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  1. Stick vs the black sphere. Someone had to make the obligatory stick joke, so I'm taking one for the team.
  2. Unite them. I don't think it was a full ascension like we have seen before, nor do I think Unity is is an expression of Intent capital I. What I think we saw was Dalinar using his surge to attempt uniting Honor's investiture, much in the way we saw him repair the temple in an earlier chapter. I think he was unknowingly attempting to condense that power (all those gloryspren) into a whole shard. Every time we see him use a surge, he is doing so without even realizing fully what he is doing (the map, the temple). I think that was foreshadowing for this moment. He is unity because he binds things. No evidence to back this up, I just like the way it sounds. Having said that, Glory would be a fitting shard for Dalinar
  3. I know I've brought it up before, but the woman Shallan observed in the bar wearing the Thaylan dress who appeared to be looking for someone.. was that Tarah?
  4. Thanks for this, it was so much fun to read! We could add a small business administration class by Dockson, and don't forget Clubs in woodworking 101! Intro to criminal justice with Marasi
  5. Another thing to consider, Ashyn disease magic could just be pure Cultivation without the presence of Honor in the equation. No honor means no oaths to consider, and I feel like it's been hinted that the lack of oaths are why early surgebinders were able to devastate Ashyn to begin with. The use of the immune system feels very Cultivation-y to me in a natural, get stronger or die trying sort of way.
  6. I'm pretty sure this isn't meant that literally she couldn't speak. She's saying that to reveal her secrets would mean risking the enemy discovering them (think death rattles). Also, we believe Autonomy somehow aided Odium, and the sleepless were stated to have fought on the side of the KR during the desolations. (I feel like that came from the one in Edgedancer). It's a good theory though.
  7. Beers for Spheres! -local Urithiru tavern
  8. Jasnah. Jk. Probably Eshonai or Tindwyl. I would have loved to see Sazed and Tindwyl form some sort of sympathetic relationship as the new Preservation and Ruin.
  9. Connecting you with Destiny, one spike at a time. -Hemalurgic Chromium
  10. I'd stick with Solant. It's was good enough for Everquest in '99, good enough now. Who am I kidding? I never actually stopped using it.
  11. I still like the "Doomslug is the hyperdrive" theory. It's weird, but I feel like maybe this is part of the reason Mbot is obsessed with mushrooms.
  12. You know, this is basically describing the Scadrial version of Groundhogs Day.
  13. That's how I understood it too. While I do feel like there was an echo of Evi there, my head canon is that in actuality it was Dalinar finally allowing his self to be forgiven, projected onto that echo, if that makes sense.
  14. I do agree on that point. The first time she appeared human sized in the PR I couldn't help but wonder where it was going, but as of now I'm convinced it's not going to happen. She's more like the angel on his shoulder whispering in his ear, making sure he does honorable things. Having a bond on the spiritual level, they are almost too close to be lovers, even if they could. It's the ultimate friend-zone. Sorry, Kal!
  15. I agree with this. Their banter is almost reminiscent of close siblings to me.