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  1. Okay, thanks. I was not sure how licensing works, but at least now I know better than to go looking for it somewhere else!
  2. Greetings everyone! I am looking for some stickers for my water bottle, and I thought a windrunner or bondsmith glyph would make a really cool addition. I was very surprised when I found that the Sanderson merch store did not have any. Do any of ya'll know a good source for finding cosmere related stickers?
  3. Hi everyone, I was wondering if we have any WoB on what a greatshell would look like from shadesmar? I was following another post and noticed that the mandras are likely the 'luckspren' commonly noticed around chull, chasmfiends, and other greatshells. Does this mean that in the Cognitive Realm we would see these mandras swarming and supporting them? What do you think they would look like? Do we know if the greatshells have a manifested presence, or is it more likely that they are like humans and they resemble a candle flame.
  4. sigizil

    This is my number one hope for a novella! The adventures of Hoid and Sigizil! If the chapters were Rysn like, with a tour of Roshar being the real focus, I would be in heaven!
  5. It's here! November has finally arrived! I am so pumped for SA3! My wife and I have decided that we both have to read the e-version of the book before we can buy a hard copy because there is no way we could share fairly. I have been avoiding the released chapters, but the end is in sight! I do have a question for those who have been reading the released chapters though. From what you've seen so far, do you predict that Oathbringer is as good and/or better than the first two installments in this series? It seems like a 'well duh' questions to me, but I'm so pressed for non-spoiler details about the book that I'll take anything I can get!
  6. Hey guys this post might be a little old now, but what if Dalinar asked the Nightwatcher to make him more like Gavilar? After his assassination, Dalinar was left with knowing he was weak when his brother needed him most, and suddenly his role changed from being a following lackey to that of an important general/ politician. This would also explain why he started going through the changes Gavilar went through towards the end of his life, and could also be why he started receiving visions from the stormfather. It would also make sense that the Nightwatcher's curse on Dalinar was turning him more like his brother by taking away all memories of his wife and destroying a significant portion of Dalinar's independent life. I haven't seen this theory around elsewhere too much, so I was just wondering what ya'll thought about it.
  7. Hey @Sami, I really liked the infinity Blade books, but they are definitely some of Brandon's weirder works. It feels like he is playing with some of the conventional tropes of high action fantasy/sci-fi; It works really well for me, and the juxtaposition created between what is actually written and what you would expect to be written really highlights how accustomed to some of the common elements of the genre we are. I won't say anymore at risk of giving away spoilers, but I definitely suggest at least giving them a try! and @StrikerEZ, thanks! I have spent most of my time on the SA theory boards, and I wasn't sure what the site-wide policy was.
  8. Currently my favorite is WoR, it was by far one of the most addictive reads I've ever experienced. As a little etiquette question, you said you didn't want to get into spoilers here, are there some forum pages where you aren't supposed to mention some spoilers at all, or
  9. Okay, I'll have to check out his website! Which cosmere novel is your favorite so far?
  10. Ah! thanks for the cookie!! how do you get the chocolate chips to taste so metal-ly?!? I have read the SA, Elantris and the two other short stories set on Sel, I've read the the original MB trilogy, and the first 3 in the Wax&Wayne saga as well as secret history. I have read Warbreaker, Shadows For Silence, and Sixth of Dusk. I think the only cosmere material I haven't covered is White Sands, and since I do most of my reading on my phone, a graphic novel is not really my ideal format for receiving a story. I have also read the Rithmatist, the Reckoners Series, Legion, and the Infinity Blade books! I haven't read the WoT books, but I hope to start them soon. Are there any other Sanderson works I should be looking for?
  11. Howdy! I have just finished my reread of WoK, WoR, and ED. Upon finishing, I happened to recognize a certain sword and was curious about what was happening. Several google searches later, and here I am! I can tell that this website is going to be a great way to learn all about Brandon's cosmere. I hope to have browsed a significant portion of the website before OB is released, so that I can pick up on the grander hints that are doubtlessly gonna be sprinkled through the work. I look forward to discussing with everybody! Habatab