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  1. Relax, it was just a fun thought. I guess instead of saying possess, i should have said "possess his body". I don't have a better word for it.
  2. I don't have anything to cite for this, but my understanding for the fused becoming so twisted is due to repeated process of dying and returning to inhabit new bodies. The process is probably very traumatic to the soul. Something else just occurred to me. (Again, no evidence, just speculation) Imagine if every time a fused died, it became a new cognitive shadow. Singer A dies, comes back and possess singer B. Now A+B dies, and becomes the cognitive shadow of A+B. Possesses C, now it's A+B+C. Repeat that process 50 more times. It wouldn't even be the original singer any longer, that CS perished long ago, but every time it happens, the copy is imprinting itself onto a new victim... It would be like making copies of copies endlessly, with each one being slightly more corrupted. I don't know if I'm making sense, but think telephone game, except with souls instead of words. It wouldn't come from the magic system, but from that imprinting process.
  3. Mraize's slippers, I love it!
  4. Typically I'm a pretty fast reader,too. That's why I'm excited about the Tor chapter releases for the next book. Last time it forced to digest that entire first part slowly. I'm not used to having that kind of experience in reading. I think i noticed more detail, and i retained more of it long term, since i had all week to think about each 3 chapter block as it was released
  5. I just want to note that you can't read too far into the part about Kal . The front five and back five are supposed to have distinctly separate arcs, with separate main characters. The same could be said for say, Szethe or Shallan etc
  6. I imagine it would be a bad idea to cheat on your wife if she runs a spy network. I wonder if the line about Navani and broken oaths is in reference to a secret longing for Dalinar even though she was married. I don't remember what Rosharan wedding vows look like, (and I'm too lazy to look it up) but it could be broken not by action, but instead through desire? Just a thought.
  7. It's a good theory, but I never got the impression that ialai and sadeas didn't love each other. I actually had the opposite impression... that they were very close and very much on the same page with their ambitions.
  8. I think under different circumstances, he would proven to be an average if unremarkable king, but I think he's average in a family of exceptional people and that caused his self confidence to suffer.
  9. I had a great metaphor about turtles poking their heads out of the water but I'm far too lazy to type it out with my Kindle
  10. While technically true, i suspect they see themselves as sovereign. They aren't going to let some airsick lowlanders boss them around, and the main population probably thinks horneater culture has nothing to offer. They live in craggy, difficult terrain and are probably seen as intimidating or aggressive. They even speak separate languages.
  11. She's too light skinned and old to be Lift. I'm leaning toward Shallan, but since we've already had a back 5 person on a cover, there's no reason it can't be Ash, though she isn't super relevant to the story so far. Same thing for Azure, however, we don't know what surprises this book will bring. Either way, i really like this cover.
  12. I always pictured the revel having a lotus eater kind of effect on everyone in its area of influence, willing participant or not
  13. All I can think of are old Everquest weapon names. I'm going back to bed. I've used Windfury as an Mmo surname a time or two, I always liked the sound of it.
  14. My favorite Shattered Plains theory is still the idea that it was done with super charged Lightweaving. A surge controlling light and sound waves could do a whole lot of damage in the hands of someone strong and sinister enough.
  15. If everything has a spren, are there spren spren?