stand Szeth for a long time, and he ended up being one of my favorites. It happens all the time. But then I managed to read all 10 Thomas Covenant books, hating him the entire time, so maybe I'm just especially patient.
  14. Having Adolin in jail with Szeth would be an interesting call back to WoR, too
  15. In addition to reasons above, in my head I always imagined it had to do with his choice to become a soldier instead of a healer against his father's wishes and the shame he feels from it, coupled with the guilt he feels at not being able to protect Tien after promising he would. It's probably a leap in logic, but I suspect that one of his remaining oaths will hang on earning and accepting forgiveness from his father, and allowing him to forgive his self, resulting a level up and his slave brands to heal.