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  1. I have practically no opinions about the others (at least not as of yet), but it is becoming harder and harder for me to imagine somebody else than Luke Pasqualino as Kaladin.
  2. @Calderis, thank you for the reply and the kind advice. I try to be more careful the next time
  3. Hi! My first post here, so greetings all around! I can see I'm about a year late to this topic, but just finished "White Sand" and this seemed as the best place to put my question. I'm a bit confused about Kenton Street - I know chances of coincidences are thin in Brandon's books, to say the least, but I was puzzling over the time frame. There is Kenton Street in Luthadel, but Khriss shows up at a party in New Seran, which is considerable time later. So ... since Khriss seems not to be immortal (unless I'm missing something), it could not have been the same Kenton? I was just worried about what might have happened to Kenton since the last we saw him (prose version), he was going after Khriss and we know that she becames a worldhopper, but I have seen no comment about Kenton being one (besides the reference to the street here), so I tried to snoop around to confirm myself that something nasty didn't befall him. And the Cosmere-wisest people are here, so I thought I might at least ask ...