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  1. Back from the dead, just for this.
  2. They are just part of the Assuredness Movement.
  3. The part that is in Arcanum Unbounded is the first fifth or so of the prose version of the story. Edit: I realized I was being generous with my guess
  4. Haha I did too until someone pointed it out to me.
  5. When you get the newsletter, the download link is included.
  6. Granted, but all of Szeth's previous PoV chapters become Moash's PoV. I ask the Nightwatcher to help me convince more of my friends to read Cosmere books.
  7. I agree with both parts of this. Scarlet Witch or Vision with the Soul Gem could attack Szeth's coginitive aspect directly, and I don't think he'd be able to hold up since we know he's already 'imperfectly attached' to his body. Mental/spiritual attacks are definitely the way to go. I don't think anyone in the Marvel Universe could stand up to a physical fight with Szeth and Nightblood though, except maybe one one of the Abstracts. Edit: Or, you know, Scarlet Witch could literally just drop him in a black hole or change reality so he doesn't exist... I forgot how OP she was for a minute.
  8. Welcome to the Shard, I think youll like the other Mistborn era 2 books more, they're more like the rest of the cosmere than the first one, since it was originally supposed to be a stand alone. Arcanum Unbound also has some really good stuff. What is your favorite Sanderson book you've read so far?
  9. Ahh yep, I forget about crime shows and Scifi that doesn't draw from Harry Potter or Star Wars, since so many do nowadays I understand about not having the time, I'm so glad I finally finished my degree, I had no time at all there for a while.
  10. I mean this in the nicest way possible, but what do you watch? You've just eliminated wizards, space opera, and anime, and I don't think I'd have anything left.
  11. Underage kids shouldn't have access to credit cards. At least not without some questions from mom or dad first
  12. Ahh that's the one downside of Fate, no d20s, its all six sided die. You could always do luck rolls with a d20 though.
  13. That's exactly what im talking about and it's what the Fate core system is good at, as well as making really interesting original characters. Go check out some videos on the system if you've never used it. I don't even think it would be hard to adapt it, Fate already has pretty good rules for how different types of magic affect rolls and it handles 'heroic combat' (such as a Shardblade fight where a single hit is death) very well with the stress system. There are so many different possible traits and abilities in the cosmere that I say leave them vague and let the GM and players decide what rolls they apply to narratively. Ex: you play a Kandra, so you have the aspect 'Fluid Physiology' which the GM has agreed during Character creation gives you +2 to physical defense rolls. Narratively, you could also use this aspect to give you the same bonus to investigation in the right situations, such as for picking locks like Melaan, or it could be used against you when the GM has an enemy recognize what you are during the fight and attempt to use acid. I'd love to do all this, I just don't know anyone to test it with.
  14. Well they do Sanderson Elimination here on the site, and someone was working on custom MTG cards, I can't find the thread now though so it might not have gone anywhere. As far as a Tabletop RPG goes, I think the Fate system would be an excellent fit, especially if you wanted to go for the whole Cosmere and not just Roshar as a setting. I would play it for sure, I don't think I have the chops to design it though. Edit: Oh and theres also the 'Cards Against the Cosmere' games every now and then, they're always hilarious. Edit again: After looking around a bit, it seems there are also several homebrew rule systems for various cosmere worlds to be found based on the Mistborn Adventure game. Personally, I still think that Fate would do a better job both because of the character creation, and because of how well it handles a variety of epic magical powers.
  15. Recently this has become one of my biggest pet peeves: people who won't stop complaining about microtransactions in video games. I understand why people dont like it, but it is not 'ruining gaming' or any other such chull dung. I have never played a game where the microtransactions were actually important to the gameplay in any meaningful way. If I hear one more person say Battlefront is 'pay to win' I might just flip out on them. Getting cards early does not make someone better at the game (since its a game mostly about skill and reflexes, not stats) and it certainly doesn't mean you can't get all the same stuff by playing offline for a few hours if you really hate being disadvantaged that much. I just really don't get why this is so much more frustrating to people than subscription fees for mmos, premium statuses for free to play games, and ridiculous dlc prices, and all of those are much more impactful to the games content. It's gotten to the point where I honestly think that most people complaining about loot boxes and other microtransactions are either just bad at video games and they don't realize they are, or they've just hopped on the bandwagon without actually playing the games. Edit: Rant over, I needed to put that somewhere.